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The Next Evolution of Minecraft
6 månader sedan
Akashi Seijuro
Akashi Seijuro 21 timme sedan
Did i just heard d|c*k...
Ya Mum
Ya Mum 21 timme sedan
Because putting blocks infront of your bases entrance is impossible
Conor cane
Conor cane 21 timme sedan
6:03 u sold that horse
Conor cane
Conor cane 21 timme sedan
6:3 hold up u sold your horse
GNX_Se3ker 21 timme sedan
did Mumbo actually do the different language intro if he did please link it to me in my replies
Kaden Salem
Kaden Salem 21 timme sedan
you should do you more among us and fortnite pls its will make your content a LOT more better PS:im a giant fan
muhammad siddiqui
muhammad siddiqui 21 timme sedan
Hey Grian, What U Going To Do With Ur Secret Garden In Ep1?
Teddy Chen 5529
Teddy Chen 5529 21 timme sedan
Grian: I've learned my lesson. I will never steal again. I promise. Also Grian: **Explodes the Angel with TNT** Who are you to boss me around huh?
Random Animation
Random Animation 21 timme sedan
Dear diary: *i almost told everyone where I put my special banana*
HenryIs_Penguin 21 timme sedan
So there is Ariana Griande but im thinking we need Grian Day
Supraja Ramakumar
Supraja Ramakumar 21 timme sedan
Grian, what happened to Tag 2- Electric Boogaloo? Did you guys forget about it in the midst of the Mycelium Resistance?
Yamato Zhen
Yamato Zhen 21 timme sedan
I’m with Mumbo
Joshua Monroe
Joshua Monroe 22 timmar sedan
team mycelium! (if thats how you spell mycelium)
Highway Crossing
Highway Crossing 22 timmar sedan
He really definitely English I'm super surtun.
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath 22 timmar sedan
Brian is cool
Fortgod 559
Fortgod 559 22 timmar sedan
Doesn't one of the tower look like futuristic pc or ps5
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 22 timmar sedan
Where’s professor beak
asaf TV
asaf TV 22 timmar sedan
the new texture is not like that at all
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 22 timmar sedan
"I could make really complicated builds" fortnite in 2019:really complicated builds
Madden Reynolds
Madden Reynolds 22 timmar sedan
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath 22 timmar sedan
Like everyone
sanz boyYT
sanz boyYT 22 timmar sedan
MINECRAFT 1.17: close to being released SElosk: *recomends this year old video* Me:woah grian has a new video for 1.17 Me: *reads date* Me: *visible confusion*
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath 22 timmar sedan
I subscribed
ricoitzcool playz
ricoitzcool playz 22 timmar sedan
Grain why in real life you wear glasses
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath 22 timmar sedan
Hi grian
Bacon Man
Bacon Man 22 timmar sedan
9.5/10 They missed a few things in Real Life, but still, great job!
Pukify 22 timmar sedan
in the sand temple i saw piligers
Wesley Richards
Wesley Richards 22 timmar sedan
Spread the spore
Judith Keig
Judith Keig 22 timmar sedan
“If you want to get your hands on these heads” Grian
Thomas AZN
Thomas AZN 22 timmar sedan
How about Quartz?
this is AJ
this is AJ 22 timmar sedan
6 million subs!
Damion 22 timmar sedan
its a fairy tail sweat shop
Alpha47 22 timmar sedan
wondering if grian thinks there are irl lava walking striders
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall 22 timmar sedan
Does anyone else realize how much this looks like the new PS5?
Ranger JD
Ranger JD 22 timmar sedan
7.34 - 7.37 mycilam
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall 22 timmar sedan
Grian: saying he is not sure if dispensers hatch eggs Mumbo’s egg machene: am I a joke to you?
TheRottenMutton 22 timmar sedan
grian what happend to your old time lapse music
Banny 22 timmar sedan
you do like starting wars
Electrobolt 95
Electrobolt 95 22 timmar sedan
Mumbo should get sponsored more so he can get off Minecraft once in a while
SteperOfTheLongEarth 23 timmar sedan
See's thumbnail: "uhg, are we really doing this again?" Video: *scar leaves invitation to take diamonds from the throne if they are out* Thus making this legitimate. ME: oh. Scar's only got himself to blame for that one. Carry on!
Sir Sea Moose
Sir Sea Moose 23 timmar sedan
mooshroom only? snow golem
Striker 23 timmar sedan
Little did anyone know that the GGG(barge) started Treasure Hunts, War, Mystery Boxxes, and a huge dispute on the server.
Tipsay Tipsay
Tipsay Tipsay 23 timmar sedan
or Make a Railway Bridge?
HEROBRINE VJWJ 23 timmar sedan
I voted mob D instead of the phantom
Vagner Denzer
Vagner Denzer 23 timmar sedan
grian selling mycelium to scar is like Brazilians selling rats to the government at the time of the vaccine revolt
Blank671 23 timmar sedan
Grain you could had put some bee bois at the sugar cain farm
Jas YT
Jas YT 23 timmar sedan
I now understand all the rüstic house jokes in the comments of pm seymours video
michelle cabierra
michelle cabierra 23 timmar sedan
Those redstone are just just dumb i dont understand it but the build wow
salty spoon
salty spoon 23 timmar sedan
Oh my god, this is all the way back when taurtis still existed
FoxPlanet 23 timmar sedan
Rmember when Minecraft was just a bunch of blocks you could left click to break, and right click to place?
Ranesh Maurya
Ranesh Maurya 23 timmar sedan
For your information, a t flip-flop is nothing but a lever.
Blake Ellis
Blake Ellis 23 timmar sedan
He should've made it an infinity room maze
Anime Potato
Anime Potato 23 timmar sedan
Grian’s got the visually pleasing build and mumbo’s got the inventive builds
salty spoon
salty spoon 23 timmar sedan
"Wasn't made by people on the server" Oh really 👀 Sure, sure.
Asra Fatima
Asra Fatima 23 timmar sedan
Mumbo Jumbo isn't the true redstone king I am I made a made a robot that actually works
Louise Anne Generoso
Louise Anne Generoso 23 timmar sedan
i love the myceluim resistance and the H.E.P i support these two
DonutStick 23 timmar sedan
I want the candles
The Gaming ACE
The Gaming ACE 23 timmar sedan
How was this already a year ago? Man time flies.
Naomi White
Naomi White 23 timmar sedan
but i just want a shout out for once-
Naomi White
Naomi White 23 timmar sedan
Its so sad that i dont have good or nice or any friends And a fun place to be its just staring at a laptop / computer looking at people having fun. But its fine..
Chill_dude 32
Chill_dude 32 23 timmar sedan
9 out of 10
SansFan 192
SansFan 192 23 timmar sedan
I am from the future, next season you will make a LONG wooden tunnel and there is some redstone at the end.
BroOfDocYT 23 timmar sedan
i like how in season 6 scar and him were not rivals c: now they r :c
Someone on YouTube
Someone on YouTube 23 timmar sedan
The riddle but made easier: To the limit you must go Travel towards the colour of snow In the middle you will fall Stand atop the towers tall Where there is 2 but not 3, drop down to find Grian heads 33
Channel of Random
Channel of Random 23 timmar sedan
Grian : SCAR YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE Me : Yeah a long time ago
Nemitha Piyasena
Nemitha Piyasena 23 timmar sedan
The halloween civil war has begun
Melinda Sivongxay
Melinda Sivongxay 23 timmar sedan
"3:55" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1121 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
Salubrious Goldfish
Salubrious Goldfish 23 timmar sedan
You can use the season 6 diamonds to bribe the resistance
NNIVARK 23 timmar sedan
If you mess with Scar, ill give you worse than a Scar...
Level 1
Level 1 23 timmar sedan
Imagine the new dream plays that would be used in Minecraft manhunt
YourFriend 23 timmar sedan
Maybe you should have used quartz blocks for the air conduit
CaitiCat14 23 timmar sedan
omg I actually feel bad for grumbot :(
Black Shadow
Black Shadow 23 timmar sedan
Grian I got some good news. I watched falses video from last week and she thinks that the fake base is the real base. And she fell for the fake members! Good job grian.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 23 timmar sedan
Scar: hey somebody keeps on stealing my door so you know who it is Tango: no but they stole my door too Scar: well atleast it’s an easy replace Tango: no it isn’t. THEY STOLE MY WHOLE 16 x 12 PISTON DOOR
John McAuliffe
John McAuliffe 23 timmar sedan
i couldn't stop laughing when grins called himself a pot(her) head.
TWT Animations
TWT Animations 23 timmar sedan
Dark Link 64
Dark Link 64 23 timmar sedan
"They look like Zelda-style Bomb Bags" Fill it with TNT and it's a Minecraft-style Bomb Bag
Indestructible 23 timmar sedan
You cut it on the water streams
Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy
This is literally the millionth time that this video got recommended to me