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In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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14 feb 2021



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BaZooKaI 4 timmar sedan
Move on from #HenryCavillSuperman, it's been 8 years" Move on from Reeve. Let him rest in peace. Let Superman evolve.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez 4 timmar sedan
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 4 timmar sedan
To Warner Brothers I say: Stop trying to be like Marvel Cinematic Universe (which you are still trying to do *wink wink* Geoff Johns) and start apologizing to Zack Snyder + cast & crew for all the wrong this you have done. Listen to fans. Hire better people. Just do better.
MegaDoug 5 timmar sedan
So Jar Jar Abrams, who destroyed Star Wars, now has eyes on DC Comics? We’re doomed... 😑😞
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
Zsjl must be successful in order to keep Henry and Ben in dceu
tony padd
tony padd 5 timmar sedan
is this the film ive seen but just longer?
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
No. Zack said nothing from whedon It's a 4 hr movie we have seen nothing. There are bits in trailer we have already seen because there was 13 mins of zacks footage used in 2017 jl. This is his original movie. Not some whedon abomination. There is literally everything u want in it Deathstroke martian manhunter, joker, darksied, desaad, granny goodness and a lot about knighmare reality too. Backstory of all characters. No chi moustache because this was shot before that in 2016.no random jokes. Useful batman
J J 5 timmar sedan
Come back to us Henry😔🙏🏼
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 5 timmar sedan
He’s still Superman, all this depends on the Snyder cut
RANJAN GAMING 5 timmar sedan
Anyone watching from india
Julien Da Coolien
Julien Da Coolien 6 timmar sedan
I never watched Justice League before (but have watched enough reviews to get a somewhat accurate view of the movie), but I always appreciate it when a director's vision is left untampered with by studio executives. Though this cut will obviously not remove all the problems that it already had both post and pre-Whedonization, I have hope that it'll turn out to be an actually concrete vision rather than the sloppy and inconsistent mess of Justice League's theatrical release. I may be a Marvel fan, but there always needs to be competition, and DC has so many good characters, that it'd be a shame if they're not depicted respectfully. Good luck, Mr Snyder.
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
This is not a cut. This is totally different movie. 4 hrs unseen stuff. Most of 2017 jl was reshoots
Ксения Иванова
До чего же круто!
Luiz Fabiano
Luiz Fabiano 6 timmar sedan
Hi HBO Max, great that you guys are going to give some options so that we can watch the movie Snyder Cut Justice League, but I beg you, please, release it in theaters here in Brazil and with dubbing in Portuguese even if it is for two weeks we really want to see this film in the cinema, we are respecting restrictions due to the pandemic, but we really want to see it in theaters, if you can do that, we would be very grateful.
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
I also saw the confirmation news about new Superman. That's sad man Many of us actually found our comic book idols come intovlife through cavill and affleck. Return on both of them depends on success of this movie. Not only for Henry but ben too. There was a tease for the Batman movie with affleck where Deathstroke met lex. We need that. Warner has to continue the series of jl
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 6 timmar sedan
Don’t worry Supercavill and Batfleck will remain in the roles and the Snyder cut will be a success
kayden31809 6 timmar sedan
That's when my birthday is on
EL ZETA 6 timmar sedan
UBI fan25
UBI fan25 6 timmar sedan
This is basically the end of a trilogy Man of steel, BvS and now this man Im gonna miss Zack doing these movies and now WB's fucked it up woth rebooting the universe
Mohammad Atallah
Mohammad Atallah 5 timmar sedan
Hope not the end
Aaron Torrealba
Aaron Torrealba 6 timmar sedan
Hamada was right. This is a cul-de-sac. Whether it performs well or not, we have to move on and not because I'm eagerly waiting for the Warnerverse. All I can say is good bye Henry Cavill.
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timmar sedan
Walter Hamada himself never said it was a "cul-de-sac". You're just spreading misinformation deliberately. The Warner Brothers is going to explore the multiverse idea. Which starts with The Flash, a multiverse story with flashpoint elements. Not a reboot. Not Flashpoint (Only Time Travel). In a multiverse you can only add characters, not erase them. People just don't get it. We can have Ben's Batman, Keaton's and Pattinson's and that's fine! Hello, people! Multiverse! Henry Cavill is save in the HBOMAXverse. We can also have a CW's and this new one at movies. And that's fine! Now, if we want to restore the snyderverse, we must support the hell of it! We must break the internet over and over again. We must break all servers! And that's what we've been doing so far.
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
@Aaron Torrealba except the only movie massively changed by studio known as josstice league all dceu movies are massive blockbusters. Idk if wb is out of their mind. Like first 8 dceu movies earned more than first 10 mcu movies. Still they are trying to do shit
Aaron Torrealba
Aaron Torrealba 5 timmar sedan
@soy yo The fact I said "time to move on" that doesn't mean I'll watch the batch of bad movies. I agree. The DCEU based on today's news is dead.
soy yo
soy yo 6 timmar sedan
You can move on if you want. For me the dceu is dead unless snyder make justice league 2
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 6 timmar sedan
@Aaron Torrealba they didn’t confirm if Henry Cavill it’s out, the Superman reboot it’s gonna be a elseworld story
RS 6 timmar sedan
Yeah. i know about the market crash, the pandemic and the whole 2020 fiasco, but damn, it''s a small price to pay to be in this timeline where we can actually watch this and in the 4 hours format!
J Bram
J Bram 7 timmar sedan
Why 4:3
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
Imax ratio bruh
urple1 7 timmar sedan
Zack makes visually appealing movies but I think he's always doing stupid shit... a multiverse where Joker seems sane and working with Batman? There is no multiverse ever where Batman and Joker, the yin and yang, would be working together. Hell can be on Earth, which is literally the Knightmare scene, and they would still never work together. Seriously, Zack does stupid shit and I can only back him 50% at most, EVER. And then he didn't do Superman's death scream in BvS but he decides now to add it in now... meaning he didn't have a full plan for his story. He's just throwing things in after-the-fact years later and that's not ok, that's stupid shit. Just like when he said in MoS, after Clark saves the people in an oil rig, there was a scene with whales swimming near Clark and Zack says "oh yea, that's Aquaman checking up on him"... Stupid Shit again, Clark did not come out as Superman so Aquaman has no reason to check up on Clark.
Mojo TheRising
Mojo TheRising 5 timmar sedan
You don't think that the fish told Aquaman that there was a guy doing superhuman shit in the oil rig and that Aquaman wouldn't want to check it out for himself?
lhlhhhlf gkvkhkg
lhlhhhlf gkvkhkg 7 timmar sedan
you guys still live ???
Muxy CR
Muxy CR 7 timmar sedan
Luis Paredes
Luis Paredes 7 timmar sedan
silly phish
silly phish 7 timmar sedan
Would love to see who gave thumbs down 😏 or do we already know
The Zen Zew
The Zen Zew 7 timmar sedan
D E M O N S P I T C H 7 timmar sedan
John Lawrence Abraham
John Lawrence Abraham 7 timmar sedan
Who's here after wb announces the new superman reboot is confirmed?😧
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
That's sad. Henry's return and then the batfleck movie too depends on this movie. This is like a final chance
It will be the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!
BEST TAILER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
resident grigo
resident grigo 8 timmar sedan
What a great trailer.
Klinikal Walker
Klinikal Walker 8 timmar sedan
Best movie ⚡️
Ioan Alexandru Platon
Ioan Alexandru Platon 8 timmar sedan
I say 40% of the hype from this trailer is transmitted by the music
Mojo TheRising
Mojo TheRising 5 timmar sedan
I think 90% of the hype is the whole movement that people started clamoring for its existence.
original 8 timmar sedan
If they change Henry Cavill as Superman in the new movie, we riot! Damn... look in the minute 1:27 He has the 100% look straight out of the comics!!!! #HenryCavillSuperman
Ivan0z 8 timmar sedan
Ignacio Sánchez
Ignacio Sánchez 8 timmar sedan
We want Cavill
Devashish Mishra
Devashish Mishra 8 timmar sedan
WB isn't interested in continuing with Henry Cavill as superman which is definitely not good. So i want him to remain superman here with HBO Max. Who else agrees with me?
Anmatrix 6 timmar sedan
It will. All depends on this movie. Henry's Superman future, jl series and the batfleck movie all depends on this movie
Sliver64 8 timmar sedan
What's the S stands for? Society.
Husnan 9 timmar sedan
20 days
King Turtle
King Turtle 9 timmar sedan
This gonna be ass
Eric Mach
Eric Mach 9 timmar sedan
...and Now Superman is being rebooting. Just Hoping it's still Henry Cavill
General Pinocho
General Pinocho 9 timmar sedan
RIP *Batfleck* , RIP *Ray Fisher* and RIP *Henry Cavill* 🤭 #CulDeSac
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 6 timmar sedan
Hello There.
RXTZ SleekZ 9 timmar sedan
Il Kamil lI
Il Kamil lI 9 timmar sedan
It is in french on crave or not
OrionJG 9 timmar sedan
All I need is a Green Lantern cameo or something
Smd Shoeb
Smd Shoeb 9 timmar sedan
Honestly after Justice League I'm done with DC
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 7 timmar sedan
Don't give up yet, we have to fight back
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 8 timmar sedan
the superman reboot news kinda sucked the fun out of the room for me. wb makes good decisions on accident i guess.
RadarPro 9 timmar sedan
hariharan durai
hariharan durai 10 timmar sedan
I came here to support #SnyderCut one more time.. #WB we don't care for your reboots.. #HenryCavillIsSuperman
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 10 timmar sedan
reboot of superman + the multiverse initiative + hard left black panther writer +jj abrahams after his company made that blm self insult to be a less white s. company... guys... we get a black superman from the multiverse just like the comics. i dont see this going in any other direction with that creative team. mcu trolls will be called racists and the box office will suffer but the media will love it unlike snyders movies. snydercut is truly the end of something. we will see a new dc and just like the old dceu... some will love it & some will dislike everything about it. may annie have mercy on our souls.
teo 5245
teo 5245 9 timmar sedan
What blm self insult ?
o 10 timmar sedan
I really do hope that this isn’t terrible
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 9 timmar sedan
here to say: Henry Cavill deserved better, WB did him dirty.
cinthya Rubina O.
cinthya Rubina O. 10 timmar sedan
soy yo
soy yo 9 timmar sedan
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 9 timmar sedan
Australia's Best Blood Sausage
Hes got a black suit... now he's black
Lindo-gen G
Lindo-gen G 10 timmar sedan
“He did it that crazy son of a bitch he did it.” 😵
Terrell Summers
Terrell Summers 10 timmar sedan
This trailer alone is better than the actual justice league movie. That’s crazy!
Alejandro Lozano
Alejandro Lozano 10 timmar sedan
Please HBO Max #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
soy yo
soy yo 10 timmar sedan
F for henry cavill, our true superman. Its a shame that WB keep ruining everything. #HenryCavillSuperman
Bleach and vinegar makes chlorine gas
The redesign for steppenwolf is fucking awesome
RIGHT MARK 9 timmar sedan
*original design
Aakash Saini
Aakash Saini 11 timmar sedan
We live in an honour, where Batman is a distant memory! Isn't that right, Society?
Chirag Zode
Chirag Zode 11 timmar sedan
Joker is back
Chirag Zode
Chirag Zode 11 timmar sedan
Aquaman ko bhi acche se dikha na tha
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 11 timmar sedan
Let's make this the most watched trailer on HBOMAX channel. For Boss.
The Predator
The Predator 11 timmar sedan
Henry cavil is our Superman. Zack hit Wb with the Snyder cut now Wb hitting us with a Superman reboot. Bye bye Wb after Snyder cut 👋
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 11 timmar sedan
Rated R means #RestoreTheSnyderverse
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 11 timmar sedan
Cyan Hao
Cyan Hao 11 timmar sedan
here to say: Henry Cavill deserved better, WB did him dirty.
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 11 timmar sedan
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 11 timmar sedan
Who's here after WB announced a Superman Reboot Movie? #HenryCavillSuperman
Gonzalo Arvietti
Gonzalo Arvietti 11 timmar sedan
VIEWS ARE ...FREZEED !!! WTF Once again a boicot against DC and snyder. What a shame
RIGHT MARK 7 timmar sedan
@Vagabond Films lmaooo
Vagabond Films
Vagabond Films 8 timmar sedan
@RIGHT MARK don’t tell me you actually believe that
RIGHT MARK 9 timmar sedan
@Gonzalo Arvietti its a shame.
Gonzalo Arvietti
Gonzalo Arvietti 9 timmar sedan
@RIGHT MARK yes Disnei is jelous about thw snyder cut and the terrible succes
RIGHT MARK 9 timmar sedan
It is??
Eric Headley
Eric Headley 11 timmar sedan
Ok, this is just the trailer. But this looks badass. Why would they change this ?
DRIA28 11 timmar sedan
Jared Leto is back, yess.
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 11 timmar sedan
*_HENRY CAVILL IS OUR SUPERMAN._* WARNER BROTHERS WILL NOT STOP THE SNYDERVERSE! #HenryCavillSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut #MakeTheBatfleckSeries
OriUs 11 timmar sedan
Come on guys ! Lets get this trailer be the HBO max's most viewed trailer. Just 2 million less than THe Witches
JDWorld 100
JDWorld 100 11 timmar sedan
Hulk: - Puny Whedon!
Mover 11 timmar sedan
Mover 11 timmar sedan
very good
tommyBig Head DeeJay
tommyBig Head DeeJay 12 timmar sedan
How about the jocker? Is the bad versión ....dont you think?😕😕😕😕😕😕
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man 12 timmar sedan
I really like this new version. Looks really good. Also I'd like if Sam raimi made his version of spiderman 3 from 2007. #realisetheraimicut
151Bryce 9 timmar sedan
@soy yo not sony, avi arad is the real villain. hes the one who added venom and ruined spider-man 3
soy yo
soy yo 10 timmar sedan
Yeah, fuck sony for ruining what could have been an amazing trilogy
Aimal Gerowal
Aimal Gerowal 12 timmar sedan
Looks like a sequel
AlphaReturns 11 timmar sedan
Mahmud Goku
Mahmud Goku 12 timmar sedan
Möbius is Marvel character what is he doing here ?
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 12 timmar sedan
I didnt see him where
Dark Syde
Dark Syde 12 timmar sedan
Snyder : I need dc fans. I’m building an alliance. To defend ourselves. From WB.
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 12 timmar sedan
Movie is gonna suck
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 7 timmar sedan
@NoirAngel777 I know bro my point is what can Zack Snyder do to blow everyone’s mind 🤯🤯
NoirAngel777 7 timmar sedan
@J15 Ventura "Did you see the first Justice League 🤢" That was joss whedon, not zack
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 8 timmar sedan
@NoirAngel777 im not from the future but just because Zack Snyder is doing the movie what makes you think is gonna be any good. Did you see the first Justice League 🤢 and tbh i want the movie to be good but i just dont see it. What more can they do 🤷🏽‍♂️
NoirAngel777 8 timmar sedan
How do you know that? Are you from the future?
J15 Ventura
J15 Ventura 8 timmar sedan
@Vagabond Films guy crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️
Duplex_YT 12 timmar sedan
Dima Smirnov
Dima Smirnov 13 timmar sedan
Llegamos a los 19.6M hoy? Yo creo que si ;) #UsUnited #SnyderCut
Saqeeb Amaan
Saqeeb Amaan 13 timmar sedan
Wow nice this amazing
crazy gujju
crazy gujju 13 timmar sedan
Save martha
Save martha 13 timmar sedan
Batman about to kill superman, superman scream save martha, batman realizing superman is human afterall, they become bff
Save martha
Save martha 5 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix can't argue with your imagination, so go on enjoy batman vs superman vs ninja turtle vs gay luthor
Anmatrix 5 timmar sedan
@Save martha ya now troll gonna swear because he is out of facts. I have watched 4 Snyder movies and I love all 4 of em. See nothing is as worse than u troll. Why are u even here, the thing is just f off. Like that's just disgusting u make an account as a troll just trying to spread hate. Does Snyder live in your apartment without rent..... Can't u simply ignore. There is no need to prove anything just f off
Save martha
Save martha 6 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix if snyder write superman and batman as gay couple riding car named gaymobile, you will still defend him It's gonna be trash, like man of steel, bvs , jl, and other dc movie
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 timmar sedan
Brightburn 12 timmar sedan
Marvel is trash comedy
Smarties 13 timmar sedan
Someone please tell me that they are still working on the cgi because that cyborg shot throws me off, and I want cyborg to look good
zhengyingli 12 timmar sedan
Smarties Yes, they are. Iris's car has much more detail in this trailer than the previous trailers. Plus, it's possible that Cyborg shot look wonky because it's merely a placeholder so we're not spoiled by how he really looks in the Knightmare sequences.
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
They are. They say they are working till movie releases. Also the trailer on SElosk even in 720 won't look good as movie is in imax. In movie it will be alright
Abominatrix650 13 timmar sedan
Looks cool. Hope all goes well.
CARPAINTM3MES 13 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix Also, SILENCE Kellum Dietz
Abominatrix650 13 timmar sedan
They're just randos in the comments section. They are nothing.
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
@CARPAINTM3MES ya I know. Not one there are many here all of a sudden. One by name baka gamer. Something needs to be done
CARPAINTM3MES 13 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix One troll goes by the name: SAVE MARTHA
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
Just look for trolls in comment section
Shahil Swarup
Shahil Swarup 13 timmar sedan
Please give a proper haircut to Superman this time.
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
Wtf another wave of trolls guys. No need to reply to any of these. These trolls are bakagamer, save martha, killinwrillin. Don't interact with them. U know ur right.
justchilling 14 timmar sedan
This look fan made 😭 also Snyder got a lot of movies coming out .
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 13 timmar sedan
It's safe to say Zack Snyder is a fan, yes.
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
Stop crying troll. People know his worth he is a great director
soy yo
soy yo 13 timmar sedan
Stop crying
Prasanth kumar Dummu
Prasanth kumar Dummu 14 timmar sedan
I never watched a trailer that looks this clumsy 🙄
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 13 timmar sedan
That's okay; you don't look *that* clumsy.
Sanjay Mahato
Sanjay Mahato 13 timmar sedan
Its better than endgame
Anmatrix 14 timmar sedan
XD. That's best trailer. When a trailer is better than endgame. Marvel fans incoming
Save martha
Save martha 14 timmar sedan
soy yo
soy yo 14 timmar sedan
Mohib Khan
Mohib Khan 14 timmar sedan
Marvel: we have a hulk DC: we have a Zack Snyder Marvel: then I m fucked up.
BakaGamer177 14 timmar sedan
can't wait to see how disappointed dc fans when this movie come out LMAO, mark my word
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 timmar sedan
Zack Snyder never dissapoint his fans, NOT US UNITED
zhengyingli 12 timmar sedan
BakaGamer177 DC fans like Jokey's Corner and Pissed Joseph are going to be disappointed because they're haters. Normal DC fans will enjoy this movie like they did with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.
Save martha
Save martha 13 timmar sedan
@Anmatrix whyyousaythatname?
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
@Save martha actually DC fans are not as bad as u trolls who go on trailer of a movie which they are not gonna like and try to spread hate. Tho mark my words no one cares about you trolls or ur opinion. Martha scene was also great, it had a lot of depth, it's not for kids like u who can't use their brain. Tho most internet is now on DC side. People have started to understand how great mos bvs and watchmen are. U are still walking without brain
Save martha
Save martha 14 timmar sedan
Stt, don't say that too loud, they are triggered easily
Hasiel Sarsby
Hasiel Sarsby 14 timmar sedan
Watch at slow speed at 1:13, Uxas/Darkseid CGI looks more better than the halleluiah trailer.
Abdullah - Tech
Abdullah - Tech 14 timmar sedan
تعليق عربي وحيد !
Nithish S
Nithish S 14 timmar sedan
jesus christ arrives on March 18 to watch snydercut ✝️
FloorGang 14 timmar sedan
CGI is pathetic
Vagabond Films
Vagabond Films 8 timmar sedan
@FloorGang no point in arguing with these fanboys
FloorGang 13 timmar sedan
@Art Marju bruh it's just a thing that I observed NOT AN HATE COMMENT !! If this was a marvel trailer and I would have noticed bad CGI I would still point that out jeez why do you people take everything so seriously 🤷🏼‍♂️
Anmatrix 13 timmar sedan
@Art Marju ofc. There are suddenly lots of trolls here
Art Marju
Art Marju 13 timmar sedan
Hmmm, you look the entire movie, or is only a hate comment? Funny men!
AlphaReturns 14 timmar sedan
You do realize they are still working on the film?
Bogan Con Lai
Bogan Con Lai 14 timmar sedan
Does anyone know if this is going to be shown at the cinema or at IMAX?
Bogan Con Lai
Bogan Con Lai 5 timmar sedan
@Benjamin Sorensen Oh, well. I guess HBOMax will be happier if it is exclusive to streaming.
Benjamin Sorensen
Benjamin Sorensen 13 timmar sedan
I know they want to; whether circumstances will ever allow them to is another matter.
Bogan Con Lai
Bogan Con Lai 14 timmar sedan
@AlphaReturns Do you know this for sure? A cinema run was mentioned supposedly by Snyder himself earlier this year but I've heard nothing since. I'm sure this movie will look fantastic on a massive screen. It'd be a crime to see it only on a home TV screen.
AlphaReturns 14 timmar sedan
It will be released in imax theaters at some point.
ayrock06 15 timmar sedan
i think i wet myself watching this
Grant Dupré
Grant Dupré 15 timmar sedan
Bit of a niche compliment, but I’m so glad this trailer isn’t using an orchestral rendition of some famous public property tune or pop song from the 60’s. It was a trend in trailers that always took me out of the moment, and I’m glad this one’s done away with it.
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