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xQc reacts to hilarious memes and viral videos from Daily Dose of Internet and UnusualVideos!
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15 sep 2020



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bell aikawa
bell aikawa 3 dagar sedan
clair de lune
Bllt 8 dagar sedan
Whats wrong with the sound?
Solana Kiscadon
Solana Kiscadon 11 dagar sedan
aaron 16 dagar sedan
aaron 16 dagar sedan
5:30 lmao wtf
aaron 16 dagar sedan
aaron 16 dagar sedan
Maldito Guevara
Maldito Guevara 23 dagar sedan
enrique iglesias
I Christian Brown
I Christian Brown 27 dagar sedan
Jon Lapolla
Jon Lapolla 28 dagar sedan
These aren’t even really entertaining cause he doesn’t give any reaction at all really. When he does it’s something negative about it
Ducx 28 dagar sedan
Me: laughs at something xqc: disappointed and doesn’t find it funny Also me: 😐 yea that wasn’t funny
Maya 3 dagar sedan
xqc's chat in a nutshell
Liny Jacob
Liny Jacob 6 dagar sedan
Mitzey 29 dagar sedan
Trey2icy 29 dagar sedan
Bruh I LIVE IN FORT SMITH Igg taco bell can wait
itz_me_jio 29 dagar sedan
Only came for flight, not for the streamer.
Lad 27 dagar sedan
Pogger Bogger
Pogger Bogger Månad sedan
Its sometimes hard to make him laugh
LOGAN Månad sedan
Hey rubius 😎✌XD
Wiggles Piggles
Wiggles Piggles Månad sedan
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Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Månad sedan
0:10 Funniest Dono ever omg ROFL XD
Manorasi Månad sedan
1:12 I see a mike wasoski
Jiggle McSwiggle
Jiggle McSwiggle Månad sedan
Wow 1:47 that girl is from Micronesia. you can tell by the dress she's wearing
liel Månad sedan
2:32 but his room is no different lol
zoomlensshow Månad sedan
Thank you for the love chat =)
Shankharan Srinivasan
Gerbil Hamster
Gerbil Hamster Månad sedan
Almost 1Million Subs
Big Money Saul
Big Money Saul Månad sedan
I need the og vid @ 4:01
King Pandeh
King Pandeh Månad sedan
A couple more days and we will have a 1 mil party for pVc.
The_gaming_thumb ILOLSIES
Reddits awesome man the outro got used👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
THEMaNIsWOrTHit Månad sedan
Solantir Månad sedan
17 hours ago PogU
11d3adly11 Månad sedan
Almost a million pog
That Music Guy
That Music Guy Månad sedan
For clarification, these memes are not usual
banyexx Månad sedan
Tobes Has Art
Tobes Has Art Månad sedan
7:18 lmao someone in chat said “MUFASA D:”
Nepals Månad sedan
normie streamer
Marcos Molina
Marcos Molina Månad sedan
993k subs, you're the next TSeries Mr Cow
Gilgamesh Månad sedan
alot of them arent even memes anymore. its just fail videos.
fyiguyfla Månad sedan
2:28 Real look inside Mr. Cow's Tesla
STEVENDB 900 Månad sedan
STEVENDB 900 Månad sedan
STEVENDB 900 Månad sedan
Chayton Hua
Chayton Hua Månad sedan
"Bitch you live like this ?" Caught me wayyyy off guard I'm deadd
Wilfred Månad sedan
Rxin xd
Rxin xd Månad sedan
Dang 993K almost hitting 1 Million subs
jingles 267
jingles 267 Månad sedan
I wouldn’t be surprised if flight and xQcOW were related
Santiago Arzamendia
Santiago Arzamendia Månad sedan
Sliqq_TV Månad sedan
I joined stream at 3:33 PogU
Frosty Phox
Frosty Phox Månad sedan
i kinda want Xqc to react to more of flights dumb ass now
b040702a Månad sedan
5:27 StEp BrOtHeR~~~~~~
b040702a Månad sedan
1:05 XqCat
Alejandro Bardo Laserna
7:18 ``Long live to the king´´
Juicer Månad sedan
I don't know why but Flight and Felix seem similar to me. They both give random takes, slam the desk, react, and last but not least, make us laugh.
Sod Laflare
Sod Laflare Månad sedan
Cutting out clips? Yikes
Dankrupt Månad sedan
“Just showing up puts you up there” I don’t get it?
Dankrupt Månad sedan
not valkyrae Pls explain, I guess I’m too dumb lol
not valkyrae
not valkyrae Månad sedan
Spiikz Månad sedan
Can't wait for 1mil
Emilio Asugui
Emilio Asugui Månad sedan
New thumbnail font DansGame
Lewd Månad sedan
Close to 1mil
Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs Månad sedan
so many cattos in this one
thonk Månad sedan
Tyler Vest
Tyler Vest Månad sedan
That pause for the fart had me crying laughing
Ritesh M
Ritesh M Månad sedan
Only watching cause flight in thumbnail
Ryan Phan
Ryan Phan Månad sedan
Aye man I wanted to his his reaction to kirby’s sick fade tho 😂👌
Ryan Phan
Ryan Phan Månad sedan
Also why was xqc’s reaction clipped out?
Yeetworld Offical
Yeetworld Offical Månad sedan
dressrosa1 Månad sedan
1:09 hey thesadepepega
Bruh moment
Bruh moment Månad sedan
xDiablo Månad sedan
he is no more the stupid old xqc and idk how to feel about that...
丂卂ㄒㄖҜㄖ 聡子
DiversityxD Månad sedan
my cat got lost and seeing all those cat videos made me sad :(
Jahvarn Brown-Riley
Jahvarn Brown-Riley Månad sedan
Kelton67 Månad sedan
Damn tho was were really good
SenTakS [STS]
SenTakS [STS] Månad sedan
5:36 Hey youtube frogs, look at chat widepeepoHappy
Zahnder Younker
Zahnder Younker Månad sedan
Anyone ever notice that he gets food brought to him just something I noticed
Jspaletto Månad sedan
1:29 1.36 seconds WR PogU
rzongler Månad sedan
cool :)
Wolfie Månad sedan
2:22 they were starving that dog m8
Fron Fron
Fron Fron Månad sedan
Don’t care react to tiktok
LOLSKU115 Månad sedan
Sammy has to get in and out of his room fast or else she gets brain damage bc of smell and forgets where door is
brahknee Månad sedan
This episode of unusual memes was great I hope more episodes of this quality will come out xqcL
YuriY Månad sedan
yo guys, serious question here: how do i get unbanned from xQc Twitch chat? i don't know what i did to get banned, but it says that i've been temporarily suspended from chat. Any advice? 🙂
Tyler Hanks
Tyler Hanks 16 dagar sedan
he’s not gonna unban u
Mufat Månad sedan
They removed Jebaited PepeHands
Herottic Månad sedan
2:24 If Matt Stonie was a dog
A J Månad sedan
1:46 she is wearing a chuukese skirt
justin win
justin win Månad sedan
Flight is as dumb as XQC
HellishSly Månad sedan
Almost at 1M subs. Choke me pls
shaun wakefield
shaun wakefield Månad sedan
ScavRunsOnly Månad sedan
Her: He's probably out cheating. Him: 3:46
channel name
channel name Månad sedan
Chat saying "yt frogs" as if their favorite streamer doesn't get their content from yt
Romeo Bros
Romeo Bros Månad sedan
chat does a funny emote when a kid gets hurt,but they spam sad emote when animal get hurt? what is wrong with you chat
Brolik Månad sedan
Editor big brain putting Flight in the thumbnail.
DragonSnowKing1 Månad sedan
Look at curry man so inspirational
Chainmanz Månad sedan
let me get a heat check
vxAstro Månad sedan
Look at flight man so inspirational
Drewooze Månad sedan
9k more subs
Desperxte Månad sedan
whats up twitch frogs
Antedeguemon Månad sedan
I JUST REALIZE VODS ARE GETTING MILLIONS OF VIEWS WTFF some time ago he use to get 30k and in the next 1KK WHYYYY BOTS???
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Månad sedan
Can xQc react to some FlightReacts vids
amazing Månad sedan
Cosmic DayDreamz
Cosmic DayDreamz Månad sedan
1:12 Mike Wazowski in the ranch dressing PogU
Soar_Nova Månad sedan
Soar_Nova Månad sedan
Look at flight man
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person Månad sedan
Does xQc Know Who Flightreacts Is?
Hrulius Månad sedan
4:04 new emote Pog?
the boys play among us (again)
Teaching MY DAD Fortnite