Xperia Announcement April 2021 

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Speed and beyond - Xperia’s new line up has arrived:
*Multiple language subtitles available from settings.(English / 日本語 / Español / Français /中文(繁体字)/中文(簡体字)/ русский язык / Deutsch)
Watch the announcement and discover our new range of Xperia devices.
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00:00 - Introduction
05:42 - Xperia 1 III
08:49 - Photography
16:35 - Cinematography
18:25 - Cinema
20:04 - Mobile Gaming
24:55 - Audio
27:34 - Other features
29:26 - Xperia 5 III
32:07 - Xperia 10 III
32.45 - Closing
#Xperia1III #Xperia5III #Xperia10III

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14 apr 2021



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Cheese Channel
Cheese Channel 2 timmar sedan
They should hire a popular millenial/youtubers to talk in this video. Nobody wants to see this old man, no matter how pro the phone is
pasaway video
pasaway video 3 timmar sedan
Why we dont have xperia here in Ksa?
KaraKeero 4 timmar sedan
Announcement April 2021.... release in the US around August/September. This is why no one buys your phones. This product was interesting to me but by the time August rolls by I would have completely forgotten about the existence of this phone.
Yowan Susanto
Yowan Susanto 5 timmar sedan
To expensive
Moïse Okito
Moïse Okito 8 timmar sedan
hi i have sony xperia 4 so i can't share a connexion can you help me?
AbuTamim23 9 timmar sedan
Why Sony has horrible smartphone marketing yet they are very slow when releasing a new phone? They really need to change who is in control and get back into the competition Another thing they need to put someone whose job is just to come up with good phone NAMES.
just remember
just remember 10 timmar sedan
Kill them Sony! We know you can.
Josiah H
Josiah H 13 timmar sedan
Sony will always be King
af sudda
af sudda 14 timmar sedan
Hello Sony xperia... can you give me a lowest budget phone if you have. I don't have enough money to spend on a phone. Please help me Sony...
FUTURE MUSIC DJ N4 15 timmar sedan
Sony gaming phone
FUTURE MUSIC DJ N4 15 timmar sedan
I love sony mobile
Prakash M
Prakash M 15 timmar sedan
Prakash M
Prakash M 15 timmar sedan
Sony Xperia please come back
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 22 timmar sedan
Please have this phone available for sale in June in the United States. Xperia 5 mark lll looks like the perfect phone for me.
Incredible Hulkster
Incredible Hulkster 23 timmar sedan
Sony loyal fan till my very last breath on earth. Watching on my Xperia 1 mark ii. Please dont ever stop making phones.
Sovan's Mountain entertainment,,,,,
Dear sony please give me a Xperia 1iii,I am used your all model mobile but now I have really very poot financial condition, please giveaway your New mobile, and I want to unboxing in my channel, place give me,
William Moxey
William Moxey Dag sedan
19:17 Complete burn to every competitor phone I can think of, from 2018 onwards. Am I the only one who prefers screens without cutouts or notches? I like screen realestate so much more than screen to body ratio, even regarding the ultra slight curves of Sony’s Xperia screen corners recently, imagine if they were completely squared off.
Orangecable &broadband
I am fan of sony Eqwepment so where I bye this phone 📱 ❤️❤️❤️
mohammed azarudeen
Will these launch in India??
granger ous
granger ous Dag sedan
please make a reasonable price i will support your product.
yudi mulyadi
yudi mulyadi Dag sedan
You made great camera you should give a smartphone great camera toooo...!!!! Im was fan of Xperia but already switched to iphone...!!! Probably I’ll switch again after tech SEloskr review this phone
Olivier de Broqueville
The robotic voice makes for a very boring presentation.
Olivier de Broqueville
With their crazy price tag, Sony won't be selling many of these. These poor Japanese have completely lost touch with reality!
funkyryoma Lol
funkyryoma Lol Dag sedan
please rm 5000 and below
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh Dag sedan
Comeback in India
Kitione Vola
Kitione Vola Dag sedan
Awsome intro on your product Sony....💯👏
Sam Dag sedan
Try to introduce Sony Ericsson again
Sam Dag sedan
Now No Matter who were you are ? Matter is who are you now and what are you providing and introducing in these days. Sony Xperia is already Dead Now. As your Name SONY Produce something new and much different than other companies. Then you will survive in this mobile field.
友商卖手机 索尼造法器
Bernard Joseph Marto
Bernard Joseph Marto 2 dagar sedan
Put: :14nm chip :5000mah batt :3.5mm(audio jack) :Stay at: SNAPDRAGON (@PHILIPPINES) :Aqua/royal blue or gold :Multi-connect blue tooth :heat dissipation( esp. gaming mode :Side-mounted finger print :dual-sim card w/expandable memory(3in1) :higher graphics frequenzy :reasonable price☺
Polash Quadhi
Polash Quadhi 2 dagar sedan
Sony CEO needs to kick out a big chunk out of his top experts from every department. Sony has everything yet Xperia cannot rule market because of the treachery of the Experts inside. If one department works propertly this year, one of the other departments betrays. If Marketing lauches on right time, the tech team forgets to put an assential feature. If Tech team assambles everything, then the finance team forgets to arrange Credit Options. If these traitors are kicked out, Sony can be the most famous Phone in the market taking place of iPhone even.
Ess Mogami
Ess Mogami 2 dagar sedan
How can we buy Xperia in Canada? This is so frustrating. 😭
Chetan Patel
Chetan Patel 2 dagar sedan
Is coming in india
Ne Guel
Ne Guel 2 dagar sedan
I was and until now l am ever a Sony Fan.. In my hands l hold the Sony Xperia XZ3 and before I got it l was very expected, but this Smartphone very stressed me with many many fails and disfunktions 😓
Ahasan Amazing
Ahasan Amazing 2 dagar sedan
Please come back strongly
perneti simon
perneti simon 2 dagar sedan
Really I love xperia ❤️❤️❤️
Seek Pratik
Seek Pratik 3 dagar sedan
India. Please. People are tired of waiting. Please comeback.
Shane O'Shea
Shane O'Shea 3 dagar sedan
Come on Sony, blow samsung and apple out of the water. I've been waiting for so long. Just don't give us a million freeware
Dedi Setiawan
Dedi Setiawan 3 dagar sedan
Semoga bisa dpt experia 1 iii
anandha nathan
anandha nathan 3 dagar sedan
@sonyxperia please come back to India
Wilson Miranda
Wilson Miranda 3 dagar sedan
where to buy?
alex lam
alex lam 3 dagar sedan
Sony is repeating the same mistake. Refer here. You take ages to launch phones like this. selosk.info/class/video/oGyC2YJes5N4pXk.html Also, I don't dare to buy another Sony mobile device because of the sudden death of Clie PDA line and VAIO. I can buy the TV, PS5, some soundbars to go with the TV, headphones, earphones. But that's it really. Anything else, I will go with mainstreams.
Alskye Tigerose
Alskye Tigerose 3 dagar sedan
Watching it on my Xperia Mark 2.Xperia smart phone is still the best❤️👍
Matt G
Matt G 3 dagar sedan
Watching on my Xperia 5. I'd like to see more Xperia themed software on these phones, Xperia calendar with yearly view, Xperia keyboard and ditch the preinstalled facebook app
Kiky Chanel
Kiky Chanel 3 dagar sedan
I miss you SONY EXPERIA..pleace comeback ..im from indo🇮🇩
Hopefully this will make Sony Number 1 again. Sony was my favorite smartphone from z1 to z3 because it's camera was the best, this new Xperia 1 lll has got me excited again.
Simon Gibbs
Simon Gibbs 3 dagar sedan
Great work Sony. I will be upgrading my 5 MKII !!
Steve C
Steve C 3 dagar sedan
I am ready to ditch apple and welcome Sony
Otar Sulava
Otar Sulava 4 dagar sedan
It's 2021 now and still own Xperia XA2 since the day it was released... SONY is the best!
BLACK J 4 dagar sedan
Eagerly waiting to buy
Leyla Ulu
Leyla Ulu 4 dagar sedan
Akimi Prematilake
Akimi Prematilake 4 dagar sedan
Sony is the best that's it. using only sony phones.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️ From - Sri Lanka🇱🇰
Daidoji Uji
Daidoji Uji 4 dagar sedan
I hope you are going to sell your phones within everyone's reach. Sony phones are hard to find where I live. Will switch to Sony from Samsung when that happens.
ron aragones
ron aragones 4 dagar sedan
I really love sony products.
Ajith Perera
Ajith Perera 4 dagar sedan
Please give trade in discount for LG customer's. Im going to buy one mostly because headphones jack and hands-free speakers
Partha Sarathi Giri
Partha Sarathi Giri 5 dagar sedan
Please release the Sony Xperia 1 ii and iii models in india
Rhodora Santos
Rhodora Santos 5 dagar sedan
Sony, please try to be more aggressive with marketing your great products and more competitive with pricing to beat samsung and iphone. And please make Xperia available again in the Philippines.🙂
Rocky Das
Rocky Das 5 dagar sedan
Sony Xperia please come back to India
glenn cartin
glenn cartin 5 dagar sedan
This Sony brand I've been using ever since its Sony Ericsson to Sony touchpad to sony smartphone. I have 2 sony still functioning until this date. I have Sony Ericsson W810i and Sony Experia. There are other Sony phone still with me with the unit and the box as a remembrance of my great appreciation of this brand. I love sony so much. Im so glad Sony is coming back this 2021.
Mustang 5 dagar sedan
Where other companies are removing every possible hardware. Sony has kept every possible hardware. Video was so intuitive.
Bright Joseph Mweemba
Bright Joseph Mweemba 5 dagar sedan
Sony return to Africa! I miss your phones and DSLR support for my camera
moai yes
moai yes 5 dagar sedan
S O N Y ★
NRW_KadirMihran 5 dagar sedan
Sen benimsin bebegim ....
vijay venkat
vijay venkat 5 dagar sedan
Please launch xperia series in india
NobleZander 5 dagar sedan
My Xperia XZ2 (3 years old) still takes better photos than any Iphone today :)
Irfan Malik
Irfan Malik 5 dagar sedan
Sony was great company but it has been turned into garbage by incompetent leadership.
Churchil Bhusal
Churchil Bhusal 6 dagar sedan
The features are so cool but Why do the phones look so sleek? the dimensions are missing some width . Just my personal opinion . Great job sony for the camera integration and 4k 120 hz ..their audio has always been phenomenal .
Richie Sigueza
Richie Sigueza 6 dagar sedan
..waiting on this! Hope you roll out in Philippine market stores soon!
Young Tevanced
Young Tevanced 6 dagar sedan
Please Sony make Mobile Phone Store in the South East Asia especially in Philippines.
devv G
devv G 6 dagar sedan
Any job available for sony Foundation
Kotla Ramsai
Kotla Ramsai 6 dagar sedan
I love the sony company phones. The picture quality is very good. Mobile performance is very fast and 4k experience and finally some phones in sony they are water resistant at some time come back sony with a budget..
sonu kumar
sonu kumar 6 dagar sedan
that's fine but why your phone is so ugly looking?
Rexx 6 dagar sedan
It's shaped like that so could full screen in high resolution
Rafał 6 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, after 20 years with SONY and the last years with xperia Compact, I have to look for another phone. I just can't afford xperia 5 III. THANK YOU for Sony ericsson, up to xperi. 20 years of shopping with you and I have always been satisfied. Best regards from Poland. Raphael.
the normal one
the normal one 6 dagar sedan
I own way to less sony devices, I rly have a passion for this company
Patrick Carbonell
Patrick Carbonell 7 dagar sedan
I request you start coming back into all your sony shops all over the world. I assure you, since Xperia 1 ii, Sony phones are getting the attention once again. If Sony phones get back to Sony shops, especially here in Indonesia, I assure you, I will be one of the first customers to buy. Great come back Sony! Keep innovating!
Munna Prasad
Munna Prasad 7 dagar sedan
Sony... please come back to India. I wish You should cross apple and stay at top
Tony JR.
Tony JR. 7 dagar sedan
Retornen a latino América
rock4334 7 dagar sedan
Love to get my hands on one but not sold in AUSTRALIA.
恐竜卵 7 dagar sedan
Shriram Mathivanan
Shriram Mathivanan 7 dagar sedan
i wish Sony Xperia comeback to India... I am a Sony Lover... Sony Xperia SP was my Dream phone... Because of the Slim, Compact and Awesome LED Colour Display for notifications... I wish to buy that phone once again.. If Available... Please come back to India Sony.... In India, People still love the Sony Brand... If people start to hear Sony is coming back to india with Mobiles manufacturing... Everyone will switch back to Sony...
Racha Ravindar
Racha Ravindar 7 dagar sedan
Come back India,
365 Days
365 Days 7 dagar sedan
Love you sony... from india
BHAGWAN DAS SONI 4 dagar sedan
inder00789 7 dagar sedan
Would've been nice if they waited till September and updated the CPU and GPU to the upcoming latest technology.
Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep 7 dagar sedan
Come back to India please.
Nideesh T
Nideesh T 7 dagar sedan
Why in India.? plz back
A Blobba
A Blobba 7 dagar sedan
jesus, its the perfect upgrade for me, it's got amazing camera, micro sd support, and a 3.5mm headphone jack!!! screw iphone and samsung!
Isak Saihmang
Isak Saihmang 7 dagar sedan
Will it be available in India??
GoldenShip24 7 dagar sedan
4:12 Does anyone know if this is an actual song? If not, do you guys have any recommendations of songs in this same style? Thanks! Found it! Steve Hellier & High Wilkinson - Deep Monday Recommendations are still welcome though!
Lエネ 8 dagar sedan
mukulapporv sunita
mukulapporv sunita 8 dagar sedan
Can xperia back in india....
Ejaz Pathan
Ejaz Pathan 8 dagar sedan
I don't know whats the big thing about this launch, sony doesn't even sell in 9 out of 10 countries.
RODRIGO CARTENS 9 dagar sedan
Will Sony smartphones be available in Mexico? Thanks! 😀
TreetHoown 9 dagar sedan
Goddamn this is one amazing presentation. No joke the music in first section got me tearing up. Really psyched for Xperia 1 III
Avi Nash
Avi Nash 10 dagar sedan
Plz come back in 🇮🇳
Option Creator
Option Creator 10 dagar sedan
Eduardo Muñoz
Eduardo Muñoz 10 dagar sedan
Regresen a México, ya escribo en samsung y esta horrible!!
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 11 dagar sedan
Waiting From India...I m big fan of Sony relaunch again in India 🇮🇳
Nazmus Sakib
Nazmus Sakib 11 dagar sedan
Not your typical selfie taker!
Ivoney Santana
Ivoney Santana 11 dagar sedan
Algum BR fanático aguardando esse lançamento?🤔❓
MATCHA 11 dagar sedan
Bring back deep sea black color plz.