What I REALLY Think of the iPhone! 

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Thoughts on a few months/years with the latest iPhone
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iPhone 12 Review: selosk.info/class/video/jmaTlXtjlmxikYE.html
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Galaxy S21 is the only Android that doesn't suck at Snapchat: www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/22/the-galaxy-s21-is-the-only-android-phone-that-doesnt-suck-at-snapchat/
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0:00 Intro
3:57 Design
10:48 The Screen
18:07 Cameras
26:43 MagSafe
30:02 Battery
32:09 The iPhone
37:03 5G JUST Got Real?
40:36 GATES
45:28 Conclusion
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5 mar 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Thanh Ho Sy
Thanh Ho Sy 20 minuter sedan
hmm hey I never watched a 50 min review video from you, what is this ?
Daniel Lamblin
Daniel Lamblin Timme sedan
I loved seeing the backdrops change. I still feel like they're just slightly over-staged. Would like to see if Marques ever has a mess on any surface.
H 3 timmar sedan
Around 25:50 - This video was released before the 2021 AppleTV was announced. The 2021 4K AppleTV supports the HDR functionality. It looks dope.
Everybody hasoul
Everybody hasoul 5 timmar sedan
If they ever make iPhone USB-C I will switch.
TackyAuto 5 timmar sedan
Any idea where I can get that wallpaper?
James Wright
James Wright 8 timmar sedan
I've never owned any Apple products in my life so why am I listening to Marques 🤔? He's an attention getter frfr 👍
Peter Vlčko
Peter Vlčko 10 timmar sedan
meme you came here for 37:41
Sergey Kizilov
Sergey Kizilov 11 timmar sedan
For me, view video in English longe than 15 minutes is very difficult, english is not my native lang, but Marcus create very interesting video and i view all. I first time view such balanced review from iPhone. Very interesting view review and comparing all actual iPhone model from Marcus
Leon Haven
Leon Haven 12 timmar sedan
Everything Apple does is just 50% of what it could be, but people don't mind so why bother....
Kong akau
Kong akau 14 timmar sedan
Nothing on sound
daredevil548 14 timmar sedan
I used a one plus nord earlier. Excessive battery drain, heating issue, too much thermal throttling while gaming and a few bugs irritated me in that phone. After a few months I managed to get iPhone 12 on offer and I don’t miss anything from my old phone. Even though iPhone misses features on the paper. It is the best user experience a person can get
Irish Oday
Irish Oday 18 timmar sedan
Me love the video mate.
Dimas Januar
Dimas Januar 19 timmar sedan
Its good to see that apple is coming back with better hardware to support haptic feedback that feels like pressing the real button. Not many people pay attention to this but trust me it’s going to be a good experience. In the old days apple used to mimic some real world experience, design of the icons.
kent gabucan
kent gabucan 22 timmar sedan
When somebody mentions anything about Quality, MKBHD immediately comes to mind.
KennyVet Dag sedan
stealing music from nerd city
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm Dag sedan
"Camera is like the last thing to differentiate them" IPhone users: haha android camera dumdum
bill aiken
bill aiken Dag sedan
The unsightly report extremely disarm because editorial practically hum below a sudden road. auspicious, melodic periodical
Nicholas Dag sedan
I love u brother but you always make excuses for Apple. Always. Not cool. I've given you my first ever dislike. Other than that, keep up the good work. You had the guts to defend Magsafe??????????????????????????????????????
Don McCullough
Don McCullough Dag sedan
Loved it had to pause and come back but loved it
Christina Abookiebookyboo
This is my boyfriend! 😍 Hey boyfriend 😘 You're doing great sweetie!♥️
AmmarTechnology Dag sedan
Detailed and informative.
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 2 dagar sedan
120 hertz screen is a gimmick
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen Dag sedan
It's not lol.
CodeBasher 2 dagar sedan
You lost me when you started going into apologist mode. "This is missing, that's shit, but 'ONE DAY' apple will do such and such to make it all better" I'm interested in the current phone, not the possible 2025/26/27 iPhones.
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen Dag sedan
Christopher Obong'o
Christopher Obong'o 2 dagar sedan
Do more of this. Thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive review
Oriola Odutoye
Oriola Odutoye 2 dagar sedan
Wonderful marquees 👏 👏 , could we please have one for the Samsung galaxy s20
Javier Dominguez
Javier Dominguez 2 dagar sedan
Hello, could anyone tell me which case brand he is using, minutes 7.20 and 10.47 thank you in advance, greetings from Mallorca
Supreme Great
Supreme Great 2 dagar sedan
So wat happens when ur battery dies
J A 2 dagar sedan
Team Apple everything
Vansh Chawcharia
Vansh Chawcharia 2 dagar sedan
Dude iPhone 12 Pro has a 2815 mah battery
WaterFlame957 2 dagar sedan
10:29~ The triple array camera does look like a stove top. Omg!!! 😆
WiFuzzy 2 dagar sedan
I want a phone that works. Messages go through when I send them. Calls don't get dropped. Good reception (my Motorola razr did that stuff). A camera that takes pix (I have a DSLR for the heavy lifting). The rest is for the people who don't even know why they get a new phone. BTW..i'm still waiting for that phone. Ya..it's a rant.
mike pox
mike pox 2 dagar sedan
The open cereal interestedly confess because ptarmigan postoperatively brush unlike a false familiar famous pastor. hissing, small smoke
MOLONKEY King 2 dagar sedan
very pog
Xarce Chronus
Xarce Chronus 2 dagar sedan
I honestly go back to 60 hertz very often and it is extremely easy to get used to. The impact is so minimal that I might as well just save battery.. I use 120Hertz when I feel like I want it to be pretty but I know that 60 HZ looks just fine. MKBHD is still out of touch as ever...
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya 2 dagar sedan
When mac make documentary
butch makgalemele
butch makgalemele 3 dagar sedan
I was hypnotized.....you didn't get thise many subs for nothing.....I'm convinced...long time Samsung user...im gonna switch
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone ever consider how tech reviewers are so knee deep into their personal expectations and preferences that as a super user, the majority of the general public, doesn't really care? Or do you all just watch for entertainment factor and less about practicality?
TMO 3 dagar sedan
You have powerful presentation skills. It’s refreshing to listen and learn from a person who is incredibly articulate. Thank you. Stay well. Stay safe.
KA51A 3 dagar sedan
Your video explanations are next level. Thank you for being so informative 👌
RsIdle 3 dagar sedan
nice. although i cant imagine myself ever switching from android to iphone im just way too used to it and iphone just looks so messy and weird to me
Giorgi Bregvadze
Giorgi Bregvadze 3 dagar sedan
Can you upload HDR videos on SElosk
All About Info
All About Info 3 dagar sedan
You may make fun of apple , but its like this, apple does something companies post stories tweets, for example samsung,mi both posted stories making fun of apple for not including charger, and boom they copy the same with the next device, same happened with notch , they made fun and copied........thats actually what makes apple, Apple, they do things the rest will copy for sure,, EXCEPT THE GOOD QUALITIES OF APPLE..
CityOfOz 3 dagar sedan
It's a marketing strategy. They can't give you everything in a single phone. You know why? 'cos they want you to buy the next iteration of the phone hoping it comes with all the perks.
AntonioSkater123 3 dagar sedan
Can you still jail break iPhones
Lukáš Pánek
Lukáš Pánek 3 dagar sedan
I’m two months late. But man, this was a great video
ShadowAussie N7
ShadowAussie N7 3 dagar sedan
so this is the reason why ads on youtube have been showing up that have been really annoying watching videos since 2017?
Ricky Mau
Ricky Mau 3 dagar sedan
yeah, 5 million think you should do more long video.
poopoo peepee
poopoo peepee 3 dagar sedan
Bro MagSafe literally left a circular burn on the back of my phone
evlqueen 4 dagar sedan
My wife just walked in the room and said "that guy sounds like Conan O'Brien" and now I can't unhear it.
J G 4 dagar sedan
I like his videos play as background noise at my house. Keep up the great work
Jerry MOJE
Jerry MOJE 4 dagar sedan
Is that chrombook on the backround cool
Carlos Lorenzo
Carlos Lorenzo 4 dagar sedan
Legend 🙏
Francisco lopez
Francisco lopez 4 dagar sedan
Good vid
nwil804 4 dagar sedan
SHILL, This is just the art of blowing smoke up apples ass so they keep giving him new apples so he can continue to make moneys and absolutely nothing to do with his actual opinions (apple made flat phones with stainless bands before it is nothing new as just one example).
Eric B
Eric B 4 dagar sedan
Steve Jobs would not have been happy with the notch
Diana Le Dineadishes
Diana Le Dineadishes 4 dagar sedan
I appreciate this video, Should I get the iPhone 12 or 12 pro I keep my phones for more than three years. What do you guys think? Im thinking the pro...
Samuel 4 dagar sedan
Always moving production/creative quality forward on this platform. Hat off to you Sir
mdaddya 4 dagar sedan
M.B., Are you a JW? Or was raised a JW?
Gil Vilares
Gil Vilares 4 dagar sedan
You should have a show on Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and HBO.
Sean Ferguson
Sean Ferguson 4 dagar sedan
The notch is ugly. Imagining Apple's attitude: 'We're Apple. We notch.'
Devofx_sa 4 dagar sedan
To finish of that stove top 😂💀
ajayminhas85 4 dagar sedan
Apple's battery sucks if you are a heavy user. Specially after 7-8 months.
Nickolas 4 dagar sedan
i love that intro track. You Grew Up by Oddisee for anyone interested
PCGamesAndTek 5 dagar sedan
Apple is the master of using slave labor to produce cheap garbage and selling it to suckers for exorbitant prices.
Shyla Storm
Shyla Storm 5 dagar sedan
I love how intense this video is.
xbolt223 5 dagar sedan
Incredible work as always Marques and Team!
Mia Waddle
Mia Waddle 5 dagar sedan
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall 5 dagar sedan
1,000. dollers , do you have to pay for phone calls ??
Panaceias Úberes
Panaceias Úberes 5 dagar sedan
iPhone: for when you want your smartphone to cost as much as the current best while looking and having the specs of 6 years ago.
Ragna Eyjadóttir
Ragna Eyjadóttir 5 dagar sedan
Apple .. they achieved one of the biggest achievements. They made their products .. symbols. Not symbols for innovation, technology or even usefulness. Symbols for a lifestyle! It is a status that Nokia phones had in the early 2000s, i think. When they could play around with premium materials, luxury editions etc. . Fact is .. almost no one uses their mobile phones even remotely to their capability. Sure - people care for new camera tech .. but end up making photos they could have done with a phone 5 years older (but they expect better results with the latest tech of course) The mainstream brands like Samsung, Xiaomi (and its affiliates), Sony etc. do not have the lifestyle appeal. Samsung comes a bit closer to it with its Note series, but is still a long way away from that. This is where small brands could potentially score points. I can see Fairphone to barge into the Apple segment. It already is an expensive phone for enthusiasts that simply do not care for specs - but for environmental sustainability and fair trade as well as recycling - but the right way .. by offering full repairability and upgradability, instead of Apples fake recyling. If Fairphone offered a "premium" variant of their phones .. premium materials (stainless steel, sapphire screen, ceramic back) .. i think they could make a dent in Apples market share (a tiny dent tough) - because they would attack the luxury market of symbols. Apple phones are mediocre - but mediocre is more than sufficient. I do not think Apple really needs to innovate or apply all the new tech at all. Apple competes with itself only. They are noticable .. and i am uncertain they really WANT to loose the notch - which is a relic of older days. The notch made iPhones more popular than ever. Look at pictograms all over the world .. most of them show the mobile phone with a notch - because without one .. it is just a frame. So Apple became synonymous for having the notch. As long as "mobile phone equals Apple" works .. Apple has no need to change. They can call a glass screen they lightly dusted with Sapphire "Sapphire tm", they just did the same thing with their ceramic dusted screen. They call a regular old IPS LCD "liquid retina" - it is all just buzzwords. When they invent 120hz displays , they will probably call it "quantum entanglement smoothness" or so. But it is all fine! - people love Apple products .. and they are happy with them. What more is there about a consumer good. If there is no buyers remorse - it is a win-win for Apple and its consumers. Why would anyone care for specs if one is happy with what one got.
AlmightyWillz 5 dagar sedan
Fantastic video. Watched from start to finish
Ernesto dí Terríbílé
The Netherlands have good 5G coverage for almost a year now with all carriers
Endezeichen Grimm
Endezeichen Grimm 5 dagar sedan
I'd rather have a bezel than that stupid notch.
Kiran Pal
Kiran Pal 5 dagar sedan
Why was there a shoe/slipper turning around and around back there?
cody wakefield
cody wakefield 5 dagar sedan
You're so much better than unbox therapy
Agustín Santiago
Agustín Santiago 5 dagar sedan
That headphone jack comment killed me
Denzel Dixon
Denzel Dixon 5 dagar sedan
Someone help me out. 10:47 what is that magnetic back/case he puts on? I've been looking and I'm falling up short. Name or link would be most appreciated!
Bayu Endarto
Bayu Endarto 5 dagar sedan
Overcharged... mostly is just about ego...
Vladimir Taranovich
Vladimir Taranovich 5 dagar sedan
More long videos plz 👍
Joel De la cruz
Joel De la cruz 5 dagar sedan
I want a new iPhone 😭😭😭😭
Bill Dexhart
Bill Dexhart 6 dagar sedan
A usual unbiased video... 🙄
PRASHANT RAJPUT 6 dagar sedan
love you brother
David Evans
David Evans 6 dagar sedan
29:27 ...Nice
Billis 6 dagar sedan
Marques one of those great youtubers that dont monetize reviews, and thats something ill always have respect for
Cameron Stacy
Cameron Stacy 6 dagar sedan
Mkbhd needs to remake the surrogates movie on a Netflix budget. I think that would be SICK
Harkishen Singh
Harkishen Singh 6 dagar sedan
This video is awesome. Can you please make a similar video on Samsung s21?
Kutis Pwet
Kutis Pwet 6 dagar sedan
I didn't realized that this was a 47mins video until Marques spoke about it at the end :-)
Xoco 6 dagar sedan
2.5 words- creativity overflow. Thank you for taking the time to make this, the quality and details are showen and felt. Much respect man
James G
James G 6 dagar sedan
I watched all the way through, enjoyed this more than I thought I would,. More like this will be great.
asdfghjkl 6 dagar sedan
10:49 Extremely quick and complex music
YouTubeUser_77 6 dagar sedan
I believe that the magsafe accessories are designed with the regular 12 in mind. Guess cause it lighter for ex: the car mount, haven't had it come off the mount at all
Johnathan Wood
Johnathan Wood 6 dagar sedan
Didn't skip, but did watch on 2x speed. Great video. Loved it.
Hello you 😊👍
hot boi
hot boi 6 dagar sedan
This dude could make a full feature length documentary on his smart fridge and I'd watch it
➔ThatsRay 2 dagar sedan
you sir made me ugly laugh from how relatable this actually is
Christian Olivera
Christian Olivera 7 dagar sedan
Definitely liked this kind of video! HUGE THANKS and please make more 🙏🏾
User unknowns RB
User unknowns RB 7 dagar sedan
Still waiting for when the iPhone just becomes a piece of glass
IFix Knowledges
IFix Knowledges 7 dagar sedan
I will be watching all of you and so amazing
neu3 7 dagar sedan
Why is there a hissing sound throughout the video?
I’m sorry but playing with phones and then saying what you like and don’t like about it is absolutely not a real job but some how you still get paid absurd amounts of money for shit videos of you talking about stuff you get to play with for free
Osyis R6
Osyis R6 7 dagar sedan
People care about his opinion.
Sun Hashira
Sun Hashira 7 dagar sedan
I love Apple,, iPhone,, Mac,, ;-),, thanx for sharing video !!,,
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