We added so many mods to Among Us that it BROKE 

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We added so many mods to Among Us that we broke the game
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14 apr 2021



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Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal 19 timmar sedan
Jack says alot LOL
Septiceye_ Xoxo
Septiceye_ Xoxo Dag sedan
Was this on twitch or did he record it?
Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
I hate it when one person keeps calling multiple emergency meetings. It's usually the imposter. Leslie. Learn how to play.
Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
You're 31 years old!! Stop trying to use the vocabulary of a 10 year old!! It's not "cool," and it certainly isn't funny. It's just irritating.
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller 5 timmar sedan
And lastly, if you don't like what he does then leave or unsub. No one is asking you to be here.
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller 5 timmar sedan
First of all, who are you to tell him what to do? Do you know him personally? You don't. Secondly, why don't you mind your own business and shut up. Commenting this only proves how pathetic you are.
Alisha Price
Alisha Price 2 dagar sedan
what kind of headphones does jack use? are they bose?
Kat Tindel
Kat Tindel 3 dagar sedan
sykkuno needs to voice anime
NightWillow17 4 dagar sedan
The thumbnail for this video confused the heck out of me. I thought SElosk swapped thumbnails again. Cuz the detective Kermit hat Jack used is a Yogscast made one for their member Zylus
Nyctodream Creations
Nyctodream Creations 4 dagar sedan
Glad to see you still playing Among Us. Most people kinda forgot the game lol
M0nkeychannel2011 4 dagar sedan
Psionic Butterfly
Psionic Butterfly 5 dagar sedan
Gotta love the Yogscasts detective Zylus skin bleeding over
jamie meshach
jamie meshach 3 dagar sedan
pretty sure they are using peds too.
Boba Tea
Boba Tea 6 dagar sedan
I have big brain idea, attempt to vote yourself out as imposter, so people think your jester so people won’t vote me out. 😌😌😌
kkat 7 dagar sedan
14:27: If it's on a vent it means Myth (probably) got taken out of a vent, so John was for sure an impostor if Leslie wasn't lying but since Brooke reported on six (unless she's big braining it) says she saw a morphling, unless she's lying, after all Sykkuno's vouches it's got to be Syd and I know this is a run on sentence so try to make sense of it ;)
Bakugo Katsukii-_-
Bakugo Katsukii-_- 7 dagar sedan
This is the best broken game I’ve ever seen in among is
JP Scott
JP Scott 7 dagar sedan
YXURE ALL CLXNES 8 dagar sedan
Kayden Hart
Kayden Hart 8 dagar sedan
24:25 I'm alive but I'm dead
THElbhorsie 9 dagar sedan
Why didn't Jack die when his lover was dead?
Sally Trip
Sally Trip 9 dagar sedan
Marsupial Maniac
Marsupial Maniac 9 dagar sedan
Ey it’s tbe Zylus skin
_Megatron1021 10 dagar sedan
2:47 me when i’m trying to get ready for work
Kathryn Martin
Kathryn Martin 10 dagar sedan
kae marie
kae marie 10 dagar sedan
aww did jack not stream this??? I looked on his twitch and don’t see this playthrough
Roling Chung
Roling Chung 10 dagar sedan
1:08 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*
Knuckle Sandwich
Knuckle Sandwich 10 dagar sedan
Finesoxx 11 dagar sedan
R.I.P whiteboard
I’m 18 If you don’t like it suck it
Hey where did you get that room cause I’ve only played the three
just voices
just voices 12 dagar sedan
Revisit deer simulator
James Rettig
James Rettig 12 dagar sedan
You could have killed him in the vent
CODE 404
CODE 404 12 dagar sedan
Oh no he kermitted suicide 🐸🐸😂😂🤣🤣
Tstormer 12 dagar sedan
Why do people like this game it's so dry and full of lies I'd be so pissed playing this it's worse than mario party
Nehdjd Jdjdjd
Nehdjd Jdjdjd 12 dagar sedan
Yo is it just me or does gigantic sykkuno Looks kind a good though
Liam Cushing
Liam Cushing 13 dagar sedan
What an amazing video!
F Vanlook
F Vanlook 13 dagar sedan
The last episode of jacks old house
Austin Square pants
Austin Square pants 13 dagar sedan
Jack is slowly turning into a reaction channel
hai 13 dagar sedan
the trans flag top hat in the first round-
Vinzlinz2222 13 dagar sedan
sykkuno is such an agent of chaos i love it
Harrison Pearce
Harrison Pearce 14 dagar sedan
Nice character duck character jack
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 14 dagar sedan
Every time that scroll back thing happens all I can hear in my head is: KILLER QUEEN BITES ZA DUSTO
XxDuckyxX 14 dagar sedan
Sykkuno and Jack not playing among us: Best friends Sykkuno and Jack playing among us: I MUST MUNIPULATE HIM MUAHAHA 😂
Tcggamer Channel
Tcggamer Channel 14 dagar sedan
What is this mod. This mod is so cool
Tcggamer Channel
Tcggamer Channel 14 dagar sedan
And best Kermit impression
Seth pal
Seth pal 15 dagar sedan
Jacksepticeye play hello puppet's
Zoe Thomson
Zoe Thomson 15 dagar sedan
I would've loved to see them rip into each other
Tony Blank
Tony Blank 15 dagar sedan
Foxy- 101
Foxy- 101 15 dagar sedan
Did jack split in two when tome reminded and he vented at the same time causing the copy to kill fusile PhD.
JOY Ibrahim
JOY Ibrahim 16 dagar sedan
i watched this as soon as it came out and im commenting now because im curious lol. Whats the role of the lover???
2005_124 Vlogs
2005_124 Vlogs 16 dagar sedan
did any1 notice he was drinkin Malibu:) what a boss
bunny boo
bunny boo 16 dagar sedan
Play fragile please!
Aesthet¿cally Gl¡tched
His Kermit impression is so amazing
Nightfur y
Nightfur y 17 dagar sedan
Plunging a toilet.... never seen someone so fast before.... weird cam footage..... kinda sus if you ask me
blurrymin9 17 dagar sedan
i like when they don't play with poki
TheGamingThief 17 dagar sedan
These mods make the game 10x better
nekogranma 17 dagar sedan
shhh, don't point out the media offline error
nadean coufal
nadean coufal 17 dagar sedan
How come he did not die when he was lovers?
Colin Stahon
Colin Stahon 18 dagar sedan
It’s just a sussy Baka and it cannot be that bad
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer 18 dagar sedan
Evelien>comes to get jack to bed Jack> im havin a moment here
DVGSIBLNTHE 18 dagar sedan
Boys and girls this mans be sad, tired, and big.
Python 18 dagar sedan
could i play amoung us with u ???
Tamagon Bagel
Tamagon Bagel 18 dagar sedan
"I didn't go to college for four years just to be called Kermit"
Gabriel Reed
Gabriel Reed 18 dagar sedan
He should've killed sykkuno when he was in the vent he could've
BluSire 18 dagar sedan
'Gigantic Sykkuno' Phrasing please
pickeleboi 18 dagar sedan
The returne of the devil
Gaia 19 dagar sedan
i think your editor had a little problem at the end XD "Media offline" lol
Diamond Red Fox
Diamond Red Fox 19 dagar sedan
sykkuno is like dogs. we dont deserve him. too pure
Onyx2 20 dagar sedan
EVNgelion 20 dagar sedan
Casual detective zylus
Midnight_kittys. 20 dagar sedan
when your name is leslie and there saying a name that sounds them same:...
kstormgeistgem 20 dagar sedan
.... what thell is going on ...??? i haven't a clue about any of this... lovers... jesters... Time Lords?!? wth, mate... among us just gets more n more kcufed up the more people play it, it seems.
Garrison Cardinell
Garrison Cardinell 20 dagar sedan
I can’t believe jack lost his accent
Zachary Wilmot
Zachary Wilmot 21 dag sedan
Hi all
Ebrilliant Uwaahhh
Ebrilliant Uwaahhh 21 dag sedan
Jack! Jack! Play Metro Series! The Metro 2033 or any other one like Metor Exodus or something, they're awesome!
Chadx M
Chadx M 21 dag sedan
I very much liked the mods and changes added to the game since I last played it....
Mr. Mirage 2
Mr. Mirage 2 21 dag sedan
Airship is dumb. If You click the ladder, and once again, and again, and again, You can survive the round, You can't get killed on the ladder
Bees 21 dag sedan
Jack talking with Kermit voice > literally anything
Marco 21 dag sedan
let's appreciate fuslie's hat with the trans flag. it's just cute :)
Gaming Mario Unbox
Gaming Mario Unbox 22 dagar sedan
You should play Among Us hide and seek
ChimeraXYZ 22 dagar sedan
24:48 I felt that
Rebekah Letourneau
Rebekah Letourneau 22 dagar sedan
I got an ad for among us in the middle of the video and I couldn’t tell that it was an ad for a lot longer than I’m willing to admit.
Payton Barnett
Payton Barnett 22 dagar sedan
is jack drinking a malibu seltzer??
Bens fan club president
Why was Zylus’s detective Kermit skin used as the thumbnail?
Destro 22 dagar sedan
100% Kormit win rate!
Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
Maxwell A. Gaming PS4 22 dagar sedan
The way Myth saved Jack from Leslie telling on him 🤣🤣🤣
Cat Matic
Cat Matic 22 dagar sedan
This made me think of a new mod which may or may not be a good idea. So say something simalir happens like with the last round but it's like a trust test. Where if the remaining crew vote someone out (which is a crewmate) Imposters win. But if they just skip crewmates win. I know it sounds ridiculous but that's just what came to my head.
HEE-HEE MAN 23 dagar sedan
Dude can we stop with the among us
SpedSamurai 23 dagar sedan
Jennifer Melissa
Jennifer Melissa 23 dagar sedan
I love you ❤️
Hunter Lynn Roth
Hunter Lynn Roth 23 dagar sedan
Irish lad *Kermit* ing murders
Washcoon 23 dagar sedan
Didn't know Jack was a fan of Zylus ;)
Bicc Boi
Bicc Boi 23 dagar sedan
Evelien has joined the game 😂
catelyn stone
catelyn stone 23 dagar sedan
Have you heard that there's a siren head mod? where the killer is siren head?
catelyn stone
catelyn stone 23 dagar sedan
I thought you might like it because you like siren head
Weeb Levi
Weeb Levi 23 dagar sedan
Where is the old intro?
animatedlux 23 dagar sedan
how do you even get mods
The Only King
The Only King 23 dagar sedan
The first map wasn't Giant-friendly
Tasty Beans
Tasty Beans 23 dagar sedan
行きなさい P1ピクルスリック
Bruh how can you be out of breath sitting in your chair
ShyFoxFeather Here
ShyFoxFeather Here 24 dagar sedan
Jack: You never vote me out Sykkuno: Oh that's true I'll skip Me: that worked?!
VoidGaming404 24 dagar sedan
Idk about anyone else, but man I really hate when people stack like that.
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 24 dagar sedan
*i'm so large*
Hannah Welsh
Hannah Welsh 24 dagar sedan
Myth saving Jack on the timewarp was sooo good. 🤩🤩
Mog Treleaven
Mog Treleaven 24 dagar sedan
“Thank you, that’s usually how heads work”
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subscribe to atsuover 24 dagar sedan
“I didn’t go to college for 4 years just to be called kermit” -Jacky-boi 2021
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For anyone who wants the time stamp it’s 16:52
Rico eating peanut butter
I got voted out and still WON
Rico eating peanut butter
among us NEW VENOM ROLE (mods)