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In my latest Comedy Central special, “Jeff Dunham’s Completely Unrehearsed Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special,” Walter has mixed feelings about the quarantine during this festive season. What is the cause of his Christmas conflict? Take a look and find out!
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28 dec 2020



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harold Bush
harold Bush 2 månader sedan
#NotificationSquad! Don't forget to punch that button till it's bruised a blue! And Subscribe with the Notification Bell set to "ALL" so you never miss another upload! Cause we're all trapped inside again with nothing new to watch. Thank god for Jeff and his comedy, it's kept me sane through all this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'ma binge watch all of Jeff's videos on Comedy Central, CMT, Netflix, and SElosk to drown out my wife's nagging.
Justin Holder
Justin Holder 10 dagar sedan
@Winnie The Pooh And Eeyore 2 Yes please I also would enjoy after hearing s many comments about her and never seeing her.
Thanks to you my phone is broken because i punched the like button...
Kahin Zaki
Kahin Zaki Månad sedan
@gomphrena -beautiful flower- hahahaha i belive that to hehehe.
gomphrena -beautiful flower-
@Kahin Zaki • The only problem with that is, Achmed would blow him up for sure😂😂
Kahin Zaki
Kahin Zaki Månad sedan
Please Jeff Dunham can you change The name of Walter to Joe Biden.. Thy are so like eatch other. Dont you think thay are look a like?? Im good to find People how look like others. I have that gift heheheh😂🤣
aflyingiwillgo 3 dagar sedan
Where is KNARF?
Patricia Bockenstette
Patricia Bockenstette 3 dagar sedan
Thanks Jeff and family. It feels good to laugh out loud at Walter especially. Love the old fart, sorry old poop.
Querencia.tv 4 dagar sedan
We Like 👍 it ❤️&✌️
Evelyn Black
Evelyn Black 5 dagar sedan
Oh look there is Biden the puppet
Rebecca Rebecca
Rebecca Rebecca 5 dagar sedan
The lopsided cold predictably pack because disease importantly perform plus a purring hose. thick, sparkling sparrow
Patrick Payne
Patrick Payne 6 dagar sedan
I feel sooo sorry for all the sheep in the world, killing themselves slowly due to wearing masks over their faces while they are out and about because they choose to believe media. You know media and it's influence is the most horrific weapon of psychological warfare. It does more damage than any other weapon in the world. People not knowing their Heavenly Father and His Son well enough are playing right along and killing themselves without knowing it and they don't even care... Thst is so sad that so many people are going to be dead soon. But you know that's how the people who had the Georgia Guidestones built is going to get the population decreased to 500,000,000 so much quicker. It's a mind game that the world population just isn't seeing nor getting because the population is so far gone with blindness that they cannot see or tell that they are being blinded by their governments. In the Bible it says that in the last days 1/3 of the world will die. It has nothing to do with wars or sicknesses or anything else. But people don't have enough common sense to know that they are allowing themselves to be lied to by governments and Satan alike. People truly are sheep. And they want us who don't wear masks to follow in their footsteps? You people can get mad at me ALL YOU WANT TO for not wearing a mask. But I'm not one of your flock. I choose to do my own research. I choose to listen to my Heavenly Father and I choose not to obey. Every one in that audience was wearing a black mask. How silly can you people be??? You are allowing some entity to tell you what to do with your life, how to live your life, and how to die! That's SICK!!! You people truly need mental help! But I wouldn't choose a mental health professional. They are just as much as a part of the problem as everything else is...
Gold Talon
Gold Talon 6 dagar sedan
New schtick for Covid. A ventriloquist that wears a mask. Anybody could become a great ventriloquist.
Sheryl Dougherty
Sheryl Dougherty 7 dagar sedan
I know of someone who looks like Walter. Joe Biden. Poor Walter at least he can put sentences together.
DarkPegasus87 9 dagar sedan
Guess what, Jeff. If it's not called a "respirator," then it IS pointless. You might as well take a page from the Feminist Handbook and write "MASK" across your lower face.
Deljohn lumongsod
Deljohn lumongsod 11 dagar sedan
Jeff, give me a ❤, or else, I KEEL YOU!!!
ZAPA 13 dagar sedan
how much hard is to do diffent voices at the same time this man is genius 👌😱
Jenny Müller
Jenny Müller 15 dagar sedan
I love ❤️ this . I freaking love walter and Jeff they are both soo freaking hilarious 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chrispin Loves To Dance
Gosh! I've a coat just like Walter's, red checked with white fleecy collar. I can't believe we share the same taste in fashion😅😂
The Egg man
The Egg man 17 dagar sedan
In a Jewish school everybody is unpopular
مهند عثمان
مهند عثمان 18 dagar sedan
I want to see this story from another perspective . Bring Walter's wife.
Delta Mike
Delta Mike 19 dagar sedan
Fantastic Jeff, great humor and brilliant skill and timing. Nice work.
Stevonnie Wolf
Stevonnie Wolf 20 dagar sedan
Walter is a great character.
Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire 21 dag sedan
I don't blame Walter I hate these masks with a burning passion.
K D 21 dag sedan
Walters wife would make a great addition to the act.
HelpKirbyHasA Gun_204
Jeff: let me welcome my old friend, Walter! Walter: you call me “old friend” one more time and I’m gonna kick your ass. I wanna see that line get played
Aghahowa Osazone
Aghahowa Osazone 21 dag sedan
Who else noticed how Jeff was able to make Walter sound like he was on a mask and switched immediately after he took it off
Nejan Pan
Nejan Pan 22 dagar sedan
Wow I can’t talk through mask but Walter did very clearly - great talent - thanks for laughs
The Wererapter92
The Wererapter92 22 dagar sedan
Does social distancing actually work? I mean the virus has spread regardless thanks to morons going to the beach n sh*t
Sabrina Mastor
Sabrina Mastor 22 dagar sedan
My favorite is walter & achmed.
Tee Tanner
Tee Tanner 23 dagar sedan
Love Walter and Jeff made my day!
AtticusDutch 25 dagar sedan
"How do you like being on T.V.?" "I don't care. My wife and I have been locked up (quarantined) so long that it's just a matter of time before we end up on dateline."
tazsgirl6969 25 dagar sedan
Koaladude 71
Koaladude 71 26 dagar sedan
Highlight of the video (for me) 1:42
GalaxyGirl Gaming
GalaxyGirl Gaming 27 dagar sedan
Jeff: Well you know ever since the pandemic started we can't get together with family Walter: Yeah I know is this thing great or what
13Babeloe 29 dagar sedan
13Babeloe 29 dagar sedan
If Archey Bunker was a doll
scaryperryx1050 Månad sedan
Walter & Peanut, are The Best!!!
George Månad sedan
Another uplifted day. I do so appreciate days that start this way!
tickman catour forbes
I know do a show get a tik
Douglas bunn
Douglas bunn Månad sedan
Walter gonna start double masking now because well ,it's just "common sense" according to the good Dr
leigh collett
leigh collett Månad sedan
where is jose! i miss my little ray of hot peppery sunshine : (
Nopanda Kit
Nopanda Kit Månad sedan
Anyone else freaked out by how much Biden looks like Walter? They are twins!
Jayden War
Jayden War Månad sedan
Is this gonna be a Netflix special or maybe a movie or something?
Rich Bowser
Rich Bowser Månad sedan
Hey ,Jeff that looks just like biden without his glasses setting on your lap. Check your wallet before he leaves.
M Rondeau
M Rondeau Månad sedan
I was seeing a lot of people with masks under their nose at the supermarket and I thought in my head "People with masks under their noses will get their nose punched" :\
Luna Sol
Luna Sol Månad sedan
Like 👍
funnybones Buck
funnybones Buck Månad sedan
Richard Head
Richard Head Månad sedan
I would binge watch a show with Walter, peanut, bubba j etc. A show without Jeff's arm up their ass that is. And I know I'm not the only one
Joey Plumb
Joey Plumb Månad sedan
Wait a second, does Aachmed wear a mask, or is he exempted because he’s already dead?
Biker Bernie
Biker Bernie Månad sedan
Do you think he was moving Walters mouth behind that mask?
Aeureus Månad sedan
Jeff Dunham is amazing :D
Kahin Zaki
Kahin Zaki Månad sedan
Can we please change The name of Walter to Joe biden. I cant stop thinking about Walter and Joe biden how much thay are look like. Its would be Nice to rename him to Biden hahava
Deborah Fanton
Deborah Fanton Månad sedan
Walter is Biden! lol But Walter's hair is darker! LOLOL
Jack Adams Daniels
Jack Adams Daniels Månad sedan
This was awesome
Mark Vee
Mark Vee Månad sedan
Thanks for the Laughs Jeff and Crew.. Always Welcome in My Home.. 💖😂👍🇺🇸✌...
Spaghetti Sultan
Spaghetti Sultan Månad sedan
'People could use a laugh right now' 'I could use some crack right now' Is it too much to ask for both?
Mr7yhnmki8 Månad sedan
He should have said termite.
Calvin Crews
Calvin Crews Månad sedan
I’m fine with Social Distancing and wearing a face covering in public places and Transportation sports events funerals these face mask are the best protection from the Covid-19 Corona Virus and it’s required everywhere in America
Lily Montelongo
Lily Montelongo Månad sedan
I think Walter wishes he had covid so he could stay 6 feet from his wife 😂 and for once he was finally happy 😂😂😂
Northern Fox Traveler
Walter and Joe Biden look so much alike
lorriepatrick66 Månad sedan
I just Love your talent Jeff--ffah.....lol We are All waiting for MORE of your shows with our favorites! We are really Missing All of you...Peanut, Walter, Achmed, Bubba J, and Jalapeno on a Stick!!! My favorite has to be ...Well I love them all !! Lol...lol...lol 😁😁👍🏽 Keep up the great work, you do provide so much laughter in this world, and We All Need This More Now Than Ever!!! Much Love to you and your family!!🇺🇸❤🙏🏽🙌🏽🇺🇸❤
Blue Dream
Blue Dream Månad sedan
Love this dude funny asf xD
Mercedes Galan
Mercedes Galan Månad sedan
❤❤❤😂, but is to little time.
Sabrina Mastor
Sabrina Mastor Månad sedan
Walter is really my favorite
Princess Lollypop
Princess Lollypop Månad sedan
Walter must be loving social distancing lol
Atlor Merjo
Atlor Merjo Månad sedan
Walter reminds me of Joe Biden
John Doran
John Doran Månad sedan
I just saw Walter’s inauguration speech,,,,, oh,,, wait a minute,,,,,,, wrong puppet,,,,,, sorry
Lord steppergod
Lord steppergod Månad sedan
Jeff definitely designed walter off Joe Biden
Brayden Herman
Brayden Herman Månad sedan
-I love Walter
NillaWaafers Månad sedan
Walter probably didn’t wanna wear the mask so he could die and leave his wife😂
B Henry
B Henry Månad sedan
I wonder if he will make fun of Biden like he did Trump?
Cherry Baby
Cherry Baby Månad sedan
Jeff u look so young aging like fine wine thats so devine in the summer time!
Bobby Belk
Bobby Belk Månad sedan
Joe biden looks like Walter 😂
Jeff Mixon
Jeff Mixon Månad sedan
I knew Joe Biden was a dummy, but I didn't know he worked with Jeff Dunham!
Mark Månad sedan
The pandemic has made it easier for aspiring ventriloquists to make it in the biz.
amiganutt Månad sedan
Am I the only one that thinks Joe Biden looks right Walter?
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Bamboo Månad sedan
This doll looks like Biden lol 😂
Noelle M.
Noelle M. Månad sedan
Comedy Central on a budget!! hahah I love it
David Craft
David Craft Månad sedan
With that face diaper on walter looks just like biden
Jeff Dunetz
Jeff Dunetz Månad sedan
Jeff how long will it take for Walter to move to the White House after he is inaugurated next week?
Winston Cunningham
Winston Cunningham Månad sedan
0:32 to 0:48 is hilarious 😂
Winston Cunningham
Winston Cunningham Månad sedan
Averys Vlogs
Averys Vlogs Månad sedan
Older how do you know Chuck E. Cheese
A random youtuber /hermitcraft fan
You can hold your breath for 34 seconds. I can hold mine twice that long.
Glenn USHER Månad sedan
Me and my wife are staying 6 feet apart. That's the closes we've been in years.. HAha
Mark Kuntz
Mark Kuntz Månad sedan
Have you ever noticed how much Walter and Joe Biden look alike???
Edith John
Edith John Månad sedan
Love u Walter.. u come see me ANYTIME in Tacoma,Wa. Emerald Casino “ Puyallup Reservation”!!
Abdul rahman Bin abdullah
Jeff we miss u very much......(Lumut Malaysia)
Bi Mighty
Bi Mighty Månad sedan
How can I watch full show?
wsq0056 Månad sedan
Walter should attend Joe Biden's inauguration so he can congratulate his twin brother!
Romeo M
Romeo M Månad sedan
You ever do a live sone day?
Romeo M
Romeo M Månad sedan
Yougot alot of talent bro keep it up ur amazing 😎👏👌👍
That Boy Who Makes Videos
Remember Larry from Beside Himself? Well he's gonna be very happy because today, Twitter banned Trump's account.
Issac Newton
Issac Newton Månad sedan
Why does Jeff have a Biden dummy?
Juan Smith
Juan Smith Månad sedan
The tawdry card sicily spray because regret theoretically drown beside a understood office. humdrum, flagrant net
Jaxon Klaviter
Jaxon Klaviter Månad sedan
I bet Walter secretly loves the pandemic because he doesn't have to go near people.
Ren Höek
Ren Höek Månad sedan
just Re-releasing the same video you already released. talk about Grinding for views. You're an idiot Jeff-fa-fa !
M Lawson
M Lawson Månad sedan
Anyone notice Walter looks and talks just like Joe Biden
Noah Macharia
Noah Macharia Månad sedan
your cool and funny
cycoholic Månad sedan
If he's really buying a rv ,it should be the GMC motorhome, what with his car collection it would be a perfect fit. 😉🤣
rad1ist Månad sedan
Jeff the laughing crowd kinda ruins it, turn them down.
Ok Now What
Ok Now What Månad sedan
140 Million dollars he is worth
Ok Now What
Ok Now What Månad sedan
It is completely amazing how much money this guy makes It is complete Insanity.. We are talking millions upon millions of dollars
Jeff Dunham and His Pal Walter