Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5 

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13 okt 2020



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milky 3 minuter sedan
what the hell has H3H3 turned into i haven’t watched in the last 3 years
rose 40 minuter sedan
”well maybe i shouldnt continue this conversation without her” you can tell ethan is so caring
Mauricio Mauro
Mauricio Mauro 58 minuter sedan
Emily Wilton
Emily Wilton Timme sedan
god i hate her
Pumkin guts
Pumkin guts Timme sedan
Omg trish is exactly like someone ik lmaooo ewwww
Mel Pip
Mel Pip 2 timmar sedan
Ethan kills me with his eye brows in this episode... I think the Fester makeup makes it so much more noticeable but he's consistently moving them... it's cracking me up.
MiniKawaiiWorld 3 timmar sedan
How can trisha even ask about taking care of the baby when she couldnt even take care of her puppy. You could tell that she didnt even like thst present..smh.
JigJug 3 timmar sedan
The fight is so awkward but it’s kinda funny watching them fight in those dumbass costumes
Alexis Shabrack
Alexis Shabrack 4 timmar sedan
I don’t know if Ethan did this yet since I’m only on this episode of the podcast but he should totally dress up as Trisha for one ep.
even _ihydyb
even _ihydyb 4 timmar sedan
42:09 ethan looks like a minion 🙈
The Highest Priestess
The Highest Priestess 4 timmar sedan
This is comedy gold!
MissAllyLove 4 timmar sedan
47:59 I CANTTT😂😂😂🤣🤣
Nic Lee
Nic Lee 5 timmar sedan
Ralph Fienez
Alexandra XW
Alexandra XW 5 timmar sedan
After this episode I love Ethan even more, he’s the friend everybody needs☹️❤️
Luis 6 timmar sedan
This episode is my favourite. Keep make moreeee
Jonas Johnsson
Jonas Johnsson 6 timmar sedan
I love you Ethan, you’re such a great guy. She was being really mean and you kept calm and even said sorry for calling her crazy. You’re the kind of friend someone like Trisha needs! Bless you! ❤️
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 6 timmar sedan
Is that a real forehead?
Dear Dyana
Dear Dyana 7 timmar sedan
the constant need to say that he's projecting or gaslighting when that was clearly what was not happening, especially since he apologised is incredibly ridiculous.
Omar Carmona
Omar Carmona 7 timmar sedan
This woman is ill. She tends to fault find others and rationalize her own problems. Get help because you're living a delusion.
marissa 7 timmar sedan
She's delusional. Good for Ethan for staying calm through this. Trisha needs help.
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez 7 timmar sedan
Trisha is so miserable and she’s trying to act likes she’s not 💀
Lana Ventus
Lana Ventus 8 timmar sedan
Ok now I’ll watch that Trisha is on here
Devin Staples
Devin Staples 8 timmar sedan
All the videos with trisha have hit 1mil views.. h3h3 alone, not so much.
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 5 timmar sedan
The belle delphine video will reach 1mil
Chloe Reese
Chloe Reese 9 timmar sedan
I dont get how ethan keeps so so calm in the like last 6 minutes lmao
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 9 timmar sedan
Dude she legit tried to make fun of him for being married for 12 years.
Untchdfrumpy -
Untchdfrumpy - 9 timmar sedan
She said I have a lot of friends and names all dudes. She sounds so dumb
Sageonthemoøn 9 timmar sedan
This argument felt like my parents yelling
Spill All That Tea
Spill All That Tea 9 timmar sedan
I’m obsessed with trust and Ethan together on a podcast
Ceara Bostick
Ceara Bostick 10 timmar sedan
Trisha literally is a dumb blonde.... 😳
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 9 timmar sedan
the great Lymphatic system, all Cancers plus how to rid of anysort of virus including HIV
SillyLetters 10 timmar sedan
I love Ethan I honestly can see how great of person he is. How sympathetic and empathetic he is.
SaraJo Batzer
SaraJo Batzer 10 timmar sedan
“Are we gonna make Tik Toks?! We were supposed to make Tik Toks!!!!!”
lavis dizzi3
lavis dizzi3 11 timmar sedan
Can someone tell me wheb the fight starts
Chantel Durning
Chantel Durning 11 timmar sedan
I feel so bad for him for her low balling him and putting is personal information out like that. That’s so fucked up. And she used that against him yet she admits to doing all sorts of drugs including meth
megannnoo 12 timmar sedan
I love her
emesebissels 12 timmar sedan
9:35 you should watch Kung Fury
J J 13 timmar sedan
Damn it's like trisha just learned a new world like bitch stop I- Weaponized.
Relaxation Meditation
Relaxation Meditation 13 timmar sedan
This is a great show as problematic as it is.
Mia 14 timmar sedan
I’m native and chile we got a lot of family we coming for your damn property
Will Bigger
Will Bigger 14 timmar sedan
Wow this showed us that Trish is just a bad person lmao. She does weaponize and when angry she decides to insult ur personal life and ur family
Mackenzie Polk
Mackenzie Polk 14 timmar sedan
Found my new favorite podcast lol
Jasmine KIARAW Snow
Jasmine KIARAW Snow 14 timmar sedan
Each individual, we R of all colors (the human race) our first human parents according to ANCIENT PROPHECY history sourced from the bible was Adam&Eve; what color were they?
Jasmine KIARAW Snow
Jasmine KIARAW Snow 14 timmar sedan
Remember 2 beautiful dark skin people have had beautiful white skin bebes!
Julia Huston
Julia Huston 15 timmar sedan
This podcast is the only good thing to come out of 2020.
Jasmine KIARAW Snow
Jasmine KIARAW Snow 15 timmar sedan
SElosk DR Robert Morse he teaches you tissue REGENERATION. Trisha, U can fix your infirtility problems with the teachings of dr Robert Morse. Watch the video on infirtily, the great Lymphatic system, all Cancers plus how to rid of anysort of virus including HIV
Jasmine KIARAW Snow
Jasmine KIARAW Snow 15 timmar sedan
U can draw your eyebrows on
Breanna Sanders
Breanna Sanders 15 timmar sedan
I just finished episode 1-7 and now I’m rewatching them.. in the same week lol
R N 16 timmar sedan
In Jennifer’s body she is a succubus
Lau Umamii
Lau Umamii 16 timmar sedan
i hate trisha so much , tbh just here to see what the fight was about, she is so ignorant and dumb and i hate ethan giving her a platform , k bye
Erick Olivarezzz
Erick Olivarezzz 16 timmar sedan
Yooooooo, he looks like a younger Uncle Fester that’s crazy😂😭......
Yankadacrank 17 timmar sedan
And what makes Ethan think we want to see this? Or a major part of the audience. I refuse to watch anything with her.
Grace Southworth
Grace Southworth 17 timmar sedan
I have no idea how he puts up w her lmao
Jordan Brill
Jordan Brill 18 timmar sedan
I really feel like I know and understand both sides very well, they actually argue in the exact same way you just see Trisha project more and lose her cool
Jordan Brill
Jordan Brill 18 timmar sedan
Oh shit I didn’t even finish the video shit is crazy
lamekaitlyn 18 timmar sedan
watching trish sink that low to where she's insulting his family literally killed my braincells
Maki Neko
Maki Neko 19 timmar sedan
I watched this whole video and put up with Trisha bitching about Anthony and defending her weird incest porn and Ethan calling her crazy for the 100th time was the cause of their fight? Man, I gotta stop putting myself through these videos of Trisha, she's literally the worst human being. lol
Gina B
Gina B 20 timmar sedan
Wow this is hilarious
Gina B
Gina B 20 timmar sedan
Lol so funny i Cant
Gina B
Gina B 20 timmar sedan
Hey. Its freakin hilarious. But one thing prostate cancer is in the testicles not the asshole lol.
Freaksmile13 20 timmar sedan
And P.S) Trisha, your petty jealousy shows quite often! Jealousy of Ethan and James Charles. Take your own advice and act your age..
Freaksmile13 20 timmar sedan
H3H3 is doing great Trisha, better than you alone lol. He made you look as stupid as you are so you behaved like a stupid person, started attacking him personally because he called you out and had nothing to say to defend yourself. But he was right, YOU ARE NOT OK. But behaving like a child and saying cruel things just because he made you look stupid, but you are ridiculously stupid Trisha, is wrong no matter how you try and spin it. GROW UP TRISHA.
bush did 7/11
bush did 7/11 21 timme sedan
he hates her lmaooooooooo
Kyleena 22 timmar sedan
And her callin him out for being “money hungry” is outrageous , like girl what .
Kyleena 22 timmar sedan
Bruh I feel bad Ethan is not awful at all , at least not as awful as she’s trying to make him sound 😂 her sense of humor is bipolar
Breelee 23 timmar sedan
I really just want to know if she’ll ever watch this back, so she can be AWARE. There’s faults in everyone, so always time to change it.
BBMae120 23 timmar sedan
Trish needs to just accept &apologize that she flipped instead of digging herself in such a deep hole to where there’s no coming back. Ekkkk. I am a fan of her but gezzz girl, shits embarrassing to watch lol
MissM Dag sedan
Ethan's so sweet even though she's still attacking him he's checking in on her wellbeing and truly feels bad that he upset her that much
Jen Zieb
Jen Zieb Dag sedan
Why did I want to cry at the end
Madie VanGundy
Madie VanGundy Dag sedan
Okay but Ethan really pushed her buttons and was being rude af to her and she reacted to it. Not saying she was justified in some of her reactions, but he was def gaslighting her and manipulating the situation. Like I would be just as upset as she was if I was being provoked like that
But W8t
But W8t Dag sedan
Trisha is ruining his legacy
a c
a c Dag sedan
She dressed like magen fox in Jennifer's body and she also acted like magen fox in Jennifer's body
rich frausto
rich frausto Dag sedan
Stan Trish
dulce aguilar
dulce aguilar Dag sedan
His Halloween costume is awesome!!
Abbie C.
Abbie C. Dag sedan
Agreeing with Trisha. Paul Giamotti is a total hottie.
Maddy G
Maddy G Dag sedan
Man I half liked Trisha before these podcasts... it is insane how manipulative and ridiculous she is... Randomly takes offense to things, literally weaponized the pill thing against him, that was so uncomfortable. Jesus christ
Maddy G
Maddy G Dag sedan
You're way too nice to her. Holy hell
Victoria Elizabeth
Why is this me and my godsister arguing casually
Dr J’s Slime Shop
Does Ethan have ticks? His eyes lips and eyebrows move sparadically
who knows
who knows Dag sedan
Yeah he has turrets
Morgan Freeman _ but not
Awe. Ethan does look like he truly feels bad.
Morgan Freeman _ but not
Get it Ethan! Call her out! It's crazy that when she gets called out she just instantly goes so defensive and doesn't let anybody talk.
Annabelle Armstrong
Unpopular opinion but I feel like she was attacked over & over again in the relationship/baby conversation. I’m a sensitive sally & I would’ve cried the first harsh comment into it, she did well to hold it together I think. I mean he’s not exactly wrong but he just kept going in on her.
Prezley Garza
Prezley Garza Dag sedan
Let’s just cancel her
Lauren Dany Medrano
she shut down at the end bc she knows she’s wrong ...
Morgan Freeman _ but not
I am first Nations and I really appreciate you saying that Ethan thank you!
Jeannine Reyna
Jeannine Reyna Dag sedan
But Everyone has to admit she is REALLY OPEN with her family doing an onlyfans with her sister and mom, my Hispanic family WOULD NEVER
Leach Dag sedan
Ethan, you’re literally just describing ambush listening, or ambushing.
Lauren Dany Medrano
she really ...
Lauren Dany Medrano
wait why did the put “” around straight for david dobruk ... is he gay ...
Allen Blank
Allen Blank Dag sedan
Goddamn. What a masterpiece of a show.
cameliansn Dag sedan
im so surprised that trisha's opinion on mykie's situation actually made sense, like she always says the most controversial stuff but this actually made sense
Sophie Cochran
Sophie Cochran Dag sedan
This just shows how two faced and toxic Trisha really is
john johnson
john johnson Dag sedan
Oh wow that “I can see why you’ve been with the same person for 12 years” comment is pretty fucking revealing
john johnson
john johnson Dag sedan
1:14:42 lmfao I thought he was about to take that boa off and choke her out
lana Dag sedan
this is why i cant stand her
Kayla Bruss
Kayla Bruss Dag sedan
People bashing on Trisha for being a "brat" ... to me she very clearly is manic in this (and many) episodes. As a person who has bipolar disorder myself, I see her reaction in this episode and understand why she's acting the way she is. When we are "normal" we can take a joke much easier and are more understanding of sarcasm and things like that, however when we are "off" .. Well at least to me, it's like my brain makes up an entire scenario that's happening even if there's no evidence of it actually occurring. I get taken away by that emotion and if the person I feel is treating me wrong tries to argue, even kindly, it just makes me get worse and worse. I feel like here Trisha For whatever reason took his comment offensive, and then him trying to defend himself (even though yes, he's in the right mostly) to her brain just registers as "He's calling me a liar, he's lying to me".. notice how she is making up things that he said, like that he mentioned stuff about her being off meds... I'm sure she 100% believes that's what he said at least in the moment. Ethan does a really great job talking to her and trying to get her to calm down but in this situation had he understood her issues a little more He probably should have backed off completely and just change the subject. I don't love Trisha Paytas, She has done a lot of problematic and offensive things, but I think her behavior in this video is something that she should be forgiven and understood for rather than being called a brat. She wanted to be out of the situation and tried to communicate it but as it usually comes out when someone is manic, it sounded harsh and it wasn't taken seriously. In general she's not taken seriously and that's something that can be really upsetting to someone with bipolar disorder even if at times she actively tries to make herself seem dumb or whatever
Abby Lloyd
Abby Lloyd Dag sedan
this is sooo awkward
peter dee
peter dee Dag sedan
I’ve shaved my head and my eyebrows ppl don’t look as bad as they think they will
Kali Gordon
Kali Gordon Dag sedan
She is just so truthful and some people can't relate.... But so many people can also relate so much 💕
sofí perez
sofí perez Dag sedan
bruh trisha is just a joke deadass, such a manipulative person
NemoPlays Dag sedan
Ethan or Varys the Spider?
josh v
josh v Dag sedan
please get a new cohost shes so annoying
James Proctor
James Proctor Dag sedan
Also pills r fucking great as well as ketamine
strawberry smith
wtf is wrong with''keemstar''. tw3t!
rich frausto
rich frausto Dag sedan
He’s so bad lmao
Jessamyn C
Jessamyn C Dag sedan
I don't understand how Trisha doesn't know any of this
SaraJo Batzer
SaraJo Batzer Dag sedan
I love Trisha, always have, but this is making me absolutely LOVE Ethan... the way he handled everything and was genuinely just trying to help, omfg
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