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From The Russell Howard Hour, Russell proves that social media isn't always bad - sometimes, it is absolutely glorious.
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21 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
Mason LDN
Mason LDN 3 dagar sedan
Wait, how did they film this ? Aren't we in lockdown and everything is shut ?
Rakinjo2 3 dagar sedan
"Our sense of humor will always bring us tog-" - We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that this comedian has been jailed for offending the emotional sensitivities of bumblebees.
daniel Far
daniel Far 6 dagar sedan
Yeah say good bye to freedom of information and speech it's down hill from hear
Chris Reid-Wentworth
Chris Reid-Wentworth 6 dagar sedan
Frankie Boyle smashed Russel Howard baby p face isn't even funny anymore . Good humour for the kids mate 👍
Daniel Gamache
Daniel Gamache 6 dagar sedan
Hello communists.
Bak-er 7 dagar sedan
Woke ,Not funny,
Zippy Ustar
Zippy Ustar 7 dagar sedan
I told cancer to eat a dic many times a week I don’t even know someone who has it...
L T 8 dagar sedan
loveasmr53 10 dagar sedan
Love James Blunt
loveasmr53 10 dagar sedan
This guy isn’t funny.
youlittlerocket 10 dagar sedan
Cant wait for the Biden "jokes"
Random Hermit
Random Hermit 14 dagar sedan
6:18 --- Isnt that EXACTLY what the left were doing at the same time ? ... never mind brexit, covid etc etc theres these mean statues and songs REEEEE
Dandelion Petals
Dandelion Petals 14 dagar sedan
And America thinks we're flippin posh xD
oziSli fe
oziSli fe 15 dagar sedan
Harrison Sheppard
Harrison Sheppard 15 dagar sedan
If that piers Morgan thread is the best he hasn’t seen the Heinz on weetabix one 🤣
Matt 16 dagar sedan
Land of Hope and glory UK Land of glory holes- the Labour Party
Lady Cat
Lady Cat 17 dagar sedan
there's this comedian from my country, (Belgium) who talks about politicans dividing us, he says that it sometimes looks like politicians treat us like dogs. "LOOK AT THE BALL! BALL! BALL!" and I really feel like that's the case. That's how they distract us from real issuess that concern the whole population.
Tommy Finlay
Tommy Finlay 17 dagar sedan
Your a goon Russell always have been
Keelie Kingi
Keelie Kingi 19 dagar sedan
Us Aussie can one up you England
Eli Mapes
Eli Mapes 24 dagar sedan
Lol the views are getting lower and lower cause this sucks.
Response& Ability
Response& Ability 26 dagar sedan
I can't wait for the hate this will bring, but Howard is a media npc. He believes all media and was a good comedian but they deal in truth not bait.
disasterpiece 28 dagar sedan
I love James Blunt.
Dineen Serpa
Dineen Serpa 28 dagar sedan
These tweeted petty crimes are what we Americans think goes on in Britain.
Noel Marshall
Noel Marshall Månad sedan
One of the best shows on telly heard he might be going to America with it hope he does he deserves it
Elli P
Elli P Månad sedan
Ex-Pestilence Drumpf doesn't have small hands - we're just seeing them from a very long way away. Further and further each day, thankfully. 🖕
Okey Pokey
Okey Pokey Månad sedan
Russell Coward 😂🤣
Nemy Månad sedan
Lmfao this is best video clips 😂😂🤣
NHMI Månad sedan
Damn. Even British Twitter is entertaining. 😂
xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
being chubby and Asian, that kid from up joke hurt me on a personal level
xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
years of pain and torment came rushing back to me in that one moment
brad does mtb 14
brad does mtb 14 Månad sedan
Russel Russel the news has gotten better
Erect My Greenhouse
Erect My Greenhouse Månad sedan
Hilarious - so funny! Oh that was in 2008.
Wise Owl
Wise Owl Månad sedan
Brilliant. 😂
Paul DAVIES Månad sedan
1:14 just sufükinperb. Blunt by name, blunt by nature. And twice telling Piers Morgan to STFU, is just priceless!
Trent Bardy
Trent Bardy Månad sedan
I’m not a fan of Trump in any way. But I’m even less of a fan of Big Tech censorship. As we’ve seen, many well intentioned people have also been banned for swimming against the narrative. We’ve also seen how the Biden scandal was covered by Big Tech, with Facebook and Twitter banning anyone who mentioned it. Russell fails to see the big picture , tolerant this and you’ll be next. Clapping away your rights to free speech? Very short sighted.
Get Schwifty
Get Schwifty Månad sedan
How old is this?
Ang Goose
Ang Goose Månad sedan
Wow Russell you used to be so funny but now you’re obviously high on self righteous leftist politics. What a shame.
Kellys Heroes
Kellys Heroes Månad sedan
Kolo, kolo kolo, kolo kolo, kolo KOLO TOURE!!!!
google Limp
google Limp Månad sedan
hahaha just tried to post this to FB it said. because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive. i guess that means its from Trump because people know he is a wanker LOL
Wang Monkey
Wang Monkey Månad sedan
Surely the lowest form of comedy is reading out tweets? I can do that myself.
David Mackenzie
David Mackenzie Månad sedan
Ex Liverpool player Kolo Toure? Mate he played more ges for City than Liverpool, but is definitely most known for playing for arsenal.
TJ Rauchie
TJ Rauchie Månad sedan
Howard’s usual shows are funny but theres something really powerful when he speaks in a stern but calm voice
Eli Mapes
Eli Mapes Månad sedan
None of this is funny
Toby Allen
Toby Allen 3 dagar sedan
Comedy is subjective
Loz 29 dagar sedan
@Eli Mapes No sense of humor means finding things not funny. I find this funny so therefore have a sense of humor. You're such a humourless fool
Eli Mapes
Eli Mapes 29 dagar sedan
@Loz you have no sense of humor then and brain washed by the media this stuff is so biased.
Loz 29 dagar sedan
Its hilarious
Jay M
Jay M Månad sedan
Eli Mapes don’t watch him then
WilfChadwick Månad sedan
Joshua Rees
Joshua Rees Månad sedan
Fucking awesome hahaha!!
Confessio Channel
Confessio Channel Månad sedan
Tame comedy, always pushing the “acceptable views” rather than genuine opinions
Randomzville Månad sedan
Go watch another comedian then who does darker comedy. You can't complain about him being tame when that's not his style
Ksenia Månad sedan
Because anything decent can never be genuine, can it?
Cpt Markski
Cpt Markski Månad sedan
Yay! Let's all celebrate censorship! If somebody has a different opinion to me I want to see their voice silenced as much as possible. That approach is going to work out great and definitely not lead to more division.
Hanspal Singh
Hanspal Singh Månad sedan
The young course intrestingly cheer because gram broadly stamp except a workable cow. pleasant, damp plasterboard
T R Månad sedan
How does he have people in the audience ?
P Dineen
P Dineen Månad sedan
These are old clips
maqz malone
maqz malone Månad sedan
james blunt really lives up to his surname and is hilarious.
Misan Månad sedan
And now trump is permanently gone from twitter
Mamma Jamma
Mamma Jamma Månad sedan
Cheering for censorship?
mysticdawn Månad sedan
@Mamma Jamma I agree, not only from a political view but also that there are people breaking tos all the time and that needs to be enforced but in this particular situation censorship doesn't really apply.
Mamma Jamma
Mamma Jamma Månad sedan
@mysticdawn And there are people breaking Twitter TOS all of the time from both sides but not both sides are getting censored equally.
mysticdawn Månad sedan
@Mamma Jamma he broke their terms of service, as an independent private entity twitter have every right to silence him.
Mamma Jamma
Mamma Jamma Månad sedan
@mysticdawn I know, you're right, it's not censorship if they have the weong thoughts.
mysticdawn Månad sedan
That is not censorship.
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Månad sedan
I'm surprised the petty crime segment didn't have some one mention micro transactions 😆
That Lonely meatball
0:04 tell me about it
surfmora Månad sedan
Oh this brighten up my day. Thank you.
Callum Macey
Callum Macey Månad sedan
'Is this a comeback? I told you to shut the fuck up'
Lasse R.
Lasse R. Månad sedan
pretty sure the Black Friday gun tweet was to get people to move out of stores, to get the discounts himself
Zakia Ali
Zakia Ali Månad sedan
Russell is right we are better when we are United.
Jack Morris
Jack Morris Månad sedan
It’s so eerie with no audience reaction
Susan Hilton
Susan Hilton Månad sedan
Some monster put the milk in b4 the teabag. Uh uh me guilty as charged
The boi
The boi Månad sedan
Watch my cheeky video😘 title is discreet
The Posh Blighty
The Posh Blighty Månad sedan
I saw the last tweet on Reddit, may I say you missed about the best part
AshPlays Månad sedan
Like Russell but wish he would keep out of politics
ary Snaza
ary Snaza Månad sedan
Too late it should early did
Mukatsuku Månad sedan
I love your show but you can't rant that some people want to keep people politically divided whilst also doing the same yourself.
JillReyErma 7
JillReyErma 7 Månad sedan
He's not keeping people divided. He has political opinions yeah, but he's only saying that politicians are trying to cover up their fuck ups by attempting to focus public attention on something else.
Diary of madness
Diary of madness Månad sedan
I needed this bit of levity today, thank you!
Arif Ramen noodles
Arif Ramen noodles Månad sedan
Why tf is the 2020 russel Howard compilation banned in britain. That's like saying gun crime is banned in america
Arif Ramen noodles
Arif Ramen noodles Månad sedan
Britain's greatest moment in 2021 is that it has finally snowed with all the snow stacking up
Audio Nature
Audio Nature Månad sedan
Divide and Conquer Russell!
royston wheeler
royston wheeler Månad sedan
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s move to pass legislation which will allow for the recruiting of children to spy on their parents is “quite Orwellian,”
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm Månad sedan
and then they permamently closed his account
Daniel Whyatt
Daniel Whyatt Månad sedan
OMG Russell actually has an audience again. What on earth is that about?😧 Oooh I see, it’s just a compilation of previous events.😆 Trump’s gone for good now.
Ryan Weir
Ryan Weir Månad sedan
We now live in a world were twitter can censor the president of USA for political reasons. Twitter tell you what is truth and what is lies. Twitter won't ban child porn as it doesn't violate its terms. The crazy part of all that is that people celebrate it!?! Wtf
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Månad sedan
Kolo (Kolo Kolo!) speaks for us all when he tells Morgan to shut the fuck up.
robbin mcoley
robbin mcoley Månad sedan
Wonder if russes mum tastes like cod or strawberries.Oops plays cod and eats strawberries
Karl Harris
Karl Harris Månad sedan
Interesting fact: In 1740 the GLOBAL population was less than 1bn. The population of the England and Wales was less than the current population of London. 70m people aren’t likely to universally agree on anything. Just something to think about.
Youtuber Lad
Youtuber Lad Månad sedan
Why are there audience in the studio? Don't we have pandemic and should have social distancing?
Kat Foster
Kat Foster Månad sedan
@SEloskr Lad It's from 2019.
Youtuber Lad
Youtuber Lad Månad sedan
@Ashleigh Carpenter loool or perhaps we have different rules for different people
Ashleigh Carpenter
Ashleigh Carpenter Månad sedan
It could be an area that at the time had lower restrictions or hey it.could he cardboard cut-outs with a laugh track lol
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Månad sedan
Trump is and always will be a hero
Caz Henley
Caz Henley Månad sedan
f in the chat for storm dennis
shockle28 Månad sedan
Does he ever shut up about Trump? Trumps been done to death Russel, time to get over it. The more comedians bring him up the longer he stays relevant. The sooner the mainstream realises that people liked Trump because the establishment hated him the better.
Ann Nee
Ann Nee Månad sedan
I love James Blunt on twitter. He's a savage.
FormidablePerson Månad sedan
That shit lickers joke was shit 😂😂
temaron cansler
temaron cansler Månad sedan
yep there's nothing better than a massive cooperation controlling free speach
diablo son
diablo son Månad sedan
Idiots censorship is not a good thing
MBM1117727 Månad sedan
Lol at all the people who actually think these clips are recent. Also lol at all the butthurt right wing snowflakes crying anout a guy making jokes. Many of whom probably accuse other people of being left wing snowflakes who cry about jokes. Can you say hypocricy?
Wizard Månad sedan
Yeah clap for censoring free speech...
Eric Ostlie
Eric Ostlie Månad sedan
@RusselHoward guess what you will be next! Hate is not just for a certain group!!
chris amor
chris amor Månad sedan
Oh how you will eat your words Russell. Enjoy the show 😘
Robert Dale
Robert Dale Månad sedan
Man what are you gonna joke about now bad orange man is gone? You'll have no material left now.
Nicky L
Nicky L Månad sedan
Any particular reason a load of Trump apologists are here commenting on old clips?
Bacon snm
Bacon snm Månad sedan
Your humour is as dry as your mum jokes.
Pale Penguin
Pale Penguin Månad sedan
Anyone else think that Nigel Farage looks like a smug monkfish?
Jamie Luke
Jamie Luke Månad sedan
Fuck me leave politics out of comedy, no one cares about your political stance, be funny it’s your job.
riataku Månad sedan
So I can’t be the only British person who doesn’t know what the fuck that song was
XtR Rxpid
XtR Rxpid Månad sedan
Rule Britannia
riataku Månad sedan
Access to Tr**p’s account US: deactivates account UK: takes the piss and messes around with it as we should
Mrs W
Mrs W Månad sedan
Love Russell Howard - but stop with the woke shit, you don’t need to spew it all for comedy, we love you better without it. 😍🥰
Keyboard Patriot
Keyboard Patriot Månad sedan
Wow! Just so people know celebrities are paid to push propaganda! Russell won't be laughing when global martial law is announced and military tribunals take place with thousands of politicians, royalty and celebrities getting arrested world wide. We'll see who's laughing then. If people had the mental capability of using there own judgement on people rather than letting celebrities do it for them they would realise the incredible things Trump has accomplished including bringing in world peace. Russell you are a complete and utter looser and you sold your soul to the devil to push propaganda on your own citizens. Not long now until everythings exposed. Fingers crossed your not going to the military tribunals!
aignaciodc Månad sedan
*their *you’re and world peace...? wtf are you smoking? because you’re most assuredly NOT speaking of the orange menace.
Thomas Norbø
Thomas Norbø Månad sedan
Haha, you must be a real joker! How do you come up with this crazy nonsense?!
Mugshot Marley
Mugshot Marley Månad sedan
Russel has turned far left
lfcwilli Månad sedan
James blunt is a fucking legend
Paul Kay
Paul Kay Månad sedan
Russell you are a total waste of skin. You are not funny but sad.
Jay Månad sedan
Yet here you are watching his videos and taking the time to comment on them
newleif 97
newleif 97 Månad sedan
Was a live audience there?
MBM1117727 Månad sedan
@newleif 97 some of it is from a few years ago and some of is from the Autumn when restrictions were temporarily lifted I think.
newleif 97
newleif 97 Månad sedan
@MBM1117727 was confused because they talking about really recent stuff with audience there x
MBM1117727 Månad sedan
These are all old clips
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