This Lady Just Wants To Be A Baby (Diaper Included) 

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Me and Pewdiepie are reacting to TLC My Strange Addiction where this lady is addicted to living as an adult baby! Diapers, bottle, the crib...all of it.
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Riley, a 25 year old woman, spends twelve hours a day living as an adult baby. She wears diapers, sleeps in a crib, and drinks from a baby bottle. Her addiction costs her over $400 a month, but she wants to live as a baby for as long as she can.
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10 apr 2021



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CinnamonToastKen Månad sedan
Rest in peace pewds doesn't understand baby diapers.
Shay Morcormick
Shay Morcormick 4 dagar sedan
So in my area there seems to be a huge community of people into this kink. I'm usually a very open minded person but idk this really creeps me out. Please just be a furry or something
Gab 5 dagar sedan
“i dint want people to know” … has a show on her…
Salem Crow
Salem Crow 10 dagar sedan
The woman in his video apparently made reply to yalls video, believe it's something along the lines “the wo, an addicted to being a baby 10 years later”, y'all shpjdl react to it
muhammad mustakim
muhammad mustakim 12 dagar sedan
tells pewds if he had that diapers..he woudnt shit on the shower..haha
Adam Hassall
Adam Hassall 14 dagar sedan
I am an adult baby Why not interview us instead if commenting. You might learn something
Shukri Hassan
Shukri Hassan 2 timmar sedan
isabel khawlhring
isabel khawlhring 6 timmar sedan
this kinda reminds me of dd/lg, daddy dom/little girl but w/o the dom here lmao. shes going into her little space to get comfort yk like a child with no worries at all idk maybe im wrong to think abt this bye
The Creator
The Creator 15 timmar sedan
I'm crying because I got a diaper ad during this video.
CrispPencil 9442
CrispPencil 9442 15 timmar sedan
stay toasty
Keair Snyder
Keair Snyder 23 timmar sedan
I think the most shocking part of this entire video is learning that Swedish public restrooms are not horrible. OMFG.... could you imagine Felix going into a porta-potty over here? Because those damn things make all of us Americans grateful for the public restrooms inside anywhere. Especially when they are out in the heat of summer for a county fair...a few days into the fair... 🤢😂
No Nope
No Nope Dag sedan
This dude has some serious issues
Cindy Mason
Cindy Mason Dag sedan
Check out my crib just took on a all new meaning
404 Dag sedan
12 or 32
itchyboy Playsgames
I like all ur videos but dude bring buffpro in I have no problem with pewdiepie but I just dont find him as entertaining as such
don owens
don owens Dag sedan
Strange indeed
Sarah Julianne
Sarah Julianne Dag sedan
Ken's explanation of public restrooms is the funniest shit ever
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Dag sedan
I think Ken has realised he’ll never let Pewds babysit his kids
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Dag sedan
I was wondering could you just rinse the bum for me I can’t stand the feel of wet wipes and the smell so is rinsing an option?
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Dag sedan
She has become Da baby😳
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Dag sedan
My Mamie just took my dummy away when I went to visit her and I was a little too young but apparently it worked
Jon R.
Jon R. Dag sedan
i like how felix just completely avoided the question when Ken asked what age he stopped using a pacifier
Laura 2 dagar sedan
I was today years old when I found out American public restroom stalls are different than European restroom stalls- and I’m not sure how to feel 🤣🤣
BossToober87 2 dagar sedan
I don't see why her gender identity is significant
Rohit Kumar Rajput
Rohit Kumar Rajput 2 dagar sedan
It's her life, her choice!
MythiCAL99 2 dagar sedan
My earliest memory is when i was playing with a thomas the train toy, and I accidentally scraped it against a wall and my dad had to repaint the entire section of the wall. That was when I was 2 years old.
Intermittens 2 dagar sedan
what health problems do you mean?
Kanjiidesu 3 dagar sedan
felix, is diffently not getting kids...
Kristina Robinson Vlogs
In America you can pay like 100 bucks to get your dog certified as a therapy dog and they have to allow your dog to sit on the plane with you not cargo in its own seat beside you. We did it with our shepherd lol. He was way more behaved than our toddler would've been no doubt 😂
Thabiso Montshiwa
Thabiso Montshiwa 3 dagar sedan
Talking_Head 420
Talking_Head 420 3 dagar sedan
I have memories from when I was 2
Chen Zhen
Chen Zhen 3 dagar sedan
When the therapist entered she cried like Waaahhhhhh uwaaaahhhh!
Michelle Ann
Michelle Ann 3 dagar sedan
Let's just all comeback here when Felix has his own babies, clearly he can't relate whatsoever hahahah
sleepy devil
sleepy devil 3 dagar sedan
Wtf is with all the transphobes in the comments? Nobody cares about your dumbass opinions bro educate yourself or zip it
Reagan Lincoln
Reagan Lincoln 3 dagar sedan
You don’t have to have a child to know how diapers work 😂 I don’t have kids, I know 🤷🏽‍♀️
Evelyndealba 3 dagar sedan
This is actually age regression 😗, it’s a coping mechanism
Sammy Sams
Sammy Sams 3 dagar sedan
Hey I was typing on a keyboard when I was 2
Ferdferlick III
Ferdferlick III 3 dagar sedan
Meeghan Kelly
Meeghan Kelly 4 dagar sedan
I’ve seen this video of her before but I never realized she lived near me…
Ethan the goat
Ethan the goat 4 dagar sedan
Mr. bubblzz
Mr. bubblzz 4 dagar sedan
When à baby is born parents ask what's the gender doctor be like "does it matter?"
Football Encyclopedia
Football Encyclopedia 4 dagar sedan
No no it is not a addiction she is just a millennial
Bossinator 2447
Bossinator 2447 4 dagar sedan
wow i had my first memory at 3 lol
Lizzy Drizzy
Lizzy Drizzy 4 dagar sedan
Baby cargo 😂😂
MuchoTaco 4 dagar sedan
Was this on MTV Cribs?
Tristan Bathie-Moore
Tristan Bathie-Moore 4 dagar sedan
I thik shes 30
Sarah Farley
Sarah Farley 4 dagar sedan
Ken always shits on America. But its because he lives in like. The worst possible place. Nothing is as terrible as he makes out.
Sarah Farley
Sarah Farley 4 dagar sedan
@andres torres The south
andres torres
andres torres 4 dagar sedan
Where does he live?
ElseMeisterJ 4 dagar sedan
I used to twirl my hair in my sleep and my mom would come in and my finger would be purple from cutting off the circulation
doubleblade 4 dagar sedan
PewDiePie you just do the exact same thing my mom does every time she's reading a novel every time she's sucking on her finger and curling her hair it's ridiculously weird to me
Amir Petty
Amir Petty 4 dagar sedan
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide 5 dagar sedan
...evolution was proven to be true. It’s not a theory.
Spencer Joplin-Wack
Spencer Joplin-Wack 5 dagar sedan
just want to say, I am twelve, and that stuff is happening Now
Jake Foxman
Jake Foxman 5 dagar sedan
samantha:D 5 dagar sedan
I love to understand the mental thinking of people like this. This is a theory ok. She was born male and transitioned to the woman she is now and since she was bullied as a child she couldnt have a happy childhood, instead got bullied and had to spend her childhood being someone she is. She did not get to be a baby girl or a kid as a girl therefore this is her subconsciously recreating a childhood she never had. LIKE IF YOU AGREE OR LEMME KNOW WHAT U THINKKK
Rixxalight 6 dagar sedan
i wouldnt say this is being addicted to being a baby its more like being a little
Christine Cannibal
Christine Cannibal 6 dagar sedan
I fell asleep watching this and I had a dream that I walked into a public bathroom and it was a secret like nightclub 😂😂😂 and I asked to use the bathroom and someone handed me a diaper and realized everyone in the secret public bathroom nightclub was wearing a diaper.... Falling asleep to Ken and Felix, gave me one of the weirdest dreams of my life omg 😆😆😆😆
HikariNo Yami
HikariNo Yami Dag sedan
Retroflection 6 dagar sedan
In 50 years, she could cosplay Kiyoko from _Akira!_ I must live long enough to see this!
moonie strobe
moonie strobe 6 dagar sedan
sydni anderson
sydni anderson 6 dagar sedan
i had a similar experience where my first memory was me waking up from a nap and being completely confused how i had got to that age, how everything worked and had no recollection of anything before that nap, like that was where my memory began is what it felt like.
Jenna Joseph
Jenna Joseph 6 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness, I feel bad for Ken. He has so much more patience. I'm getting annoyed at all the questions Pewdie pie has and comments.
TMS 2000
TMS 2000 6 dagar sedan
My husband as a child had 2 have 4-5, I think 5, at all times. His mom lost 1 b4 bed and she had to destroy those looking for that 1, 4 would not go it lol
Renne Vangr
Renne Vangr 6 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, Candace looking like a snack. I'm sorry for objectifying, but that's how it is.
emerad _
emerad _ 7 dagar sedan
CUBE inc. the channel
CUBE inc. the channel 7 dagar sedan
half of this is explaining how a diper works, lol
Mail Lady
Mail Lady 7 dagar sedan
Ken talking about the public restrooms in America is so accurate I took a trip to Europe I thought all public restrooms are horrible but no it's just ours
Mail Lady
Mail Lady 2 dagar sedan
I said Eurpeion restrooms those aren't in Europe....
KopyKat 4 dagar sedan
Look up mexico and india pi lic restrooms before making such a claim lol
Shani 7 dagar sedan
Whether she's considered strange or not, I hope whatever monster bullied and pushed her down got in a fuckload of trouble, and that she is okay.
m3g4f4il1 7 dagar sedan
If u ever wondered if humans are a spoiled rotten species...I present the transgender adult baby 🤣 🤣 🤣
the good games
the good games 8 dagar sedan
fanyu owa owa
fanyu owa owa 8 dagar sedan
BethDWriter 8 dagar sedan
Something I don't understand is liking the feeling of being in a wet diaper. Even as a baby the least bit of wet I got I cried.
mnorthem 8 dagar sedan
I don’t know that girl but I live in Buffalo Nee York and was like what she is near where I live creepy
rat 9 dagar sedan
respect for age regressors bc yes i understand the trauma but cmon y’all pewds and ken’s commentary 😞🤲 it’s so funny
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 9 dagar sedan
Her friend looks so scared I wouldn't be surprised if she never talks to her anymore I really wouldn't.
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 9 dagar sedan
I never number 2 in a public bathroom and if I have to pee I squat 😂😂😂 no way is my booty touchin that germ infested ick were other people's bums have been. I also flush with my foot.
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 9 dagar sedan
You definitely still have to wipe a baby when they pee yep!
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 9 dagar sedan
I knew a lady who's husband did this and he made her change his diapers! Like no f*cking way in hell would I do that disgusting!!!
Blaze Senpai
Blaze Senpai 9 dagar sedan
Okay I'm just curious does she does the stuff when one hits puberty...sorry I'm just curious
Future Fox
Future Fox 9 dagar sedan
That person looks both 25 and 46 at the same time. its a trip!
Tristan Bratus
Tristan Bratus 9 dagar sedan
omg I guessed her age correctly
Tristan Flynn
Tristan Flynn 9 dagar sedan
Closest thing to a return of the BroKen Podcast
madimark •
madimark • 9 dagar sedan
Pewds: Go wipe your child’s a$$ Ken: Go let your dog 💩 on the floor
DarkBlade51224 9 dagar sedan
Age regression which is the symptoms that she has is largely connected to parental neglect in other words children who didn't have parents who showed them the type of love or care that they needed and because of that they develop an attachment to certain behaviors or objects in order to simulate that love with another person generally ending up being there boyfriend/girlfriend Or husband/wife
Coragoldwolf 9 dagar sedan
There’s a kink called being a “little” where you like to “regress” and act like a baby usually people don’t go this far sleeping in a crib and wearing diapers but they will wear child’s like clothing drink out of bottles coloring and using a pacifier they usually have a caregiver (their partner) that will care for them when they “regress into baby mode” but they aren’t like this 24/7 they can act like and dress like adults when needed
Micah Maximoff
Micah Maximoff 4 dagar sedan
Age regression isn't a kink. It's a coping mechanism. You're thinking of paraphilic infantilism. It's harmful to compare the two.
swood dood
swood dood 9 dagar sedan
sick of the no judge stuff, I'm judging the shit out of these people
Adam Melodic
Adam Melodic 9 dagar sedan
The dog/baby rivalry thing was too perfect
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 9 dagar sedan
Feel bad for him but damn it’s hard to not see it objectively
Sammy Ancor
Sammy Ancor 10 dagar sedan
For age pews guess was off by about 100 years. she is 164 years old... CONFIRMED dont ask for my source
Hurricane TheGamer
Hurricane TheGamer 10 dagar sedan
Courageous 1 billion years old
Frida Fridmand
Frida Fridmand 10 dagar sedan
“At 12 there were no hormones and angst” ... man, boys are so lucky!
Jolielamborghini 10 dagar sedan
damnit i guessed 27
K and A reefing
K and A reefing 10 dagar sedan
Shes from my hometown!!!!!! And aparently this actually is a kink.
Wiggl3s _
Wiggl3s _ 10 dagar sedan
That friend was looking around like "You know what Riley, I just remembered I left a chicken in the oven so imma just-" *Starts running*
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch 10 dagar sedan
It's not a strange addiction but rather a kink
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch 10 dagar sedan
She needs to hop in to the DDLG community. She'll find a long term relationship there, although maybe not exactly as she wants it
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch 10 dagar sedan
Stephanie 10 dagar sedan
Ken really said James Charles 😂😂😂😂 this is gold!
Khloe Brittz97
Khloe Brittz97 10 dagar sedan
In Australia we call pacifiers 'dummies' it's just another name for them. Like how we call diapers nappies here. I don't have any children but yes if anyone who was non-Australian didn't know why we don't usually call them pacifiers now you know.
Bangtan is my Everything
5:51 When Ken started to talk abt the old man I paused the video and when I just typed old man in the search section “old man poops in grocery store” pops up lmao my phone knows me to well AKSJKSJSJA
Sam Greak
Sam Greak 10 dagar sedan
Bruh it's a guy
Sofeea K
Sofeea K 10 dagar sedan
I had no idea PewDiePie was funny! This whole time I thought he was just a pro gamer 🙊🤣🤣🤣
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren 10 dagar sedan
Wow. I wore diapers because I have a spinal cord injury and it was so embarrassing at my age. But also people use wheelchairs for attention too so stranger things have happened
Abigail H
Abigail H 10 dagar sedan
Star Bunny
Star Bunny 11 dagar sedan
Felix had the same exact comfort thing! I finally decided to watch this
Deja Zoo
Deja Zoo 11 dagar sedan
Adult child? Thats lolly kind of stuff
Jule Bierwagen
Jule Bierwagen 11 dagar sedan
"Every woman ever" bruh my boyfriend is over here not eating apples unless I cut them into wedges and serve them to him
Carmen Okoye
Carmen Okoye 3 dagar sedan
Tanisha Singh
Tanisha Singh 3 dagar sedan
bruh the level of patience you have is astounding. My ex was the same but I used to just scold him like a parent for throwing tantrums lmaooo💀
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