This Gaming Phone is a MONSTER!!! 

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Lenovo Legion Phone Dual 2 - Most powerful Phone on the market right now. It's stacked with crazy features including a pop up camera and a built in fan cooling system
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8 apr 2021



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Dave2D Månad sedan
I never thought there would be active cooling systems with vapor chambers built into phones. This thing is bonkers!
Calibur E0S
Calibur E0S 21 dag sedan
Do a right to repair video!
Patrick Trzaskoma
Patrick Trzaskoma 27 dagar sedan
Hey Dave, I wrote a message to your e-mail. I will be very grateful for your response :)
Jefferson Niklaus Tan
Jefferson Niklaus Tan 28 dagar sedan
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AJ G 28 dagar sedan
Does it support external monitor via USB C ?
RICKMAN N.G 29 dagar sedan
Hope we'll have the ASUS ROG 5 vs the Lenovo LEGION 🥺
XyiKuu1 3 dagar sedan
Whoever use to love gameloft's Order and Chaos reply
Ash 4 dagar sedan
Cleaning fan problem
X_Touko 7 dagar sedan
But can it run clash of clans
Aee Bee Cee
Aee Bee Cee 7 dagar sedan
And also you can bend this legion dual 2 into legion dual 3.
Kjell Cyreus
Kjell Cyreus 8 dagar sedan
It,s a tick no thin boy
Fadzom 9 dagar sedan
no joke, I want that fn phone
Raziel 11 dagar sedan
I usually carry my phone in my pocket. Do you think there would be a problem with pocket lint clogging up the fan ports or getting into the phone?
vampire 444
vampire 444 12 dagar sedan
1:50 Cmon Dave. A bit of moisturiser will not do any harm man🤣
Aivis Vasiljevs
Aivis Vasiljevs 13 dagar sedan
Cool phone
DeathShot 13 dagar sedan
Dave bro..u need rest..hope u feeling better now
Zach Hurd
Zach Hurd 13 dagar sedan
but what games do people even play on a phone?
Ethan Gaines
Ethan Gaines 16 dagar sedan
I REALLY hope this comes to the US. I need this in my life.
Nadir Nas
Nadir Nas 17 dagar sedan
imagine buying this phone just to play candy crush
Nadir Nas
Nadir Nas 17 dagar sedan
imagine buying this phone just to play candy crush
Blink! 17 dagar sedan
I have a Lenovo Legion laptop. Although powerful, it crashes and freezes like crazy. From my experience with the laptop, I would not get this phone. 😕
JaGuaR 18 dagar sedan
4:23 Beidou counter
Sammy Love
Sammy Love 19 dagar sedan
Genshin impact tho 👀
michael knight
michael knight 19 dagar sedan
this phone failed jerry's durability test!! it is easily snap into half!!
Chris Chan
Chris Chan 22 dagar sedan
I love watching things i can't afford
K K 22 dagar sedan
How much does it cost?
mrfrosty3 22 dagar sedan
I don't play games but I want one. I think battery bypass is a great feature I've only seen on some Sony phones.
Black Cancer
Black Cancer 23 dagar sedan
Why does nobody mentions the price of this thing? I just came from Marques's review and it's the same here! Is it because you expect nobody would buy it?
จิรัฏฐ์ เกียรติสุขอุดม
I don’t need that 3.5 mm headphone jack tho since I use balance 2.5 mm lol
ALsRig 25 dagar sedan
Incoming JerryRigEverything comments
Socrates Plato
Socrates Plato 25 dagar sedan
My house is caked in dust no matter what I do. This phone wouldn't last five minutes with that fan lol
Josue M
Josue M 25 dagar sedan
I'll use it to play old school runescape lol
Zeo 26 dagar sedan
you still with us Dave ?
Carlos F
Carlos F 26 dagar sedan
too bad I never enjoyed touch controls, this could have been the next phone to buy
jemsncrystals 26 dagar sedan
There seems to be an issue. Im sub from long. But today i saw that, im not subscribed. Idn wts happening Dave, but when i hit subscribe again it keeps spinning. Just not getting subbed.
Walk with me!
Walk with me! 26 dagar sedan
Want surface laptop 4 review... ☹️
Sauradip Das
Sauradip Das 26 dagar sedan
Made place for putting a freakin fan inside the phone but no place for headphone jack? hmmmmm UNDERSTANDABLE. HAVE A GREAT DAY
Harsh Patil
Harsh Patil 26 dagar sedan
Please video on laptops under $899
Abdufotikh Akhmedov
Abdufotikh Akhmedov 26 dagar sedan
Hey Dave2d would you be interested in promoting your vids on tiktok?
EAE BR 27 dagar sedan
This phone is better than my pc and phone combined
Eric Pablo
Eric Pablo 27 dagar sedan
Boss phone. But for what purpose.... If gta v would run on ultra on a phone i would understand. But 90% of mobile games arent even that special to buy phone like this right? 🙄
kiruthic avinash
kiruthic avinash 27 dagar sedan
is it just me or does he look like a really old person 2:15
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Sasori Kuro
Sasori Kuro 27 dagar sedan
that exhaust will accumulate dust later on and it will be hard to clean but overall great phone.
VISHNU KV 27 dagar sedan
Will u please do a review of oneplus 9r? And which one is to buy oneplus 8t $521 or oneplus 9r $534 for the 8gb variants in india?
Mike Streeter
Mike Streeter 27 dagar sedan
This great to see, new ideas, awesome screen and battery. Finally a company trying something new .I like it
RedTony 27 dagar sedan
The ultimate emulation machine
Govind Krishna Lal Balaji
Surface Laptop 4 review please
Glynry Tubidan
Glynry Tubidan 27 dagar sedan
He didn’t mention how he likes the phone because of the color white 😂
Fauzan Sutisna
Fauzan Sutisna 27 dagar sedan
Yess I see that Adidas Jacket again :D
Glitch 27 dagar sedan
What's that called light bar ? Behind your back ?
ihaterice 28 dagar sedan
are you going to review the surface laptop 4 soon?
jason low
jason low 28 dagar sedan
You do know that fan and dust have a good relationship.
Amia Jaction
Amia Jaction 28 dagar sedan
Hi big fan! I'm from Bangladesh. Can you review lenovo legion 5 2021 and 5 pro??
Sibi Anandh
Sibi Anandh 28 dagar sedan
Legion 5 pro 2021 review please
Paradox 28 dagar sedan
That intro sound is like the Nintendo Switch one (from comercial)....very look a like....
Inpu Sab
Inpu Sab 28 dagar sedan
Dude, buy the moisturising creme for your hands))
Patent Nerd
Patent Nerd 28 dagar sedan
Looks cool! Yet here I am... with my iPhone and perpetually in the Apple ecosystem.
Marvin Lee
Marvin Lee 28 dagar sedan
Hi! Can you do a review on the Sony Xperia 1 III?
tagoy teks DugongBughaw
Albert Zhang
Albert Zhang 28 dagar sedan
Is it a phone or modern time gameboy?
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree 29 dagar sedan
Surface Laptop 4 video, PLEASE!
Tasinur Rahman
Tasinur Rahman 29 dagar sedan
Your daughter has a similar face like Rosé of Blackpink when she was child.
Unofficial Game Master
Unofficial Game Master 29 dagar sedan
rotor '
Max Schreur
Max Schreur 29 dagar sedan
I have a Problem with my Hp Omen 17 Laptop, only one of the two fans spins up while gaming the other one stays at 200 rpm that sucks. My cpu is at 97 degrees cause of that
Mohammed Vohra
Mohammed Vohra 29 dagar sedan
Hey Dave, Is there any websites for laptops as we have GSMarena for phones and DPreview for camera? Thanks :)
Mr Osa
Mr Osa 29 dagar sedan
Dave plz review the galaxy a quantum2 when released
jaren da hamster
jaren da hamster 29 dagar sedan
Hey my last laptop just recently stopped working can you please tell me the best gaming laptop in your opinion
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 29 dagar sedan
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Derrick 29 dagar sedan
I've always wanted a good gaming phone where lags don't exist. I play Call of Duty: Mobile and most atimes it feels as if I'm being forced to play the game when in fact, u don't enjoy it
Mohammad Jamsadul Alam
It could be great if you review Sony Xperia 5 ||| green color. Awaiting for the beauty & beast.
Shiroyasha Månad sedan
you should see the durability test from jerryrigeverything
Petr Miškeřík
Petr Miškeřík Månad sedan
Hi Dave, awesome video man, asu always. Listen...pls can you reach Louis Rossmann in other to make some enlightenment for RIGHT OF REPAIR ? Your help would be greatly appreciated. You can make such difference in this world with you audience....
Abhay Rajpootana
Abhay Rajpootana Månad sedan
After watching all - the result is "rog 5 ultimate " is much better😅 he made a video for this stupid result
Apaulture Månad sedan
Need more tech reviewers like Dave2d, mkbhd has turned into crap
itsJustJayBee Månad sedan
The Question is: What can you play on it beside "in-app pay-to-win" add overloaded Play Store Games?
Saimyint Myat
Saimyint Myat 26 dagar sedan
Albion online mobile, call of duty mobile and pubg new state( a new pubg mobile game ).
Saimyint Myat
Saimyint Myat 26 dagar sedan
Genshin impact. A completely free to play friendly game.
The Gaming Network
The Gaming Network Månad sedan
Dave, please review the Surface Laptop 4!
Aj rai
Aj rai Månad sedan
I thought it was a charging pad at first
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin Månad sedan
What happened to Dave2d's channel? This doesn't look like the Dave2d I know?
abdullah aboomarah
abdullah aboomarah Månad sedan
4:20 What is that game?
Ghosty Entertainment
Dave pls post videos on back-to-school laptops soon... this time include a little bit more 2in1 laptops pls love you content always
Sandeep Karkhanis
Sandeep Karkhanis Månad sedan
GIMMICK! invest in a gaming laptop!
Luis Castro
Luis Castro Månad sedan
Anybody know what that second game is?
Mugurel Teodor Andrici
Dat boy ain't so chunky.
Austin Fowler
Austin Fowler Månad sedan
What was that 2nd game
Justin Land
Justin Land Månad sedan
sacrificing water resistance and wireless charging.
ISHAN PATIL Månad sedan
The only channel where I don't find spammers Respect +
arda bayram
arda bayram Månad sedan
When will the review of the Lenovo legion 5 2021 come out.
Sankalp Jadhav
Sankalp Jadhav Månad sedan
OnePlus 9R review?
Sandeep Ratiya
Sandeep Ratiya Månad sedan
You know you have a done a great job when a phone review has less than 5% of the actual screen shown in the entire video!
Nils Eldblom
Nils Eldblom Månad sedan
What’s the light tubes he use in the background?
Hung Tat
Hung Tat Månad sedan
Be careful when you put this phone into your pocket because it could break in half very easily
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Månad sedan
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mkd1r Månad sedan
A gaming phone with no games on it. Amazing.
Akash Månad sedan
2 charging ports, cooling fan but couldn't find place for headfone jack 😕
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett Månad sedan
Definitely #Dave2D - deviceable...😎👍
joseffani Månad sedan
wait the phone drop when camera pop up
Bikram singh
Bikram singh Månad sedan
sora san
sora san Månad sedan
Uncle beri old man ... a bit slow .... where is the store links you mention ?
Pranav Khadka
Pranav Khadka Månad sedan
Someone give him a lotion though. :P
Genshin impact 🤔😋🥰
mikmik theshy
mikmik theshy Månad sedan
Oh look there’s only 1 dave2d now
Tracy Månad sedan
Sgt. Thundercok
Sgt. Thundercok Månad sedan
Are you paid to advertise any of the gear you represent on this channel?
Ke Jatz
Ke Jatz Månad sedan
Jack where are youuuuu?jackkkkkkkk😭😭😭😭😭 every night in my dreams I see you I feeel you...that is how I know I need youuu 😂😂😂😔
Dragan Bakema
Dragan Bakema Månad sedan
like it
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