The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary 

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on SElosk or sign up for SElosk Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out SElosk Premium at: selosk.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

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13 sep 2020



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Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey 8 minuter sedan
The absence of Rick Hilton and James Rothschild from this videograph is very suspicious. Very suspicious indeed. Not doin business with satanists would include James, would it not? And if James, then Nicky as well, yes? Nightmares. . Jeremy Scott complained of depression, and when I told to him it is a symptom of atheism, and suggested that he treat the cause not the symptom, he said that I "attacked him". Atheism or not ... to do business with Satanists -- wouldn't that have similar effects? . [Note: when this happened I thought that I was tweetin with Jeremy Scott of Cinema Sins. Now it appears it was the designer of clothin Jeremy Scott by mistakin. They look so much alike in photos that it makes me to wonder.]
Nilda Rev
Nilda Rev 14 minuter sedan
Great to see just how down to earth Paris is. Wow. She’s seems awesome!
BlancheDubois 28 minuter sedan
It was heartbreaking to see her in tears; and that haunting look in her eyes..As a survivor myself, I have felt like she looked.
Christian Johnsson
Christian Johnsson 42 minuter sedan
Thank you Paris. Thank you for bringing me closer to the true Paris !!
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Timme sedan
This was EVERYTHING always love Paris, hate to say it but Kim could never ✊🏿
Karla M
Karla M Timme sedan
I believe Paris but I do not believe Nikki Nikki is a Rothschild she's made that choice to cross over and she is completely compromised. I feel like she was forced to do this interview and she said that she didn't really want to. Just listen people will show you their true colors.
Rose Hughes
Rose Hughes Timme sedan
na.to/girllovei536chat තීරය හරි විරෝධය පළ මේ විය නොහැකි හොඳින් මම
虎虎虎生威 Timme sedan
love you
ColoniaNumeroUno 2 timmar sedan
her boyfriend is such a fool...
Melissa Alhezayen
Melissa Alhezayen 2 timmar sedan
wow. anytime I think i might be a shitty parent, I just need to think of these two assholes and then I congratulate myself.
ColoniaNumeroUno 2 timmar sedan
"I wont stop until I made a billion dollars..then I can relax.."...ok...
ColoniaNumeroUno 2 timmar sedan
wow...she became such a beautiful woman..I mean..not only from the outside..her eyes look so sad but at the same time so deep..like there is soooo much more behind her than this girl from the covers..
macangus123 Ollie
macangus123 Ollie 2 timmar sedan
I'd love a night in Paris...!!!!!!!!!!
monklington everjet
monklington everjet 3 timmar sedan
Paris Hilton is tough as her nails. Her parents made horrible mistakes, admire her honesty but she never seems to address the real issue..the expectations of her parents. Her brand is her shield, her facade and her fortress- somewhere locked inside is a crying little girl who just wanted to be loved for being herself? she can still do it?
Just Luci
Just Luci 3 timmar sedan
Paris, I don't really expect you to read this. I am late to the game, so to speak, and I know you are an incredibly busy woman. I want to say, I was one of those who thought you were an airhead heiress. I believed you honestly had been given stardom for nothing and that you never knew real pain. I watched your film from beginning to end and I really had a change of heart. I have judged you for years, as an actress and as a person. I am a survivor of abuse albeit not from a child abuse camp, sorry reform school, but from years of familial abuse and trauma. I am so sorry you faced that, you are an inspiration to those who suffer from abuse. I really believe you are one of the greatest people in the industry and I hope we get to see a lot more of this authentic Paris. I want to learn how you built your business, I want to know how you created this industry. You are the creator of influencer and I want to know how you knew this was going to be the thing. You really are a genius and I want to more. Five stars, totally sold, hot af. ;) Your New Little Hilton, Luci
seasic 3 timmar sedan
I genuinely don't like her sister Nicky 🙂
RYGARviking ENL[BE] 4 timmar sedan
when one of the sisters said "she was noughty",,,i thought,,,,wtf,,,all the stuff children do are a result of something..
InSpiteOfBecauseOf 4 timmar sedan
It seems as though when some people experience trauma at a certain age they get stuck at that age even though they grow older.
Lena Jafar
Lena Jafar 4 timmar sedan
I loved this documentary.. So hott!
Elle Tee
Elle Tee 5 timmar sedan
Paris, before this doco, I thought you were just a superficial heiress but you truly are the bravest, sweetest soul. Hope you can feel safe and happy, even without $1billion.
Ivy K
Ivy K 5 timmar sedan
These parents are ok with getting their parents dragged out of their bed. All the parents who agreed to this need to be punished as wel because there is no way they didn't know
Tirnanog 5 timmar sedan
I honestly just want a sorry from my step mom. And seeing how her mom didn't say sorry, that irks me. I'm not Paris, I don't know how she feels over that conversation and we only see a snippet of it.. but I hope it brought her some closure on the subject as she continues these fights she is setting out on. She definitely an amazing person.
Ciyén 5 timmar sedan
You're a kind and strong soul, Paris. I wish you all the happiness. ❤️
Ivy K
Ivy K 5 timmar sedan
Oh that boyfriend is yikes
Ivy K
Ivy K 6 timmar sedan
I like how the two fans that flew 30 hours where just there at some point next to the balloon pit. How did they get there did she bring them 😂
meg nemo
meg nemo 6 timmar sedan
Ok I'm a little peeved. For 2/3 rds of this video I thought you had actually had your home invaded by a couple of men that assaulted you. You were just put in boarding school for being out of control. I've got news for you those of us without the silver spoons would have begged for solitary. I was moving huge chunks of trees by age 9 to the woodpile I vacuumed the house and groomed the animals and washed the dishes and cleaned the bathroom and on top of that I was supposed to go to church and be educated and be a classical musician while being screamed at constantly with the only reprieve being the afternoon's when the witch who bought me from my mother for a thousand dollars would teach other kids piano. She knew how to teach music without screaming and physically abusing me because she never did that to her students. I think I will write to you about what I know of life. The only real control is self control. There is absolutely nothing on this planet I wish to control except myself and a home I hope to have one day. Do you know why Paris? All control really is is responsibility. If you control anything or anyone you are now completely responsible for anything that happens to them or anything or anyone else they can affect. I think it would really benefit you to think about this spend some time really thinking about power and control. Do you really have that or just huge responsibilities that are just inhumanely impossible to meet as they now stand. If you wish to hear more of the reality you are missing and exactly why men are incapable of loving women you are free to contact me viaSElosk. Just be aware that I will never seek any control over you however you may never have any control over me either.
So Soap
So Soap 6 timmar sedan
Her sister reminds me of a spider!! She is a cold hearted woman.
airjaff 6 timmar sedan
The first time I saw her bf, I thought she is a rubbish judge of character
FIRE Nosays c:
FIRE Nosays c: 7 timmar sedan
Her dog is just way too iconic
Somethingelse 7 timmar sedan
Thank you for this documentaty, I wish you to heal and be able to relax
WAWY 7 timmar sedan
I love the real Paris more than the played character, I pray that you'll drop the role and start living ❤ Very touching document. I was stunned by the coldness of her family, whom don't seem to know how to love. Keep it real 💛
Nashae 7 timmar sedan
You can tell she is so depressed. Poor thing. I know the feeling 😔
THA Trailer Park Polak
THA Trailer Park Polak 7 timmar sedan
Respekt Paris
Laure 987
Laure 987 7 timmar sedan
Every week I watch reportage about celebrity but this was by far the best I have seen. I love watching these reportages because each time we think we know them bcs they send back a fictitious image but thanks to that we can see their real face and that"s when we understand why they are here today. Paris you deserve all this success. We wish you the best for the future !
Alistair Farrowe
Alistair Farrowe 8 timmar sedan
Thank you for this. It truly spoke to me, it made me feel not alone. I genuinely appreciate this, so so much.
Joyce Dominguez
Joyce Dominguez 8 timmar sedan
Her sister asking her if she ever apologized....what does that tell u?
Hairbliss Uk
Hairbliss Uk 8 timmar sedan
She's an aquarius ♒
Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes 9 timmar sedan
I'm stunned, I'm sad, and I'm sorry. The brand will be stronger than ever, regardless of what gave it birth. Go to your destiny and don't look back anymore. I held back tears until your mom broke down. Your story is an important one that needs to be told, and no longer defines you. Yaasssss, you got this gurl!
Aquilla Akerstrom
Aquilla Akerstrom 9 timmar sedan
Wow. I feel so bad for so many celebrities out there. On the surface it may seem like they have it all, and don't get me wrong, often they do. They will be able to enjoy luxuries most of us can only dream of. Like she said though, she has been all over the world and hasn't seen anything except from the inside of hotel rooms. I am so happy she has found her truth and is living for herself. It's sad to see the things she has been through, but amazing she is trying to do something positive with her experiences. It's also refreshing to see her drop the "dumb blonde" façade she had up for so many years. She seems like a really sweet woman, a lot more down to earth than would have thought. From a personal level she also is a lot more relatable coming from a trauma experience, different traumas but nonetheless just as affected by it.
Gardenia King
Gardenia King 9 timmar sedan
She put kim on
Haley Elrod
Haley Elrod 9 timmar sedan
Jake Duffles
Jake Duffles 10 timmar sedan
My aunt knows their family and I watched this and felt like I had an emotional and familiar connection with this family and I just want to say Paris, I understand you. Be strong. Be Paris.
Erin Henderson
Erin Henderson 10 timmar sedan
This is so similar to what I went through. My mother shipped me off various times, and both my mother and sister put the blame and responsibility on me, and the way Paris's mother and sister behave parallel that. I feel so seen, and I am so sorry that Paris ever had to experience this.
Coco Kay xo
Coco Kay xo 10 timmar sedan
After watching this I just want to give you a hug.
Anthony Timmers
Anthony Timmers 10 timmar sedan
Well done Paris for confronting the trauma, and coming to terms with it and moving forward and being a positive influence around it, and bringing awareness
정남연 10 timmar sedan
Paris, if you are reading this comment, hope you know that you, yourself is an amazing human being. And you deserve to be loved and be respected. Hope you are happy-fan from korea
Ohkay Cutie
Ohkay Cutie 10 timmar sedan
It’s really sad that her sister clearly has SO much animosity towards Paris. 😕
Nathaly Nuñez
Nathaly Nuñez 11 timmar sedan
Vengo de Pinky Promise a ver a Rixx 🤭 en qué minuto sale ?
動画視聴用 11 timmar sedan
1:36:01〜Soooooooo cool!
Mark Teeter
Mark Teeter 11 timmar sedan
hopefully she can use her wealth and influence to provide support for other people who have faced similar abuse their life. despite the challenges in her life there are other people who have much less in the way of wealth and family who are dealing such trauma alone. more power to her if she reaches out to the world to give something of herself- that is authentically from the heart.
Mark Teeter
Mark Teeter 11 timmar sedan
invented the selfie - "some times i feel like i helped create a monster."
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 11 timmar sedan
Paris, I do appreciate you more now. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out!
Shijie De zhongxin世界的中心
Love Paris such an incredible artist and icon of youth in the US, so strong to tell us to speak up and succeed
Bahareh Webb
Bahareh Webb 11 timmar sedan
This movement is so powerful and will make a difference in every child’s future for them to grow up to be themselves and not be abused in relationships!
Daisy Huang Vuelvas
Daisy Huang Vuelvas 11 timmar sedan
Im so proud of you Paris
fair is fair
fair is fair 12 timmar sedan
24:34 when the girl snubbed Kim to get to Paris lol funny
Ego Dominus Pro Veritat
Ego Dominus Pro Veritat 12 timmar sedan
You can perhaps relax once you have a billion... Such greed!
Margaret Bedford
Margaret Bedford 12 timmar sedan
Wow - After seeing this I have so much respect for this person. I'm so very sorry you had to endure this. I hope you find the love and self worth you so deserve. Major Love xx Maggie
Michael Fitzgerald Troy
Michael Fitzgerald Troy 12 timmar sedan
I 💕you Paris! ⭐️
Serenity poynter
Serenity poynter 12 timmar sedan
fair is fair
fair is fair 12 timmar sedan
All this money and her tracks show I can't ppl I cant
Wendy Castro
Wendy Castro 12 timmar sedan
This was like, I mean, like, you know, like, there is no other words, like, she did not learn anything at school, like she had a low IQ, like, she cant say three words without a "like".
María José
María José 13 timmar sedan
The intro song is amazing
patricia miller
patricia miller 13 timmar sedan
I did 4 years in those "schools" I'm so glad you survived !!! Keep being strong Paris. You deserve happiness !!!
CR User
CR User 13 timmar sedan
What a beautiful person - inside and out. This Documentary was a gift.
Susan Riley
Susan Riley 14 timmar sedan
🤗❤️🤗 I donr sleep either ...... dm me on fb if you need a friend 🤗
Tulia Lopez
Tulia Lopez 14 timmar sedan
I can't believe that she went through a lot being who she is, I was abuse a little girl and I thought that I was alone in this
Nat Tchi
Nat Tchi 14 timmar sedan
Paris’s story was enough at itself without the sad soundtrack💔💽😥
Jennifer Mastin
Jennifer Mastin 14 timmar sedan
I’ve never been a huge Paris Hilton fan, with that said...I want to get to know this Paris. Your story makes me want to reach out for help. I just to happen to watch this random video tonight...haha Thanks Paris
Ruthie Vee
Ruthie Vee 14 timmar sedan
Try praying Paris.
C L 14 timmar sedan
Her narcissistic mother was trying to portray an image long before Paris was born, simply because of their last name. Shameful
Twinpleasures Covell
Twinpleasures Covell 14 timmar sedan
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 15 timmar sedan
Keep it moving forward don't give up or in many Blessings to you and your family....... my family survived and so will you 💜😇💜💕💜💕🌹!!!
Dana McWilliams
Dana McWilliams 15 timmar sedan
I feel terrible for judging her. All I can say is I have nothing but respect and compassion for her moving forward.
Nicolepme 15 timmar sedan
Stacy Giles
Stacy Giles 15 timmar sedan
Wow thank you so much to all of you ladies for being so brave and honest. I so hope any school/ schools lile this get shut down immediately and anyone who had a part in this get criminal charges against them to the full extent the law can provide!
cecilia ayunta
cecilia ayunta 16 timmar sedan
Wow !
suomynona noigel
suomynona noigel 16 timmar sedan
I love you from the bottom of my heart paris. I hope you find some sort of closure in this. Im sorry your family is so toxic. I can relate to that. I hope that you bringing your story to light can help many others tell theirs as well.
fitnesslover 16 timmar sedan
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey 16 timmar sedan
You are tryin to get folks to feel sorrily for you. That is Pluto. I told to you that your tenth-house Pluto is not the way for you to get desired results, because it rules your twelfth house; but your tenth-house Saturn or even possibly Jupiter are the reliable bases for your public image, not Pluto. Jupiter would be how concerned you are about others' well bein or problems, not your own. Thus when Ellen visited your casa, I saw photos only of yourself everywhere, none of anyone else than yourself.
Grupo Chianti
Grupo Chianti 16 timmar sedan
I just loved this documental... being able to see the othet side of Paris Hilton was overwalming. She is a warrior of life.
Jacqueline Gonzalez
Jacqueline Gonzalez 16 timmar sedan
I do feel like the parents knew what that school does
A3iaan autlaw
A3iaan autlaw 16 timmar sedan
illuminati dumb puppets
anna iv
anna iv 17 timmar sedan
Nicki admitted that she used to tell on Paris, why did she do that...😢
Sara Yannayon
Sara Yannayon 17 timmar sedan
Thank you so much for making this. You are such a beautiful person. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing this side of yourself to the world. 💜💜💜
Virginia Collier
Virginia Collier 18 timmar sedan
Wow, I know I had a hard night but looking at your life put it in a whole new perspective. And with this episode you seem more down to earth than your persona let you appear to be. I am so proud of all of the ones who spoke out. And I hope you and everyone else will be able to help the ones that are in that bad place now. Nothing but love to you and everyone❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sara McAchran
Sara McAchran 18 timmar sedan
Just heartbreaking. So sorry you had to, and have to go through this
Evey d'Ouville
Evey d'Ouville 18 timmar sedan
what are the reasons for people to even dislike this video
Kaisia Amaya
Kaisia Amaya 18 timmar sedan
I pray for her healing. Paris, you deserve real quality relationships with any person around you & I hope nothing but blessings for you ✨🤍
Etienne Daniel Dodge
Etienne Daniel Dodge 18 timmar sedan
1:27:36 bm
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy 18 timmar sedan
P Sor
P Sor 19 timmar sedan
It is annoying when rich/famous people complain about being tired or being under the spotlight. Just take your millions of dollars and retire if you want. Nobody is forcing this lifestyle on you.
P Sor
P Sor 12 timmar sedan
@Laura yes i did
Laura 16 timmar sedan
I bet you didn't even watch until the end, Karen.
Sandra Barajas
Sandra Barajas 19 timmar sedan
流浪漢パリ 19 timmar sedan
Hello, what about a Hilton hotel ran by homeless people? -> selosk.info/class/video/ma5pz6x6lnac1XU.html - For me, luxury is when your time is yours, a quiet place to live in, where people can make projects, develop their inner consciousness, help others out, etc. Because time is love.
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey 20 timmar sedan
43:58 unequal eyes. Trauma-based mental controllin?
Carla Silva
Carla Silva 20 timmar sedan
Tanja Lehner
Tanja Lehner 20 timmar sedan
Really, what a though life. I guess, the homeless people in your country totally understand your life struggles.
Prffbunny T
Prffbunny T 48 minuter sedan
Different struggles dont compare
david brown
david brown 21 timme sedan
Does Paris have any special talent?
Abrar Sebaa
Abrar Sebaa 21 timme sedan
I don't know her... I'm watching this and considering her as a normal person. After watching this I feel so bad for her and I can see how strong she is. She is an icon she is soo strong I can feel how lonely that is for her. I feel bad too that she went through soooo much things but she's still trying to fight. I'm kinda concerned too I hope one day she really overcome her past
Abrar Sebaa
Abrar Sebaa 21 timme sedan
Omg...her Family is just sooooo bad
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