The FASTEST Travis Scott Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!) 

Matt Stonie
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Everyone's talking the brand new Travis Scott Meal from McDonalds, so nothin other to do than to see how fast I can eat it myself!!
*WARNING* I'm a trained professional eater. Please don't attempt speed eating stunts/challenge without the proper precautions & supervision. Speed eating can be dangerous.
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18 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Gabor Molnar
Gabor Molnar 2 timmar sedan
dat dirty Spriteee
Tony Green
Tony Green 3 timmar sedan
Eat a whole gator I’ll supply it
Steeven Mino
Steeven Mino 3 timmar sedan
Bruh I’m not kidding “Esttik” could do it in les than 20s
Nony 3 timmar sedan
Murtaza.i 4 timmar sedan
bro how do u eat so much and not gain any weight, i eat one cheat meal and boom its all over
Bryan Enid
Bryan Enid 4 timmar sedan
how is he not fat?
Caleb Walton
Caleb Walton 5 timmar sedan
Bro don’t ask for extra ice your practically just drinking water at that point
Gabriel Jurke
Gabriel Jurke 5 timmar sedan
DC_ Anonymous
DC_ Anonymous 5 timmar sedan
How is he not fat
natalie cameron
natalie cameron 5 timmar sedan
Tigerz gamez
Tigerz gamez 6 timmar sedan
why am i watching this, i just ate. now i feel sick
Javier Escuela
Javier Escuela 6 timmar sedan
Do u enjoy eating?
Jaxon Yenish
Jaxon Yenish 6 timmar sedan
Bro that is cap I did it in like 20sec but the cameras were off
Nyem ABC
Nyem ABC 6 timmar sedan
This is disgusting, for real, i dont know how someone would date him ;-;
Very Chocolatey Chocolate
I just want to see Matt actually slow down to eat, just for once
Alex Dee
Alex Dee 6 timmar sedan
I wonder how this guy Isn’t fat
Alex Dee
Alex Dee 6 timmar sedan
Not an offense
Mr. Baconator
Mr. Baconator 6 timmar sedan
Man, I eat, like, no junk food everyday, and I’m still chubbier than this dude 😐 he probably works out, I don’t
J money Jay
J money Jay 7 timmar sedan
I hate barbecue
الضلام_ Ðàŕķ
الضلام_ Ðàŕķ 8 timmar sedan
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza 8 timmar sedan
He’s sad that he didn’t get his BBQ sauce
Enes Kahraman
Enes Kahraman 8 timmar sedan
Give Me Moni :D
lildiego 8 timmar sedan
Do the J Bavin Meal
pra2010 - Roblox
pra2010 - Roblox 8 timmar sedan
Ismail Souare
Ismail Souare 8 timmar sedan
Macwayne2013 8 timmar sedan
How are you not fat
H3xad3cimal Dev
H3xad3cimal Dev 9 timmar sedan
The burger: *please sir I have a family* Him: *you had a family*
Sally E
Sally E 9 timmar sedan
Did he even chew his burger?
Porkbelly Cutlets
Porkbelly Cutlets 9 timmar sedan
This dudes a tactical tarrare
ezy clapz956
ezy clapz956 9 timmar sedan
Bro his shit has to hurt
CAN 9 timmar sedan
Hayden Carr
Hayden Carr 10 timmar sedan
Meanwhile I eat a bacon and egg mc muffin chips and I'm full
Varieties Video
Varieties Video 10 timmar sedan
1k Subscribers Without Videos
Travis Scoot : eats burger in 56 seconds me: eats burger in 11 minutes
Tsk 123
Tsk 123 11 timmar sedan
He should eat Travis scott
Bo Müller Boman
Bo Müller Boman 11 timmar sedan
When Travis Scott is in a rush 1:41
daniel morales
daniel morales 11 timmar sedan
When it’s 11 58 and I haven’t turned in the homework due 11 59
SAMANDAR IKROMOV 11 timmar sedan
Stonie hey want me to Berp friend yes ok berp berp wait you said only one
DD THE GOD 11 timmar sedan
that's kinda disgusting
Jonny 2004
Jonny 2004 11 timmar sedan
And I thought that i ate fast
Sytze Meindersma
Sytze Meindersma 11 timmar sedan
A medium beverage I thought it was large
Paulo Roberto MD
Paulo Roberto MD 12 timmar sedan
milanZzz 12 timmar sedan
Niet gezond dit
I Me Myself
I Me Myself 12 timmar sedan
bruh he just drink the BBQ Sause
BertoKing TV
BertoKing TV 13 timmar sedan
Imagine this guy eat a lot and how many garbage he throw in a day?
SR_ gaming
SR_ gaming 13 timmar sedan
Np your welcome with the BBQ sauce
FootBall World
FootBall World 13 timmar sedan
Im going to stop See this im getting Hungry
Kasade 13 timmar sedan
FuseXR 13 timmar sedan
Idk how much this guy eats mc but surely he must have loads of barbecue sauce lying around somewhere
ash 13 timmar sedan
My man fricken deleted that meal out of existence
Madx Rocketsss
Madx Rocketsss 14 timmar sedan
Dorian McKnight
Dorian McKnight 14 timmar sedan
Now do the fastest j balvin meal
Ferhan Acrylicbot
Ferhan Acrylicbot 14 timmar sedan
1:38 2:56 4:38
Mr William
Mr William 14 timmar sedan
Who else got hungry just watching this
SSG Legend
SSG Legend 15 timmar sedan
fries got destroyed
Explicit_Gamer 15 timmar sedan
Traves got burger
Ikonik Ikonik
Ikonik Ikonik 15 timmar sedan
My was 30 seconds because I’m fat
Tobias Taraba
Tobias Taraba 16 timmar sedan
I have been fasting for the last two days and I just lost my appetite
Jovem Leo
Jovem Leo 16 timmar sedan
@corbucci eats
Joey Aka Simp4LAZER
Joey Aka Simp4LAZER 16 timmar sedan
That looks fun
Raxser 16 timmar sedan
When you get food without your girl
VIVEK OP 17 timmar sedan
Aki Kaki
Aki Kaki 17 timmar sedan
Diet? 😂
John Taylor
John Taylor 18 timmar sedan
Why am I watching this
the only channel that we tolerate having a long ass intro
iiVxrtx 18 timmar sedan
Doctor: you have 1 min to live Me:
Daniel Bojko
Daniel Bojko 20 timmar sedan
Sandip Das
Sandip Das 20 timmar sedan
Entire burger will come out as it is in the morning I guess.
SamPlayz YT
SamPlayz YT 20 timmar sedan
Imagine he almost bite his finger...
Quang Đỗ Đức
Quang Đỗ Đức 20 timmar sedan
46 and a half 5:22
نورة عبدالكريم
You are good you were bringing a second time do you want 1t
Imie's Kitchen
Imie's Kitchen 22 timmar sedan
My Fave guy!
Hamid Usmani
Hamid Usmani 22 timmar sedan
He simply swallow food.
Harvie Olitao
Harvie Olitao 22 timmar sedan
first time?
RobloxToHero 23 timmar sedan
Riz Eesa
Riz Eesa 23 timmar sedan
The new travis
James James
James James Dag sedan
How does he not get fat
Raees B
Raees B Dag sedan
This guy can eat faster than a macro
MR.Trashcan _500YT !!!!!!
How my mom sees me when I eat my food
Cursed Madara
Cursed Madara Dag sedan
2:55 When the teacher's back is turned
Maxx Adrenaline
Maxx Adrenaline Dag sedan
the Travis Scott meal is the biggest scam ever. Like it cost McDonalds $0 extra to bring it out. change it up with a sprite and bbq sauce? its so stupid.
Deven J
Deven J Dag sedan
im hungry now damn
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone Dag sedan
Bruh I blinked and he finished 😂😂😂
Bath Israel
Bath Israel Dag sedan
Hey you forgot the tiny little frie under the bowl there bro
James Warner
James Warner Dag sedan
Classic McDonald's fry right there. Small fry in a medium fry container.
Bubble nugget
Bubble nugget Dag sedan
Why does it look like your giving head when you eat the burger
Under Muncher
Under Muncher Dag sedan
* opens jaw*
Toxic-Maine3 Dag sedan
Can’t you ever just have the food and just enjoy it
Liam’s Toy Review
Liam’s Toy Review
He doesn’t have to
Cameron DA GAMER
bruh what...like literally he just ate the burger in like 15 seconds
Omar Moran
Omar Moran Dag sedan
Can you Do the J Balvin meal
Fearful Clan
Fearful Clan Dag sedan
He had to have thrown up after the video.
Fearful Clan
Fearful Clan Dag sedan
Daaaaaamn there's no way that anyone can eat a meal for 1 minute
Lauren Gibson
Lauren Gibson Dag sedan
God I need this I’m so hungry lol
Pupun Jena
Pupun Jena Dag sedan
what's the point...tear your belly and pour food to that .. that will take 3 seconds for any food challenge ...why eat from mouth..
FALIDO FF Dag sedan
XANder Schlong
XANder Schlong Dag sedan
Brian James
Brian James Dag sedan
Nice smash!💣💯
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez Dag sedan
Eat the j blavin meal
lemon Dag sedan
Are you challenging me?!
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