The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers 

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What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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Plant 2 dagar sedan
What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?
valsol 2 dagar sedan
shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important
Grace Linnea
Grace Linnea 2 dagar sedan
Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?
Yazmine Yacub
Yazmine Yacub 2 dagar sedan
whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!
Candy Smithey
Candy Smithey 2 dagar sedan
c b
c b 19 sekunder sedan
i fuckin loved this how interesting ! love the idea they ran away together in love but for sure they fell into the ocean
toocoolforcapes Minut sedan
"This is unsolved, so things aren't going to happen that are great." - I lol'd so hard I started coughing
topsy kretts
topsy kretts 12 minuter sedan
8 mins In. Ok imma stop it there. If a majiger is that high up on a whereever and 3 dudes are missing off an ISLAND. Im pretty sure it was what ppl call a rogue wave. They exist and blahblahblah majiger on a doodad. MYSTERY SOLVED!
Rosa Cockle
Rosa Cockle 15 minuter sedan
clearly dealing with lockdown very well, good job.
Holland4evahh 17 minuter sedan
Only old videos? :(
Kate C
Kate C 18 minuter sedan
#postmortem - did anyone ask the guy who lived on the opposite island (the one who was supposed to report any issues) if there had been storms with giant waves ?
molly smith
molly smith 20 minuter sedan
I love how slightly unhinged they seem
MrPINHEAD123 21 minut sedan
jackeystar9000 27 minuter sedan
We're all just gonna ignore Ryan's nasally cold voice? Ragweed must be terrible in LA this year 😂
Forever Rose
Forever Rose 27 minuter sedan
Wat I learned today: *lighthouse keeper are moths and Scottish fish men compete in flytings*
caitlin 29 minuter sedan
As a Scot I can proudly say those accents were beautiful
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher 31 minut sedan
Why do these men have such high whiney voices?
Tess Furnari
Tess Furnari 33 minuter sedan
you need to check out jenny jump and shades of death rd
absolutenightmare 37 minuter sedan
Shane looks like a Brandon Rogers character and I’m living for it.
MissCoati 37 minuter sedan
I find it odd that they thought it special because sheep had twins on the island. In general, sheep commonly give birth to twins or triplets, with single lambs being more rare. Doesn't seem worth risking the murder island with the rapping sprites for.
MusicalPirate 38 minuter sedan
I'd just sing Guns and Ships from Hamilton
Hafeez Piscalin
Hafeez Piscalin 41 minut sedan
Woah finally another unsolved mystery with Ryan and Shane
stefanny a
stefanny a 43 minuter sedan
theyre backkkkk🥺!!!!
Eunoia 44 minuter sedan
I thought they left buzzfeed?
CkeyZz 44 minuter sedan
You guys should play Phasmaphobia it would be funny
Leigh Beckly
Leigh Beckly 50 minuter sedan
Booie tehe
MainlyMute 51 minut sedan
Should've had willem dafoe here tbh
Cordy Keeley
Cordy Keeley 58 minuter sedan
FOR THE POST-MORTEM? Maybe the off duty keeper (Joseph Moore) killed them. If he wasn't on work shift for those two weeks, is it possible that he could have taken a boat out (damaging the west rig in the process) and killed them before cleaning up the scene, and pretending he didn't know until he arrived on the island? Also, if he killed them and then faked the logs (which could explain why people could poke holes in them) he may have written about a mythic-level storm so people thought that's what killed them. Also to get even crazier, is it possible that the reason the lookout (Roderick Mckenzie) didn't report the trouble is that Joseph Moore told him that James Ducat's experiment had been approved so he could ignore any weird signals from the lighthouse? Then Mckenzie didn't tell them because he was in on it OR afraid of getting fired? Anyway, super excited for the new season! love y'all and stay safe!!
ella michele
ella michele 58 minuter sedan
no one: the captions: [aNxiOuS viOLiN mUsiC]
Ashlyn Hopper
Ashlyn Hopper 58 minuter sedan
Shane’s reaction though. He was so hyped and then he goes “is that where this is going?” And he just deflated instantly.
Calla Johnston
Calla Johnston Timme sedan
Kelly Tan
Kelly Tan Timme sedan
you guys should make a show about myths cause I find those so cool
maura farr
maura farr Timme sedan
they turned into sheep
Eva Flores
Eva Flores Timme sedan
I’m Mexican and I was offended by those Scottish accents
anyanemoPLM Timme sedan
3 scottish men..... they got too drunk and fell off the island into the water. solved it.
D Sera
D Sera Timme sedan
I just said out loud to my empty, other than ghosts, apartment “I fricken love ryan and shane and unsolved.” Buzzfeed please keep paying them to do it if they want to!
delaney rogacki
delaney rogacki Timme sedan
omg they are back..?
emma Timme sedan
i love shane but if he does that scottish accent one more time it’s on sight ❤️ from a scottish person 🥰🥰
Jead West
Jead West Timme sedan
The dorm I live in is called Moore hall....slightly spooked....
Iguanian Timme sedan
Tim McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin Timme sedan
No supernatural season this year? :/ . Still glad to see you guys back at least! You guys definitely need to check out Boston Light & the isles and it’s haunted past. The place is insanely haunted by multiple spirits, with one the lady from the shore that dates back to either civil war or the American Revolution.
Marissa Gable
Marissa Gable Timme sedan
Ryan's narrating voice cures my anexity
Pilar Samaniego
Pilar Samaniego Timme sedan
Is that a fake fire???
ShyWolf Timme sedan
No one: Shane: "Lighthoose"
Damaris Castillo
Damaris Castillo Timme sedan
didnt u guys cover this already
Anubisdark Gaming
Anubisdark Gaming Timme sedan
I missed this show so much. Imma bieng watch the other seasons
Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith Timme sedan
omg they're back!
Lindsey Timme sedan
Anyone else from the UK getting triggered by Ryan pronouncing bouy as "boo-ey" instead of "boy"?
Baza Bro
Baza Bro Timme sedan
Could you please do the Australian serial killings at Tynong north As I live near Tynong and have heard stories about the case and would like to have a better idea of what happened
Ali German
Ali German Timme sedan
I would love an episode were they discussed The Dyatlov Pass incident!
Eleazar Munoze
Eleazar Munoze Timme sedan
you should cover skinwalkers for next season
Chocktae Bolanca
Chocktae Bolanca Timme sedan
Why’d ya spill your beans?
M P Timme sedan
Those accents are so bad that I couldn’t actually be offended
sarah elizabeth
sarah elizabeth Timme sedan
i’ve been rewatching all of the old seasons over lockdown , so happy to have a new episode!! my mental health says thank you!!!
Jacob Curtis
Jacob Curtis Timme sedan
Y’all should do something on skinwalker ranch
Wendy Linares
Wendy Linares Timme sedan
what happened to the magical sheep?
Holy crap that nasally voiceover. Good vid, though.
Bruhitsme_ yk.
Bruhitsme_ yk. Timme sedan
There’s an imposter among us.
Loreine Mungcal
Loreine Mungcal Timme sedan
What if they had an Outlander like moment and discovered their own Craigh na Dun and then travel 200 years in the past or future?
Chelsea Timme sedan
I missed y’all 😩
Anahí Alfonso
Anahí Alfonso Timme sedan
i want an episode about Valentine Sally
LotusDecember Timme sedan
3:17 Did hoodies exist in 1900?
lou davey
lou davey Timme sedan
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lou davey
lou davey Timme sedan
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Y O U S R A Timme sedan
Look who's back !! That's it 2020 is great again !
Marianne Timme sedan
Is it possible that the men maybe were growing tired of the job and had arranged for someone to come by and pick them up by boat? And they just faked the logs for a couple of weeks to make it look like they were busy? #postmortem #ifpostmortemstillsexists
Jessica Anene
Jessica Anene 2 timmar sedan
Post-Mortem: I think the light messenger dude disappeared them using the Islands supernatural power, as I just think its odd that he noticed the light not being on for 2 weeks and just didn't do anything about it. I don't know about you guys but that seems very suspect.
Niamh Rooney
Niamh Rooney 2 timmar sedan
please,, never do a scottish accent again
cardboard10 2 timmar sedan
Lighthouse keepers are just human moths I guess
Larisa Deželjin
Larisa Deželjin 2 timmar sedan
I thought this was true crime, not supernatural. Also I liked Shane's theory the most.
Mcolivebranch 2 timmar sedan
I love Shane's awful rapping.
Sherman Firefly
Sherman Firefly 2 timmar sedan
Huh...? Sounds like a call of cthulhu stroy
Mandee Mitchell
Mandee Mitchell 2 timmar sedan
I am so confused. I thought Ryan and Shane were not a part of Buzzfeed anymore
Adalovesmakeup 2 timmar sedan
I know Shane and Ryan have their own channel now. Are they still working with Buzzfeed on Unsolved or are these prerecorded before they left?
Lil yogurt
Lil yogurt 2 timmar sedan
It’s been long enough
Julia Zhuo
Julia Zhuo 2 timmar sedan
Missed you guys!
Sarah Willacker
Sarah Willacker 2 timmar sedan
Maja Daniela Seyda
Maja Daniela Seyda 2 timmar sedan
i really hate tat you had stuf infront of the camera
RedLeg Zeff
RedLeg Zeff 2 timmar sedan
do missing william Terrell from NSW Aust
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
The Lighthouse was a pretty good movie and after watching that, I could see what played out in this case
pidge bunnie
pidge bunnie 2 timmar sedan
as a scottish person i can tell you you're accents are terrible but somehow ryan's is worse
Katie Crawley
Katie Crawley 2 timmar sedan
I like the idea of 3 gays just deciding to bail on their jobs and run off on their own
Ashleigh Widnall
Ashleigh Widnall 2 timmar sedan
How Ryan says Edinburgh makes me cringe🥴
coolguy2240 2 timmar sedan
alece 2 timmar sedan
Tania Salgado
Tania Salgado 2 timmar sedan
Thanks for bringing them baack!!
Soph O
Soph O 2 timmar sedan
the background music in this episode absolutely SLAPS
skylar moody
skylar moody 2 timmar sedan
for postmortem: why was the man not reporting the lighthouse never looked into farther? i think he definitely had something to do with it in some way. P.S. shane and ryan, please make a plushie of the professor so that we can watch these scary videos with a buddy. much love 💜
Clemency Rose
Clemency Rose 2 timmar sedan
My mum’s family name is macarther and we’re scottish so this just freaks me out even though it shouldn’t
the.MonaAlicia 2 timmar sedan
BirdieRose🥀 2 timmar sedan
Isn’t buey pronounced boy?
Suelil *
Suelil * 2 timmar sedan
WHERE TF HAS SHANE AN RYAN BEEN???😤 i been lookin for this new season🥺
ArtNerd37 2 timmar sedan
It’s good to have the boys back
Håkon Mellquist
Håkon Mellquist 2 timmar sedan
Finny Bitch
Finny Bitch 2 timmar sedan
I can’t continue with this video if he keeps pronouncing buoy like that
fran_gatic_ 2 timmar sedan
zafjaf 2 timmar sedan
So we are not going to consider Shane's theory of them just taking off somewhere? Because that is the most plausible explanation.
Saad Butt
Saad Butt 3 timmar sedan
Please make a video on Henry Mccabe's disappearance. Pleaee i beg you
Andy 13
Andy 13 3 timmar sedan
damn Ryan really won that rap battle
Jen Leblanc
Jen Leblanc 3 timmar sedan
Please do Maura Murray
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett 3 timmar sedan
Have they done the Hinsdale house!?
Rua O'Neill
Rua O'Neill 3 timmar sedan
It'd be great if yous could look into why lighthouse rotations had to have 3 people on at a time
M31s Princesa
M31s Princesa 3 timmar sedan
Watching this high as hell makes me appreciate how charming these two are.. the jokes and improvisation is always on point 😂
Lucy BLM
Lucy BLM 3 timmar sedan
Wow i really forgot how much I absolutely love this
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Catching fish as big as CARS