[쇼! 음악중심 4K] 블랙핑크 -Pretty Savage (BLACKPINK -Pretty Savage) 20201010 

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10 okt 2020



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Keca Narti
Keca Narti Timme sedan
Aku selalu dukung jenni
2:53 is really satisfying for me, like dude they’re so freaking HOTTTTT!!!
Jessica_ Pop
Jessica_ Pop 2 timmar sedan
I love jisoo :D
Jomark Magbanua
Jomark Magbanua 3 timmar sedan
I am a dancer and tiniest details are very important and very alluring, especially the littlest and shortest facial expressions. Lisa did all of those with utmost perfection 🔥🔥🔥💯💯✅
cahya aladin
cahya aladin 3 timmar sedan
Corgi Lover
Corgi Lover 4 timmar sedan
Rosé is my wife Rosé is my wife Rosé is my wife Rosé is my wife
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Blackpink is the best
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Rose very pretty
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Jisoo very beautiful
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Jennie is Sexy
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Lisa is standing out SWag
jungo lim
jungo lim 4 timmar sedan
Still Can't Move On This is performance on fire
Cai Lisa
Cai Lisa 4 timmar sedan
Who’s like to have BlackPink Pretty Savage MV?
East Zhang
East Zhang 6 timmar sedan
need more voters on CHOEAEDOL app, follow twitter @BP_VotingTeam for instructions. SUPER important to follow instructions. and always ask if you don't understand. timing of the votes are very important. wrong timing -> votes wasted ++++ vote MAMA
Taty Rqmirez
Taty Rqmirez 7 timmar sedan
Lisa ❤️
Fiorella Tarrillo
Fiorella Tarrillo 9 timmar sedan
esta hermosa la cancion
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 10 timmar sedan
Lisa's outfit looks like someone just took a pair of scissors to a regular person's outfit.... cut out the chest and crotch and said... "there we go!"
HELENS ZACH 10 timmar sedan
Rosé is a perfect package: Vocal Dancer Instruments Visual Acting Body proportions
jiminssi love you
jiminssi love you 12 timmar sedan
I don't get why people is so mad at this performance. They DID THAT and yall being so rude w their work. RESPECT.
김김김 13 timmar sedan
이날 착장 넘 예뻐용
김김김 13 timmar sedan
지수 스모키화장 정말 최고다,, 와아우
wina apriliani
wina apriliani 14 timmar sedan
BLACKPINK PRETTY SAVAGE♥️♥️♥️ Hello i’m blink indonesia🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
memeto fun
memeto fun 15 timmar sedan
Who wants this performance in cochella Hit like
memeto fun
memeto fun 15 timmar sedan
Jisoo is rapping 🤯🤯🤯
Frosina Janevska
Frosina Janevska 15 timmar sedan
Why is there always 66k comments on this
lok wah chu
lok wah chu 16 timmar sedan
Rosé is definition of QUEEN AND PERFECT
Adeel _
Adeel _ 16 timmar sedan
Blackpink in the revolution
Abderrahmane Tahoua
Abderrahmane Tahoua 16 timmar sedan
i lov
Selma Ahmed
Selma Ahmed 16 timmar sedan
This is just perfect....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Obi-wan CanBoneMe
Obi-wan CanBoneMe 16 timmar sedan
Jennie's high "savage!" sounds sooooo hot @ 02:01
웅진저그 17 timmar sedan
Brrrrrrrr !!
rn c
rn c 18 timmar sedan
리사 복장 누가 입혔냐...
Rainbow Jimin
Rainbow Jimin 18 timmar sedan
Jisoo must be second main dancer of blackpink 😂♥️
Yoon Jung Soung
Yoon Jung Soung 19 timmar sedan
Suliyati Suliyati
Suliyati Suliyati 20 timmar sedan
Lissa i love you Lissa☺️☺️☺️
Suliyati Suliyati
Suliyati Suliyati 20 timmar sedan
Wow blekpik😍😍😍
Claudia Macuri
Claudia Macuri 21 timme sedan
I'm here waiting the music video c:
nonsEns 21 timme sedan
i know that's right bitchessssss i need them to perform this at least once during awards season PLSSSSS
Aldi Setyo Kurniawan
Chinbold Gansukh
anh đám giỏ rê Khach
*Angie 7w7
*Angie 7w7 Dag sedan
츄잉 Dag sedan
지수지수지수지수 넘나이뿌다ㅠㅠㅠㅍ
sabila nurlaila
sabila nurlaila Dag sedan
Good 👏👏
Roseanne Dag sedan
Park Jean 제안
Jennie main rapper tapi yang sering ngrapp lisa🙄
Kongmeng Yang
Kongmeng Yang Dag sedan
I like that "sight" part on 1:28! Wow!
JENNI KIM Dag sedan
wow so good im jenni loved 😙😙😙😙😙 ilove you al ❤❤❤❤❤ blinks💜💜💜 💋💋💋💋💋
Misaki ayusawa
Misaki ayusawa Dag sedan
Bts:Savage love. Black pink:Savage pretty
Arjun Dag sedan
You better run run run
유잼찾기 Dag sedan
이거 타이틀곡하지..
Une Metisser
Une Metisser Dag sedan
At the end, of all the members, Jennie is the one who seems the most breathless .... I understand what she meant in Light Up the Sky, me too (but since the confinement) I quickly get out of breath (except that I I became lazy)
Andreia Cristina
Owwwwwwww lisa is rose biruful
Emily OwO
Emily OwO Dag sedan
l liked what the camera man presented to Rosie and Lisa when Jisoo started singing her rap, and she said black, pink appears, it is filming in the top of beauty😮❤👌🏻
ᄉᄒ Dag sedan
Francisco Souza
Francisco Souza Dag sedan
addina roshali
addina roshali Dag sedan
this performance, the video contrast, outfits, their makeups everything about BLACKPINK perfect me thinks
Chelsea Urias
Chelsea Urias Dag sedan
omg liza's bangs moved a bit in the chorus. its a miracle
Chelsea Urias
Chelsea Urias Dag sedan
lets not just praise one member Kim Jennie ate this sone she brought back the attitude that we had forgotten Kim Jisoo improvment is shown here she looks amazing our visual and her rapping omg finally Lalisa manoban i forget that shes our makne she is amazing in everyway . i dont think i have anything else to say, i dont have words rose(park chaeyoung) omg this woman i have no words he sass and attitude had grown so much since kill this love, her stage presence is undeninable to any one. ho ever says that rose is the worst member of blackpink(ive seen coments) and that ot3 is better they are wrong. its ot4 bitch or nothing, dont think your a blink if you dont stand all 4 period they are all beautiful and talented and thier praise and populartity was earned they are not overrated, they earned everything they have and more.
Coisas Sem Sentido
Jisoo 👏😻👑
Ding Dong BUNNY
Ding Dong BUNNY Dag sedan
Jennie= brrr Jisoo= you better run Lisa= s a v a g e Rosé= you know 👑❤literal queens❤👑
Sha Armero
Sha Armero Dag sedan
Love you Lisa!!!
Kim Uni Gamerハンナ
U praise the other more than rosé I'm tired of hearing "rosé beautiful vocal and her visual" "rosé killed us with those beautiful vocals & visual" "rosé amazing vocal" ugh can u guys praise more than her vocals or add something new like her dance, her iconic line "u know" and more Also I'm not starting fanwar but I just always notice they praise the other than rosé, remember rosé is member one of blackpink too
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag sedan
Apa benar blekping ini dari CIAMIS..? Yang tau jawab yah :((
kübra hatice
kübra hatice Dag sedan
Kızların hepsi burada harika gözüküyor ama ben özellikle Jennie ve Rose'nin kıyafetlerini daha çok beğendim*-*
Jayanti Solanki
Jayanti Solanki Dag sedan
Blackpink is amazing
Amila Salma
Amila Salma Dag sedan
Amila Salma
Amila Salma Dag sedan
@soiung toiue hello I'm from Indonesia, how are you
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag sedan
I'm having that bad bitch vibe right now, thanks bp
k dot
k dot Dag sedan
Blackpink is Blackpink. No back up dancers, No problem. They're just four on stage but their power, aura, charisma, and energy filled this stage 💯🤯
Humna Muhammad Asif- 2911505
Guys if you hear properly rose and jennie both said : yeah we some savage you can't it manage and then the high notes but in real song the lines are : yeah we some bitches you can't manage
Zahra zahra
Zahra zahra Dag sedan
Mak nyasar *_*
Zahra zahra
Zahra zahra Dag sedan
"You Now" :)
Dhilla Dag sedan
Rrrr 💯
Wadjan Borisoot
Wadjan Borisoot Dag sedan
Lisa... 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Ma. Lourdes Torres
Lisa why so hottie ?? 🔥🔥🔥
Ma. Lourdes Torres
Lisa is super hot 🔥🔥🔥
Ma. Lourdes Torres
This song is for Lisa .. Amazing Lisa full of charisma 😍😍😍
Tumb Ryan
Tumb Ryan Dag sedan
No one talking about Rosé 's unique voice ?
Karla valentina Cordero mackense
Si, stan rosé ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Jbug T
Jbug T 2 dagar sedan
2020 may have been a crappy year but at least BLINKS got a lot of BLACKPINK!!!!!
cheni moola
cheni moola 2 dagar sedan
Tania Olmos
Tania Olmos 2 dagar sedan
하울의음 쥑이는 성
아제발 뚜두뚜두 하는 곳만 10시간 재생해주세요...
Maria Elis Lelis
Maria Elis Lelis 2 dagar sedan
I'm having that bad bitch vibe right now, thanks bp
bomb bumble
bomb bumble 2 dagar sedan
Rosé is the most underrated member , there are no comments about Rosé but no one justice for her
Chhun Menghour
Chhun Menghour 2 dagar sedan
My jisoo is the best
Victoria Anabely Lucero Mora
They are teh best simply the best they are talented nice beautiful and they deserve the universe because they work so hard love them so muuuch blink forever and eveer!!
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
Jennie and rose❤️😻
Ariel Dumam-ag
Ariel Dumam-ag 2 dagar sedan
Ni Na
Ni Na 2 dagar sedan
Jisoo’s eyes with the fire around is what we call pretty savage Oh sorry autocorrect what I wanted to say is : fire’s eyes with the fire around is what we call pretty savage
champagne 2 dagar sedan
완벽에 가까운 베이스랑 안무구성 곡 분위기에 맞게 자신감 넘치는 멤버들 모습.
Vibin Vibin
Vibin Vibin 2 dagar sedan
Net Natnicha
Net Natnicha 2 dagar sedan
I wonder how can rose wear her jacket like that
Dewi Rahmasari
Dewi Rahmasari 2 dagar sedan
They are is absolutely sexy. I cant😭😭😭
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 dagar sedan
블랙핑크의 pretty savage라는 노래는 처음 들어봤는데 중독성이 굉장히 강하며 파워풀한 노래인것같아요.블랙핑크와 너무 너무 잘 어울리는 노래인것같아요.
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
a música perfeita, o stage perfeito aaaaaa
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
i love you so much
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 dagar sedan
Jennie is kind of pretty savage with this outfit style
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
eu surto demais
Larissa Bispo
Larissa Bispo 2 dagar sedan
eu acho que nunca vou superar os stages de pretty savage
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