Son Feels the Fury of Lloris at Half-Time for not Tracking Back! | All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur 

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Episodes 7-9 are released on Prime Video Monday 14th September!
Emotions on the pitch erupt at half-time, as Spurs' goalkeeper Hugo Lloris blasts teammate Son for not tracking back.
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11 sep 2020



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Patrick E
Patrick E Timme sedan
Son’s facial expression at 00:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iman Sihabudin
Iman Sihabudin 2 timmar sedan
This is korean drama
Chitesh Rai
Chitesh Rai 2 timmar sedan
Come on Amazon we can easily understand son yelling (what's wrong with you!) Is it too hard to understand ? What's with this shouting shit! In sub .......Man I hate Amazon for this..... son is like a treasure for spurs
Lawrance Ng
Lawrance Ng 5 timmar sedan
Son come to liverpool. You deserve better
Conner 7 timmar sedan
시소코 새끼 요리스 편드는 거 보소 시벌롬이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jatimu sam Bht
Jatimu sam Bht 8 timmar sedan
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 😎
Nymphet 9 timmar sedan
Joe Hart : Gimme the focking Ball Lloris : Make the run make the run De Bryune : Let me talkk ! Son: [SHOUTING]
tawanda homero
tawanda homero 9 timmar sedan
I am a Gooner hate tottenham 😂... but this is beautiful passion . I like... my team has a bunch of whimps 😢 miss the vieras
anllelo s
anllelo s 15 timmar sedan
Pishe son si se la anda partiendo al lloris
sHOTTA 17 timmar sedan
Jose set this up;) genius
Jayoon Gu
Jayoon Gu Dag sedan
How about vs. West ham? After son left, why didn't he shout to no one? Because there were no Asian easy men?
malayali blogger
Is that jose 😂😂💯💯🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liamo _08
Liamo _08 Dag sedan
No one realised how sissoko dragged son but was calm with lloris, some jokeman
koolpiss Dag sedan
Give your Son to us if you don't like him. We liverpool will gladly use him as a sub.
ATM_nerd Dag sedan
Dam disrespect tbh I’m starting him over firmino
sha47ul Dag sedan
there are fithing
dragonix 2 dagar sedan
Champion mon frere
? 2 dagar sedan
more than one month passed....still didnt change the subtitle
Luiz Piccinin
Luiz Piccinin 2 dagar sedan
Lol, that's even worst considering that Lloris is the team captain
CLASSIC VEVO 2 dagar sedan
PSG Vs M.United reaction 👇👇 selosk.info/class/video/j3lqvJ2espuCy2g.html
Jinsik Baek
Jinsik Baek 2 dagar sedan
Sonny, you should just go to some other team that fully respects you.. you definitely don't deserve that..
Genius Gene
Genius Gene 2 dagar sedan
LLORIS attack SON KANE and LUCAS. it's the same for you ALL. That's why he is captain and not those 3. He manage to shout at Big Names. You all need to stop ass licking someone. And then you can be a leader. Just like Lloris.
hidden flashlight
hidden flashlight 2 dagar sedan
why is Lloris yelling only at Son when 1/2 the team didn't back track? and why is amazon making it seem only son didn't backtrack? ..or show what really happened?? this is oddly suspicious
Đinh Thay95
Đinh Thay95 2 dagar sedan
Zaid Nasser
Zaid Nasser 2 dagar sedan
Vincent Video
Vincent Video 2 dagar sedan
Yeah but the goalkeeper job is to save anything, Son is not even a center back. Lloris sucks
L M Dag sedan
Son is a winger. Wingers make runs back when they have to defend.
Tc Linn
Tc Linn 2 dagar sedan
Good for the team for kicking each other in the butt and air out the disagreements. All top notch teams push each other to the brink...
Sweaty_Boran 3 dagar sedan
I wonder how the team talk was on the final
kalico buss
kalico buss 3 dagar sedan
bad man in action...respect lloris the bestadem
룰루랄라 3 dagar sedan
Shouting? Seriously? What a shame Amazon
this is a dream
this is a dream 3 dagar sedan
이야 비추 2만개 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hei Wah
Hei Wah 3 dagar sedan
amazing coach
JH 3 dagar sedan
Lloris is a racist piece of sh*t
Raj Kormocha
Raj Kormocha 3 dagar sedan
Lloris you are the racist.... Son is the better than you...
Wayne Lee
Wayne Lee 4 dagar sedan
Am glad they didn't bring up the race card. If this was in the states, the media will write with title white guy racially abuse a asian man.
Muhammad Iyad
Muhammad Iyad 4 dagar sedan
Michael Amay
Michael Amay 4 dagar sedan
It's more football focused and oriented when you remove the fans.
Aryanah Siti
Aryanah Siti 4 dagar sedan
We love you guys
Pillsbury dope girl
Pillsbury dope girl 4 dagar sedan
Sonny got the villain edit
Robin B.
Robin B. 4 dagar sedan
Lloris doesn't even have the right to get an interview. If I were Son, probably wants to find another team. 3-0 to 3-3 remember?
john craig
john craig Dag sedan
which bigger club than spurs would put him in starting 11? everyone has a LW
vTrustCapalot- 4 dagar sedan
What game is that ?
광개토대왕 4 dagar sedan
흥민아~ 넌 할만큼 했다~ 팀에이스 존중 못하는 팀원하고 같이 뛸 필요없어~ 이적하자~
Ivan Jurleta
Ivan Jurleta 5 dagar sedan
Son is a selfish bitch
Ivan Jurleta
Ivan Jurleta 4 dagar sedan
@h h yes you are
h h
h h 4 dagar sedan
U R a dumbfuck
Mikael Skúli Atlason
Mikael Skúli Atlason 5 dagar sedan
Lloris was not showing why he deserves the armband there
SJ Bee
SJ Bee 5 dagar sedan
yellow lives matter✊✊
박G 5 dagar sedan
Make the run! Bale
Jay B
Jay B 5 dagar sedan
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INTERVAL 5 dagar sedan
ребята если знайте перевод, за что была перепалка?
치미동 5 dagar sedan
Yannis 5 dagar sedan
Murinho is best
놀자몽이야 5 dagar sedan
Lloris must be mad at that moment not because of Son but because of some reason. But Son is very disciplined man and couldn’t accept Lloris behavior. Also,Lloris can’t act like that to Kane or Bale.
monkey. japan
monkey. japan 5 dagar sedan
좆먹어 시발 세끼들아 외국놈들 한국 오기만해바 인종차별해줄게 젖같은것들이
monkey. japan
monkey. japan 2 dagar sedan
@KANG 왜? 차이니즈 몽키 바이러스 세끼야
KANG 2 dagar sedan
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera 5 dagar sedan
I actually thought Lloris was gonna shout at him insulting in French.
Open Banter
Open Banter 5 dagar sedan
What you think of Tottenham? Shit. What you think of shit? Tottenham. Thank you.
Larger than Life
Larger than Life 6 dagar sedan
anyone here after 3-3, son removed and 3 goals conceded. where were all the runners Lloris.
Samu Martinez
Samu Martinez 6 dagar sedan
Son may seem like the most nicest guy in the prem, but he too has his fair share of discipline
Sheikh Miah
Sheikh Miah 6 dagar sedan
Top manager, well done Jose.
patrick santino
patrick santino 6 dagar sedan
I dunno why people are defending Son ... Lloris has a point, he wanted Son to come back help the defense. Son is the kid here.
humble KIM
humble KIM 4 dagar sedan
well, I agree on captain of the team can say to his teammates what he demands. but, lloris shouted and attempted to jump on son while they still on the pitch (everybody watching and that's controversial) Son was the 2nd most active player at that game. and at that time son was almost played like a left back. even tho he is attacker, who sprints like crazy every game with top speed of the team. and also people angry about how Lloris treated son that way, and not kept the same attitude with other teammates is one of the factor.
Kaleb Asfaw
Kaleb Asfaw 6 dagar sedan
Legend has it that if Son's voice goes any higher, he'd be having coffee with Snoop Dogg.
totomaju toto
totomaju toto 6 dagar sedan
Fire lloris,
totomaju toto
totomaju toto 6 dagar sedan
Fire lloris
Man Long
Man Long 6 dagar sedan
God dang make a save for the team Hugo
Abdure Graphics & Design
If he was back guy loris wouldn't act that way
Nurgustaan Toskin
Nurgustaan Toskin 6 dagar sedan
По, по сайда сайда
Daniel Cugerean
Daniel Cugerean 6 dagar sedan
I didnt understand any words from SON FAM
NEWcars UA
NEWcars UA 6 dagar sedan
subscribe to the channel please)
Frankie Sum
Frankie Sum 6 dagar sedan
Lloris, what a hypocrite after seeing how u handle Bale’s poor performance against West Ham today
Mora Siregar
Mora Siregar 4 dagar sedan
@MNR progamer we're talking about lloris not bale
MNR progamer
MNR progamer 4 dagar sedan
bruh it was his first game tf are u on about lmao
Mora Siregar
Mora Siregar 4 dagar sedan
xD 3 goals in 10 minute
YT PREMIUM 4 dagar sedan
Stfu my nigga
Iqbal Djabir
Iqbal Djabir 6 dagar sedan
Next episode: lanziniii
Jae Choi
Jae Choi 7 dagar sedan
So typical of real life Vought corp would do.
ALIYEL Hafizi 7 dagar sedan
Amazon: shit what did son said.... Well alright [SHOUTING]
Riley Freeman #JP
Riley Freeman #JP 7 dagar sedan
Son ain’t taking that disrespect
carlos patricio lobos gajardo
lil pump
tud2808 7 dagar sedan
Is this fake? Im pretty sure they wouldn't allow a camera team inside their rooms
Mxllyzツ 7 dagar sedan
Imagine if Llorente was still at Spurs and saw this what would he do🧐
tư vấn kc đà nẵng
Lloris's behavior is like a French teacher's who lives in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.
tư vấn kc đà nẵng
Lloris's behavior is like a French teacher's who lives in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.
NOVICE ELITE 7 dagar sedan
Son baislcy saying" whres the respect did u have respect for me " he is not shouting
Rowshen Ýegenmammedow
Son king
NEW WORLD PRO 8 dagar sedan
Still the sameas here selosk.info/class/video/m36Y2Ztzrp2aqXk.html
Tashakim17 Kim
Tashakim17 Kim 8 dagar sedan
You are not Deserved him. You All. He always be a stranger for you, always "not good as...(Kane, whatever your example)..you forgot EVERYTHING what he do for Club. for England football..he will leaving you soon...and you will realize.
YahPrat 420
YahPrat 420 7 dagar sedan
Fuck off he is very respected here. He is staying here. We love him.
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman 8 dagar sedan
"I am the Lloris, I speak for the trees!"
PENDEE GAMING 8 dagar sedan
You only can say that to 3 lungs park, not son.. he only have 1 lungs he need to keep his stamina for attacking lol
Гогиша 8 dagar sedan
Grande Son! Grande uomo, grande giocatore! :)
T Dog
T Dog 8 dagar sedan
Joses the man
rachid rachid
rachid rachid 8 dagar sedan
ferme ta putain de gueule lloris.
Julio Andretti Mamahit
Oh wow. Football is getting into reality show now? One thing about reality show is it isn't real.
PAN AMAURY 8 dagar sedan
france vs south korée
BLACK STAR BOSS N1 9 dagar sedan
BLACK STAR BOSS N1 9 dagar sedan
I love kitties
I love kitties 9 dagar sedan
???:I am happy that ur reaction
kyeel aquilariaty
kyeel aquilariaty 9 dagar sedan
Lloris : Make the run! Make the run! Make the run for the team!! Mourinho : No run Sonny! No run! Son : What should i do? Lolol
igor sampaio
igor sampaio 9 dagar sedan
To everyone saying lloris is wrong, look I love son, lloris comands that back line and if you’ve done something wrong your gonna get a bollocking, he wasn’t just targeting son im sure if it was someone else he would of done the same thing, you don’t wanna concede a goal in the last second because you haven’t tracked back, basic stuff
yair rivera tapia
yair rivera tapia 9 dagar sedan
I kwon it was part of the show xD
Enrique patiño
Enrique patiño 9 dagar sedan
Lloris leyend , Kane , Son and Moura, great players without blood in his veins
Gary r
Gary r 9 dagar sedan
On watching this enjoyable series (as a neutral)...it’s very obvious to me that Tottenham don’t have a capable captain in the first team at the moment ...none of them seem to be very outspoken with leadership qualities... Lloris here is just shouting at son,because he sees him as an easy target...so shouts for the sake of shouting...because really he has no idea what a captains role is and it’s proven here. I can definitely see bale being made captain when he’s fit and playing in the first team. Maybe I’m completely wrong with my observations... Would be cool to hear from any Tottenham fans
Stefano Rossonero
Stefano Rossonero 9 dagar sedan
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Stefano Rossonero
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Juan Troconis
Juan Troconis 9 dagar sedan
In my opinion this is all dramatized for the documentary
MajesticAaa 9 dagar sedan
Ok, all conflict aside. That was actually a good speech from Mourinho
Edilene Lima
Edilene Lima 9 dagar sedan
Que pena q não entendi nd
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