Singers Who Blew Up YOUNG vs LATE in Life 

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21 nov 2020



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Ashley Fuller
Ashley Fuller 16 timmar sedan
I clicked because I knew michael jackson will be there
Skylar B
Skylar B Dag sedan
My mom loves him too but she’s only 8 years older than you😂
waresha_ sheikh
waresha_ sheikh 2 dagar sedan
Fame really hit Justin bieber, compared to other celebrities who became famous as a child...Justin got the worst of all
Snickerdoodless 3 dagar sedan
I was watching this at 3am and laughed so hard at "snarky judges" why? No clue.
Capenovak 5 dagar sedan
Billie sounds drunk
Alexa Yabut
Alexa Yabut 8 dagar sedan
Not me clicking this because billie is in it
Jen X
Jen X 9 dagar sedan
Charles Bradley - it took 62 years to earn that tone in his voice that you can't teach. You'll probably disagree, but I'm not taking about single recording sessions where you feel emotional and think it sounds good but doesn't. The shit you've endured can become a permanent nuance in your voice. Am i making any sense? Like Janis Joplin.
Jen X
Jen X 9 dagar sedan
Susan Boyle had a huge career, a makeover and even a nervous breakdown from the fame, recovered and steadied out. If that's not success... lol.
Solomontor 14 dagar sedan
thought he said ass burger at first 3:19
Rylee Buckets
Rylee Buckets 15 dagar sedan
Me crazy:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh mastar pece
Lena Geshuri
Lena Geshuri 15 dagar sedan
That is actually not how Billie Eilish blew up. This is how she did: Her dance teacher knew that she and Finneas wrote music and asked them to write a song for a dance number, so she put 'Ocean eyes' on Soundcloud thinking that it was an easier way to give it to her teacher. Then people saw it and it began to get praise overnight. (And the age she blew up was 13, not 14.)
GO Getm
GO Getm 16 dagar sedan
please never sing mj songs again you sound like a rat drowning
GO Getm
GO Getm 16 dagar sedan
2 chainz and guy sabation had a number 1 hit in australia and it won an aria
Yamilex Maria
Yamilex Maria 19 dagar sedan
After watching several of your videos I have realized that one of the best things about them is the editing so thank you to you and your editor.😌
Eh Lol
Eh Lol 20 dagar sedan
Can we just admit that Joel is a great singer?!?
Ashley 20 dagar sedan
Thank you for saying I have a booty 😂
Davis Radde
Davis Radde 21 dag sedan
4:25 you pronounced Saginaw if it was Soggy... Only true Michiganders will understand the stuggle others have with our pronunciations.. Lol
Caleb Kingsley
Caleb Kingsley 22 dagar sedan
“Let’s just sacrifice goat to um bigger goat” lol
I Ship Brallon
I Ship Brallon 22 dagar sedan
Brendon Urie and the rest of panic! At the disco blew up at the age 17
addison houseworth
addison houseworth 22 dagar sedan
was anyone else shocked when they realized rachel platten was thirty four when fight song came out.
Michael Terrman
Michael Terrman 22 dagar sedan
Hey roomie everybody love Michael Jackson can you do more your Chanel I neet see more Michael singing video
NO FAYCEU PLEEZ 22 dagar sedan
Are we gonna ignore the shape of the four chainz
Random fun With Jake
Random fun With Jake 23 dagar sedan
anyone gonna tell him he should sing more soulfull music id would pay for that
Maja Fransson
Maja Fransson 23 dagar sedan
so no ones gonna talk about the “bigger goat” or ”gävlebocken” as we call it in sweden. it gets burned down almost every year that’s why the editors have put flames on it.
Bait 24 dagar sedan
When Billie Eilish came on I asked my brother if he knew who that was and he groaned. I asked if he was too tired to answer and he said no, that her name was just ugly
Mahi Meo
Mahi Meo 24 dagar sedan
Where is grace vanderwaal?
Alexa Hinton
Alexa Hinton 25 dagar sedan
I knew I had to see harry/1d
Bouncer 26 dagar sedan
"How many boys got their hair like this after Bieber became big?" Uuuuuuuuuh not much, if at all really
Malakai Learns How To
Malakai Learns How To 26 dagar sedan
Bill Withers
black bird
black bird 27 dagar sedan
Yay Ford
Kee Paw
Kee Paw 28 dagar sedan
When you did the stare to copy Billie Eilish i spitted out my food and started laughing really hard haha XD.
helen 21
helen 21 28 dagar sedan
Me still waiting for one Direction😂
Austin Babbitt
Austin Babbitt 29 dagar sedan
Mj is probably the biggest artist on this list
David Qvarford
David Qvarford 29 dagar sedan
0:27 is that Gävlebocken?
David Qvarford
David Qvarford 23 dagar sedan
@GODZ _BEAsT Yes it is
GODZ _BEAsT 23 dagar sedan
I think it is Edit:Yeah just looked it up
EmtheGamer Månad sedan
Rachel platen, fight song was my brothers hockey song when he was 3
Would u rather live in a castle, huge house ,mansion,or the cozy but a kinda big house? I’d Rather Live in a cozy kinda big house because cozy is better than big U can comment
FanOfl4ndo Norri s
FanOfl4ndo Norri s Månad sedan
Andrea Bocelli was played at my grandma’s funeral...
Howdy There
Howdy There Månad sedan
Are we not gonna talk about how well he advertised that sponcor? It sounds like your rapping.
Andrzej Pieczuro
Andrzej Pieczuro Månad sedan
Billie eilish is 18 now
SlavKing42 Månad sedan
Stevie wonder getting famous at 13 Me eating there oranges at 3 watching roomie
Annette Graves
Annette Graves Månad sedan
Billie eilish sounds scary
elizabeth taffiti
elizabeth taffiti Månad sedan
I was waiting for Harry Styles to be here too, he was 16 when one direction was formed and blew up.
Adalee May
Adalee May Månad sedan
I love his head bobbing🤣
JotaroPlaysLoL Månad sedan
Eilish: was famous 14 Me when I was 14: " puts socks on and slides on the ground thinking he is a ski champion "
buff jesus
buff jesus Månad sedan
rip charles bradley
Gacha_potatopeeps XO
Roomie: I should change my name to boomie The avatar in me: YAAAAAS YOU SHALL
Boomie Is a perfect name 👌🏻🎄
Arinator and Avatar for life
14:56 whats the song`s name, i like it
Elumesia Elure
Elumesia Elure Månad sedan
Ok but why did Billie Eilish look 20 when she was 14 lmao.
Crafting Time
Crafting Time 2 dagar sedan
Maybe structure, same problem with me. I hate when they say me " you don't look 14"
Jabulani Khoza
Jabulani Khoza Månad sedan
Matias David Zambrano Guzmán
Charles sadly passed away a few years ago. Such talent. RIP
Abi & Celine
Abi & Celine Månad sedan
I see Billie, I click
Driam Hane
Driam Hane Månad sedan
I wish my channel would blow up... I work hard to put up good music..
alyssa cotton
alyssa cotton Månad sedan
Llama RepublicYT
Llama RepublicYT Månad sedan
Jon Pardi blew up when he was like 45
Will Prince
Will Prince Månad sedan
This could include Ric Ocasek too, he was 34 when The Cars released their first album, and he had teenage son already.
Miss Betty
Miss Betty Månad sedan
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra Månad sedan
Does the Charley Bradley some remind anyone else of Waiting on the World to Change?
•wichie• Månad sedan
I'm sorry but FOURTEEN!!!
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra Månad sedan
I just noticed that Billie's fingers look like Covid fingers. *shiver*
Caroliina Särnefält
Did no one hear that he said Wildflower instead of the records actual name.... wildfire....? Hahaha!
Mieke K
Mieke K Månad sedan
Con te partirò wasn’t a duet originally. He released it solo in 1995. Only in 1996 did the duet come out.
Fabiana Caseiro Oliveira
2:41 My reaction totally
Zukami Gota
Zukami Gota Månad sedan
"GUvE MeA eh SUing"
Uncle Donny 110
Uncle Donny 110 Månad sedan
My mom also really loves time to say goodbye it’s her favourite song!!!
Uncle Donny 110
Uncle Donny 110 Månad sedan
Yeah Billie is really good
Carolyn Hart
Carolyn Hart Månad sedan
I know you want to skip it so here we go 9:42 ^-^
Maddie Castle
Maddie Castle Månad sedan
The way Joel said Saginaw 😂 That was GOLD! Also... Didn't know Stevie Wonder was from so close to where I am! You learn something new every day I guess.
English you can use
English you can use Månad sedan
I still don't know who she is ...Billie Elish
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Månad sedan
Just Joel flirting with billie eilish. “That’s so preeeettty”
jackson glenn
jackson glenn Månad sedan
So many companies are going to try and copyright strike this video
Libby Campbell
Libby Campbell Månad sedan
You are forgetting that Donny Osmond and the Osmonds were just as popular as the Jacksons were and they were both relatively the same age.
LolliSweet82 Månad sedan
what you came for: 13:41
Ben Raber
Ben Raber Månad sedan
12:47 don’t wanna ruin it, but they’re holding hands because he’s blind...
Blodershade Månad sedan
In opera, your voice gets better with age. It becomes rough and soft.
Firey Pixie
Firey Pixie Månad sedan
And also funny!!!! 🥵
Arcey_RC Månad sedan
I'm sick of that Britney Spears song because I hear it like *everyday* On Teen Nick while I'm tryna watch some throwback shows
Kenz Clement
Kenz Clement Månad sedan
Omg i can be a feeale stevie wonder
Amarchez Månad sedan
il modo in cui ha detto "il mare calmo della sera"
leila adam
leila adam Månad sedan
6:39 lol remmber when you do man does 18 voices
leila adam
leila adam Månad sedan
2:53 did know that they use her voice on an old colored animation viewd for 1900's kids
leila adam
leila adam Månad sedan
2:30 your mind is dirty
Ale24 M
Ale24 M Månad sedan
God as an italian hearing him pronuce Andrea bocelli's name hurt me hahahahhaha
pokemark _
pokemark _ Månad sedan
Im italian and hearing you saying Italian worda make me cringe
goldeelocz Månad sedan
Yo those sacrifing jokes hit different coming from a Swedish person... 🐻🔥
Artistic Hoom3n
Artistic Hoom3n Månad sedan
ok but like ad revenue be like 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Daniel Garza
Daniel Garza Månad sedan
Hey Rami
Shan Hu
Shan Hu Månad sedan
Martin Hurkens. He blew up @ 58 years old while he was on Holland's got talent. Check out his cover of you raise me up. It's phenomenal!
Ostone Månad sedan
So some of us farters still have few years chance to make something hahah
Nevolet Månad sedan
Susan Boyle has been singing in musical theathre and on broadway i think after, so she gt big in her genre.
Bernice Walsh
Bernice Walsh Månad sedan
Susan has or has a record deal with syco. She did really well and had loads of gigs, toured and met older people and sold her albums doing interviews and short gigs. Very big arenas were a lot for her to de with. She sang for a big Olympic opening and stuff like that.
Brayden Clancy
Brayden Clancy Månad sedan
Pretty sure Britney Spears was famous much earlier than 16 lol
Josette Lavigne Nuit
1:02 me trying to flirt LMAO
Diol Official
Diol Official Månad sedan
Where is beyonce??
Losiek Månad sedan
Allie Robertson
Allie Robertson Månad sedan
Why did they blow up 🥺
wael lattakia
wael lattakia Månad sedan
What about Avril Lavigne ???
Xahvia Braun
Xahvia Braun Månad sedan
Thanks for mentioning Charles Bradley, I love blues & hadn't heard of him yet.
Jet Girl
Jet Girl Månad sedan
I dreamed a dream is so beautiful and heartbreaking.
Jenny Rae
Jenny Rae Månad sedan
Thank you for this video! I needed it so much! (I'm 35 years old)
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