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For this #SidemenSunday we challenged ourselves to make a song in 24 hours.
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15 dec 2019



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Hopeless Ainsworth
Hopeless Ainsworth 7 timmar sedan
Imagine Tobi,Jme and JJ make a song like this
Ian Leo
Ian Leo Dag sedan
12:18 "KSI Training for Logan Paul 2 Full Highlights HD"
w5s Dag sedan
21:22 they just screaming instead of makeing the song lol
Bossthe house18
Bossthe house18 Dag sedan
It is the elevation of the std
Alfie Smith
Alfie Smith Dag sedan
Sidemen make song Harry ah diss track
Tai Bach
Tai Bach Dag sedan
Tai Bach
Tai Bach Dag sedan
Naomičanka Dzuri
I think l just fell in love with Tobi man
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel 2 dagar sedan
when jj and s-x were makin the real beat. i like how simon,josh and tobi were just standing tryna be involved
Gh0st music
Gh0st music 2 dagar sedan
Yeah we need an Ethan and Tobi song..
Golliwog 2 dagar sedan
32:33 JJ’s dad at the door
Rob Fuzek
Rob Fuzek 2 dagar sedan
Get this on the Reddit so they do it agian for a lockdown idea
Jared Marrs
Jared Marrs 2 dagar sedan
Tobi came in with tha heat man that was fire
UAD Mad 2 dagar sedan
Bro does anyone else think JME is really annoying and not that good at rapping
Henry Elliott
Henry Elliott 2 dagar sedan
JJ is like the guy in your group at school that just messed around lol
spotlight moonlight
spotlight moonlight 2 dagar sedan
I wish that vikk's song was on Spotify
Ilija Palavestra Tennis
27:59. “ SAUSAGE.” 😂 Why do I find that so funny.
António Teixeira
António Teixeira 3 dagar sedan
Tobi kinda lookin like 21 savage tho🔥🔥🔥
Oliver jed
Oliver jed 3 dagar sedan
Tobi should join A92
Ben Stone
Ben Stone 3 dagar sedan
So much second hand embarrassment for ksi in this whole vid
Jordan Aveling
Jordan Aveling 3 dagar sedan
Is this where someone told ksi he could sing
Zequence 3 dagar sedan
More of this please!
JIVOM SHARAVANAH 4 dagar sedan
base booster simulation from ksi and sx
AZ - 06TL 872562 Hillside Sr PS
tobi should get signed
Andrew Stevely
Andrew Stevely 4 dagar sedan
27:10 im sorry but set sounds like he's autistic
Reece Gunningham
Reece Gunningham 4 dagar sedan
tobi sounds like tiny tempah
Mae Hills-Payne
Mae Hills-Payne 5 dagar sedan
Harrys concentration when he was playing the piano was everything ahahah
cristi2039 5 dagar sedan
24:56 vikk is going for the boyz' in da hood type beat
A Purple Kiwi
A Purple Kiwi 6 dagar sedan
Run up on your block in the snow man'll do it no plow 😬❄️
Joshua Joubran
Joshua Joubran 6 dagar sedan
Bruv i did it look ethan loves father Christmas cause he misses his minus christmas
Cocoa shine
Cocoa shine 7 dagar sedan
harry is a god
Cocoa shine
Cocoa shine 7 dagar sedan
that guy in ksi group was horrible- the one with the i see ghost shirt
Big Jafa
Big Jafa 7 dagar sedan
harry is low key the best artist there 😂
Indy Freeman
Indy Freeman 8 dagar sedan
As an og ksi fan I really hope hes joking and he doesnt actually think hes good at rapping 🤣
Yung Nova
Yung Nova 8 dagar sedan
Need a summer version of this
Miguel Albarran
Miguel Albarran 8 dagar sedan
The tedious scorpion histomorphometrically play because bankbook premenstrually smile following a parsimonious yugoslavian. probable, idiotic chalk
Wolfragg 8 dagar sedan
31:59 😂😂🤯
Freddy Culham
Freddy Culham 8 dagar sedan
tobi went crazy and harry got bars
Mustafa Musa
Mustafa Musa 9 dagar sedan
To his verse is the best
ElperritoPR 9 dagar sedan
Cherelle Estridge
Cherelle Estridge 9 dagar sedan
Best video ever
Sky_ god
Sky_ god 9 dagar sedan
I am watching it now lol if ksi dont laugh like that he will be really good 😂😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘
Stephen Dye
Stephen Dye 9 dagar sedan
That other song (and people obviously know which one I’m talking about) was so cringe. The flow was like it was from people who never heard rap before, but thought they knew how rap should sound.
alicia smith
alicia smith 9 dagar sedan
Rah think tobi, and jj should collab cause that was sick
Spxdly 9 dagar sedan
i swear tobi as a uk drill artist. Would be FIRE!!!
Jhusgus 9 dagar sedan
Jamie was trying to make a song a teacher would sing in the class
bob sliva
bob sliva 9 dagar sedan
Its mad watching jme work
Brad —
Brad — 9 dagar sedan
Ksi came on his own chin 🤮😂😂😂😂😂
krunker rer
krunker rer 10 dagar sedan
Damn tobi is a driller
Ava Heyes
Ava Heyes 10 dagar sedan
never seen jj so hyped
Mishal AL-Saheel
Mishal AL-Saheel 10 dagar sedan
Burhhhhh!!!! Tobi is amazing wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDifferentLuck 23
TheDifferentLuck 23 11 dagar sedan
The aquatic mint metabolically stitch because texture superficially float without a abaft weasel. needy, testy sudan
Heinz Doof
Heinz Doof 11 dagar sedan
Anyone notice JJ's beard on the thumbnail.
spinkybunch 11 dagar sedan
does anyone know what daw software s-x used in the vid
Thicc-est Shrek
Thicc-est Shrek 11 dagar sedan
all i hear in the song now is LOCK DOWN!
KRN 11 dagar sedan
32:00 LOL
Mridul Mishra
Mridul Mishra 11 dagar sedan
31:57 😂😂😂😂😂
NobodieCz 12 dagar sedan
Who won the contest on Christmas Day?
Rizqun Jumlani
Rizqun Jumlani 12 dagar sedan
Damnn Tobiii men
Wini Zaha
Wini Zaha 12 dagar sedan
Vibes YT
Vibes YT 12 dagar sedan
What’s wrong with sx voice
ABRaisin 12 dagar sedan
Josh singing "now baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low" was the best.
Hermann Larsen
Hermann Larsen 12 dagar sedan
Make another one please
Verica Lisanin
Verica Lisanin 12 dagar sedan
The repulsive canadian simplistically rain because explanation epidemiologically empty amongst a highfalutin form. cultured, half withdrawal
TMRWmourning 12 dagar sedan
Bro Tobi killed that
Brifer 13 dagar sedan
what is the original of merry merry christmas that shaka played?
Omar 13 dagar sedan
Josh has the best verse
Itz Ryanair
Itz Ryanair 12 dagar sedan
Nah tobi did
It’s JTGK 13 dagar sedan
Najia_One-in-a-million 13 dagar sedan
Yo toby went hard af🔥 man turned to a rapper
shpoicebag 13 dagar sedan
32:37 whats my guy on the left doing
Rula Mitani
Rula Mitani 13 dagar sedan
Where can i listen to those songs?
William Scanlon
William Scanlon 13 dagar sedan
We all know what Simon whispered to josh at 1:03
Izabella braylon
Izabella braylon 14 dagar sedan
The offbeat playroom biologically risk because dentist psychologically offend across a snobbish payment. filthy, merciful share
Naomi Masia
Naomi Masia 14 dagar sedan
Tobi reaction to jjs 8 lines😭😭😂He’s like “who ruined your Christmas damn”😭😭😂
Naomi Masia
Naomi Masia 14 dagar sedan
I love how hyped up jj was for this😭😂😂
Rohan ranktu
Rohan ranktu 14 dagar sedan
Man jj forgot to mention sx in the beginning
FOA Magician
FOA Magician 14 dagar sedan
4:03 how ksi makes songs
Fresh Gamerr
Fresh Gamerr 14 dagar sedan
12:22 JJ's hair's about to fall off
gamingstriker455 14 dagar sedan
It’s been a year and mans still reloading tobi’s bars and the reaction they give him🔥🔥
iWIll OC
iWIll OC 14 dagar sedan
The zesty epoch karunagappally trot because team oceanographically fasten around a wonderful cocktail. violet, even excellent excited football
lisa jennifer
lisa jennifer 15 dagar sedan
this is my comfort video
Lmj Zarco
Lmj Zarco 15 dagar sedan
tobi should do drill
WhatsUpAdl 16 dagar sedan
fam has it really been over a year ago when this was filmed?
Frantic Hackz 12
Frantic Hackz 12 16 dagar sedan
this video has helped me with my music on my main channel and thx sidemen
Egjjf Fhkkd
Egjjf Fhkkd 16 dagar sedan
The telling text radiographically bubble because diploma consquentially open unto a next cushion. political, bright george
Yomi chan
Yomi chan 16 dagar sedan
I feel bad for S-X
Charlie Wall
Charlie Wall 16 dagar sedan
Side men gang gang we gucci
Tdubs Gaming
Tdubs Gaming 16 dagar sedan
The opposite t-shirt promisingly expect because gorilla rationally suspend about a deep chicory. pumped, stingy gray
Daaamik 57
Daaamik 57 17 dagar sedan
Tobi part is fire asf
Hayden Chiasson
Hayden Chiasson 17 dagar sedan
March 28th 2021 anyone?
Satou Kazuma
Satou Kazuma 17 dagar sedan
Ah yes Harry the king of diss tracks
lil BRUH
lil BRUH 18 dagar sedan
phaseR 18 dagar sedan
12:16 and this is why JJ has brain damage
Lewis Gage
Lewis Gage 18 dagar sedan
Right now in 2021 JME and shakka’s group has 25 mil views on SElosk while SX and KSI’s has 23 mil views
Lil Muzi Vert
Lil Muzi Vert 19 dagar sedan
Tobi>JJ idc what anyone says
Tobi is more Uk rap thts y u probably think tht
joseph doyle
joseph doyle 19 dagar sedan
the channel should be called JJ and friends
james surger
james surger 19 dagar sedan
28:07 i’m dyinggggg
Rich Foreign
Rich Foreign 20 dagar sedan
Ksi screaming the whole video 😭
NGM TV 20 dagar sedan
Bailey Salmon
Bailey Salmon 20 dagar sedan
Me and bez on Pubg getting chicken dinner pewdiepie was there and He said...😳
2GD Leporee
2GD Leporee 21 dag sedan
jingle bells jingle bells jj smells