Rory McIlroy & Justin Thomas try to make a hole-in-one with 50 balls 

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European Tour Originals presents the Chase The Ace 50/50 Hole-In-One Challenge, starring Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas.

The odds suggest a Tour pro's chances of making a hole-in-one are roughly one in 2,500.

In four previous episodes, we’ve given players 500 balls and an entire day to try to make an ace. However, to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, this time we gave two of the world’s best players just 50 attempts each…

Could they defy the odds to find that one perfect shot? A 148-yard par three at Abu Dhabi Golf Club awaits. Here’s what happened…
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23 feb 2021



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Thatsme849 3 timmar sedan
Lol amateurs
Jack Pearce
Jack Pearce 10 timmar sedan
Rory is like the zverev of golf
George 14 timmar sedan
Me landing on the green with anything more than a PW: Tiger arm pump! These guys land it within 3 feet of the hole: nEvEr hAd a cHaNcE
Rhys C-T
Rhys C-T 23 timmar sedan
They looked so sad at the end 😔 😂
James Smith
James Smith Dag sedan
Ok I'm no pro, but if i had that talent i would have tried way less loft and roll it up. I dont know if the greens were super soft but so many stopped dead. For those to go in they have to land in the hole . . . Unlikely. Pitching up and rolling back would be a good option if most actually spun back with a roll. But the green never offered much there. With lower loft you get your run and if its short with enough run its gonna go through the line of the hole and then all you need from there is the right direction. Too many landed short and didn't roll back much or landed short and didnt run much. If the green was just a little bit faster they would have had way better chance tough gig for those two.
James Miller
James Miller Dag sedan
These guys are so good it’s amazing
Brett Hamilton
Brett Hamilton Dag sedan
only ever got a hole in one after hitting first shot into the water, so a par i guess.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Dag sedan
its amazing how they are so mad with some of those shots i would dream of hitting aha
JoHN Smith
JoHN Smith 2 dagar sedan
They had to high of expectations for themselves. Which as a tour you should. But for a challenge like that the odds are to far out of your control. Would've been cool to see them hit 100 balls each. They were close.
Andy B
Andy B 2 dagar sedan
The sound of their shots are therapeutic.
mikewabrown 2 dagar sedan
Totally Tech Tips
Totally Tech Tips 2 dagar sedan
This was great. No ace, but still great
Christoffer Niemor
Christoffer Niemor 2 dagar sedan
Not only is it the two best players on the tour but the two shortest
Scott Shields
Scott Shields 3 dagar sedan
So the editing clearly didn’t consider the clock in the background lol
Troy Lee Newgent
Troy Lee Newgent 4 dagar sedan
Need more of these
The Average Armwrestler
Why subtitles? Is this a new algorithm thing? I’ve noticed a ton of videos doing it without the option to turn them off.
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 5 dagar sedan
They were upset for not making a hole in one, but 75-80% of their shots were making the green. I’m glad to just make the green.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 5 dagar sedan
I've been a better than scratch golfer for roughly 15 years now. Played big mini tour events for five years. I have one hole in one. One.
Noobツ 6 dagar sedan
Paypal is noobttv please anyone donate
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen 9 dagar sedan
The guys watching who have to repair the tee box and green when their done -__-
joe sigsworth
joe sigsworth 10 dagar sedan
I’d take any of these shots, anyday😂
Terrance Parsons
Terrance Parsons 10 dagar sedan
1 in 50 on the green does it for me.
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran 12 dagar sedan
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lubbers maltby
lubbers maltby 12 dagar sedan
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Corey Eye
Corey Eye 12 dagar sedan
These guys just hit more shots inside of a foot with 50 balls each than I have my entire life.
el flojo
el flojo 14 dagar sedan
why Golf is relatively hard? "its hard because you're trying to do the same thing over and over and over again, and when it doesn't work, then you try to change it but you end up going back to what you were trying to do before"
Hoeger Mayra
Hoeger Mayra 14 dagar sedan
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OnYourKillList 14 dagar sedan
Losers!.. I coulda done that in my sleep... If I was dreaming.
Alexander Canella
Alexander Canella 18 dagar sedan
6 years without an ace? That blew me away. He has to mean in a tournament setting.
Todd Brown
Todd Brown 19 dagar sedan
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Mika Sueoka
Mika Sueoka 19 dagar sedan
They are mad that the ball didn’t go in the hole but on the green Me: when my ball landed on the green be like 😃😃
paws057 20 dagar sedan
If I hit the green I'm excited! Lol
tony rogers
tony rogers 21 dag sedan
I could easily make a hole in one with 100 shots
Miles Tauzin-Fox
Miles Tauzin-Fox 16 dagar sedan
YouTube Viewer
YouTube Viewer 22 dagar sedan
Why do they always get Tourette’s after they hit the ball
Anonimowy Słuchacz Rapu
Radio voice reminds me Felix Baumgartner and his Red Bull jump from space :D
Danny Wojtowicz
Danny Wojtowicz 25 dagar sedan
What are the little green things below their caps? I thought maybe cameras but there were none of those shots
BAOQIANG Li 25 dagar sedan
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vita franjul
vita franjul 28 dagar sedan
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gjk t 29 dagar sedan
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Donald Jeezy Trump
Donald Jeezy Trump 29 dagar sedan
I think he wasnt joking when he said he lost count
James Yardley
James Yardley 29 dagar sedan
His ability to measure inches is shocking. The women in his life must be pleasantly surprised.
Malc x
Malc x Månad sedan
Two of the most unlikeable golfers on the planet after Reed&Woods !!
Andrew Woodham
Andrew Woodham Månad sedan
It’s crazy to think that they play at such a high level that mentally they couldn’t handle doing 500 because of the expectation of making at least one.
luke Borchardt
luke Borchardt Månad sedan
2 Players champions
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar Månad sedan
Starts of with a powerful positive statement " only get 1 first shot to get a hole in one" then goes to self-hatred "Not even close... I'm yelling at a ball that's 20ft short." - Golf is the biggest rollercoaster ride of mental frustration and strength. Prove me wrong.
Dion B
Dion B Månad sedan
I think they're over thinking and over dramatizing hitting 50 balls each lol
tml1019 Månad sedan
Love the drama starting at 5:07. I nearly shed a tear
근영순항 Månad sedan
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Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Månad sedan
European Tour is so good at making content. Wish the PGA’s SElosk was this good.
Reid Hines
Reid Hines Månad sedan
Rory is the best golfer ever in my opinion
________________ Månad sedan
Coin Bureau
Coin Bureau Månad sedan
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Big Michael
Big Michael Månad sedan
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Coin Bureau
Coin Bureau Månad sedan
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Big Michael Månad sedan
@Coin Bureau can you drop your number or email ??
Big Michael
Big Michael Månad sedan
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Coin Bureau
Coin Bureau Månad sedan
@Millie Starks please it’s nothing fishy ..
neiIoftheyear Månad sedan
I just hope JT is having a nice day wherever he is
노혜연 Månad sedan
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Gregg The Gremlin
Gregg The Gremlin Månad sedan
Great video but you can tell its put together as the Rolex clock keeps changing backwards and forwards. Still very enjoyable
Sam James
Sam James Månad sedan
5:00 goku that you?
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley Månad sedan
Rory at 6:03 articulating the pain every amateur golfer experiences every time we play.
Jonny Dare
Jonny Dare Månad sedan
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Månad sedan
I would literally take any shot they hit any day
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf Månad sedan
JT was so hilariously negative while Rory was just chill lol
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Månad sedan
"I want to throw my club so bad" JT, I have & it feels good.
mitchdolphinsfan2 Månad sedan
I would have laughed so hard if JT called himself a homosexual again 😂
Sean Mcdonagh
Sean Mcdonagh Månad sedan
The fact that these guys actually mean to hit the ball like they do and it does this is just ART. I just hope I hit it forwards 😅
Joe DeFazio
Joe DeFazio Månad sedan
what is on the inside of JT's bill of his cap?
Sean Månad sedan
I'm playing golf 27 years, since I was 8 years old. Playing off a handicap of 1. Never had a hole in one 😭
Abdul Ahtar
Abdul Ahtar Månad sedan
Would’ve loved a graphic of their shot proximity at the end!
Ice Death
Ice Death Månad sedan
This is rEaL fRuStRaTiOn
East Portal
East Portal Månad sedan
*lands 6 inches from the hole* “Oh no I’m horrible”
South Månad sedan
This is a worse version of the pretty cool 500 shot hole-in-one challenge.
Joe Månad sedan
Justin: "What are you doin' different? Rory: "I don't know"! Classic!!!
Dick Tree
Dick Tree Månad sedan
"There's just no good in this game" is what i'm saying after my third straight in the drink not stopping it dead 3 inches from the hole...
Yomomma163 Månad sedan
Let's go Rory my guy better win this
Yomomma163 Månad sedan
Jesus loves you brochachos
Figboot on Pens
Figboot on Pens Månad sedan
The Euro tour kills it with this kind of content.
Wesley Walraeve
Wesley Walraeve Månad sedan
These guys are so funny in these competitions. Like the one with Rory and the robot swinging into washing machines 🤣
Mac Rahn
Mac Rahn Månad sedan
What are those things underneath the beaks of their hat lmao?
Matthew Muldoon
Matthew Muldoon Månad sedan
The way to do this is to get 10 or 15 of these guys to each hit 50 balls at the same pin, that should get the job done!
Kyle Carattini
Kyle Carattini Månad sedan
I wanna try
Daniel Börjesson
Daniel Börjesson Månad sedan
These guys are closer with 50 balls than i am with 50 months
mc araneta
mc araneta Månad sedan
You lost my respect there. Both of you
Joe DeFazio
Joe DeFazio Månad sedan
“Thats 2 inches to the left” “Cool”
Drew Stauffacher
Drew Stauffacher Månad sedan
Golden Child
Golden Child Månad sedan
seems like they thought they could do it, that makes it more frustrating.
jdhrap Månad sedan
So these 2 studs are just throwing lawn darts and getting pissed. To the casual golfer many of these shots would be “best ever” they’ve hit category.
David Camden
David Camden Månad sedan
Rory sounds very American in this video
Coach Maguire
Coach Maguire Månad sedan
Tee box lookin’ like a moonscape.
Phendra Dunlap
Phendra Dunlap Månad sedan
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miriam miller
miriam miller Månad sedan
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Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league
Never heard of these two, but they're crap.
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler Månad sedan
"I want to throw my club so bad" is so relatable.
Marcus Duncan
Marcus Duncan Månad sedan
just goes to show what a hard game we play. The real question is why??? LMAO
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua Månad sedan
Is it me or Rory sounded like goku first few seconds
meng kit គិតម៉េង
Tell rory to do 500 of this
TanukiSC Månad sedan
Two of the most likable there are
And jesus name AMEN
And jesus name AMEN Månad sedan
It's about practice. Give me 8 hours 6 days a week.
bonose12 Månad sedan
Golf is hard...100 shots later, golf is really hard.
William Hurst
William Hurst Månad sedan
What a great vid, really enjoyed it and its great to see Justin and Rory enjoying themselves! Just for the record, I've had one hole-in-one, 158yd uphill par 3. Horrible contact, lost it with the sun in my eyes...looked everywhere else then thought "I'll just check the hole" - it was in there!!! I was playing on my own and not one of my golf buddies will ever believe me. But I know... ball is on a plinth in my room 😅👍
Jason Gill
Jason Gill Månad sedan
For any regular golfers we’d just be trying to get our swing right for the best chance. These guys are executing perfectly and it’s not going in so they don’t know what to do and that’s what drives them nuts
John Butler
John Butler Månad sedan
That was fantastic!
Tim Conolly
Tim Conolly Månad sedan
This is the content the people deserve. Keep it coming!
Ben Dorrington
Ben Dorrington Månad sedan
5:22 Justin Thomas aces the Dufner impression.
Jamie Sloan
Jamie Sloan Månad sedan
I only have one ACE in my 28 years of playing. lol
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