Roma 1-0 Sampdoria | Dzeko Second Half Strike Claims Victory For Roma! | Serie A TIM 

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Roma keep up the chase at the top of the table after a second half finish from talisman Edin Dzeko, claimed all 3 points for the hosts! | Serie A TIM
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3 jan 2021



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Dnevna doza Kije Kockar
Sopish Tehran
Sopish Tehran 18 dagar sedan
Grande ROMA!
Абу ганибаев
Fike 20 dagar sedan
Džeko diamant 🇧🇦
Muh Ayyub
Muh Ayyub 20 dagar sedan
My favourite commentator 😍😍
Edin Pandzic
Edin Pandzic 20 dagar sedan
tough match...weather was insane
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 20 dagar sedan
The leader dzeko 💪💪
Baim 1985
Baim 1985 20 dagar sedan
Forza roma ! It is time for roma to scudetto. Or... At least big three and through to champions league next season
pasdepmod72 21 dag sedan
Edin Dzeko machine, able to score from any angle, any position!
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 19 dagar sedan
Thank you
Sefik Halilovic
Sefik Halilovic 20 dagar sedan
dzeko legend
Yudha Rustyawanto
Yudha Rustyawanto 21 dag sedan
Forza Roma!
AbOmar Syr
AbOmar Syr 21 dag sedan
I love roma but what kind of accent is this guy talking
Adhock Vandal
Adhock Vandal 21 dag sedan
Bravo Ed
KarinasBalkanski 21 dag sedan
Oleee oleee leee leeee dzekoooo dzekoooo
O Finny
O Finny 21 dag sedan
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 19 dagar sedan
Thank you
Acenk Gentheng
Acenk Gentheng 21 dag sedan
jonbudi 21 dag sedan
Garcy Pamungkas
Garcy Pamungkas 21 dag sedan
Garcy Pamungkas
Garcy Pamungkas 21 dag sedan
Taufiq Kulon
Taufiq Kulon 22 dagar sedan
Welcome to Stadio Olimpico in Rome with Richard Whittle 😂
Van De Roem
Van De Roem 22 dagar sedan
Who is the Commentator ??
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 22 dagar sedan
Just unlucky defeat for il samp, hope they have more luck next match, they really equal with roma along the match...
Ahmad Fauzi
Ahmad Fauzi 22 dagar sedan
let's go roma 🔥🔥🔥
Preman Kampung
Preman Kampung 22 dagar sedan
Faisal 22 dagar sedan
I like the accent of the commentator
United Soccer USA
United Soccer USA 22 dagar sedan
Happy for smallings
Lokomotiv Geographic-Planet
рома купите миранчука
Tatsuya BZ
Tatsuya BZ 22 dagar sedan
Audero will be the future number 1 for Azzurri, or Indonesia.
Muhammad Lukman Hakim
Muhammad Lukman Hakim 22 dagar sedan
Lumayan juga ya si mulyadi,cuma kebobolan 1 goal aja
Abhay Kapoor
Abhay Kapoor 22 dagar sedan
Karsdrop has been brilliant this season.
Ariel Darsono
Ariel Darsono 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp is so underrated
Dadi Rohadi
Dadi Rohadi 22 dagar sedan
When the goal happened, I just shouted "KARSDORP !!"
sug itto
sug itto 22 dagar sedan
Forza Roma
gedang goreng 186
gedang goreng 186 22 dagar sedan
Gollllokoloklogolllllllllllllllll...... . 😊
Rumbuk Partahian
Rumbuk Partahian 22 dagar sedan
Smalling out. Smalling out
Aniello L‘Africano
Aniello L‘Africano 20 dagar sedan
Karim Rashid Pour
Karim Rashid Pour 21 dag sedan
Are you kidding?
Zhask Aliens
Zhask Aliens 22 dagar sedan
Daje Dzeko.. Forza Roma
Aldriyan Rorimpandey Network
Forza Roma
Kang Koment
Kang Koment 22 dagar sedan
Diamond from bosnia Edin Dzeko💙
Alfonso Ramos
Alfonso Ramos 22 dagar sedan
Alex A
Alex A 22 dagar sedan
Khusnul Khotimah
Khusnul Khotimah 22 dagar sedan
Dzeko bro jagoanku dari kecill
Funky Monk
Funky Monk 22 dagar sedan
Daje Roma!!!
Wira Sana
Wira Sana 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp amazing...
Takumi Matsuzawa
Takumi Matsuzawa 22 dagar sedan
Karadorp has been a pleasant surprise of the season
Cody Ferrell
Cody Ferrell 18 dagar sedan
I think he is the most unexpected breakout player of the season. Know Myki is the mvp so far... everyone knew he was probably going to play decent at least. BUT KARSDORP BALLING alike he has?!?! Yeeeeshhhh 🔥 🔥 🔥
Edwin Liong Junadi
Edwin Liong Junadi 22 dagar sedan
Samuel Fraccica
Samuel Fraccica 22 dagar sedan
SAHABAT TANI 22 dagar sedan
Forza roma
MANCING YOO 22 dagar sedan
Wonderful skill from Dzeko...Grazie roma...😁👌
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 22 dagar sedan
Thank you
ADA PULA 22 dagar sedan
edin dzeko~ Luca toni,,,,
DeBuDDi 22 dagar sedan
well play roma, unbeatern for a fews match
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax 22 dagar sedan
It's really rather farcical that Chris Smalling can't get into the England squad, never mind the first XI. I don't know what he did to make Gareth Southgate throw him under the bus in the manner he did, but it's England's loss, frankly.
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax 20 dagar sedan
@infinitus Smalling "doesn't have the speed"? Dude you are embarrassing yourself now - one things Smalling _certainly_ has is speed; in fact he was regularly clocked in as one of United's fastest players at Manchester United. Go home, you're drunk.
608 Sreeyansh
608 Sreeyansh 22 dagar sedan
@United Soccer USA you yourself said smalling is not better than maguire. He is one of the reasons we are in a title race. And how on earth is he one of the worst defenders? You are deluded
United Soccer USA
United Soccer USA 22 dagar sedan
@infinitus smallings not better than Maguire 😆😂🤣 people are deluded. Maguire is one of the worst defenders in the Premier League. Thanks to Bailey Man U are tied for first Maguire is a 🐌.
608 Sreeyansh
608 Sreeyansh 22 dagar sedan
@Christiano Pulinaldo much better than smalling
608 Sreeyansh
608 Sreeyansh 22 dagar sedan
@komang bg no. You lot just look at the mistakes of maguire and decide.You won't look at the brilliant defending he also does because that doesn't suit your agenda. I can make a mistake compilation of Varane that looks worse than maguire. There is a reason why Maguire starts for England
Butters 22 dagar sedan
How is Chris smalling playing this season?
Butters 21 dag sedan
@Karim Rashid Pour fantastic smalling is mufc legend
Karim Rashid Pour
Karim Rashid Pour 21 dag sedan
Not wonderfully because he needed to adjust after some injuries...but he is still doing well and he is regaining his shape.
dansarale alesardan
dansarale alesardan 22 dagar sedan
Ga da otak Cebong
Ga da otak Cebong 22 dagar sedan
GG karsdrop
Bray Channel
Bray Channel 22 dagar sedan
Roma need icon player like totti
hermawan wawan
hermawan wawan 22 dagar sedan
Lanjut romaku menang lg
fajar sadono
fajar sadono 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp, pelayan goal yang baik bagi rekan2nya
Saint. Frankenstein
Saint. Frankenstein 22 dagar sedan
Yeaaahhh.. Forza roma.. And still blink 182 💪🏼
Amel R
Amel R 22 dagar sedan
Takudzwa Mwanza
Takudzwa Mwanza 22 dagar sedan
dzeko thats a strikers finish i love this guy
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 22 dagar sedan
Thank you.
Shadrack LAURENT
Shadrack LAURENT 22 dagar sedan
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Antip King
Antip King 22 dagar sedan
Henrik 👍
Andrei Marius Irimia
Andrei Marius Irimia 22 dagar sedan
BABATUNDE SANNI 22 dagar sedan
🇳🇬 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.. selosk.info/class/video/jm1ntYVm3Yp9kaM.html 🇺🇲
Dino Macak
Dino Macak 22 dagar sedan
Dzekoooo majstore
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava 22 dagar sedan
Great game for AS Roma 🎉2021
Róbert Bozeník
Róbert Bozeník 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp is underrated Forza roma We love you Feyenoord Rotterdam
Ton Dongen
Ton Dongen 21 dag sedan
@Daryl Novhiandy , ahaha still getting nightmares from that match. Love Roma tho. Greetings from Rotterdam!
Daryl Novhiandy
Daryl Novhiandy 22 dagar sedan
The feeling is mutual. Love to have another fiery encounter with Feyenoord after that 2015 UEL knockouts 😁
Ly Vo
Ly Vo 22 dagar sedan
Goh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
arif ouranio
arif ouranio 22 dagar sedan
@Joshua Wiggers people nowadays using the word "underrated" to every player who play well, man 😁👍🏻
Joshua Wiggers
Joshua Wiggers 22 dagar sedan
I don’t think he’s necessarily underrated but he seems to be getting real comfortable with his role. He’s certainly improving as the season has progressed. Kudos to Kardsorp
Salvatore 22 dagar sedan
Have you ever heard rappin in 6 languages? avete mai sentito rappare in 6 lingue differenti? selosk.info/tv/PLI8pyo9POByN7GqFBhxBJmBs1ZWuJqq_2 BIG UP :)
Omed Saed
Omed Saed 22 dagar sedan
Edin Dzeko 69
Edin Dzeko 69 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp has been a player reborn ever since he became a dadsorp
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 22 dagar sedan
Hey, you stole my name.....
AJ Scott
AJ Scott 22 dagar sedan
Anyone know why Roma's celebratory music is All the Small Things? 🤣
Víctor Manuel Mitre Núñez
@proevofan really? That's Amazing
proevofan 22 dagar sedan
@Víctor Manuel Mitre Núñez Tom DeLonge was raised on the Curva Sud
Víctor Manuel Mitre Núñez
Hahaha cuz its cool
Max Karun
Max Karun 22 dagar sedan
Forza Roma! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!-selosk.info/name/ZKJO8XM8l_-U7ZXH4kR7oQ
Cere Whit
Cere Whit 22 dagar sedan
Absolute state of smallings hair. Mans a fraud posh boy.
Rik Akkerman
Rik Akkerman 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp low crossing are really working the last couple of games. Looks also so simple cross, tap in goal!
Pedro Diniz
Pedro Diniz 22 dagar sedan
Forza roma!!!
Tabletman sony
Tabletman sony 22 dagar sedan
Dzeko 34 years old. He is just like Ibrahimovic, the older the better.
Isack Berg
Isack Berg 18 dagar sedan
Goalkeepers aswell
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 22 dagar sedan
@Džeko 11 Hahahaha
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 22 dagar sedan
TToTToTT 22 dagar sedan
i think strikers and defenders can last longer at the top level... looking at nesta, maldini and even ronaldo, ibra and dzeko.
mike bambur
mike bambur 22 dagar sedan
Dzekooooooooooo,again and again and again.
souhaib trabelsi
souhaib trabelsi 22 dagar sedan
Reni 22 dagar sedan
Karsdorp has been on 🔥
RalXuS 22 dagar sedan
Mkhitaryan unlucky😔
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 20 dagar sedan
@RalXuS That's okay
RalXuS 20 dagar sedan
@Sad Boy two shot for bar
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 20 dagar sedan
Mina Başaran
Mina Başaran 22 dagar sedan
oussama napolitano
oussama napolitano 22 dagar sedan
Notevole miglioramento giorno dopo giorno, ne sono felice
MA 22 dagar sedan
Smalling >>> bonucci not even close
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime 22 dagar sedan
@Christiano Pulinaldo LOL! DO NOT compare Muller with Pellegrini. Let me know when Pellegrini wins a WC or even a UCL then we can say he might be better then Muller.
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 22 dagar sedan
Pellegrini >>> muller not even close.
faid Ali
faid Ali 22 dagar sedan
Hard game
X A 22 dagar sedan
that Sampdoria jersey looks 🔥🔥
Funky Monk
Funky Monk 22 dagar sedan
hai visto quelle della Roma? Have you seen Roma's? 😂
d rankov
d rankov 22 dagar sedan
forza magica!! 🧡♥️♥️
Muhammad Toha Rizman bin Sulaiman
Forza Roma GialloRossi
N Mad
N Mad 22 dagar sedan
Let’s go roma!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joker• 22 dagar sedan
vedo_hh 22 dagar sedan
Dzeko Worldclass Striker Nr 9 .Champion Guy.Consistent last 12 Years👍👍👍💪🏆
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic 20 dagar sedan
@shivneil pratap 2 titles with City and one and only title for Wolsburg.Look goals from Djeko in Wolsburg.
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 22 dagar sedan
Thank you
Andrea Marchisio
Andrea Marchisio 22 dagar sedan
Singgih Saputra
Singgih Saputra 22 dagar sedan
In man city He is some trophy
shivneil pratap
shivneil pratap 22 dagar sedan
He deserves to win trophies Dont u think?
Lisin Flo24
Lisin Flo24 22 dagar sedan
Richard Whittle komentator favorit. Forza Roma 🇲🇨🐺
Syafiq Tengku
Syafiq Tengku 22 dagar sedan
Roma will finish top 4 this season.. Mark my words..
Renato Armandola
Renato Armandola 22 dagar sedan
@Reni maybe so, although with Juventus we definitely deserved to win. Anyway so far Roma has won with most less strong teams, while other top teams have lost several points against lower ranked teams, that's why we're third and why I believe we'll qualify for UCL
Ly Vo
Ly Vo 22 dagar sedan
Roh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
Il Conte Orlok
Il Conte Orlok 22 dagar sedan
Mmmh i don’t know I hope so but Juve and Atalanta unfortunately seem to be more solid
MantraLibre 1
MantraLibre 1 22 dagar sedan
@proevofan not necessarily.
proevofan 22 dagar sedan
@MantraLibre 1 Juve?
sa B Elsa Elsa
sa B Elsa Elsa 22 dagar sedan
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
alli KeshaShai
alli KeshaShai 22 dagar sedan
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Brennen djjl
Brennen djjl 22 dagar sedan
" 3:53 King Juje Lobby Ranieri
Ly Vo
Ly Vo 22 dagar sedan
Goh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
EL REVANDO 22 dagar sedan
Juje The Great..
Hide Me
Hide Me 22 dagar sedan
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 22 dagar sedan
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 22 dagar sedan
Camora LEBT
Camora LEBT 22 dagar sedan
Liam De hart
Liam De hart 22 dagar sedan
karsdorp should be in the Dutch national team
꧁ღIsamar Aguilarღ꧂ - CHECK MY PROFILE
People like you are super rare and very difficult to find. 💘😘💜
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 22 dagar sedan
Wishing you a very happy New year 2021 serie a and all of you
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 22 dagar sedan
I am happy because I support this match Roma and roma win the match serie a
Hernan Suarez
Hernan Suarez 22 dagar sedan
The Roma's fan wants that you watch more matchs and support us to win the 'scudetto' this year
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 22 dagar sedan
Love you serie a