Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN 

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Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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Videos referenced:
When Ben broke a nail polish (2020): selosk.info/class/video/bWeKu41-25hnvmg.html
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More on my nail polish shelves:
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World record largest nail polish collection: www.tellerreport.com/news/--everything-in-the-paint--hamburger-has-the-world-s-largest-nail-polish-collection-.HkJQr7uN4.html
And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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TheAnti-Guru-Art 10 minuter sedan
Menchi is the real star of this video😸
Little Dove
Little Dove 14 minuter sedan
next video like this is going to be testing every single nail polish she has to see if they still work
Jadedslave 36 minuter sedan
PRAISE MENCHIE!! Giiiiirrrrrrlllll thank you so freaking much for doing this! 😭 I literally had to pull back from watching your vids because the polish rainbow was killing my OCD 😫 It looks amazing!! 😍
ItsjustJordanCy a
ItsjustJordanCy a 45 minuter sedan
Ben and Christine are basically married if you think about it
Midknightsnow 37
Midknightsnow 37 52 minuter sedan
No one: ben: what is it called wen someone kidnapped someone and they think they love them Me: why did you ask that it so random
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith Timme sedan
Ima be 32 next month I feel ya
Jorja Panda
Jorja Panda Timme sedan
I know she will never see this, but she should make a video where she swatches all of her nail polish to help her get rid of some old crusty ones
Leila English
Leila English Timme sedan
mixing all your oats together
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 Timme sedan
Everyone: ooh cool and shiny Me: why so many cat beds?
Grace King
Grace King Timme sedan
i like the rainbow better
Grace King
Grace King 2 timmar sedan
I love how she was just like ´Be like Jen' to Ben lol
Yihan Qin
Yihan Qin 2 timmar sedan
I thought Safiya had crazy amounts of lipstick, specifically lip stuff... until I saw this video.
Katie Townend
Katie Townend 2 timmar sedan
I’m so glad you changed it back! Honestly I hated the rainbow too 😳
the official simp
the official simp 2 timmar sedan
that room is one of the most flammable room their house...
Novineux 2 timmar sedan
I wonder if Beyyyn ever think about wanting to be stuck in that sister sandwich...
Kiarah Copeland
Kiarah Copeland 2 timmar sedan
she is going to need a bigger shelf
Inara Mack
Inara Mack 3 timmar sedan
the pure fear in her voice at selosk.info/class/video/hJ9n0px04Hp8w4U.html is amazing
aces&eights A&8
aces&eights A&8 3 timmar sedan
I've got nearly 2500 bottles. I did mine by brand then by rainbow order.
Pebbles5863 3 timmar sedan
Ben.. get sofia, and a group of friends... i think its time for an intervention. She has to throw away the old crusty nail polishes
Chelsea 3 timmar sedan
Meanwhile, the cats are like "where the frick did our beds go?!"
princess lyra
princess lyra 4 timmar sedan
Simply: I want Menchi: knocks off a nail polish* Simply: Menchi! Ben: Mench
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 timmar sedan
CristineI: "just cant bring myself to throw out anything" Me: "hmm .... I don't have nail polish at all, so what should i do" 🤔
haylee altvater
haylee altvater 5 timmar sedan
i feel so much better about this
Eslin Lebrecht
Eslin Lebrecht 5 timmar sedan
Peace has been restored to the universe. All is how it was. Until it gets reorganized again.
Layla_0072 Plays
Layla_0072 Plays 5 timmar sedan
Oh no again 😟uh oh
Layla_0072 Plays
Layla_0072 Plays 2 timmar sedan
Lol yea
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 timmar sedan
The order is restored 😊💛🖒
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 5 timmar sedan
You have a problem
Polly Rinker
Polly Rinker 5 timmar sedan
I was sssooo excited the first time I found holo nail polish that I HAD to buy it! Since then I've had to move and am staying with my sister, I can't find any of my polish, honestly I can't remember packing my cllection, so sad :( but surely I did, can you send me some?(please?)
Polly Rinker
Polly Rinker 6 timmar sedan
Question... do you use all this nail polish to do other peoples nails? Or do you use it for just youf own?
Danika Sanchez
Danika Sanchez 6 timmar sedan
you sould paint menchies nails they have pet nail polish i used this its nontoxic
Tess Flood
Tess Flood 7 timmar sedan
i can just picture her in a mansion where every wall is a nail polish shelf
Shannon 7 timmar sedan
Rainbow organizing would be good for nail salons
Bella Dubois
Bella Dubois 7 timmar sedan
Cristine, we can't keep doing this
tamy 6428
tamy 6428 8 timmar sedan
u should make a place where u just show off all of ur peelies
Cassandra Daley
Cassandra Daley 8 timmar sedan
How am i both Jen and Crisitne at the same time?
g m
g m 8 timmar sedan
on this new episode of hoarders...
Holly Stepheson
Holly Stepheson 8 timmar sedan
How many cat beds do you have?
Ellie Boucher
Ellie Boucher 8 timmar sedan
The time lapse make me feel like I'm fast forwarding my sim trying to develop some logic skill ...
doll girl
doll girl 8 timmar sedan
I thought this was a year ago Old at first I was like we haven’t been in quarantine for over a year
Hayliew Lynn
Hayliew Lynn 9 timmar sedan
swe ann
swe ann 9 timmar sedan
The order is restored 😊💛🖒
extremelyhappysimmer 9 timmar sedan
Ben: im not doing this Also ben: keeps helping cristine
extremelyhappysimmer 9 timmar sedan
I love that you use cat beds for organizing XD
RosannaDraws 9 timmar sedan
22:43 dance party 💃🏽 🕺
luna 335
luna 335 9 timmar sedan
Cristine: there is no room on the floor remember last time Ben: WeLL wE cAn mOvE tHe cAt oF tHe tAbLe
Kharma williams
Kharma williams 9 timmar sedan
Jenny:F- Ben:B+ Simply:A++++
Hannah Lybeck-Smoak
Hannah Lybeck-Smoak 9 timmar sedan
video idea: try to do your nails (and bens) while a little tipsy
Sarah George
Sarah George 9 timmar sedan
Ok but when is Ben going to propose
Brianna Pearce
Brianna Pearce 9 timmar sedan
"There's not enough room!!!" "Well we can move the cat off the table!"
Catherine Miles
Catherine Miles 10 timmar sedan
This helped me feel better. Thank you for this video! 💿💿💿🌈🌈🌈💜💙💚💛🧡❤💖🤘✌
atun talib
atun talib 10 timmar sedan
Minute 19:55 - a sudden thought crossed my mind. When both of them turn 60, Ben is still gonna introduce Cristine as his girlfriend and Cristine will still gonna introduce Ben as her boyfriend. They both gonna die as ONLY girlfriend and boyfriend without deeper connection or commitment.
Athena Baldwin
Athena Baldwin 10 timmar sedan
Omg more nail polishes can’t believe it took three days!!! 🤩🤩
Jessie Duncan
Jessie Duncan 10 timmar sedan
i am so glad you reorganised your polishes the other order was really annoying in the way different sized bottles were together this order is so much more pleasing
Alex Scheel
Alex Scheel 10 timmar sedan
You need to pimp it out with led lights to brighten up ur display at dark!
Leandra Prisha
Leandra Prisha 11 timmar sedan
They look like lines of stacked potions like that scene from shrek 2.
Nawal khan
Nawal khan 11 timmar sedan
What if there's an earthquake?
Helena Smagala
Helena Smagala 11 timmar sedan
Me, feeling inspired with my grand total of 19 nail polishes that all fit into one box.
Radical Dame
Radical Dame 12 timmar sedan
I hope Carolyn (the world recorder nail polish collector) watched this and got in touch with you.
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 12 timmar sedan
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 12 timmar sedan
Soccer Koala
Soccer Koala 12 timmar sedan
Me: There is a brand I use!!! Also me: Its at the top.....
Liam Monticelli
Liam Monticelli 13 timmar sedan
19:55 Cristine: "I wish it didn't take so long to organise 2000 of something, know what I'm saying?" BEYYYN: {sarcastic waaaaahing} I think Ben became my new fave.
Kylee Guy
Kylee Guy 13 timmar sedan
Much more aesthetically pleasing well done Cristine
A̸lmo̸nds H̸o̸n̸e̸y̸
The intro is still so satisfying 😯😯😯😯😯
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain 14 timmar sedan
Cat clock was white and red today :O
Jeanette James
Jeanette James 14 timmar sedan
Quarantine led me here and yet I watched all 25 minutes. Very satisfying to watch someone organize
rainydaydrop 14 timmar sedan
For some reason I want her to stream this live like on SElosk or Twitch etc.
Papaya the Rainwing Wof
Papaya the Rainwing Wof 14 timmar sedan
It’s spring cleaning where I am!!!!
TriGamer 14 timmar sedan
Why did this look like so much fun...? I would’ve loved to help.😂😅
Zar 15 timmar sedan
Aaahhh, so soothing and calming with order restored ☺
Kaitlin Rose
Kaitlin Rose 15 timmar sedan
Oh yas
LunarPix Randomizer
LunarPix Randomizer 15 timmar sedan
14:03 i thought the shelf was gonna collapse
Darkrose Guild
Darkrose Guild 16 timmar sedan
So I barely have nails and don't really paint them anymore... and plus if I wanted to do them anyway it would be if I'm away from my boyfriend of something because he's sensitive to the smell of them so I can't. I also hate having long nails so would rather keep them short so it's easier to do things since I write alot and work in labs ( Marine Biology major who works/ takes classes in chemistry labs).
Ally Cook
Ally Cook 16 timmar sedan
I mean, you’re never gonna use most of those polishes lol
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel 16 timmar sedan
love it
lolcatz88 16 timmar sedan
Cristine, you need one of those ladders that slides on a rail like they had in old libraries!
dove 17 timmar sedan
i feel like jen and ben act more like siblings than her and cristine do lmao
Shi Kami
Shi Kami 17 timmar sedan
Cristine doesn't say anything.... Ben: I am not helping. (Proceeds to help a few minutes later)
TaylorMae 17 timmar sedan
This video made me laugh so many times, and the shelf looks sooo good now
Dianna Starling
Dianna Starling 17 timmar sedan
The new way makes me happy for some odd reason
TaylorMae 18 timmar sedan
Nail polish aside, nobody owns more cat beds
Allyssa Knack
Allyssa Knack 18 timmar sedan
Cristine the polish queen
Timya Siemplinski
Timya Siemplinski 19 timmar sedan
I thought this needed to go back as soon as it was done, so I'm thriving!
stephilyn21 20 timmar sedan
I can't be the only one hoping for a nail polish hoarding intervention here.
Mckenzy Strickler
Mckenzy Strickler 20 timmar sedan
I love your videos and p.s. I am watching this a week from when you posted it❤
Gingersnxpp 20 timmar sedan
Cristine: "There's not enough room!" Ben, being the genius that he is: "We can move the cat out of the table" 🤯🤯🤯
arianna guthrie
arianna guthrie 20 timmar sedan
next time, instead of using the cat beds, you could hang grocery bags from your arms and use them to categorize and go through each shelf to help minimize movement. Plus it would help keep some of the cat hair off :) I'm not a professional organizer but I do organize my stuff quiet a bit.
emo anikin
emo anikin 20 timmar sedan
You know you got to give the cat credit it's trying to help her by not doing anything or being in the way but in the end being cute wins over everyone
20 timmar sedan
Why do you have soo many cat beds
Madelyn Cole
Madelyn Cole 20 timmar sedan
Okay girl I love you and all.... but if you kept that moldy nail polish I can’t help but kinda judge ya for it..... still absolutely love you tho ❤️❤️❤️
Maka Mellon
Maka Mellon 20 timmar sedan
But how many nail polishes do you have now...count themmm!!!!
Alexis Harris
Alexis Harris 21 timme sedan
It looks better this way!!
Angela Arvay
Angela Arvay 21 timme sedan
me: *goes to buy holo taco nail polish noticess only two ppl got a case gets exited knowing their will be more to buy* also me: *wonders why theirs no nail polish in the store* also also me: watches this video and sighs*
ExPiReD BeEf boiys
ExPiReD BeEf boiys 21 timme sedan
I can’t wait for the day we’re she dose not have any more room in the that rack
Emily peterson
Emily peterson 22 timmar sedan
It’s would be interesting to see her put a peely base on and that put acrylics on top (using tips and powder)
Lovepreet Narang
Lovepreet Narang 22 timmar sedan
put a #canadian if you are a Canadian in the comments below
Sarah Kheradia
Sarah Kheradia 22 timmar sedan
You need ‘the home edit’ 😍😂
Auburn Ieroway
Auburn Ieroway 22 timmar sedan
Who wants salads!? Do you have vodka? I've never related more in my life
Auburn Ieroway
Auburn Ieroway 22 timmar sedan
4:22 that is a very Jen face
comealongtoto 22 timmar sedan
"ben left me" "i'm not surprised" JEN
kristin isaloser
kristin isaloser 23 timmar sedan
you can tell cristine is a freak in da sheets lol. her crack head energy is too relatable lmao sorry for being out of context... O.o
I did something to my hair