Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020 

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Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The Spanish player won in three sets 6/0 6/2 7/5 and claimed his 13th Roland-Garros, his 20th Grand Slam. It's his 100th victory in Roland-Garros.
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This is the official SElosk Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.


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Short Audio Clips
Short Audio Clips 4 minuter sedan
RG: Rafael Garros
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt Timme sedan
Here is my take on the goat debate and a message to those already annointing Nadal as the goat. The tour in general post the 2,000's was made to favor athletic baseliners and surfaces were slowed down. So many of the hardcourt surfaces actually favored Nadals game as opposed to Federers. How do you think Nadal magically carried his clay court game to other surfaces and beat Fed 3 times at the AO and made 5 Wimbledon finals? Grass and clay is more fair comparison in terms of preffered surface for each player. And guess what, Nadal got 3 masters 1,000 tours on his beloved clay, while Federer got 0. Imagine how many masters Fed would have if this were the case? For you to disregard weeks at number 1 and WTFs in the goat debate and rather champion Head to Head shows arrogance and a lack of understanding of the game. While slams are definitely one of the pinnacles of tennis, the sport is not only played 8 weeks in a year. It is played most the year and the higher the weeks at number 1, the more sustained excellence a player has shown as being the best in the game. This is a very big deal and something both Djokovic and Nadal way outshine Nadal in. How can you call a player the goat if he has been outperformed by many players by a huge margin? In regards to WTF's, they are considered by players, former players and analysts as being the most important tournament outside of slams. A player has to have a great year to qualify and best the elite 8. Some would even call it the "unofficial 5th slam". How can you possibly rank a master 1,000 tournament above that? Fed has won 6 and Djokovic 5. Nadal not winning even 1 is a glaring hole in his resume. And don't bring the excuse, "but it is only played on indoor hard", "it favors Federer"and "if it was only played on clay". Blah, blah, blah. It is only Nadals fault that he is not good enough to win on indoor against his rivals. It is kind strange people call a dirt baller who has only won 2 indoor tours his entire career as the most complete player and the goat. Lastly, head to Head is overrated bud. Styles make fights and Nadal was always a bad matchup for Fed. In addition, most of Nadals matches with Fed have been played on Nadals favored surfaces---clay and slow outside hard court. If they had played more on Feds favored surfaces--grass, fast hard and indoor hard, Fed would be leading the head to head. Furthermore, Davedenko and Dustin Brown lead the head to head with Nadal. Andy Roddick leads the head to head against Djokovic. Does that mean they are better players? It is true they are tied in slams, but Fed leads in the other major categories---weeks at number 1, WTF and overall titles. Quit disrespecting Federer and anointing Nadal the goat prematurely. Fed is the goat for now, but things could change. 2021 and 2022 will be exciting years to see how it unfolds. To conclude, Nadal certainly is in the goat conversation, but all things being equal, Federer indisputably has the better career at this point in time. This could, however, change in the future.
Rumen Krasimirov
Rumen Krasimirov 2 timmar sedan
Fun fact : Djokovic has made more unforced errors in this match than Mahut or Isner in the longest match ever than lasted over 11 hours .
Diego Mathey Garza
Diego Mathey Garza 4 timmar sedan
Who has seen this highlights like 10 times (or more) already? Can't get tired of watching them....damn.
Huda RN
Huda RN 4 timmar sedan
The best ever❤️
Vikram Chahal
Vikram Chahal 4 timmar sedan
20 grand slam in 2020 😃 amazing Raffa. 🙌
AlexisElPasabolas DeTenisDeMesa
No se porque pero este partido me recuerda a la final de Us Open 2019 🤔
Secret place회개로영의기도하는신부
Is winner Djokovic? Or Nadal? Showing like Djokovic is a winner...
Jonty Lloyd
Jonty Lloyd 5 timmar sedan
Who just loves the back view to see there perfect technique compared to us farts
Jonty Lloyd
Jonty Lloyd 5 timmar sedan
I watched the hole match
Ham Boba
Ham Boba 6 timmar sedan
Nadal was on God mode that day. Hopefully this trashing lingers on Djokovic's mind for years to come
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed 10 timmar sedan
Nadal destroyed Djokivic this time.
Vladimir Ipotzky
Vladimir Ipotzky 10 timmar sedan
10 more rolland garros to go and he will retire. Just dont give up guys, one of you will become champions in there someday. Just wait for him to retire je je : )
el Alex 24
el Alex 24 11 timmar sedan
Tremendo Rafa la impotencia que sentía nole
Horsepower House
Horsepower House 12 timmar sedan
Clearly no one plays tennis (pro) anymore. Otherwise these guys would eventually retire because new meat would come along. I am sorry, but it gets boring seeing the same players - over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... (and I have been playing and watching tennis for 40+ years.)
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 timmar sedan
13th French title but still the celebration is like a first. Now that’s called passion.
somerandomdude999 15 timmar sedan
Lol no, it was too easy... he didn't even fall down on the court
Sports Channel
Sports Channel 21 timme sedan
I was surprise of novak comment that RAFA! surprise him YOU WERE NEVER GONNA WIN RAFA HERE AT ROLAND GARROS!! it's RAFA Graveyard The only surprise is that Rafa said am not giving u NO CHANCE!!
K Dubbs
K Dubbs 18 timmar sedan
Thing is, Novak WONT BUDGE at the AO!!! So why should Rafa budge at RG?? U wont let me win AO so i wont let u either at RG 😅
Sports Channel
Sports Channel 21 timme sedan
1 week ago since we all witness this BRUTALITY! from the world #2 has he hands down a BEAT DOWN! to the world #1 looking back at this match Rafa played like the world #1 lol Vamos Rafa! i will never forget this win and there is only 1 reason for that and that is because its NOVAK!!! HE GOT WREKT!!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 timmar sedan
There is no greater foregone conclusion in world sport than Nadal winning the French Open.
elijah tolentino
elijah tolentino 23 timmar sedan
Roland Garros court is RAFFA's turf, dare not challenge him.
Minh 23 timmar sedan
Fact: It is impossible to win RG (or any GS) 13 times
Hampton Paulette
Hampton Paulette 23 timmar sedan
Iya ya Allah.
Juan fernandez
Juan fernandez 23 timmar sedan
Rafa Nadal is not anymore a spaniard player but a world´s player....
YKOS66 Dag sedan
Honestly don’t really care for tennis but if I see Rafael is playing ever since I was like 6 I’ll watch his tournaments. Always been his fan
josem138 Dag sedan
5:14 that face... "what a b----" he is thinking XDD
Shameer M K
Shameer M K Dag sedan
Nadal,Nadal,Nadal! is he superhuman?
Il était une fois le sport
Revivre le match de Nadal et soderling : selosk.info/class/video/g2V8so2Br590lWQ.html
Jose Herguedas Gonza
En este partido vi que Nadal ha perdido por fin, el miedo escénico a Djokovik. Grandes los dos.
Eduard Beker, Medienfachwirt [IHK]
Statement after final match vs. Rafael Nadal Full interview in Visoko with Novak Djokovic [engl.subtitle] "Greatest lessons are learned from defeat" selosk.info/class/video/n5hz3JBqsoKDsJ8.html
Eduard Beker, Medienfachwirt [IHK]
Statement after final match vs. Rafael Nadal Full interview in Visoko with Novak Djokovic [engl.subtitle] "Greatest lessons are learned from defeat" selosk.info/class/video/n5hz3JBqsoKDsJ8.html
Rafael Lopez toribio
Bevan Dag sedan
Simply legends showcasing brutality
Ujjan S
Ujjan S Dag sedan
Djocovid insisted on hugging rafa with his sweaty coronavirus hands to ensure he will be out of the draw in australia next year 😂😂😂
Tara Martin
Tara Martin Dag sedan
notice in many points & games in this match, when Rafa wins his points he does a fist pump to himself-but when Novak wins a point he seeks crowd adulation---even fist pumps to crowd ----hmmm
godisbollocks Dag sedan
There is no greater foregone conclusion in world sport than Nadal winning the French Open.
godisbollocks Dag sedan
Ridiculous from Nadal. Who the hell dishes out a 6-0 set to Djokovic? In a final!
PALIZA!!!!! 😂😂
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi Dag sedan
Imagine Nadal retiring at 35 just to come back at 55 to win Roland Garros a few more times.
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin Dag sedan
Alan Ford
Alan Ford Dag sedan
Rafa played as if he intentionally kept having Djokovic in his head since AO 2019.
Adventure victoria
This final show me why us open 2020 won’t get much credit like normally . Absolutely stunning.
まーるまる Dag sedan
But he is *_CLAYDAL_*
Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan Dag sedan
God of Roland Garros is Rafael Nadal
Muhammad Siddiqui
Novak has great sportsmanship
Jake Huang
Jake Huang Dag sedan
the 2019 AO/2020 RG is almost a repeat of the 2012 AO/2013 RG. In 2012 Djokovic beat Nadal in a close 5 sets and then Nadal beat Djokovic in the 2013 RG in another close 5 sets. In 2019 Djokovic beat Nadal in easy straight sets and then Nadal got him back at RG in 2020 with a straight set victory too.
Jonil Joseph
Jonil Joseph Dag sedan
Yup. Perfect mirrors of each other
Perseus Dag sedan
3:09 why did he ask pardon?
oLoRnthng Dag sedan
Nadal's knees will fail him they said. He'll stop playing before he's 30 they said. Funny how life works.
Endless Torment
Endless Torment Dag sedan
Well..He changed his game. The forehand doesn't have as much spin,but it's more powerful. The backhand became a weapon. His shot selection became better.His net game is phenomenal in the sense that when he comes,he ends the point,15-20 times a match. Had he played as before 2010,he for sure would've had some problems by now. Coming from a Rafa fan.
OMHNAMA YT Dag sedan
Nada en la vida es gratis, lo que sea que quieras ve por ello prepárate, lucha, haz que duela solo así la gloria será inmensa. Por todas las mujeres y todos los hombres que se esfuerzan día a día en cada disciplina deportiva o cualquier otra actividad y ponen toda su energía y ❤️ en ello. 🏆🥇🏆
Rafael Montalvão
Rafael Nadal is the bestttttt ✌🏽✌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 congrats
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Dag sedan
This man feels invincible, i mean he is absolotely amazing! scary to play against him, what a LEGEND!
pdgf Dag sedan
Giddy like a school girl seeing her high school crush hihi 😁🥰😍🤩
Thutmosis7 Dag sedan
This is Nadal without any mental lapses against nole. This is Nadal at his best. This form reminds me of his 2008 against Federer in RG final
Shane Smith
Shane Smith Dag sedan
What's the secret of nadal's success in roland garros ?
Shane Smith
Shane Smith Dag sedan
@serdy ximi 13 times since 2005..! Just insane..! definitely he's got some exceptional innate technic or athleticism on clay court than others which took him miles ahead on clay court !
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Dag sedan
rafa nadal just won roland garros (doesn't matter when you read this...)
erik lopez
erik lopez Dag sedan
5:13 Novak's face after that point says it all
John Nelson
John Nelson 2 dagar sedan
When Nadal is in this kind of mood, you have no chance. He was aggressive right from the beginning.
Igor Mitic
Igor Mitic 2 dagar sedan
Stanimal Vlogs
Stanimal Vlogs 2 dagar sedan
To everyone in Quatantine LITSEN UP! If you are bored and maybe have time after you watched HighImpactVlogs whole video, I would apprechiate you with all my heart if you checked out my latest vlog. I met a big youtuber that you might recognize!😍😱 Corona Cancelled my FLIGHT (Part 1): selosk.info/class/video/m66As4CBm5OFlnE.html
Sergio Campos
Sergio Campos 2 dagar sedan
Já são 20 grand slans e 2 ouros olímpicos! Esse cara pode até não ser o maior de todos, mas não há ninguém maior que ele!
fefr 2
fefr 2 2 dagar sedan
57 grand slam titles from the big three
Álvaro Gs
Álvaro Gs 2 dagar sedan
Sabine B.
Sabine B. 2 dagar sedan
Oookaaayy.... can someone explain to me nicely and slowly what happened in that match??? Wasn't this year's FO trophy meant to be easy pickings for Novak? Wasn't Nadal supposedly out of his comfort zone for a million reasons? I heard that the balls were too heavy, the weather too cold and humid and the court too slow. The sun wasn't shining and the bounce of the balls was too low and Rafa could never generate his usual ungodly amounts of spin. He also didn't celebrate his birthday in Paris this year - and to add insult to injury - there's now a brand new roof over Chatrier which was closed during the final! Doesn't Rafa hate closed roofs because he can't play indoors??? Also, Rafa was supposedly not in his usual great claycourt shape because he had not played for half a year, and he said himself that his body didn't respond too well to the restrictions of the lockdown. Maybe it was the trophy! It must've developed a close bond with Rafa over all those years, and when it wasn't bitten on the first Sunday in June, it might've felt there was something seriously wrong with the world. The trophy would've been spot on! As someone already said - Rafa biting the trophy was one of the few normal things this year.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 dagar sedan
has a dozen slams.
L 2 dagar sedan
Trece veces GRANDEEEEEE. ¡Vamosss Rafaaa!
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 dagar sedan
make him a multiple winner in all 4 slams which Federer isn't) and he'd have a few more overall than Federer as well but I think if he only finishes with 1 more overall Federer
Barque 2 dagar sedan
djokovic is overrated AF. He's really bad and always have been
somerandomdude999 15 timmar sedan
17 grand slam champ is overrated? GTFO
Richmond Meat Shop
Richmond Meat Shop 2 dagar sedan
Wassup with sex noises??
psichoparano 2 dagar sedan
I thought RAPE wasn't allowed on SElosk...
Os recuerdo que los únicos 2 partidos que ha perdido Nadal en R.Garros, no se los ganó Söderling ni Djokovic, sino un público francés vergonzosamente hostil que presionaba a Rafa y aplaudia sus errores hasta lograr desanimarlo y desequilibrarlo. El público trató a sus rivales como si fuesen franceses y el partido, un encuentro de Copa Davis. Un Nadal sorprendido, compungido y descorazonado fue derrotado por el público francés.
juan manuel gallardo rebollo
4:41 El látigo imparable
florin salam
florin salam 2 dagar sedan
rafa nadal just won roland garros (doesn't matter when you read this...)
keliito 91
keliito 91 2 dagar sedan
Preston O'Donley
Preston O'Donley 2 dagar sedan
It’s nutty that in all of sport right now, tennis, is one of the few, if not only, that has three top players of all time dominating the game.
A Rohman
A Rohman 2 dagar sedan
After the AO 2019 loss, someone on SElosk said there's a Nadal for every Tsitsipas and there's a Djokovic for every Nadal. In FO 2020, very similar thing happened, but this time the places swapped between the finalists.
Gloria Leon
Gloria Leon 2 dagar sedan
ang ghee kin
ang ghee kin 2 dagar sedan
Kevin Charles Geronimo
RG 2008 Final: Gave Federer a Bagel in the 3rd set; straight sets win RG 2020 Final: Gave Djokovic a Bagel in the 1st set; straight sets win Roger in 2008 and Novak this year are both World number 1 when these happened Rafa was World number 2 on both occasions when he gave them those Bagels
MantisAtlantis 2 dagar sedan
man simply amazing
Tashfeen Alvi
Tashfeen Alvi 2 dagar sedan
Guys Djokovic didn't even play bad. He could've slayed anyone else on this day. It was just that Nadal was so good to be beaten.
Radu Goran
Radu Goran 5 timmar sedan
@Ismet iCi I think everybody knows the 2015-2016 meetings were so onesided because Rafa was nowhere near the level he is now and the level he needs to have in order to beat Djokovic. This can also be the reason why Djokovic leads the h2h right now and why he has also beaten him more easily than usual on hard courts lately 🤫
Fiona Cleander
Fiona Cleander 13 timmar sedan
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 64065692.sexygirlsx.ru
Edu CHÁVARRI 22 timmar sedan
@Jide Arowolo The key was that Rafa dominated the short points and made deep returns. Djokovic has great defense and is very good at long rallies.
Ismet iCi
Ismet iCi Dag sedan
@ThexCookieMan Nah man, it was just that Rafa was returning his first serves like Novak was doing to everybody, he got in his head from the get go, Novak didn't play badly at all. He had more winners, especially in the 3rd set I think he played his best tennis. But Rafa's attitude throughout the match was like you can't beat me and you know it. Novak deserves all the respect but it's clear now that that 2015 win was a fluke. By fluke I mean he was "lucky" that he was the top player to play and beat Rafa. Stan, Andy Roger maybe Ferrer would've beaten him that year
Jide Arowolo
Jide Arowolo Dag sedan
@ThexCookieMan On the contrary, I think Nadal changed tactics and caught Djokovic by surprise so he was forced to go for more shots than normal, hence the huge number of unforced errors
CD DB 2 dagar sedan
In my fair opinion (as I like both Nadal & Federer) Nadal can be considered better than Federer if he wins 3 more majors which include at least 1 AustralianOpen (which would make him a multiple winner in all 4 slams which Federer isn't) and he'd have a few more overall than Federer as well but I think if he only finishes with 1 more overall Federer will be better because currently 65% of Nadal's majors are in 1 event which is very high, Federer's are spread out better. If you take out Federer's record 8 Wimbledon's, he still has a dozen slams.
AIRBUS A380 2 dagar sedan
All the dislikes from Novak fans..
JAV X.X.X LOVE 2 dagar sedan
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Enterfly 2 dagar sedan
Rafa destroyed Nole here but most importantly he ended Fed's career. How is Fed going to hold an eye contact with Rafa now when he knows that he is outclassed by the Spaniard in every single way. He should start bowing down to Rafa!
Elngma El zhbya
Elngma El zhbya 2 dagar sedan
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Mihai Moțățăianu
Mihai Moțățăianu 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations, Nadal! You played this final brilliant, but I am keeping with Djokovic.
Maud Da Silva
Maud Da Silva 2 dagar sedan
Bravos c'est toi le
Eduard Beker, Medienfachwirt [IHK]
Novak Đoković | 13.10.2020 | Visoko, BiH selosk.info/class/video/am6AyYyhmXmc1qc.html
Praveen Abraham
Praveen Abraham 2 dagar sedan
2021 again Rafael Nadal the Champion in French Open,
Azra Shukor
Azra Shukor 2 dagar sedan
Congrats Rafa and Novak...it was a great match!!! Much love from Malaysian tennis fan 🇲🇾
S. K.
S. K. 2 dagar sedan
Insane quality
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
La lección de su vida para Nole
Masochist 2 dagar sedan
Well Sinner played better than djokovic,it’s ridiculous
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 dagar sedan
7:23 Nadal and Djokovic: touch hands, hug. Talk close. Judge: game no valid. No touching, rules are you touch only rackets. Both disqualified.
MrVpassenheim 2 dagar sedan
Last year, Djokovic slaughtered Nadal at the Aus Open. This year, Nadal returns the favor at RG.
psichoparano 2 dagar sedan
Djokovic got BAGELED ..this is RAPE
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 dagar sedan
Watching these two players is always a treat. They are both excellent
christina berny
christina berny 2 dagar sedan
Two master meet in roland garos 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Grievous 2 dagar sedan
Roger and Nadal joint GOATS
King Joshua Manatad
King Joshua Manatad 2 dagar sedan
If Rafa wins another GS which will likely happen at Wimbledon. Then he's the GOAT.
KAMRUL HASSAN 2 dagar sedan
5:12 just see Djokovic expression after Nadal's forced win !
Fukin Fuker
Fukin Fuker 2 dagar sedan
If Novak had played like third ser from the beginning he'd had more chance to win, he played the first two sets like if he was playing against Rafa in hard court
Scott Andigan
Scott Andigan 2 dagar sedan
Actually Nadals level went down third set.
raul gutierrez
raul gutierrez 2 dagar sedan
Abran paso al mejor deportista español de la historia
Seba Müller
Seba Müller 3 dagar sedan
Rafa's level is unbelievable, no doubt that his mental/physical strengths are the key for his success at Paris. Having said this, this tournament is rather losing competitiveness, and sport appeal. It is not a good thing that the appeal on a Grand Slam relies on wether a particular player can be defeated or not
francisco Fernández
francisco Fernández 3 dagar sedan
Menuda meada
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Rafael Nadal The best
Jeffrey Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen 3 dagar sedan
Thiem should take his title and retire into Austrian Alps. I'm not his fan any more. I rooted him to the Open Title and his performance at Paris was bullshit. Spoiled brat Thiem needs to stop analyzing so much and play the damn game. Serve, hit the ball, and stop with all the bullshit mental pansy mansy excuses. He should have kicked Diego's ass in the last set. But, he backed off and let him win the final set. This is three strikes Dominik. I'm breaking up with you. I'm not your fan no more.
SABRIN Mohammed Boukhriss