Parma 0-2 Lazio | Two second half goals see Lazio take all 3 points | Serie A TIM 

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Luis Alberto scored the game winner for Lazio and setup numerous scoring chances | Serie A TIM
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10 jan 2021



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Nazeem Ameen
Nazeem Ameen 7 dagar sedan
Parma will always be greater than Lazio.
Marc k
Marc k 10 dagar sedan
Lazio = Ciro Immobile + Alberto
GhostRider5370 10 dagar sedan
What a save by Pepe Reina
Radisa Milicevic
Radisa Milicevic 11 dagar sedan
Forza Lazio!
Asilearnguitar 11 dagar sedan
Lazio jersey... Like seeing 10 goalkeepers play
Александр Рус
Вперёд, Лацио!!
SLATER MACIAS 11 dagar sedan
Felipao está on fire y me gustaría verlo jugar al menos un partido en la selección a ver cómo responde pero entiendo q el no quiera después de todo en sus participaciones pasadas se lo trato muy mal en general por parte de la función
Anıl Türkmen
Anıl Türkmen 12 dagar sedan
Vedat gel kardeşim, olmadı.
David Olatunji
David Olatunji 12 dagar sedan
SMS was not going for the assist on that second goal
Hanwen Tian
Hanwen Tian 14 dagar sedan
I thought the title meant the goals are 2.5 seconds apart ...
Abdoulie Jobe
Abdoulie Jobe 14 dagar sedan
Beautiful goal for Lazio at the last minutes👏
Max Karun
Max Karun 14 dagar sedan
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Miguel Uvihe
Miguel Uvihe 14 dagar sedan
Ya decía yo, Caicedo o solo la empujaba , fallaba el arquero o le pegaba la pelota en el cuerpo a entraba...nada del otro mundo
Patrick Hauri
Patrick Hauri 14 dagar sedan
suhail popzian
suhail popzian 14 dagar sedan
Iazio... 🔥 🔥 🔥
herjuno husain
herjuno husain 14 dagar sedan
Forza lazio!!!
INFORMANOS 14 dagar sedan
Quando vc pensar em desistir lembre-se do que te fez aguentar até agora.. "Nunca desista 👍🙏" selosk.info/class/video/n4uIzY12mWio3Jc.html
Emin Beyhan
Emin Beyhan 14 dagar sedan
Vedat oynatinlan
Tickets Kenya
Tickets Kenya 14 dagar sedan
#ForzaLazio KENYAn love 🇰🇪🇰🇪🔥🤞🏾 to
Jake Hennell
Jake Hennell 14 dagar sedan
I just love hearing Mr. Inzaghi shouting and screaming on the sideline, pure passion and energy that you just do not see in the premier league. He is a very talented and young manager.
አማን ሰላም
አማን ሰላም 14 dagar sedan
d'aversa will make parma better
Iron Dong
Iron Dong 15 dagar sedan
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 15 dagar sedan
55' Luis Alberto (0-1); 67' Felipe Caicedo (0-2)
Andika DR
Andika DR 15 dagar sedan
Reina should play for Roma
Ahmed Zoueil
Ahmed Zoueil 15 dagar sedan
Bayern munich fan watching 👀
mix3r11 15 dagar sedan
Forza Lazio. Greetings from Wisła Kraków fan.
jonbudi 15 dagar sedan
Loïc SORBIER 15 dagar sedan
What's happening to strakosha!? 🤔
Ravi Desai
Ravi Desai 15 dagar sedan
No words series a
Herman Grees
Herman Grees 15 dagar sedan
Iloveyou biancocelete from indonesia
Nipta Sony
Nipta Sony 15 dagar sedan
Forza lazio
King Santi
King Santi 15 dagar sedan
The only reason I watch Lazio is because of Felipe Caicedo. My man can score. He needs to start up top with Immobile. He should also be called up for Ecuador national team!
Bryan Narváez Vallejo
Bryan Narváez Vallejo 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo is a great player ecutorian!! Ciacedo on fire!!
Randy Islamy
Randy Islamy 15 dagar sedan
The second goal reminds me of Wengerball.
RockJiwang 80an90an
RockJiwang 80an90an 15 dagar sedan
i hope immobile can go to epl club
Koko Jeevan
Koko Jeevan 15 dagar sedan
After watching every football league I found and recognised something important in every country league that's It's easy to score a goal is n German Bundesliga league , French league 1 and serie a but honestly it's hard and difficult to score a goal in la liga and premier league that's why la liga and premier league is so compitetive and so interesting to watch among the others league, I know this season many team has improved in others league also but la liga and epl still remains the best league
Ana Jully
Ana Jully 15 dagar sedan
FORZA SS LAZIO.from indonesia
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin 15 dagar sedan
& now Caicedo is leaving to join Inter for €7M
Ospan Ospan
Ospan Ospan 15 dagar sedan
gol 0-2 uglowoi 4-4 ?
Hendri Kurnia Budi
Hendri Kurnia Budi 15 dagar sedan
2:15 that sprint 😲
DWI SETYO 15 dagar sedan
Never give up parma ..from parma fans indonesia🇮🇩
Opik 008
Opik 008 15 dagar sedan
PAPI MINGO 15 dagar sedan
Scottish Unicorn Glitter
Pepe to the rescue again #Legend
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta 15 dagar sedan
Gah I hate green, why not play in blue
Teguh Arsadikrama
Teguh Arsadikrama 15 dagar sedan
Forza LAZIO !!
n k
n k 15 dagar sedan
Cambo 15 dagar sedan
selosk.info/class/video/Z46J3KaAnJii3Zc.html FIFA21 - Napoli vs Atalanta - Serie A
KELVIN ADDAE 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo looks like Pele
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 15 dagar sedan
Felipe is Drogba jr.
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 15 dagar sedan
Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 15 dagar sedan
Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Omed Saed
Omed Saed 15 dagar sedan
Love lazio
Zhicao Fang
Zhicao Fang 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo again proves he can grab a starting position at this Lazio team
حسام دياب
حسام دياب 15 dagar sedan
Bisri Bisri
Bisri Bisri 15 dagar sedan
Amazing i'm fans lazio from indinesia 🇮🇩
Mario Sanders
Mario Sanders 15 dagar sedan
That second goal, that's what I expect of the Rossoneri when they go forward. Beautiful team goal.
DeBuDDi 15 dagar sedan
lazioa comeback after last days defeated
Boikaego Seroke
Boikaego Seroke 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo finally scores a goal without falling.
Will Dee
Will Dee 15 dagar sedan
Milinkovic-Savic falling instead of him though :D
Andy El Empresario
Andy El Empresario 15 dagar sedan
Felipao debería jugar los 90 minutos completo es un gran jugador
muhammad muhsin mohd razib
If luis alberto played like he is rn in other league, they will absolutely rave about him. But bcs he's playing in serie a, almost no one mentions him as one of the best cam in world football.
Hendra Hadi Pratama
Hendra Hadi Pratama 15 dagar sedan
Forza Lazio
Sigit Priady
Sigit Priady 15 dagar sedan
Alhamdulilah Lazio win😀
Hafidz Musaddad
Hafidz Musaddad 15 dagar sedan
💙 1900
Shadrack LAURENT
Shadrack LAURENT 15 dagar sedan
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Sebastian Harnisth
Sebastian Harnisth 15 dagar sedan
Qué grande Felipanther sos de la A
Eagle _B3ast
Eagle _B3ast 15 dagar sedan
I’m from Parma 😢😭😥
Hendry Anwar
Hendry Anwar 15 dagar sedan
Parma must change the coach. Fire Liverani!!!!
LižiPičić123 15 dagar sedan
Are people still comparing Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic?
Aria Kamandanu
Aria Kamandanu 15 dagar sedan
Should be 4 or 5 goals for Lazio. Unfortunately.
Wil End
Wil End 15 dagar sedan
Felipe 'panterone' Caicedo is on fire! Saludos desde Ambato, Ecuador 🇪🇨
Shaunna Hall
Shaunna Hall 15 dagar sedan
Second goal was beautiful
C L 15 dagar sedan
My dude Caicedo again 🇪🇨 💪🏻 🦅
Salvatore 15 dagar sedan
HAVE you ever heard rappin in 6 languages?? avete mai sentito rappare in 6 lingue differenti? selosk.info/tv/PLI8pyo9POByN7GqFBhxBJmBs1ZWuJqq_2 BIG UP :)
Sane 15 dagar sedan
What happened to Parma? 😑
Syafiq Tengku
Syafiq Tengku 15 dagar sedan
Lazio is a underrated team and so many talented player like caicedo, l.alberto, savic, immobile and so many more.. I hope they will finish top 4 this season cause im wanna see they come back in ucl next season..
Darth Nilus
Darth Nilus 11 dagar sedan
The underrated topic is for fouls
onourwaydown31 11 dagar sedan
@Khabib Nurmagomedov Yeah. It Has Been a Different Lazio Since the Lockdown.
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov 14 dagar sedan
Come on, Immobile failing first touch and missing 100% opportunity 1v1 goalkeeper. If they didnt win this match, it would go viral. And it wasnt their only fatal fail.
Trigoria 74
Trigoria 74 15 dagar sedan
This is their level
Trigoria 74
Trigoria 74 15 dagar sedan
They’re not underrated
carlos barrera
carlos barrera 15 dagar sedan
Grande Caicedo q pena q no quiera ir a la selección de Ecuador, igual será bienvenido
X. Sotelo
X. Sotelo 15 dagar sedan
@Paul PQ entiendo, gracias por la info
Paul PQ
Paul PQ 15 dagar sedan
@X. Sotelo por que lo insultaban la prensa y la gente que también , por que la selección no ganaba culpandolo de todo y poreso mejor renuncio
X. Sotelo
X. Sotelo 15 dagar sedan
Por qué no quiere ir?
Carlos Vera
Carlos Vera 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo is a great and very technical player and he always saves Lazio they should give him the savior caicedo
Carlos Vera
Carlos Vera 13 dagar sedan
Although it seems that his effectiveness is better at the change because when he plays the starter Sometimes he does not respond the same I do not know if he is not physically well but he has a better percentage when he enters the change
Bon Paoi
Bon Paoi 15 dagar sedan
Toh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
Natural Cures
Natural Cures 15 dagar sedan
*Toast dog*
*Toast dog* 15 dagar sedan
Pepe Reina rolling back the years with that first save
G7 channel
G7 channel 15 dagar sedan
2:15 Manueeeel!! 🦅
Shadrack LAURENT
Shadrack LAURENT 15 dagar sedan
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Cociug Gicu
Cociug Gicu 15 dagar sedan
Forza Biancolcelesti!
Bon Paoi
Bon Paoi 15 dagar sedan
Toh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
kirat .J
kirat .J 15 dagar sedan
how many wrong shot😂
Miki Toresa
Miki Toresa 15 dagar sedan
Great birthday present Forza Lazio 🥳
János Kocsis
János Kocsis 15 dagar sedan
Grazie mille @
Oscar Caser
Oscar Caser 15 dagar sedan
Forzaaa Lazioo
Cashfloat Tuneche
Cashfloat Tuneche 15 dagar sedan
Why is Lazio selling Caicedo tho..
son of sun
son of sun 13 dagar sedan
coz he is a super sub
Will Dee
Will Dee 15 dagar sedan
It's a rumor made by media. Lazio never intend to sell Caicedo in winter transfer
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 15 dagar sedan
Ripardo Teixeira
Ripardo Teixeira 15 dagar sedan
Bon Paoi
Bon Paoi 15 dagar sedan
Toh yes selosk.info/class/video/sHt7lHl_xXeLrGg.html oh wow
Factor13 15 dagar sedan
Caicedo is the kinda guy who would drink your beer when you go to toilets.
Yusuf Yenice
Yusuf Yenice 15 dagar sedan
The way that commenter says LUIS ALBERTO
Jorge Ferreira
Jorge Ferreira 15 dagar sedan
The finishing from Luis Alberto is awesome, that is a well thought finish! Classy player
Ọnụọha Udochukwu
Ọnụọha Udochukwu 15 dagar sedan
He picked his spot well
Roz Sa
Roz Sa 15 dagar sedan
When given the opportunity to play, Reina is still a high level goalkeeper. He was brilliant vs Milan a couple of weeks ago too, producing world class saves. Instead of just signing contracts to warm benches, he really should've signed for a club that would make him their number 1.
Jesus 'Rotting' Christ
Jesus 'Rotting' Christ 14 dagar sedan
He is pretty much our starting goalkeeper right now. Despite his age he is still a world class goalkeeper. Unlike Strakosha who can't get his game straight.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 15 dagar sedan
It is crazy to think until today Roma is still struggling to find replacement for Alisson
mhmdyasr 15 dagar sedan
SMS is a tank in midfield, I wish him the best.
Roz Sa
Roz Sa 15 dagar sedan
He has literally been awful for a long long long time! He has been coasting thru games for ages!
Adrian Billy
Adrian Billy 15 dagar sedan
So bad for parma, the allenatore should be fired.
Juventin 15 dagar sedan
parma looks very very bad
Massimiliano Giacometti
They’re going to Serie B with Genoa and Crotone
Massimiliano Giacometti
Parma is so done
smoothchilling64 15 dagar sedan
caicedo didnt fall down to score this time.
Andrew Nainggolan
Andrew Nainggolan 15 dagar sedan
Sepe studied Caicedo 🤣 He saved a fall down shot. But cannot resist Caicedo's non-fall down shot
Nascar Revolution
Nascar Revolution 15 dagar sedan
He really made that his signature finish 😂
Mitt Notre Dame
visningar 102tn
Mitt Notre Dame
visningar 102tn