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Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


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18 feb 2021



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Jarmo Hoogeboom
Jarmo Hoogeboom Minut sedan
That beginning kinda sounds like dutch the more i u to it, sounds like "goedemorgen we zijn er weer" which means "goodmorning, we are here again" which could fit
Princess Of Arts
Princess Of Arts 6 minuter sedan
Has any notice that his doubts/balloons are literally not there at all. Through the whole video. He usually wear his beanie when he talking shit and proving people wrong. But his balloons are NOT there!!!!
milk n cookies
milk n cookies 11 minuter sedan
Nate went hard with this one, unbelievably good
Ian Gordon
Ian Gordon 14 minuter sedan
Still religious and still going against the “traffic” of the sheep. The videography here is powerful
Cheng-Han Yang
Cheng-Han Yang 15 minuter sedan
I’m trying to explain and tell to my friend that how good is NF!!!!😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Annejalinah Jackson
Annejalinah Jackson 18 minuter sedan
Hey are your plaques still on the ground right next to your self hatered?
Akeylah Cheatham
Akeylah Cheatham 24 minuter sedan
John 29 minuter sedan
Repeat all day
Hadi Harris
Hadi Harris 30 minuter sedan
I don't know how to say but imma say it '' this is the great rap song ever "
PRØ乡QÑÌ 65 32 minuter sedan
Have you guys hear a song about legends never die? They talking bout NF
Chad Marcum
Chad Marcum 33 minuter sedan
Your like m n m in slow mo but smooth
Exynomeus 36 minuter sedan
Yorumları okuyan arkadaşım selamlar (:
OXIGEN . Net 36 minuter sedan
Dislikers are bts Fan
Hoc Le
Hoc Le 38 minuter sedan
Who's always watching this video with the reaction from the live chat replay
Sam The Gamer industries
Sam The Gamer industries 47 minuter sedan
Get your ticket 🔖 here before this get's to 10millon views
Ryan Mahaffy
Ryan Mahaffy 47 minuter sedan
I feel like that house address is too noticeable.. Album drop on 4/29?
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 48 minuter sedan
Ben Courter
Ben Courter 49 minuter sedan
This song is sooo good, I literally can't wait for the mixtape. Got a feeling it's gonna be soooo good.
garb ina
garb ina 49 minuter sedan
Franklin Roch
Franklin Roch 50 minuter sedan
I like this song.
Irvin Hoh
Irvin Hoh 51 minut sedan
Should be the next generation of Eminem
Nawaf 53 minuter sedan
Listening to your music from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 so much love for you bro
GreenLenz 56 minuter sedan
annnnnd repeat :D
Christina Stanger
Christina Stanger 56 minuter sedan
Kevin Mcintosh
Kevin Mcintosh 56 minuter sedan
Ok, after listening to this song a thousand times, I absolutely love it!!!!! this song is by far your best song NF, and its is my personal favorite. its so gooo I ca not say it enough. I also love the video, I really like how the scenery changes. amazing!!!
B27 PM
B27 PM 57 minuter sedan
Didnt expect this🔥🔥🔥
Rania 57 minuter sedan
NF I love you so much 🥺🦋
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Timme sedan
8.4 million views already!!
Brandon B
Brandon B Timme sedan
Eminem gonna be real quite.
NHE-Alpak Timme sedan
Been here since Nathan Feuerstein, you are my idol, during my 4 year depression you helped me more than no one ever did without even knowing, made me discover a passion for music and lyrical rap, thank you for all Nathan, you are an absolute legend.
Natalie Z.
Natalie Z. Timme sedan
clouds is an imprressive song in so many ways! please always be yourself, Nate and keep growing. I will never understand people hating on such great artists or imitating them for clicks. so many people cant handle their own problems and insecurities so they try to put them on others.
iKos Timme sedan
This man giving me a vocabulary lesson lmao
Martin Miles - Offiziell
So Proud of You ❤️ its to heavy for the Mars.
Youtoobing101 Timme sedan
BRUH! The fuck did I just watch
twistedbydsign99 Timme sedan
let it be known, nf prefers the fuji apple.
April Menegazzi
April Menegazzi Timme sedan
What was your guys fav song ont o all of the. Mine was when I grow up
April Menegazzi
April Menegazzi 54 minuter sedan
@Romeo Cruz Yea I like those to
Romeo Cruz
Romeo Cruz Timme sedan
This is one of my favorite. I like remember this,when I grow up,returns and I miss the days. Those be like my few tops.
April Menegazzi
April Menegazzi Timme sedan
Out of all them
Marquez Ludju
Marquez Ludju Timme sedan
Why He Sound like Nate???
Lafleur Dave
Lafleur Dave Timme sedan
So dope!!! Always repeat it!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hundred fighter
Hundred fighter Timme sedan
Unpopular opinion: this is NF’s best song
Strafadamus Timme sedan
"Calmly; feel myself evolving" Sometimes I feel like I didn't stumble across Nate by accident...☁️
Kamlesh Jagtap
Kamlesh Jagtap Timme sedan
Nf : Can rap Can sing Can make his own beat
Jose Viezca
Jose Viezca Timme sedan
Anybody catch the cloud at the beginning taking the shape of a baby?
Goodnight Muhammad
Goodnight Muhammad Timme sedan
Since this song dropped . I couldn't stop it ✨
Goodnight Muhammad
Goodnight Muhammad Timme sedan
Nf 🌊🌊
manish Ambekar
manish Ambekar Timme sedan
i was born in the right generation after all.....
Joey Mcguire
Joey Mcguire Timme sedan
Yo NF come out with some songs with tommy Macdonald that shit would be sick come talk if u want
only9letters 2 timmar sedan
Nobody gonna talk about Nate saying that it was Impossible for him to watch his kid take their first step? Really? Im gonna do it then. The ones that saw you that day, are happy for you, but most of them would want you to see that Nate! Even if you would be on tour, the day they took their first step, if your fans would be angry about you cancelling, they're not YOUR fans Then theyre just there for the pictures The ones that are here, would make sure that your will would be served, just like you served the good will of god
carlos44ss, #ddrddssz__RR Chernandez
NSG Axo 2 timmar sedan
Frosty_ Gaming
Frosty_ Gaming 2 timmar sedan
your not fire, He is :)
Fatimah Alenezi
Fatimah Alenezi 2 timmar sedan
_ Chils
_ Chils 2 timmar sedan
It’s amazing it’s will be my favorite song i like this🥳🥳🥳
Cardoso6 2 timmar sedan
im here after watching him perform live at what looked like a church
Cade Beaulieu
Cade Beaulieu 2 timmar sedan
Back to back to back play been rocking NF since we were all “Alone” decade plus now. Keep it up brother
rimon asfhan
rimon asfhan 2 timmar sedan
You're a beast 👍🏻
Zack Geraldo
Zack Geraldo 2 timmar sedan
Add this to roblox anyone ;-;
Hey There
Hey There 2 timmar sedan
Sounds just like slim shady
Romeo Cruz
Romeo Cruz 2 timmar sedan
Different style tho,he does sound like him bc they're both from Detroit
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 2 timmar sedan
He sounds like NF
Gabby Henderson
Gabby Henderson 2 timmar sedan
the way he's walking around bobbling his head is cracking me up
Acho, Double-D
Acho, Double-D 2 timmar sedan
Your rep is like my ideal, Eminem, greetings from Papua Indonesia
J C 2 timmar sedan
Xxx101Xxx 2 timmar sedan
Dude the views are insane and a week ago
Xxx101Xxx 2 timmar sedan
Xxx101Xxx 2 timmar sedan
Yolo what a legend
Kaden Retamar
Kaden Retamar 2 timmar sedan
This song is insane! 😆
Guap 2 timmar sedan
Please tell me of another rapper that hits 9 mil in one week just off of one track....ill wait
Boys Under The Hood
Boys Under The Hood 2 timmar sedan
Welcome Back 🗝
Moriah W.
Moriah W. 2 timmar sedan
How did you know I was back?? You watching me?🧐
AkMoGAMING 2 timmar sedan
This is lit
Cade Wyman
Cade Wyman 2 timmar sedan
Video is almost as dope as the song. God I love NF
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 2 timmar sedan
Homeboy went from christian rapper to fire rapper let's go!!!!!!
Belen Robles
Belen Robles 2 timmar sedan
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 2 timmar sedan
Too Tall Mr. 205
Too Tall Mr. 205 3 timmar sedan
Yo nf I don't too much fuck w folks right but I been gone awhile n recently just got bk home. Im TooTall6ft7GodsGiftFromHeavan ThaGr8WhiteHypeMr205 Birmingham Alabama's Hardest cracka rappa since well hell who hard anymore really? Fr tho I'd like to get with you and make some music. Just saw this and I relate bc my heads in the clouds too. It's crazy. I need some vivance
speedysaltboy 26 minuter sedan
I really hope this is satire
Ivan Gamboa
Ivan Gamboa 3 timmar sedan
Imagine ez mill and nf collab🔥🔥
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
Why you all advertising that guy on nfs page. Annoying. Get a life
PURE WHITE LIGHT 100% 3 timmar sedan
ʜᴋᴅ Acatalepticᴅᴏᴏzʏ
Yo i love his hint/touch/influence of eminem he pullz it off Dope 💯🔥
John Parker
John Parker 3 timmar sedan
Nf is like if 21 pilots were actually good
Odd Frank
Odd Frank 3 timmar sedan
I'm so glad you have more like than dislikes
Rojan Dahal
Rojan Dahal 3 timmar sedan
Damn it slaps hard
Astronaut Surfer
Astronaut Surfer 3 timmar sedan
This song is fire 🔥
illestxj •
illestxj • 3 timmar sedan
Mans gone get a Grammy
Johnathan Adams
Johnathan Adams 3 timmar sedan
Speechless other than Wow! Every release up another level! Sky is the limit!
Brodie Duff
Brodie Duff 3 timmar sedan
who ever dislikes this song is just mad they cant do 3% as good
kyle terry
kyle terry 3 timmar sedan
Why'd he suddenly sound like eminem's flow
Romeo Cruz
Romeo Cruz 3 timmar sedan
They got the same accent since they're from Detroit but that's it
Romeo Cruz
Romeo Cruz 3 timmar sedan
? Nothing like ems flow. He's changing it every verse so how?
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
He sounds like NF flow
R3B 3 timmar sedan
3:15 that’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Olivia Belka
Olivia Belka 3 timmar sedan
I've been repeating this non-stop for the past two hours..... Help
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
You are not alone
juicewar3 3 timmar sedan
This song is just, epitome of NF at his best
Mwr Laudia
Mwr Laudia 3 timmar sedan
That's great❤
Levi Smail
Levi Smail 3 timmar sedan
why doesnt this have a billion views yet cmon
Ndubuisi Nwodo
Ndubuisi Nwodo 3 timmar sedan
abhishek mishra
abhishek mishra 3 timmar sedan
Eminem level!!
RELiC 3 timmar sedan
3:19 here 😌
A Z 3 timmar sedan
From Kuwait City 🔥
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
Rashi Kapoor
Rashi Kapoor 3 timmar sedan
We live in an era where 6ix9ine gets more views in a day than this piece will get in a month 😌😌😌
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
His may have got move views NFs actually trended number one on here and worldwide. 6x9 views are shallow lol NFs got a heavy loyal fanbase
Abdullah Peerbux
Abdullah Peerbux 3 timmar sedan
The ending beat sounds like pennywise lol
Nikki Mubel
Nikki Mubel 3 timmar sedan
mcr5090 3 timmar sedan
Always a hit 🔥🔥🔥
sonyeonchu mc
sonyeonchu mc 4 timmar sedan
I'm so happy to hear a new song from you.
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill 4 timmar sedan
This is 🔥
Sir Bruoche Delasaintemie
When NF raps it's like a Dark Souls boss music was playing
Darkness 4 timmar sedan
This guy is so talented
Moriah W.
Moriah W. 2 timmar sedan
tristun fife
tristun fife 4 timmar sedan
Boi look like he finna Krump all over the place!!
alisonvlv VLV
alisonvlv VLV 4 timmar sedan
Esto simplemente es arte. No puedo dejar de ver este video.
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