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Debunking more viral videos and the google v news media fight.
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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks and discussing the controversy surrounding the google v news media code. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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How To Cook That
How To Cook That 13 dagar sedan
Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug? selosk.infostore
Minara abbas Khan
Minara abbas Khan 15 timmar sedan
Upload new video plz🙏🙏🙏🙏😔😭😟
deepa badole
deepa badole 15 timmar sedan
Pls give more videos , i am desperate
Brock Temple
Brock Temple Dag sedan
The Golden Angel
The Golden Angel 2 dagar sedan
I have a challenge for you! The challenge is.... the 100 layer challenge! Some examples are 100 layers of fondant on a cake, 100 layers of chocolate on some ice cream, 100 layers of caramel on an apple, 100 layers of cake, and 100 layers of jello. I would really like to see this one day!
Kijin Seija
Kijin Seija 2 dagar sedan
As an Asian I can safely say that not only have your ruined our trademark noodles.... You ruined dave’s stomach
LTNetjak 13 minuter sedan
These fake "hacks" prove millions slept through high school science.
The ActMinator
The ActMinator 32 minuter sedan
Hello, I want to make macarons but i don't have almond flour so can you please make mocarons without almond flour ( if possible ).
PantryMonster Timme sedan
I love her hair
Tori V
Tori V Timme sedan
I just stumbled onto your channel and I'm in love! You got yourself a new subscriber!
Julia Hunt
Julia Hunt 2 timmar sedan
God love ya, Dave!! ♥️😂
Cait L.
Cait L. 2 timmar sedan
Is it just me or is Dave slowly losing his will to live as Ann has him test more of these hack recipes?
Kaitlyn 3 timmar sedan
Oh no your microwave!!!!
Mahmud Hasim
Mahmud Hasim 4 timmar sedan
3:50 *NEW* 5 Ways to make a fire
Draconomicat 5 timmar sedan
That last is I think derived from Brazilian lemonade! We take the skin and seeds off but we just beat everything with water and suger (and condensed milk depending on where you are) and it's pretty tasty, but it gets really bitter after like an hour, so we usually have it fresh. It's really tasty!
c.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.e 5 timmar sedan
Really enjoying these videos. Quality content
Lάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ
They only debunk themselves because it’s what’s popular now. Liars rarely stay consistent.
Yiani Zhang
Yiani Zhang 5 timmar sedan
Don't forget to sign Murdoch royal Commission petition folks: selosk.info/class/video/hWl2mIuk3Kagx6c.html
Alice jiachen Cui
Alice jiachen Cui 6 timmar sedan
I love her videos, but I really miss her tiny cooking ones :) They were so cute and I even tried one! It's amazing.
Aaron Nwobidike
Aaron Nwobidike 6 timmar sedan
The sand one really works I did It in minecraft step one get sand step two get furnace step 3 get coal step 4 smelt then u have glass
BarkY 6 timmar sedan
I feel like you might become a politician in the future
BarkY 6 timmar sedan
13:00 Unless it's a fail Dave will never have it
Rebecca Dry
Rebecca Dry 6 timmar sedan
Blossom posted a video to playlist DIY Activities for the Whole Family about dying shirts using natural ingredients that I'd love to see you test. I think my favorite was when they used avocados to dye a shirt pink.
NuNu ReDs
NuNu ReDs 6 timmar sedan
Ann is excellent at explaining things in a way I can understand them...love her! And thanks, Ann, for taking the time to inform us 👍
Steve Brindley
Steve Brindley 7 timmar sedan
Wooow, encouraging people to put graphite in the microwave is about as bad as that chap who did a tutorial on how to make a homemade AC unit using dry ice..
Overthinking 7 timmar sedan
I finally have a YT channel, so I'm going on a commenting spree. I really am thankful that you provide us with all these wonderful videos. I used to watch 5 minute crafts and other hacking channels, but as I got older I began realizing how ridiculous everything was becoming. I really liked the kind of things that were on these channels, but the fun was all taken out of it because I knew it wasn't real. I'm grateful that you are continuing to keep YT genuine.
endah sufianawati
endah sufianawati 8 timmar sedan
Hi new friend.. I stay here for your channel 👍👍
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 9 timmar sedan
goes to the restaurant.” Now THAT sounds bizarre
Mimi Sau Connor
Mimi Sau Connor 9 timmar sedan
How can anyone possibly dislike her video
J Visser
J Visser 10 timmar sedan
I think for the orange colour catching thing you're supposed to use the colour catching cloths that you pit in the washing machine to protect your whites.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 9 timmar sedan
Dave: this is Fine Me after eating a bunch of pizza: 🤮
Lilo Estrada Ortiz
Lilo Estrada Ortiz 10 timmar sedan
This brownie-noodle looks disgusting... However, I can’t help but wonder how it *really tastes...*
Myriako 10 timmar sedan
Thank you for your work 😊
matt 11 timmar sedan
regular pencil lead does actually contain some wax
little boy blue
little boy blue 11 timmar sedan
Frankie The Cat
Frankie The Cat 11 timmar sedan
Ok. As a college student that lives in a dorm and eats startling amounts of microwaved pasta, i know 2 minutes isnt nearly enough time, that wasnt enough water and that was too much milk... that said... microwave pasta is very good and hard to mess up. 10/10 recomend when the dining hall is closed
Todorinka Georgieva
Todorinka Georgieva 11 timmar sedan
1kili2 12 timmar sedan
about the google vs other media thing, the whole thing about videos though i can see where it comes from makes no real sense since youtube is owned by google, you literally log into youtube using your google account, and ads can and often are still displayed on those videos, since those ads use googles own ad service i would assume the revenue also still goes to the content creator. Secondly with the weather thingy what google does is pull free available data that everyone can use, they dont go to the site and rip the numbers of the site and display them in the search thing, im sticking with the weather example because its most common, but plenty of sites that offer informational data also provide a free raw data source with the only requirement being a mention/link to where the data came from, if i wanted to i could make my own weather app, go to any of the million free weather data sites/resources and use those numbers in my app, and im assuming that with the covid data the exact same thing is going on, the ONLY thing valid there is the preview snippets that can sometimes contain all the info you need so you dont actually enter the site, but if news and other media sites would just provide their information clear instead of burrying the 3 lines of actual content and interesting information in a 5000 word essay google probably wouldnt even have that preview snipped. and lastly, besides the search result ads, which are websites that pay google to appear on top when certain terms are searched, theres no ads in the search engine it self.... so if we go back to the bus restaurant analogy the best way to fraise it would be like: ads = ice cream parlor media sites = restaurants google = bus the icecream parlor pays the restaurant to serve their ice cream in the hope of attracting potential clients that visit the restaurant, the restaurants just open their doors for clients except for maybe 2 or 3 who pay the bus service to be the first on the route, the bus service only gets paid by a fraction of the restaurants for a small privilege and makes most of its money with other side businesses that dont carry their name but most definitely form part of the overarching company
Gaming In Seconds
Gaming In Seconds 13 timmar sedan
Thought this was a cooking chanel it turn out its a spoof. Handle
High Priestess
High Priestess 13 timmar sedan
Ann and Dave have a fight. Next day Ann : honey time for a debunking video🤣
Warren Lu
Warren Lu 13 timmar sedan
i wanna nuke blossom's and 5-min craft's head quarters THEY ARE LITRALY WASTING PEOPLES MONEY , TIME AND POSSIBLY EVEN LIVES
HentaiHiro 15 timmar sedan
she would be an amazing president
Cat Princess
Cat Princess 15 timmar sedan
My brother did the rock-crystal thing. It broke the microwave.
Tyler Lowe
Tyler Lowe 15 timmar sedan
She kinda looks like Drew Barrymore
Don’t Even
Don’t Even 15 timmar sedan
I love this series
OG Kush
OG Kush 15 timmar sedan
She is very good looking.
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan 16 timmar sedan
Dave: this is Fine Me after eating a bunch of pizza: 🤮
Spooky Scary Livibal
Spooky Scary Livibal 18 timmar sedan
Pls make a piggy cake if you don't know what it is, type "Piggy Roblox"
pandora rose
pandora rose 19 timmar sedan
Why r there so many dislikes XD there is nothing wrong with this video
Sarah _ed
Sarah _ed 20 timmar sedan
Who else thinks that she looks like Dakota johnson???
Arandadryad 20 timmar sedan
Where is the banana chili debunking video? :O And that what made me click, I don't usually get myself clickbaited but I trusted Ann 😭
Octogon Smuggler
Octogon Smuggler 21 timme sedan
I mean, to be fair, sand can turn into glass... But, like, you need it to be around 3k°F. On top of that, you typically only see people make glass like that for the purposes of creating art like, glass blowing for example. On top of that, glass on the industrial level requires high compression. It's the same with Diamonds and crystals in rocks. The insane temperatures in the earth and the fact that they're able to be compressed and slowly heated up over hundreds of years is what forms them naturally. I can't believe anyone other than children don't already know this. We learn about it in grade school. In fact, the mere idea that a diamond could be made from pencil lead is moronic in itself, since diamonds aren't formed from any kind of lead. They were mostly formed in the mental of the earth. www.explainthatstuff.com/glass.html#:~:text=Believe%20it%20or%20not%2C%20glass,and%20turns%20into%20a%20liquid.&text=It's%20like%20a%20cross%20between,molecular%20randomness%20of%20a%20liquid. sonoranglass.org/the-science-of-glass/#:~:text=Though%20an%20excellent%20glass%2C%20fused,melt%20sand%20(crystalline%20silica). en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Chinese_glass www.desertusa.com/desert-prospecting/geode.html#:~:text=Geodes%20begin%20as%20bubbles%20in,hollow%20cavity%20within%20the%20geode. geology.com/articles/diamonds-from-coal/#:~:text=Geologists%20believe%20that%20the%20diamonds,sought%20after%20by%20diamond%20prospectors. geology.com/articles/diamonds-from-coal/#:~:text=Geologists%20believe%20that%20the%20diamonds,sought%20after%20by%20diamond%20prospectors.
Lord of Pestilence -
Lord of Pestilence - 21 timme sedan
It's really great of you to use your audience to pass on important messages, about Google it was something I didn't realize. Thanks a lot.
Ayla Gooding
Ayla Gooding 22 timmar sedan
"Ah, nah" - Dave
T A 22 timmar sedan
I really appreciate your point of view on the whole Google thing!! Thank you so much for talking about something so important!! I love your videos, please keep making them!!
simple 23 timmar sedan
Poor Dave he has to eat these type of food
Alan Hamilton
Alan Hamilton 23 timmar sedan
Ann Reardon to the rescue. Thanks for the Google segment. That’s super important.
JJ cika
JJ cika Dag sedan
Came here for the funny debunking, stayed for the important concerns over google. Took a surprising turn but i feel informed now
Zalclan Peeps
Zalclan Peeps Dag sedan
Why cant you eat it?
Ananya Sahay
Ananya Sahay Dag sedan
And I thought that featured snippets were just there to make life easier for me!
Lina White
Lina White Dag sedan
A multi-billionaire, tech company getting greedy? Sounds about right
teucer915 Dag sedan
I love how the diamond they "make" is already perfectly faceted.
Olubusayo Moronfolu
She mist have some mad insurance bills
Olubusayo Moronfolu
Dave is either very sweet or being black mailed into eating hack fails🤣🤣🤣
Opera Phantom
Opera Phantom Dag sedan
Oh, geez. I know the exact drink they were trying to make with the limes, but they did an awful job. It's already pretty easy to make; First off, use LIMEADE! A lot of grocery stores carry them, particularly the brand Simply. Pour half the limeade, half ice into a blender. Add a couple good spoonfuls of condensed milk and blend. That's it. I don't know why they had to overcomplicate it. o.0
4unomore Dag sedan
The Google section at the end was unexpected but actually REALLY interesting, a lot of good points have been made even if I wasn’t expecting to hear that from this video
seepran Dag sedan
Google IS greedy. this reminds me of the situation some years ago when Teosto (non-profit performance rights organization that collects royalties on behalf of songwriters and composers in Finland) wanted that Google would pay artists for their songs on SElosk (or something along those lines, cannot remember specifically how it went). this lead to Google blocking pretty much ALL music on the platform to be viewed in Finland for a few days, only to show that they're big and they do what ever the heck they want. you can guess how infuriated people were at Teosto, since every video was blocked under Teosto's name, even though they did not submit any of those claims.
Amina Khan
Amina Khan Dag sedan
Hi Ann Reardon, I just wanted to give you this So Yummy video, and I want you to tell me if this is real or fake! selosk.info/class/video/namBpI13sXp-zac.html you're re the best!
Jaime Budzynski
Jaime Budzynski Dag sedan
Can you debunk some of these. pin.it/1clckGs
janice fernandes
In contrast to the google issue *Just like the coin has two sides the issue also has a different angle wherein when u want a quick result a,a quick response is put up on the screen instead of searching multiple websites quick results really help And in the eyes of the marketer it is a good marketing strategy as it helps him to advertise his product even more.It’s all business and google is a businessman 😛
Rom Rom
Rom Rom 23 timmar sedan
The problem isn't featured snippets. It's google refusing to pay for the content they feature which is essentially theft.
Sanith K Nambiar
No Daves were harmed in the making of this video.
Sadra Niknejad
Sadra Niknejad Dag sedan
for the choclate baloon dog you did last year you could try to use molding gel instead of clamping down the balloons
Srushti Surve
Srushti Surve Dag sedan
Can you please post a separate video about google which was at your end part . Cause I wanted to share this video but no one will watch a long video except us your true fans .so it is a kind request to make a whole video explaining things about google
EpicSugar Plum123
This is awful. #stopfakefoodchannels Its sad because the five minute crafts, blossom, and troom troom put money in front of safety. Its just sad they way people think these days
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Dag sedan
We can all agree her hair is amazing
Neeti Prasad
Neeti Prasad Dag sedan
Can you please debunk this video from 5-Minute Crafts? It looks a little fishy... selosk.info/class/video/eayfmZ-LtJmow5M.html
missfeliciaoh Dag sedan
commenting only so i can increase the engagement stats for this video. ann is one of the best people on youtube!
Mussie099 Dag sedan
maybe, and I want to clayify that I seriously doubt this myself, but maybe if the ramen noodles on the middle layer were left crunchy it might have been nice or at least not disgusting
Radian Gacha
Radian Gacha Dag sedan
They were basing the sand one after minecraft
Jan Jan
Jan Jan Dag sedan
These content farms are a blight! Bless you for debunking them.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Dag sedan
Dave: "I'm a big fan of pasta!" Also Dave: "Ahh, naaaah..." this poor man...
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Dag sedan
Please make rescue the cake
Baldi's Gaming
Baldi's Gaming Dag sedan
Rip micro wave
Gemlover 2014
Gemlover 2014 Dag sedan
I never even thought about that google thing. For me I think I would be furious if that happened to me. I mean that is super ignorant. Also you can’t compare it to a bus service because it’s not a bus service 😂 I don’t know that’s just my opinion that’s a stupid comparison.
rustyboi Dag sedan
I just want to know if the SElosk channel tasty is real or fake
99nerka Dag sedan
Are there any of those that do work?
BrookeRyde Dag sedan
im gonna be honest, i dont think that second "water" is actually water in that lime drink lol
Papia Sultana
Papia Sultana Dag sedan
Which company microwave does she have? It's soo strong!!
Lucien D'levi
Lucien D'levi Dag sedan
I just want Ann to review scrumdiddlyumptious' meat sock XD
Poop Mcdoop
Poop Mcdoop Dag sedan
Anne please debunk a popular so yummy video thats been all over my SElosk it’s called “how to be a clever cook with these creative ways to cook.” There are some of the weirdest most bizarre food hacks I’ve ever seen on SElosk in that video
Mui Dag sedan
Tbh idrc about the google thing bcuz it isnt my problem or none of my business....i only care about searching what i wanna search
Mui 22 timmar sedan
@Rom Rom You can choose to not care for other ppl....people HATE other people why is it so surprising to you that i dont care what google is doing?
Mui 22 timmar sedan
@Rom Rom girl what you just said sounded like i should put googles problems ahead of my family first💀and they can come second you're literally arguing with me about something that doesn't CONCERN me what are you cryyingg fooorr
Mui 22 timmar sedan
@Rom Rom most people hate other people why u not complaining about that?
Mui 22 timmar sedan
@Rom Rom girl i dont have to care about other people...its my choice if you dont like it then thats too bad
Rom Rom
Rom Rom 23 timmar sedan
@Mui Bruh who asked you to not care about a funeral? There's several google alternatives you can use just as easily and you're pretending like I'm asking you to slap your mother.
frijoles pepepapa
damn thank you for informing us about the google thing, that's insane really unfair for the sources
Linz2015 Dag sedan
I don’t know what getting abducted by aliens is like, but I’d imagine it goes something like that pencil lead in the microwave.
KAMALIKA M Dag sedan
Hi I'm a very big fan of you I'm from India Can I get a shoutout in ur video I ve been liking ur videos frm the first
Milena Animaciones
Her right eye is slightly more up than the other and i can't unsee it
rustyboi Dag sedan
Or the eye is a paid actor doing a bad job
rustyboi Dag sedan
That is an illusion because of her hair
nycSmokes Dag sedan
You click baited me.... I wanted to know what that banana pepper nonsense was about! Hahaha. But thanks for the Google info, Monopoly is a hard game to play and they play it well...
Li Merrick
Li Merrick Dag sedan
So the google analogy is horrible but the backlash from what the media is asking for will be what ends up killing them if it goes through. The same happened in Spain, France and Germany a few years back and all Google and Facebook did was block their media from their news services. Their business plummeted and they still haven't recovered. Google brings in most of their online readership. You cannot read the full article from those snippets and most of us don't want to search through thousands of articles to find the information we are looking for. Lazy yes but also practical and less time consuming, IF you want to know more you click the link. If not ya keep on scrolling or look somewhere else. What is being proposed is for google/facebook to pay for even hosting the link, which is plain stupid. The news channel should only get paid if the link is clicked. If they are having problems getting readers maybe it is time once again to evolve and get with the times. Or maybe we simply have too many different News outlets. The Media benefits more from Google and Facebook than the other way around. It won't hurt them to block another news outlet. Without Google and Facebook theses outlets would die, I see the the issue as if you( the new outlets) cannot sustain yourself without Google or Facebook bringing in the consumers then why are you they demanding that they pay you and not you paying Google/Facebook for bringing you most of your consumers? Frankly for the little news outlet issues, partner with a bigger outlet. Don't post you stuff online if you are only serving a small area or make it a podcast to be distributed on one of the many free radio apps. There are other way that they government, Google, Facebook, and the media can come to a much better agreement that won't kill these news outlets.
Em Parson
Em Parson Dag sedan
I am pretty sure Google owns SElosk.
Søfia -
Søfia - Dag sedan
Please make rescue the cake
LeavingIt Blank
LeavingIt Blank Dag sedan
Wait... didn't you pull the whole "click bait thumbnail" in your own video? Where's the chili in the banana???
Lily Fauns
Lily Fauns 2 dagar sedan
1:36 David. David, run! Run David!
Keira Fetterolf
Keira Fetterolf 2 dagar sedan
THANK YOU for being the logical one and debunking these dumb videos. Love your content.
Emma Liston
Emma Liston 2 dagar sedan
Omg you left that lead in for so long I was getting worried
Rizqi R
Rizqi R 2 dagar sedan
Wonder how much she spent for this video only 😭
Cara Talley
Cara Talley 2 dagar sedan
Why Romen noodles in brownies?
jonathan bartlem
jonathan bartlem 2 dagar sedan
The media in australia is super biased anyway pretty sure we would be fine without them, personally i would prefer if they got shut down
Hanami Miyo
Hanami Miyo 2 dagar sedan
I've actually did this mac and cheese recipe but I had to use a bowl it worked but it wasn't worth it