NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020 

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“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

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15 okt 2020



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Kazim Manji
Kazim Manji 2 timmar sedan
Why cant the interviewer just put aside their political views and do their job in a non bias way? It is so frustrating to watch.
Slunt Cayer
Slunt Cayer 2 timmar sedan
SElosk paused the view count on this video. CENSORSHIP
Maddog 2 timmar sedan
His home state is florida... That makes a lot of sense
Daniel Billingslea
Daniel Billingslea 2 timmar sedan
Was this a debate? Or a townhall?
alp 2 timmar sedan
They were absolutely unfair to him
Racecar Driver
Racecar Driver 2 timmar sedan
This radical left lady wanted to release her leftist anger on Trump with this debate. She was waiting for this moment but failed!
Todd Atteberry & wife !!
This moderator is a jack ass
Isaac Betancourt
Isaac Betancourt 2 timmar sedan
Trump wanted a face to face debate. He got it.
Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures
She said the president makes his case . But we all know she made it fir him
Yani Rivera
Yani Rivera 2 timmar sedan
The media is so fake and so corrupt they disabled comments on Biden but Not Trump.
saveferris 2 timmar sedan
two different news stations, different rules
Pina Tul
Pina Tul 2 timmar sedan
Mop selosk.info/class/video/a3yVl3qh12WL0KM.html
Shadforth W
Shadforth W 2 timmar sedan
'Are you trying to say a grieving military family gave you the virus?' What the F%#% was that question? If someone gives you the virus , they give you the effin virus. He isn't accusing them of a bioweapon assassination attempt, you VIPER!
Rebekah Hurst
Rebekah Hurst 2 timmar sedan
why is savana guthry interupting so much
Larry Clark
Larry Clark 2 timmar sedan
Best President in my lifetime. Terrible interview.
Francis Peter
Francis Peter 2 timmar sedan
He looks like a bad actor playing a very bad president.
Eric F
Eric F 2 timmar sedan
i love those lady's behind the right and left of trump. if i need to know if a trump supporter agrees, look right. if not look left! kinda like real life!
David Reynoso
David Reynoso 2 timmar sedan
GO TRUMP 2020 God Bless
Keeg Geek
Keeg Geek 2 timmar sedan
It's impossible for Trump to have any transparency or any accountability all he does is project because he's a fool
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 timmar sedan
You are a fool and so is Biden, I laughed so hard at his "Town Hall" aka Softball Practice
Super Daphne
Super Daphne 2 timmar sedan
I would stay away from people that are not voting Trump, those people are looney asf
J 2 timmar sedan
tell me why voting for trump is a good idea, and give actual good reasons. thanks
J G 2 timmar sedan
This lady is horrible honestly.....
Sam R
Sam R 2 timmar sedan
Trump got 2 million more views on his townhall than Biden. By viewcount, Trump got 7 million combined NBC networks vs 4.8 million for Biden on ABC. About 2.2 million more views - seems more people want to see Trump! I bet he wins in a landslide November 3rd!
tony35287 2 timmar sedan
🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 If Trump ever spoke the truth he’d also wouldn’t be believed either because he’s lied 🤥 so much!!! “Sad situation for the USA 🇺🇸 “
Ken B
Ken B 2 timmar sedan
I'm sure Biden's gonna fix this country with his knowledge. He didn't bother to fix it in his 47 years in office but now he's gonna do it.
2 timmar sedan
Wasn't sure to up-vote for Trump or down-vote for this moron "journalist".
ISIS SAUDU 2 timmar sedan
Kendall Swartz
Kendall Swartz 2 timmar sedan
I hate. Biden
Kendall Swartz
Kendall Swartz 2 timmar sedan
Trump lets gooooooooo trump for president
RodgersXLVmvp 2 timmar sedan
Its crazy there is a Democrat/Biden Promo clip on YT , and a Republican/Trump promo clip , The Trump one is all positive in the comments , the Biden one , Comments are turned off.....😳😶😬 That speaks volumes to me....
BerXYd 2 timmar sedan
This lady is a joke. He is trash at her job.
Joey ********
Joey ******** 2 timmar sedan
Bro... Media is crazy. Look at the trending at #1. Its Biden at 4.8 million and its been 2 days. How is #2 Trending a different video that got uploaded 16 hrs ago and has 6.7 million views and isn't #1?????
BerXYd 2 timmar sedan
The Lady: *asked question Trump: Well... The Lady: Ok next question
Sam R
Sam R 2 timmar sedan
why can't they debate in person?
Mac Ryan
Mac Ryan 2 timmar sedan
It’s funny that guy that did biden basically sat there with oil and massaged Biden while this idiot woman argued with President Trump the best president the country has seen since Reagan and JFK
Dead -chan
Dead -chan 2 timmar sedan
So from that first interview, what I've gathered is that the covid pandemic is a lot like soccer. China passes the ball to the USA and Trump scores an own goal. He then blames it on China for passing the ball to him in the first place which is an inevitable outcome anyway. If you play soccer, it's possible the ball will get passed to you. Just like how a pandemic was always going to come, but he never did anything about it.
Ken B
Ken B 2 timmar sedan
Why is it always Trump vs. The moderator. This is literally just a debate while Biden's townhall moderator talks to him like he's a child.
No Name
No Name 2 timmar sedan
@Melvin Wateren man. Just reread what you wrote. Wtf is this? Devil worship bs lol stop looking at conspiracy theories
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
because in the american media only people work with devilish intentions and the people who like to see corruption on earth. Trump is against this and these devil worshipers cannot stand it.
Big A
Big A 2 timmar sedan
12 More Years ! TRUMP 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Laverne Anderson
Laverne Anderson 2 timmar sedan
Omg loved Savannah, she was great. We need her as a moderator for the next presidential debate.
Gud joss
Gud joss 2 timmar sedan
Trump for great America
Cedric Baccay
Cedric Baccay 2 timmar sedan
Whoever wins I just wish the best for the US. 🙂
Melvin King
Melvin King 2 timmar sedan
Good job
Omar Cisneros
Omar Cisneros 2 timmar sedan
I dont helieve for one second that this has less views than the biden town hall thats 3 freaking hours long and is boring as hell. I bet SElosk is fudging the numbers.
john c
john c 2 timmar sedan
@Mike Smith I’m sure they have 😂😂😂😂
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 timmar sedan
SElosk has been deleting my pro-trump comments for 4 months now.
john c
john c 2 timmar sedan
LifeN SinCity
LifeN SinCity 2 timmar sedan
I’ll happily take that small 400 million dollars Mr. Trump!
MrFishbone111 3 timmar sedan
That black woman nodding behind Trumps right side is the real MVP in this townhall,horrible moderator,clearly a never-trumper trying to score virtue points with her twitter crowd,look at her facial language,she's constantly one step away from screeching at the president,no respect,meanwhile Biden is being asked whats his favourite colour and forgets the answer.
John Foster
John Foster 3 timmar sedan
Oh, my gosh. Aren't moderators supposed to be nuetral? This one is so out of balance. Trump is the man. He is not a career politician. I don't know why he would sign up for this bs, unless he was genuinly conderned with our country. Democrats are apparently willing to let the socialists and marxists take over our country. A vote for (the puppet} Biden is a vote to totally demolish the US constitution.
Kyarah Squier
Kyarah Squier 3 timmar sedan
Go trump he'll yea thats whats up keep up the good work me and my family back you 1000%
redmx Peters
redmx Peters 3 timmar sedan
Make China rich or make American great again
thedreamlion 3 timmar sedan
vote trump plzz
Marisela Morales
Marisela Morales 3 timmar sedan
This town hall format it is better at least it is better to hear more about each person ideas than the debate that doesn't serve the purpose to informed people
Worth 3 timmar sedan
I’m voting for Trump because I hate Democrats.
Joe Franke
Joe Franke 3 timmar sedan
She is way out of line. What an emotionally driven child.
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
as soon as you see them being guided by emotions you know that these devil worshipers have nothing good in their hearts and are only aimed at bringing down the president.
blockthis08 3 timmar sedan
No one should be able to question a dictator.
Creative Dynasty
Creative Dynasty 3 timmar sedan
I literally didn't hear one actual concrete plan for anything....
Kazim Manji
Kazim Manji 2 timmar sedan
She interrupted him so many times. This is so frustrating to watch.
BerXYd 2 timmar sedan
how could you? She kept interrupting him.
Mr Conservative
Mr Conservative 3 timmar sedan
Disgusting how Trump gets hammered with biased questions, blame, argumentive media hosts. Savannah is a sorry excuse, she needs to shut up. Would someone punch her in the face please? Meanwhule Biden gets softball questions, respect and agreement from everyone.
Jorge Vega
Jorge Vega 3 timmar sedan
He has to go.
ahoorakia 3 timmar sedan
FapperzTV 3 timmar sedan
Biden one only got more views because of people purposely streaming on multiple devices
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren 3 timmar sedan
Savanna. She puts on a phony smile to pretend she’s positive. But these Talking Heads practice that in front of mirrors for hours. That’s part of her job to look cheery and upbeat. I guarantee you when she gets in her car to go home her smile drops. She tried to please her Globalist Corporate Masters but she was Denied! She tried to get him to say he wanted RoeVsWade overturned so that Women will vote against him. It didn’t work! Because Trump who knows how to argue and debate! He keeps delivering a positive message and they keep delivering negativity. Trump Wins!
Helix 3 timmar sedan
“Journalists” are enemies of America. They should be legally defined as terrorists and bounties offered.
Jorge Vega
Jorge Vega 3 timmar sedan
Yup also kkk members antifa members
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 3 timmar sedan
maga babbyyyyy
John Thai
John Thai 3 timmar sedan
Man she interrupts him all the time!
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren 3 timmar sedan
Again they tried to Blame Trump for Covid instead of the Chinese Communist Party who are 💯 percent to blame for releasing the Virus. The Dems keep trying that dirty tactic and flinging mud because they have nothing else. They will still Lose the Election because Trump Beat Covid! He’s healthy and is going to crush the opposition! Trump 2020! MAGA! Winner! Biden Corrupt Whiner and Loser!
Kathryn Drew
Kathryn Drew 3 timmar sedan
HE can't handle tough questions, brings out his nasty side, which is not far from the surface. He's a horrible person
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
What tough questions? Most of the questions are based on lies and what they read in the media. May God lead you to the truth or break your neck ameen.
Isaac Betancourt
Isaac Betancourt 3 timmar sedan
She had to be strong and talk loud because that's the only way people like Trump will listen to you.
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
@Isaac Betancourt pressed? Only personal questions are asked that are based on lies instead of about governing the country questions that benefit everyone. The goal of the 'journalist' is to bring down Trump. Because these kinds of questions are only asked of Trump and Joe is never asked personal questions about his fatigue or about his son contacting countries like China in exchange for interests in America.
Snitzal 2 timmar sedan
@Isaac Betancourt Trump isn't perfect but Biden can't even answer a question, is that a better candidate ?
Isaac Betancourt
Isaac Betancourt 2 timmar sedan
@Snitzal He won't answer the questions if he's not pressed to do it. That's how Trump is and we all know it.
Snitzal 3 timmar sedan
Ruthie G. Zorh
Ruthie G. Zorh 3 timmar sedan
Right? She had to stop him from rambling on and on (while not answering the question) as well as telling blatant lies
Vivienne Schwarcz
Vivienne Schwarcz 3 timmar sedan
Look at Australia and New Zealand’s response ro Covid. Our numbers are so low. In the state of Victoria, (population 6,689,377), had 2 new cases on Friday!
Tian Kevin
Tian Kevin 3 timmar sedan
This lady is so arrogant and bias which is not good even probing question to a president ... Playing as a correctness could be correctless
zensarah 7
zensarah 7 3 timmar sedan
Omg he is so stupid.
John CENA 3 timmar sedan
Ok, cool, but this isn’t how to make pasta... so
Denice Carla Gordon
Denice Carla Gordon 3 timmar sedan
I'm so tired about Donald Trump and my vote in this 2020 Presidential Elections is for Biden.
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
Why exactly are you tired?
Courtney 3 timmar sedan
She is extremely rude. He's the President of the United States. You are just a journalist. He's answering your questions and you're drilling him. Who are you to be judging anyone? He's running our country! Go home sister.
Mo Chen
Mo Chen 3 timmar sedan
Hello Americans. Would death toll be lesser if it were Biden presidential administration but not trump from the beginning of this pandemic???????????
gnote 3 timmar sedan
itsjavy 3 timmar sedan
Damn...the black lady with the red mask has set the black community back. I’ve never seen a better mascot. She gets an A, but damn that was painful.
KittenOnACloud 3 timmar sedan
What a surprise, another biased 'moderator'.
Keith Rosier
Keith Rosier 3 timmar sedan
From now on, any interview or questionnaire used for jobs, dating, security validation, renting or loans should include the question 'were you a trump supporter'? Telling someone you are should eliminate you as a prospect for ANYTHING!!!
Alex Klein
Alex Klein 3 timmar sedan
Democrat states have high sales tax rate. Almost 11 percent
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore 3 timmar sedan
Trump...stand your ground should apply, has been so much promotion by animal imitation species for animal imitational species to take that stand your ground represents no theft by intimidation, no theft by aggression, no theft by intrusion, no theft when a giving location has been designated. Judicial system blame incantments ..Depopulate
Purple Helm
Purple Helm 3 timmar sedan
Savannah Guthrie is GARBAGE! No respect for our Nations highest office.
auntfaert 3 timmar sedan
The most dangerous type of person to be in a leadership position. "I have nothing against masks" as he pulls one from his pocket" Lost on him is idea you must lead by example.
Melvin Wateren
Melvin Wateren 2 timmar sedan
Covid is a flu like any other flu that comes back every year. Don't be fooled by what the media says.
Courtney 3 timmar sedan
Ayjay Alleyway
Ayjay Alleyway 3 timmar sedan
God bless you, mr. President!
Ruthie G. Zorh
Ruthie G. Zorh 3 timmar sedan
Omg he freaked at the first voter’s question about the travel ban. He didn’t know how to answer the question and spoke loudly and quickly to compensate for having no good answer to the question.
Sexy Uncle
Sexy Uncle 3 timmar sedan
The favouritism is so potent and disgusting. Biden’s one felt like some sort of nice, cosy family dinner. While Trump’s felt like a very heated debate.
Dave Petersen
Dave Petersen 3 timmar sedan
“Townhall”??? Wanted to see some thoughtful questions and answers from actual voters and instead an embarrassing, disrespectful display from an obviously agenda driven moderator constantly badgering and interrupting a sitting President. Shame on you Savannah.
Jim Cleveland
Jim Cleveland 3 timmar sedan
Savannah Guthrie is clearly a political activist for the left, not a reporter.
Nomadic_Warrior 2 timmar sedan
Adding labels really make you feel comfortable doesnt it? Meanwhile Trump cant form a single coherent sentence and follow a line of reasoning to answer a single question. A true boomer NPC in action.
David Brakefield
David Brakefield 3 timmar sedan
Mike Simons
Mike Simons 3 timmar sedan
For those who believe the media tells the Truth, and still thinks Trump hasn't condemned white supremacy watch this video/series. Completely debunks all of this bs selosk.info/class/video/ap-FyGt0s5Z51ps.html
Rus G
Rus G 3 timmar sedan
I hope she gets Covid :)
Rajiv R
Rajiv R 3 timmar sedan
This lady is a looser
Isaac Betancourt
Isaac Betancourt 3 timmar sedan
Trump would never fight for other but himself. The man is a pathological liar.
Carter Hostetler
Carter Hostetler 3 timmar sedan
This was an absolute joke.
Devon Ramsay
Devon Ramsay 2 timmar sedan
@Sneaky The moderator was a joke. And your TDS can't see it.
Sneaky 3 timmar sedan
He sure is
Kenneth Chambers
Kenneth Chambers 3 timmar sedan
She forgot to invite the town. Only her biased BS.Why doesn't Joe let Tucker or shawn have a town hall on FOX.
Carter Hostetler
Carter Hostetler 3 timmar sedan
@Casey Sammich No matter where it’s from, I think that almost all news sources are horrible now.
Carter Hostetler
Carter Hostetler 3 timmar sedan
@Casey Sammich If I’m being honest with you, I don’t take any news seriously anymore.
Carter Hostetler
Carter Hostetler 3 timmar sedan
@Casey Sammich From my understanding of the article that you sited, the lawyers that represented fox were the ones that made the claim.
Casey Sammich
Casey Sammich 3 timmar sedan
@Carter Hostetler www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-karen-mcdougal-case-tucker-carlson-2020-9
Carter Hostetler
Carter Hostetler 3 timmar sedan
@Casey Sammich What was the specific case?
Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson 3 timmar sedan
Samantha interrupts The President but not the Lady's asking questions... 🤨🤨🤨
Elias Santiesteban
Elias Santiesteban 3 timmar sedan
Savannah town hall
Pappa Michael
Pappa Michael 3 timmar sedan
shouldn't he know more than everyone else about Q?
vinniesdayoff 3 timmar sedan
I wonder does Savannah have the same make up artist as The Joker??
Joe Nehama
Joe Nehama 3 timmar sedan
He is smarter than me because I enter the marine corp and he beat the draft, he is smarter than me because I pay the proper taxes, he does not, and he made lots of money by cheating people, I was mostly honest, but I have peace of mind, he is a piece of crap
regina anderson
regina anderson 3 timmar sedan
B S.
Buildingup2020 3 timmar sedan
Masks are causing disease.. shut it Samantha. Quit being a shill for the Gates Foundation. Most of the deaths around the world are from people over 75. Stop. It’s the flu. It’s weak. It’s 99.96% survivable. Cut it with the theatrics. We’ve had it with all the bull for the last 9 months. This virus is a bio weapon from China.
Elijah Spence
Elijah Spence 3 timmar sedan
I hate how he's answering questions to people patiently waiting for a thoughtful answer and Guthrie continually cuts him off... Nobody cares about what you have to say...
Austematic Tha Tragic
Austematic Tha Tragic 3 timmar sedan
he was lying out of his ass and it was her job to keep him honest. Of course you wouldn't know what that means
コチョリーナ 3 timmar sedan
Alex Klein
Alex Klein 3 timmar sedan
Tell me how Biden helped Black. Except you ain’t black if you do not vote Democrat. Beginning the pandemic. Democrats impeached Trump in Feb. Democrats used COVID as a campaign Russia probe took years to investigate found nothing Democrats against boarders wall China economy recession because of Trump. Did people praise him anything ?
Republic Defense
Republic Defense 3 timmar sedan
Wear a mask Stay safe
Steven Koehler
Steven Koehler 3 timmar sedan
Of course they got the nastiest harpy they could find to “moderate” the event.
Why Gravity is NOT a Force