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17 jan 2021



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Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips Månad sedan
Does anyone know where klaras outfit is from?? It’s gorgeous x
🌸💖Tea with Aleia Rose🌸💖
M. Nielsen
M. Nielsen 2 månader sedan
Where did you order the falafel wrap from?
Rand z
Rand z 2 månader sedan
can you please share what products do you use for you face and undereye??? love you
Freda-J. Johansen
Freda-J. Johansen 2 månader sedan
Oh my gosh… I feel you girl… my cravings are horrible as well, and I’m not even pregnant 😅😅 can’t wait for more vloggs from Spain, I love them & get inspired to make more content like that myself ❤️❤️
Sandra Wakander
Sandra Wakander 2 månader sedan
Hur fick du och Klara kontakt, lärde känna varandra? Var det länge sen du besökte Sverige? Ser härligt ut där du bor🤩
K J 2 månader sedan
This blog is so cosy and natural, very nice! But as for "The Undoing" I must warn you that the show contains some pretty violent unpleasant scenes, so it may not be good watching during pregnancy.
Kayla Chandler
Kayla Chandler 2 månader sedan
Janni, what kind of oil was that you put in your hair? Love your Vlogs!
Miranda Miechowicz
Miranda Miechowicz 2 månader sedan
Love ❤️💖
Diana K
Diana K 2 månader sedan
I still dont get it! How are they able to afford that lifestyle and houses without working?
Robin Rosell int ht20 VUX-YH
Jävlar va snygga ni är tjejor
manuel aguiar
manuel aguiar 2 månader sedan
i miss the blogs from jon........
SissiTack T
SissiTack T 2 månader sedan
Hur går det med huset i Lombok? 😜
Erabadu village
Erabadu village 2 månader sedan
Good friend...l. am New friend.... come back tomorrow....ok..my friend...
Tjo Ten
Tjo Ten 2 månader sedan
Set Klara and Benni up for a date!!!!!
Lexi Meinzer
Lexi Meinzer 2 månader sedan
you have to watch Bridgerton on Netflix it’s AMAZING
Stephanie Midhammar
Stephanie Midhammar 2 månader sedan
Tootsington Fabulucy
Tootsington Fabulucy 2 månader sedan
Klara always seems so hungry
Gary Greely
Gary Greely 2 månader sedan
What happened to Jon and Bennie's videos? I am enjoying yours and am happy that your pregnancy is going so well. I feel certain that having a baby girl will be fun.
Kristine Friend
Kristine Friend 2 månader sedan
I love watching you have such a normal day and talking about tv series and redoing the bathroom and food hahaha!
LAND HUNTING 2 månader sedan
Watch Tiger Woods new documentary "Tiger". Really good. Just came out.
LAND HUNTING 2 månader sedan
You guy's have good vibes. I have been following Jon since the beginning and i actually seen you Janni on Strandvägen 2-3 times. Am happy for you guy's that everything's going so good. All the best.
Marieke van der Linde
Marieke van der Linde 2 månader sedan
Sidsel S
Sidsel S 2 månader sedan
Klara and Benni would make the cutest couple 🥺
Jack Shepherd
Jack Shepherd 2 månader sedan
If anyone's craving a mega well-made series, watch Warrior! Incredible in every way 👌
Pacific Blue IT
Pacific Blue IT 2 månader sedan
Why don't you have a pool fence to keep Leon and your future children safe from drowning?
Ngoc Han
Ngoc Han 2 månader sedan
Hey Janni, watch Bridgerton on Netflix
Anna Soho
Anna Soho 2 månader sedan
klara: cheese BALLS 😂😂
Sara Nena
Sara Nena 2 månader sedan
Team bidet... If only I could teach how to use it. For us bidet users it is kind of impossible to think that it is 2021 and still many country don't use it. It is like if you go for a run and then you consider to shower just wiping with a cloth... I wouldn't go too dip ahahahahah. Clara and Janni together are my favourite type of entertainment Sara Nena DIY
Alina Stetcu
Alina Stetcu 2 månader sedan
I know, right?! I can't imagine a bathroom without a bidet. It's incomplete ahahaha
Anne Go
Anne Go 2 månader sedan
Hahaha, I absolutely LOVE Klara :D
Mikaela Larsson
Mikaela Larsson 2 månader sedan
Detta va en av dina bästa vloggar!! Så mysig att bara få hänga med på allt! ❤️
Berta Canals
Berta Canals 2 månader sedan
Hi Janni, which oil do you use for your hair? Have a nice week ✨
Malin Hernar
Malin Hernar 2 månader sedan
need some sun! and this video gives me summer vibes!
venom5809 2 månader sedan
I swear I haven’t seen Janni drive in years, swear the last time was the golf cart at the old house. lol 😂
Ваня 2 månader sedan
I like spanish omlet too.
Rochelle Fox
Rochelle Fox 2 månader sedan
Now I am craving Swedish candy :P
Ehhh Oi
Ehhh Oi 2 månader sedan
Jesus christ just let Leon have some candy... He's not going to die...
mike fry
mike fry 2 månader sedan
Good to have your friend with you enjoy
Nicolette Le Roux
Nicolette Le Roux 2 månader sedan
Great to see you two & Leon❣️
Carina Andersson
Carina Andersson 2 månader sedan
kan du och klara skriva era hårprodukter eller göra en vlogg om de
jxbeaucp 2 månader sedan
You should do a mukbang! You’ve mentioned it in your other vlog.
Naida 2 månader sedan
We didnt see the candy 😬
Dezarai Larsen
Dezarai Larsen 2 månader sedan
Hey Janni, I’ve learned from my pregnancies that if you are wanting a lot of candy or sugar, you need more protein and the cravings go away 🤗 not sure if it would help you, but wanted to share. ❤️
Lindsey LaVida
Lindsey LaVida 2 månader sedan
Janni your vlogs always motivate me to get in more shape!! Thank you for showing your activity!! And your vlogs always put me in a good mood, thank you!!
Ashleigh Stevens
Ashleigh Stevens 2 månader sedan
I just love seeing you altogether. 🥰
Carolina Björklund
Carolina Björklund 2 månader sedan
I can feel the pain Klara have in the intro hahah
Jeroen Dutoix
Jeroen Dutoix 2 månader sedan
What pain? She’s just adjusting her thong..
Alja Mori
Alja Mori 2 månader sedan
I had falafel wrap in Zagreb and some sweet potato fries it was delicious !
YB 2 månader sedan
I also had the bidet in my home but its so old fashioned so when we remodelled we added the internal bidet built into the toilet which was way better and saved space- I highly recommend
Julia Haggstrom
Julia Haggstrom 2 månader sedan
Clara is so much fun! You two have such a great friendship! Awesome!
mrbreakybee 2 månader sedan
Meanwhile in northern Poland people brave enough to take a morning walk try to make their way through knee-deep snow... Yeahh and to make matters worse ski resorts are closed. All we have left is Janni's vlogs, ice baths in the Baltic sea, hot tea and vitamin D.
tessa bodenham
tessa bodenham 2 månader sedan
Leon's outfits are really cool & he is getting so big & more & more, adorable❤
Marisol Jackson
Marisol Jackson 2 månader sedan
Clara is such a fun friend. Lover her❤️
Walter Carson
Walter Carson 2 månader sedan
Great Vlog as always Your Honor in the US is on Showtime. Be safe as we are so close to getting the shot for Covic-19.
Mitsoufanny 2 månader sedan
Hi Janni, as always, i love your videos. I am just surprised that your end of the world gathering with extended family and friends as well as travelling are not part of the Covid restrictions. Here in Canada we are still in curfew and some people not even able to attend funerals of the beloved. You are lucky in Spain and Sweden and Monaco that your the situation is better than ours.
phynx2006 2 månader sedan
Hahaha a Swedish Mukbang video 🤣🤣🤣 you guys are knocking it out of the park🏏🍔🍕🍟😋🍅🍑🍩🍪🥕🥓🍌🍇🍆🍅
שי הראל
שי הראל 2 månader sedan
Hi, I recommend you to watch Lupin on Netflix. Great series.
DEV THAKKAR 2 månader sedan
hi janni i live in inida and love to see your and jons videos and also love leonnnnnnn he is soo cute
Joelina456 2 månader sedan
So disappointing when people who can afford 5 BATHROOMS escape to Monaco to avoid paying the appropriate taxes 👎🏼☹️
11370LB 2 månader sedan
@Joelina456 Well, there’s a surprise!
Joelina456 2 månader sedan
@11370LB I´ve seen on her latest insta story, that they flew by PRIVATE JET :-D no joke...
11370LB 2 månader sedan
@Joelina456 I agree with you. Also, with Spain closing up their internal borders, let alone external borders, I’d love to know how they are managing going to and fro Spain/Monaco. Probably private jet to get round the COVID restrictions. They’ll be returning to Spain for the birth.
Joelina456 2 månader sedan
@Maria G nope, i can honestly say I would not, out of solidarity I would pay for the health care system, the infrastructure, etc. of the country i live in. Just like everyone else. But this comment says a lot more about you than it does about me ;-)
Maria G
Maria G 2 månader sedan
Lol if you could do it, you would too
Laura Moquete
Laura Moquete 2 månader sedan
I need a Klara in my life!!
got milk
got milk 2 månader sedan
Leon needs a balloon
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods 2 månader sedan
Preeti Sharma
Preeti Sharma 2 månader sedan
Please share your skincare and bodycare products.. much love!! ❤❤
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 2 månader sedan
your honor has ten episodes
Theres Hjalmarsson
Theres Hjalmarsson 2 månader sedan
Varför försöker inte klara träffa någon.och kanske skaffa familj framöver någon gång.hon syns alltid som ett litet hjul bredvid alla andras barn och familjerna.vore roligt att se henne utvecklas.jag menar hon blir ju inget yngre direkt😂😂
Emma Stina
Emma Stina 2 månader sedan
Men halloj! Du vet väl inget alls om hennes privatliv egentligen? Vem vet, hon kanske längtar massor efter både partner och barn och dejtar för fullt men inte har hittat någon som det känns rätt med. Hon kanske trivs jättebra med att vara singel, hon kanske inte ens vill ha barn etc. Så tröttsam kommentar.
Ruth Long
Ruth Long 2 månader sedan
Wow I wish I was young again but watching you do that walk tired me out and thank you janni for keeping the English so I and others can still enjoy glad you and baby and your family are doing well and your dad's house to love you guys love watching the videos well til next time bye 🎶🍷🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴😎
MrMae77 2 månader sedan
Ska inte Jon lägga ut någon ny Vlog snart?
Julianne Collie
Julianne Collie 2 månader sedan
Please do a Swedish vlog and have your editor do sub titles! Just one :)
Joy Cady
Joy Cady 2 månader sedan
Leon's eyes....OMG! He is the cutest little boy. I love it when he points to the camera :)
Samy Benchicco
Samy Benchicco 2 månader sedan
Where's jon????
Pierre Simonsson
Pierre Simonsson 2 månader sedan
"Sun is shining and so are you" 0:46
Our Chez
Our Chez 2 månader sedan
Do you guys swim in the pool even when it's cool ?
William Travis
William Travis 2 månader sedan
What did Jon have to eat?
Hanna M
Hanna M 2 månader sedan
Please tell Clara to make a video in Englisch about her skincare routine + tips ❤️❤️❤️
Tindra Jansson
Tindra Jansson 2 månader sedan
She has a skincare routine in Swedish on her channel (where she links all the products in the description!)
Natalia Amos
Natalia Amos 2 månader sedan
seriously! Her skin is gorgeous!
Lisa_ and_Christian
Lisa_ and_Christian 2 månader sedan
Soooo jealous of a blue sky and warm sun! (I live in Copenhagen.)
William Travis
William Travis 2 månader sedan
The Olsson Marbella Home and Pool Area are really beautiful! Livin' the Dream, Janni!
Pam Cooke
Pam Cooke 2 månader sedan
You guys are so sweet!! So nice your sister is with you. If you ever are visiting the States, you’re always welcome, I live in Reston, VA. 15-20 minutes outside of Washington, DC. You guys are heading back to your home on Monaco? Your home is stunning here in Sweden. I would love to visit your country some day! Best of luck and safe travels.
William Travis
William Travis 2 månader sedan
The sun makes all the difference in how you feel, especially after several rainy days in succession!
William Travis
William Travis 2 månader sedan
enjoyed the video!
janina roo
janina roo 2 månader sedan
you and Klara are so stunning and have such cool chill fun vibes together
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna 2 månader sedan
I wish I was somewhere with weather like this 💗💗💗
marvona 2 månader sedan
Cherrie Cherrie
Cherrie Cherrie 2 månader sedan
Thank you that u showed a sneak peak from Leon's lunch. I was asking myself, if u raise him up vegan/vegetarian too.
Tatiana Levina
Tatiana Levina 2 månader sedan
Hello))Just sow that you are pregnant again)Congrats)❤🦄💐Be healthy and happy like always)🌅🎉
Zixzero Slots
Zixzero Slots 2 månader sedan
🤣🤣du ger inte ungen godis men vräker i dig själv
Betterwithzandii 2 månader sedan
I wish klara would do English vlogs on her channel ❤️
Maria S
Maria S 2 månader sedan
I know... she is such a mood haha
Alejandra Camano
Alejandra Camano 2 månader sedan
Yeeees! Because she's very funny!!
Milena Favrin
Milena Favrin 2 månader sedan
what the TV they said at the end? Its not on Netflix...
Vittoria Mereghetti
Vittoria Mereghetti 2 månader sedan
Janni your vlogs are so good! I love watching them!
Mads 2 månader sedan
Your guard? Is that for the hole community or just your plot or street ect...? Can you explane a bit? ;) Because i was wondering if, i come down to marbella on vacation next summer, and want to viset your street / area, would i be arrested or shot then? Haha
Zarina Lutfullina
Zarina Lutfullina 2 månader sedan
Thanks a lot for your vlogs❤️Leon’s so cuteee
de den
de den 2 månader sedan
Klara är så lugn och chill i dina vloggar jämfört med hennes 😂 så mysig 😍
Minh Le
Minh Le 2 månader sedan
love the dirty sweater in the last shot. you look like a baby 😆
Amalie Sønsteby
Amalie Sønsteby 2 månader sedan
I started crying when i first found out that you were going to have a girl ( happytears)
Magda Schulze
Magda Schulze 2 månader sedan
Hey Janni! Your videos are always bringing such a good mood to me! Love it💕 greetings from Germany 😘
Carolina N
Carolina N 2 månader sedan
where is Klara putting the pizza in? ahahah ( 13:17 )
Amalie Sønsteby
Amalie Sønsteby 2 månader sedan
I have looked at all of your vidioes and Instagram and jon’s vidioes and Instagram
Fanny 2 månader sedan
Haha Janni acting like people haven't seen a falafel roll before!
The Forsaken One
The Forsaken One 2 månader sedan
Jag tittar också på "Your Honour." Hans son är lite världslig ...
Sabrina Sydney
Sabrina Sydney 2 månader sedan
Sweets cravings = girl💯💯👧
Beverly Crowder
Beverly Crowder 2 månader sedan
Yes, before & after photos.. can't wait to see it when it's done.
Finn Lademaker
Finn Lademaker 2 månader sedan
Could Klara and Bennie become something ;)
Helena 2 månader sedan
No, poor Benji
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