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I put together what I consider to be my list of the funniest movies of all time. These are all comedies, of course. All my favorites! Only feature length films too... no stand-up comedies, shorts, or TV programs. These are in no particular order. I discussed a lot of these picks on Rental Reviews, but I wanted to put them all in one video. Check these films out whenever you can, especially if you need a good laugh!
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15 jan 2021



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Cinemassacre Månad sedan
See the sale and save on your favorite classic Star Wars games here: bit.ly/3i89QNY Thanks Aspyr Media for sponsoring!
Dildo Swaggins
Dildo Swaggins Månad sedan
Blazing saddles, scary movie 1 & 2, kung fu hustle, shaolin soccer, dont be a menace to society while drinking your juice in the hood, kung pow enter the fist. Hopefully someone reads this comment and tries them out ! XD
kultur vultur
kultur vultur Månad sedan
Now this is podracing!
Casual Focus
Casual Focus Månad sedan
It's 21st why can't I get the deal???
Thanos Rat
Thanos Rat Månad sedan
64 bits
Erik Underland
Erik Underland Månad sedan
To bad Hollywood killed comedy
the Sarkive
the Sarkive 16 timmar sedan
Jack The Film Fanatic
Jack The Film Fanatic 2 dagar sedan
No mention of the Peter Sellers Pink Panther films? Laurel & Hardy? The Mars Brothers? I’m disappointed.
Two-Headed Boy
Two-Headed Boy 2 dagar sedan
Clerks 2
tatsujincorp 3 dagar sedan
Groundhog Day ♡
Thomas Byers
Thomas Byers 4 dagar sedan
This may not be considered movies since they had commercials. However I will say MST3K, making fun of movies, brought me many of my biggest laughs.
David Talkington
David Talkington 5 dagar sedan
Agreed with everyone listed, except Borat. Sasha is garbage imo lol
DudeMan 5 dagar sedan
burn1none 6 dagar sedan
no Blazing Saddles mention?
Yuna 6 dagar sedan
I honestly think about and quote Back to the Future daily.
Steve Marquez
Steve Marquez 6 dagar sedan
Bill Murray for sure. "The Man Who Knew Too Little". Its a must watch.
SillyLlamaz 6 dagar sedan
Idiocracy :)
kylem1112 7 dagar sedan
no office space? that's movie is one of my favorites.
Cantodea Sarabande
Cantodea Sarabande 8 dagar sedan
W.C. Fields, Meet the killer Boris Karloff, Dolemite, Street Trash, Trading Places and Problem Child.
Daily Talk with kapil Sharma
Superbad is super dope.
bakerfresh 10 dagar sedan
Tropic Thunder, Anchorman 2, haha........MacGruber..I'm starting to like this guy. Just kidding, I Fn hate you...wanna Go?!?
bakerfresh 10 dagar sedan
I often quote the roadie from Wayne's World 2, where he talks of Ozzy sending them to the candy store in India... "A BENGAL Tigah...the store keeper and his son are a whole othah story. I had to beat them....to death....with my own....shoe"
Doomcooky 10 dagar sedan
I think one of my favorite comedies would have to be Kentucky fried movie its just absurd
chzzyg269 10 dagar sedan
There's just so many comedies that could be talked about, but one that stands out for me that wasn't mentioned is Cable Guy. Cable Guy was a big part of my teenage years. I had to have quoted lines from it for like a decade.
Ace Garison
Ace Garison 10 dagar sedan
I watch the Master Exploder scene all the time. But the hardest I ever laughed watching a movie was in Dodgeball. When that guy took a wrench to the head I almost died.
Clifftonic Studios
Clifftonic Studios 11 dagar sedan
Also have you played Discworld
Seth Downn
Seth Downn 11 dagar sedan
Where men! Where men in tights!!!!!
Seth Downn
Seth Downn 11 dagar sedan
My Blue Heaven is underrated and I wish more people enjoyed that movie.
Luis 12 dagar sedan
Need to watch most of them... I don't remember almost anyone! Btw, Superbad is that kind of movie that never, ever gets old!
UnlikeRelic 12 dagar sedan
Sasha is the best method actor ever
Alegater YT
Alegater YT 12 dagar sedan
Some times you sound like Saul from breaking bad
Tranka 12 dagar sedan
walk hard... the bad taste... loaded weapon... nacho libre... party animals... fear and loathing... the party... life of brain... hot shots
Omar Kaj
Omar Kaj 15 dagar sedan
From these films, it seems the AVGN got some his lines.
Dewayne Amerson
Dewayne Amerson 15 dagar sedan
I just cant get into these new movies ! I'll always watch the same old movies . 80's and 90's movies will always be the best for me !
Andrew Marcus
Andrew Marcus 15 dagar sedan
John candy movies would be a video I'd love to see your guys opinions on like great outdoors, uncle buck or plains trains and automobiles
Michael Pun
Michael Pun 15 dagar sedan
ELF and Step Brothers are the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.
Igor Rodrigues
Igor Rodrigues 15 dagar sedan
Austin Powers came to my mind xD
tsukune007 16 dagar sedan
for me it was Airplane and any movie by Mel Brooks. grew up watching Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs to name a few
Bruce Vial
Bruce Vial 17 dagar sedan
I thought it was joke that you were promoting Star Wars ep1
Deviant Gaming
Deviant Gaming 17 dagar sedan
Hot Fuzz will forever be my favourite comedy movie in the "cornetto" trilogy I just really think Nick Frost really stands out more aside Simon Pegg in the 2nd part as a character.
Sara Super
Sara Super 18 dagar sedan
I personally hate Borat, but loved this video, James!
Ricardo Filho
Ricardo Filho 18 dagar sedan
i must be dead inside cause Super Bad isn't funny to me
Harvey Lane
Harvey Lane 18 dagar sedan
4:48 You don't say!
NIckaPapagiorgio 19 dagar sedan
Oh man, i'm so sick of politics it's nice to come here and listen to James talk about movies
Ghost L
Ghost L 21 dag sedan
We need Pick of Destiny 2!
Geneva long
Geneva long 22 dagar sedan
abel sanchez
abel sanchez 22 dagar sedan
Shaolin Soccer is one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen.
Elloster 07
Elloster 07 24 dagar sedan
For me The hangover is one of the funniest movies
Erich Wiener
Erich Wiener 24 dagar sedan
those are all great pics. It's mad mad mad mad world, great #1 pic
Matt Bryce
Matt Bryce 25 dagar sedan
ummm, Episode 1 Racer was released for windows along side N64 back in 1999.
Colten Phillips
Colten Phillips 25 dagar sedan
How about Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero? “Excuse me could I speak to the drug dealer that owns this home?”
Dave_S 25 dagar sedan
"But it goes to eleven"
Damnesia13 26 dagar sedan
How did Army of Darkness not get any love?
Samuel Church
Samuel Church 26 dagar sedan
Two films that I think are some of the funniest are weirdly enough both musicals. Little Shop of Horrors and Singin'In the Rain.
shawndiehl1959 27 dagar sedan
Hey angry avgn I have a game for you to review it is called zoo racing
Yav Ivanov
Yav Ivanov 28 dagar sedan
Two words: Almost Heroes. With the late Chris Farley. One of the most underrated, and unfortunately forgotten movies.
Herobox 1248
Herobox 1248 28 dagar sedan
Man, I just realized that the last movie I found funny was Tropic Thunder in 2008. That's sad.
Adamester 28 dagar sedan
Kung Fury will always have a special place in my heart
JL OConnell
JL OConnell 28 dagar sedan
Mel Brooks is legend! I do prefer The Producers musical because I prefer the stage ending. All of Mel Brooks is fantastic.
Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez 28 dagar sedan
Rock Comedies: WALK HARD
diarykeeper 29 dagar sedan
I like Jim Carrey. Airplane! and it's successor also works.
John McNally
John McNally 29 dagar sedan
I never liked Caddyshack, it always felt really mean spirited.
Thiago Pessoa
Thiago Pessoa 29 dagar sedan
Kung pow is my favorite
zherean Månad sedan
i didt know ghostbuster is a comedy
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Månad sedan
The original Clerks, Christmas vacation, Step Brothers, what we do in the shadows, and hot shots are some of my all time 5 favs.....in no particular order!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Månad sedan
Can’t buy me love and just one of the guys are classics too!!
ElFino013 Månad sedan
It wasn't until I got older that I truly started to enjoy Marx Brothers. Incredible wordplay and sarcasm in those films.
fai piu video dei film. ❤
kill house
kill house Månad sedan
Austin powers and step brothers is there for me
Jake Friedman
Jake Friedman Månad sedan
On Friday I watched this video. On Saturday I rented "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World." No complaints.
Eric Rosen
Eric Rosen Månad sedan
This feels incomplete without The Heat and The Big Lebowski
Clandestine Council
Clandestine Council Månad sedan
Suprised there are no Eddie Murphy movies on his list.
Jáma Pohřební
Jáma Pohřební Månad sedan
Tenecious D. is best. it puts a smile at my face when i saw it in this video.
Short and Fat
Short and Fat Månad sedan
Just a flesh wound
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy Månad sedan
The Tenacious D part was playing in the other room, I didn't even notice but their music started playing in my head such a badass movie
Squirrelly Dan
Squirrelly Dan Månad sedan
"You alweady ah J.B. You're my lil baby sass!"
Marius Månad sedan
My top 3 movies ever are also comedies: 1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 2. Being John Malkovich 3. Freddy got Fingered
Tomyboyization Månad sedan
Midnight Run with Robert De Niro, Clerks, and My Sassy Girl (Korean, subtitled)
Si-Va- m
Si-Va- m Månad sedan
1:44 There those golden words. If anyone understands this you know what he's talking about.
2WhiteAndNerdy Månad sedan
100% agree with the top pick. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World is one of my all time favorite movies.
Cindy Urban
Cindy Urban Månad sedan
Peter Sellers in "The Party", "Fletch", "Overboard", Foul Play.And all Laurel, and Hardy movies.
Daniel Engel
Daniel Engel Månad sedan
Police Academy also falls in that 90's comedy niche.
Rob Hestar
Rob Hestar Månad sedan
Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. I could watch this movie every day and still never get tired of it!
OVA9000 Månad sedan
Billy Madison, Tommy Boy, and Happy Gilmore have to be on my list.
ZX Studios
ZX Studios Månad sedan
TAG was amazing from 2018
Avery Mcpherson
Avery Mcpherson Månad sedan
Wasn’t racer also available on the GBC?
Eric Holt
Eric Holt Månad sedan
You forgot the Big Lebowski, the Dude does not abide.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Månad sedan
Shaolin Soccer
Hamood Hamood
Hamood Hamood Månad sedan
Maurice Rodriguez
Maurice Rodriguez Månad sedan
This just hit me, AVGN sounds like Bob Odenkirk
BlueWingedPanther12 Månad sedan
Clerks and Clerks 2
TheFanRift Månad sedan
Gotta give it to Hot Fuzz or Holy Grail tbh
Buzby Gaming
Buzby Gaming Månad sedan
Wait... did he say didnt get into Rental Reviews Yet... Yet as in... does that mean they're gonna continue it?.
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
Why I love James. He didn't mention not ONE movie by Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, etc. He's keeping it almost old school. And to me the best comedies of all time are around that time period.
theTINMAN1986 Månad sedan
Movies from the 80s an early 90s won't worried about hurting people's feelings they just ripped on everybody
Todd Howard
Todd Howard Månad sedan
Bought ep 1 pod race last week for 7$. Worth it.
AngelMekk Månad sedan
.... Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit watching Cinemassacre... **still watches Cinemassacre**
smacksoftSMA Månad sedan
My two favourite films of all time are Hot Fuzz and Dr Strangelove
QUIZFILTER Månad sedan
When you mentioned Spinal Tap & Monty Python.... "The RUTLES"....
Albert Evers
Albert Evers Månad sedan
Basketball, fits these styles as well and it’s great.
lskdfoIS Månad sedan
There's POD racer arcade cabinets out there with the dual floating hand bike
LiK Månad sedan
Xmas Vacation was so amazing as a kid. I should give it a rewatch as an adult.
NateModo Dragon
NateModo Dragon Månad sedan
YES! Love that someone else finds Tenacious D and the Pick Of Destiny hilarious!
Mechimmortal Månad sedan
Weekend at Bernie's aged well too. Call it cheesy af but I love it.
Lucas Adverse
Lucas Adverse Månad sedan
Office Space!!!
JWM Månad sedan
unpopular opinion but i really didn't enjoy the Chevy Chase vacation movies, or Caddyshack that much maybe i was too young when i saw it. Though Groundhogs Day is my favorite Bill Murray movie
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