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Four years after Jordan's death, Justin set out on an 8 year journey to bring his brother's story to life. With the help of 102 interviews and 300+ home videotapes, equaling 450+ hours of footage, "My Brother Jordan" chronicles Jordan's life and death and paints the bond of brotherhood between Jordan and Justin Robinson.
BEHIND THE SCENES: selosk.info/class/video/rmqrzqt8rJqVw4U.html
IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt6918740/?ref_=nm_knf_i3
written, produced, directed and edited by Justin Robinson
Andrew Bradford
Justin Robinson
Daniel Routh
Brent Christy (interview)
Eric Johnson (interview)
David Gaskin (interview)
Shaun Boyte (interview)
Chad Cunningham (interview)
Sarah Walker (interview)
music by
Kyle McCuiston
Roland Bingaman
Mason Bayne
Ryan Polly
Kennan Banks
John Carrington
sound editor & re-recording mixer
Christian Sawyer
Follow Justin
INSTAGRAM: jrobproductions
TWITTER: JROBproductions
WEBSITE: justinrobinsonfilm.com

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19 aug 2020



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Liz Zenn
Liz Zenn Minut sedan
What a loving homage to a loving family and an amazing brother! You are an incredible filmmaker and you brought him to life for all of us! Thank you!
Trenton Yount
Trenton Yount 6 minuter sedan
Wow. What an amazing documentary about someone. Such a great guy taken way too early
scerdopa59 7 minuter sedan
Brilliant! You made me love Jordan and wish I had known him! I wish you peace!
S S 21 minut sedan
This spoke to me....I lost my little brother who was the magic in the family, like Jordan was. I always say to people that I’m fundamentally changed both because of his life and because of his death. I hold you and your family in my heart.
Focus please
Focus please 25 minuter sedan
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away........ Revelation 21:4....
It'sgabybaby 32 minuter sedan
Wow life can really change in a second 😭
Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor 41 minut sedan
What a fine young man, I am sure he would love the tribute you made for him.
Tom Maccarone
Tom Maccarone 45 minuter sedan
Beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shaletta Bonnette
Shaletta Bonnette 48 minuter sedan
Who would dislike this😔😔😔😔 people are so evil. People are too mean and evil for me I can’t deal with it.
Norton Almeida
Norton Almeida 50 minuter sedan
This is the most exciting, loving and inspiring documentary I've ever seen. I cried the whole time while I was thinking about my brother. I couldn't fight the tears. To be honest, I don't know how I got here, but thank you very much Justin. And one more thing, your brother is very proud of you, I'm sure of that.
Starman 52 minuter sedan
God bless this man for making a documentary about his brother.
Violet Rose
Violet Rose 55 minuter sedan
There is no death we are eternal beings love lives on, love is all there is we come here to love be love experience love God's love as pure as his no fear just love, all our true being takes from this experience is how much did I love how much love did I give share be but loss is not real we never loose anyone we cannot die nor can love it's what we are.
Bryan Bryan
Bryan Bryan Timme sedan
Thank you
luz canziani
luz canziani Timme sedan
there are 2581 people who do not understand what true bonds and love mean.
Kyler Knuth
Kyler Knuth Timme sedan
Wait my name is in this wow but I did cry
Psych Nurse
Psych Nurse Timme sedan
Beautiful tribute to not only your brother, but your family. The love, & loss, are palpable. May you find comfort in knowing this documentary was done so well, I imagine everyone who watches it feels love for both you & Jordan. Your brother would be proud & overwhelmed with this beautiful tribute. ♥️
Kyler Knuth
Kyler Knuth Timme sedan
Yo I can’t even I was ballin my eyes out cause I knew what was coming and I didn’t wanna be right and the way Justin said he inhaled but never exhaled
Tutti Timme sedan
What an incredibly beautiful way to honor your brother, this is the most amazing video I have either had in my recommended on SElosk. I am grateful and thankful I got to watch this.
Martha Janzen
Martha Janzen Timme sedan
Amazing tribute to an immensely loved brother! It’s 7 years ago this month that I lost my brother, who was a year and 2 months older than me. He died of pancreatic cancer. And 1 year ago that I lost my father to cancer.I will forever remember and miss them😢
Mathew Watkins
Mathew Watkins Timme sedan
I lost my childhood best friends in February still don’t know how to live without them fully every day that passes I just want to text them or see them then I realize I’ll never have that moment again it’s been a while since then but it’s all been a blur feels like it’s been a couple weeks... I just want to say I really connected with your documentary and it’s damn good he’d be proud of what you made for him! Much love
Zoot 's
Zoot 's Timme sedan
What a lovely tribute to Jordan.
Catberine Stocker
Catberine Stocker Timme sedan
Wow what a beautiful life and tribute to obviously a treasure that God lent to the world. Thank you for share this beautiful part of your lives
a e s t h e t i c
a e s t h e t i c Timme sedan
Why did Cancer have to take a sweet would like Jordan
shari majka
shari majka Timme sedan
omg great story about JORDAN!! i teared❤️ RIP JORDAN🤟🏻
SilraxA 2 timmar sedan
katievree 2 timmar sedan
i don’t know why this was recommended to me, but i’m so glad i clicked and stayed to watch. thank you so much for sharing jordan with us. my heart is shattered, but i feel thankful for the hour i got to spend getting to know him. i hope you keep working towards peace. 💕 RIP jordan, and coach. 🙏
sara da
sara da 2 timmar sedan
Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body ..... so why dont Oncology workers know this ??? Sooo many needless deaths and suffering because Truth is suppressed and ridiculed!! Heartbreaking!!
jessica ortiz
jessica ortiz 2 timmar sedan
Wow this is beautiful
a vans
a vans 2 timmar sedan
this is the most poignant documentary I have ever seen. I have just lost my dad ...who also had high threshhold for pain never complained etc I have been so devastated and your documentary has really helped me ........so much of this is exactly how I have felt and exactly what I went through ....thank you ......your story has helped me get through today ...i lost not just my dad but my best friend ....God bless you and your family ...hang in there ...you will carry him and your story an dthe grief and the loss forever but you have managed to turn that into something positive and help other people...
Bailey Duncan
Bailey Duncan 2 timmar sedan
Thank you for making this
Meagan Mccausland
Meagan Mccausland 2 timmar sedan
Wow thank you for sharing
Alberta Proud
Alberta Proud 2 timmar sedan
What an amazing tribute to your brother who touched so many lives in his short life. What a great way to remember him and have to show your children and nieces and nephews.
sofi majava
sofi majava 2 timmar sedan
My dad has had cancer twice and this documentary opened my eyes to how lucky I am to still have him in my life very much healthy and alive. I have never cried in my life as much as I did watching this documentary. There’s something so beautiful about the way this documentary was made that made me feel deeply connected with someone I have never met.
Salma Kadiri
Salma Kadiri 2 timmar sedan
My father is alive, i don't know what it's like to say dad. My mother is alive, i just can't prononce the word mom. My brother, i can't even image him like a brother or anything. My grand mother died, but i dread her memory.Desteny seems to keep those who hate each other stuck forever and tear apart the ones that love each other.
Greg Hamblin
Greg Hamblin 3 timmar sedan
Wonderful, just simply wonderful🙂
Alexandra Jacquet
Alexandra Jacquet 3 timmar sedan
Beautiful documentary I absolutely loved it it was so pure and raw
Marlise Van Der Merwe
Marlise Van Der Merwe 3 timmar sedan
Beautiful way of us seeing your brother through your eyes. Always keep his memory alive sorry for your pain .
Marie Yahya
Marie Yahya 3 timmar sedan
I'm so sorry for your loss.. May he rest in peace
karolina knedlikova
karolina knedlikova 3 timmar sedan
I cant even say, how much this got me. This documentary is hundred percent one of the best i saw.
tshidi Matshidiso
tshidi Matshidiso 3 timmar sedan
kayley maria hekman montero
You Justin have made me cry for a whole hour, I know it does not compare to the years you did, I am very sorry for your losses, but I know that this shit has made you stronger and thank you very much for sharing this story so beautiful and at the same time so bittersweet , God bless you and all the people who appeared in the documentary I hope you do not have to suffer More from now on because you have two people who love you taking care of you from heaven ♥ ️
Teresa Paul
Teresa Paul 3 timmar sedan
To the 2.5k dislikes, I hope you never live to go through what this family has gone through
cara Annicaro
cara Annicaro 3 timmar sedan
One of the best tributes/memorials I have ever seen. Lost my sister in 2017 I know what you mean about bleeding
Pammy Mehay-Hydes
Pammy Mehay-Hydes 3 timmar sedan
You honoured your brother beautifully. He is no doubt smiling 😊 I lost my brother at the age of 22 on the 29th of October 2020 it will 20 years since his passing and it hurts like it was yesterday. I share your pain. Sending love and strength. God bless you all x
Striping with Bella
Striping with Bella 3 timmar sedan
I cried so much watching this
amk mafia
amk mafia 4 timmar sedan
Jackie Barney
Jackie Barney 4 timmar sedan
Geralyn Breault
Geralyn Breault 4 timmar sedan
With tears of love and pride along with a full Heart I watched the first half of this documentary ... at the point of his diagnosis I am going to have to maybe finish another time .... life can be just so unfair ....
Liiesjah de Jong
Liiesjah de Jong 4 timmar sedan
This is so beautifull, thank you for sharing ❤️
Mihai Bob
Mihai Bob 5 timmar sedan
Your amazing film-making skills coming in handy for this stunning tribute, I can only hope and pray you are considering making a career out of sharing more of your talent with the world. Cried my eyes out, also reminded me of the closure I haven't really had when my mother passed due to cancer. Producing a testimonial might help with the grieving process.
Private Investigator Sacramento
Strong and inspirational! I love your family's values, that meant a great deal to me. How you would make up your own games as children and how you were able to "create" real fun instead of the fabricated variety via TV, video etc. Sticking together through the many moves and challenges that every move entails. But the most important thing is that Jordan is not gone. This video brought tears and joy to my heart. I've lived a full life, but your story touched me deeply. Jordan I am sure has touched many people through your work. Jordan's light continues to shines brightly through you and your family.
Melanie Engel Hoffmann
Melanie Engel Hoffmann 5 timmar sedan
It is true. When you love someone..very difficult to move on.and you never forget
Sydney Romero
Sydney Romero 5 timmar sedan
another angel that will be missed 🕊❤️
Deathwatch Lila
Deathwatch Lila 5 timmar sedan
When you lose some one you are close to and love the sadness never really goes memorys bring it back time and time again
partytimekids 5 timmar sedan
Grown ass man and this shit had me in tears. My heart stopped after a motorcycle accident last year and I thank God for every moment I've had ever since & think of how badly people would beg to have the chance I do to keep living. This was an incredibly raw film. You & your family are very special.
Saoirse Soleil
Saoirse Soleil 5 timmar sedan
Shar 5 timmar sedan
This was so moving. And beautifully done. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you and your family.
Valerie Pineda
Valerie Pineda 6 timmar sedan
Appreciate you sharing.🙏❤👍
Chris Patrick
Chris Patrick 6 timmar sedan
I will never forget this film.
VluggeJapie 6 timmar sedan
You've let the whole world meet your brother. His way of living is an inspiration for us. Thanks.
Jason Nester
Jason Nester 6 timmar sedan
My heart goes out to his family more specifically his brother who feels alone
Jason Nester
Jason Nester 7 timmar sedan
Every once in awhile someone comes along to teach us how to love and live a prime example of Christ and when they’re work is done they tend to go home young same example happened with a bull rider named lane frost
Mary Maunsell
Mary Maunsell 7 timmar sedan
Its so lovely to see you all have your on kids ❤
Mary Maunsell
Mary Maunsell 7 timmar sedan
Came across this vidio its heart breaking it would make you cry my condolences to all his family he sounds like the most happest lad Rip Jordan im sure you are making them all happy with the angels 😇
Chad McCoy
Chad McCoy 7 timmar sedan
You are awesome!! Incredible example of love. You and your family are so blessed to have had all this footage. Very well made man Also, coming to you from Edmond, it was cool to hear that southern Midwest accent.
Jacob Brumfield
Jacob Brumfield 7 timmar sedan
❤️❤️❤️ Jesus will give us the strength we need
queenesta williams
queenesta williams 7 timmar sedan
I lost a brother. Someone took his life at 20yrs old. He was my best friend. I know how it hurts to loose a sibling. RIP Jordan! RIP Kelon my little bro😪
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff 7 timmar sedan
Thank you!
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff 7 timmar sedan
Jordan is one of Gods warriors now!
Antonino Tipa
Antonino Tipa 7 timmar sedan
as a small grain of sand I wonder what the meaning of all this suffering is, a merciful God shouldn't let this happen. forgive me God if I don't understand
Gabriel Placide
Gabriel Placide 7 timmar sedan
When I found out the coach died I was like “are you kidding me?! Give this man a break he’s been through so much already”
Kate T
Kate T 8 timmar sedan
Not sure how I wound up here, but I'm glad I watched this documentary. Even though I'm crying over someone I never got to meet, I'm grateful to you for making this documentary. Such a profound journey processing and honestly analyzing grief, yet a celebration of a person who was so very loved.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 8 timmar sedan
This spirit was called home. because God loved him so very much.Heaven is a wonderful place.Since I’ve seen things on the other side most wait to see, know Jordan is joyously happy.And yes I have seen Jesus. If you think it was time for him to be called home. You ll see him again....
bex b
bex b 8 timmar sedan
man. i'm gonna have a migraine from crying so hard over this. this is the type of close friendship i have with my little brother too. it's so special and i can't even imagine how painful it would be to lose him. this was beautiful.
maddi vlogs
maddi vlogs 8 timmar sedan
i have never cried so much about some else death this much. RIP jordan
Frank Paws
Frank Paws 8 timmar sedan
keep going for jordan man we love you
Dorothy Pettijohn
Dorothy Pettijohn 8 timmar sedan
Justin you are a great brother!Thank you for sharing. I too lost my brother, Richard Raymond Yarbrough 1965-1989.
Amanda I
Amanda I 8 timmar sedan
TISHA BABY 8 timmar sedan
MissFluffyDiva 21
MissFluffyDiva 21 9 timmar sedan
There are no words to add to this wonderful heartfelt tribute.
Tiny Engine
Tiny Engine 9 timmar sedan
this world is cruel, it takes all the good people away so it can remain cruel, its all wrong
Blue Sturkey
Blue Sturkey 9 timmar sedan
I can’t wait til I’m the headspace to watch this I feel the love from the first few minutes just way too heavy for some of us. His story is heard. Sending love ❤️
Velena Whisneant
Velena Whisneant 9 timmar sedan
What a beautiful enjoyable living story. I loved it so much. I wish I was lucky enough to have known him. What a beautiful love story.
Linda Bishop
Linda Bishop 9 timmar sedan
what a beautiful love letter this is to a brother who was a beautiful light. He was meant to be an angel and now he is one.
irishsnowqueen 10 timmar sedan
Justin, What a beautiful love story. About true love. The only thing worth fighting for. I can hear the sharp pain of heartbreak in your inhale. It hurts to breathe. I’m bleeding out too. It will always hurt. But every year the pain is a little less. Thankfully you know how to love and thank you for sharing this with everyone. We can all learn from Jordan now. ❤️I’m sending you and your beautiful family so much love.
May Sionetali
May Sionetali 10 timmar sedan
What a beautiful tribute to his brother. The bond they had is amazing. I cried watching this. Kia Kaha
Billie Mason
Billie Mason 10 timmar sedan
What a beautiful tribute you can feel the love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez 10 timmar sedan
This is very sad 😥
Mike 10 timmar sedan
Great job making this incredible doc. I also have a brother named Jordan who played basketball thru high school and college.
Nycole Kady
Nycole Kady 10 timmar sedan
May he Rest In Peace 🙏🏽
Billie Mason
Billie Mason 10 timmar sedan
😭 I know this has to be very hard praying for you and your family😭🙌🏽❤️
Mugs 10 timmar sedan
It's sad because we can never escape death. We are all scared to die but we need to live and be cautious. I'm sorry for your loss.
john 45#1
john 45#1 10 timmar sedan
death can not break the family bond..you shall meet again..
Connie Nolen
Connie Nolen 10 timmar sedan
What an amazing tribute to your brother, your family, and God's glory that you have created this authentic remembrance of Jordan's life and the relationship that the two of you shared. I agree with you. Time does not heal all wounds, but for the artist, perhaps the act of creation--after ripping the wound wide open all over again--begins a bit of scabbing. The scars that our wounds leave eventually create that tapestry of who we are--imperfect, unique, and completely loved by God. May God bless you and your amazing gift of storytelling and truth telling with film. Thank you Justin Robinson for sharing your gift. :)
Jennifer Creecy
Jennifer Creecy 11 timmar sedan
What an absolutely beautiful tribute & memorial to your gorgeous & graceful brother. Wishing you all an abundance of blessings. Bless up xox
Holly Sizemore
Holly Sizemore 11 timmar sedan
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Jordan, your documentary has made an impact in my life! Love you brother, God Bless!
Mickey Lee
Mickey Lee 11 timmar sedan
I love u jordan 💖💖💖
Mer M
Mer M 11 timmar sedan
Many many tears for you and your family . Cancers like this are unfair. My sister had leukemia. But I think I have discovered through your video about Jordan, a worse version of cancer. Many, many tears for your family. RIP Jordan. and may I add what a superlative documentary of what the experience of loving someone so completely like a brother a son, a friend and then your life is blown up by this experience is like. No one, no one who has not ben through this can understand, but you have done an excellent job of making the message work. And if anything can come out of this for those whose lives aren't hit by something like this, may they be humbled and appreciative of those who matter in their lives long before they die.
Ally Russ
Ally Russ 11 timmar sedan
this is beautiful. i feel very honored to hear Jordan's story
Ronan Guess
Ronan Guess 11 timmar sedan
Very moving story. It made me cry and laugh at the same time.
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