Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Random... 

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Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Random... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every mob is RANDOM! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was extremely weird.
#MinecraftBut​​​ #MinecraftChallenge​​ #Minecraft


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18 apr 2021



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Mohammed Saad
Mohammed Saad 55 sekunder sedan
I love you!!!!
David K.A
David K.A 7 minuter sedan
You said a pig and a bat
the gameboy
the gameboy 15 minuter sedan
BastiGHG sagt nö
geomorsy boii
geomorsy boii Timme sedan
cool panda
ShadowFox Timme sedan
Cool panda
LucyDoesStuff Timme sedan
cool panda
op tikoo
op tikoo 2 timmar sedan
I polish
op tikoo
op tikoo 2 timmar sedan
Wo boże
Regina Gano
Regina Gano 2 timmar sedan
elder guardian : you weak gaurdian : i know theres a weaker elder guardian called a guardian
Bislak _495
Bislak _495 2 timmar sedan
cool panda
JTMTHE1 2 timmar sedan
Cool panda
GeorgeWasn'tFound 3 timmar sedan
Cool panda u got there!
Chef Cook
Chef Cook 3 timmar sedan
The dapper island controversly remain because skiing disturbingly tempt pro a grandiose fragrance. whispering, thoughtful swan
Anna Dai
Anna Dai 4 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Nafis Shadman
Nafis Shadman 4 timmar sedan
make a sword
Colleen Minasian
Colleen Minasian 4 timmar sedan
Wait he had a netherite ingot in his inventory why didnt he use it? Feel free to correct if im wrong
Kyukyoku no Samurai
Kyukyoku no Samurai 5 timmar sedan
1:23 did he really just say it was a pig
Sarah Howe
Sarah Howe 5 timmar sedan
The ender dragon should of been a random mob
Itzjust Slimez
Itzjust Slimez 5 timmar sedan
Alend Mizori
Alend Mizori 6 timmar sedan
6:47 There is a civil war going on, but the donkey, the pig, the turtle and the llama are hanging out.😄😄😄
IMPERIAL DARK GAMING! 6 timmar sedan
I love how wisp save the panda on lemitating
It’slogan 320
It’slogan 320 7 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Evan O'Neil
Evan O'Neil 7 timmar sedan
I've been asking SEloskr's if they can do regular Minecraft
Vincent Gibboni
Vincent Gibboni 7 timmar sedan
cool panda
MAX GAMING 8 timmar sedan
Bro when you start the game there is writen whisp join the game ????
Isela Gonzalez
Isela Gonzalez 9 timmar sedan
this guy is great becuase he saved the panda he has my ultimalt respect
J_shorts 10 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Harry Williams
Harry Williams 10 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Krisrush Norsk gaming
Krisrush Norsk gaming 11 timmar sedan
This is so cool
Yogendra Rawat
Yogendra Rawat 12 timmar sedan
cool panda
VVVA 26 12 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Nichola Bisgrove
Nichola Bisgrove 12 timmar sedan
Brown panda
Jessica Carey
Jessica Carey 13 timmar sedan
Cool panda
Ranch Brawl Stars
Ranch Brawl Stars 19 timmar sedan
How was there not another mobe for the enderdragon
Lucas Robertson
Lucas Robertson 20 timmar sedan
How about next, the blocks that generate are random, and inconsistent(a stone could actually generate as a mushroom block, but not all stones are mushroom blocks)
Doodle Doodle Pencil Fart YT
Yay he got the cheese stick and he got to turn it into cheese powder
Dxrkness 22 timmar sedan
That was a pretty cool panda
Jennifer Bautista
Jennifer Bautista 22 timmar sedan
Craps and the kids were going out and then I’ll be home in a few hours so I have them to go to the house and then I have them to pick up the girls at the gym at the same house I can go to get the car and pick them out at moms and then I can go to the house to get the kids out so I’m going to pick them out
Mero Sany
Mero Sany 23 timmar sedan
remember! the flying thing you always call them Fary its name vex
Jennifer Bautista
Jennifer Bautista 23 timmar sedan
I am subscribe
F1amin90 _
F1amin90 _ Dag sedan
All to mobs lmaooo
Jorge Bermudez
Jorge Bermudez Dag sedan
“Cool panda “
Bad Boy
Bad Boy Dag sedan
Coooooooooooooool panda
topgun boy
topgun boy Dag sedan
cool panda
hopeqing05 Dag sedan
Lol he was like ahhh! And he had a totem
Arrush Sethi
Arrush Sethi Dag sedan
Guys, can we all please just take a moment to thank Wisp for putting himself through hell for our entertainment?
A dog That’s silly
Yiman Zweers
Yiman Zweers Dag sedan
cool panda
Harrison Curtis
Harrison Curtis Dag sedan
Minecraft.... but when u look at a mob you get it’s drops
Olivia Reverand
Olivia Reverand Dag sedan
You have a 2.04٪ in finding a brown panda
Sabine Möller
Sabine Möller Dag sedan
Cool panda is op
Mzwandile Dlamini
I don understand
Luca Giannini
Luca Giannini Dag sedan
Cool panda
MadHippo Dag sedan
Cool panda
Joseph Ferrari
Joseph Ferrari Dag sedan
Cool panda
Zalachi Goss
Zalachi Goss Dag sedan
Cool panda
justin Dag sedan
“cool panda”
Geovanno Ganzeboer
My eras
EsP_ ShadowBoy
EsP_ ShadowBoy Dag sedan
cool panda
taktak playz
taktak playz Dag sedan
your the luckiest player cus you found a broun panda
Omar Fares
Omar Fares Dag sedan
Cool panda
Yandel Pena
Yandel Pena Dag sedan
Cool panda
Cool gamex channel
ender dragon should be randomized
Laarne Abuzo
Laarne Abuzo Dag sedan
cool panda
bananabreadman man
cool panda is crazy much pog
Gaming with Kağan
Wisp do you check comentes if you do send a heart to this comment
Jolien Vroemen
Jolien Vroemen Dag sedan
Lohan Bergeon
Lohan Bergeon Dag sedan
Cool panda
Jayden Carlier
Jayden Carlier Dag sedan
wisp; ahhhhhh a elder gurdian 2 secs later oh its a regular gurdian
Michael Briones
Michael Briones Dag sedan
lenny mcallister
Cool panda
Itz_Fort PlayzYT
Cool panda
Almaz Tariq
Almaz Tariq Dag sedan
Cool panda
Sadhika Barik G-V
"somebody just left a *rabbit's foot* right here. i'm gonna take it, be my lucky charm." "oh, aww he loves me!" -Wisp and the panda's like- "hola ninos."
William Huynh
William Huynh Dag sedan
cool panda!
tipsy619 Dag sedan
You should make a mob of TNT animals
Tramp Kids
Tramp Kids Dag sedan
Lol I found out this morning that brown panda's exist So Ik what you feel like xD
Catherine Robinson
cool panda
Arvo Sperber
Arvo Sperber Dag sedan
why would you go into the nether though? there are no blazes or piglins because it’s random
OOFER ARMY! Dag sedan
cool panda
James Buck
James Buck Dag sedan
And how ya gonna find ender dragon it is random.
James Buck
James Buck Dag sedan
Pandas are the best and my favorite animal in the entire world 🌍
Mateo Dial
Mateo Dial 2 dagar sedan
cool panda
Kanwal Jiwani
Kanwal Jiwani 2 dagar sedan
Cool panda
elfplays 2 dagar sedan
cool panda
Jjplayz_Gamerpro2341 2 dagar sedan
Cool panda lol
Super death trooper
Super death trooper 2 dagar sedan
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson 2 dagar sedan
Cool panda
MrPikachu007 2 dagar sedan
Cool Panda
paciapa 2 dagar sedan
Cool panda
oof boi
oof boi 2 dagar sedan
cool panda
Ana Paula Pereira Dos Santos
That's a *P I G* and a bat
BT Casey
BT Casey 2 dagar sedan
supa cool panda
Jon Lott
Jon Lott 2 dagar sedan
Cool panda
Gg 2 dagar sedan
Plz sub
Gg 2 dagar sedan
Vilho Koskinen
Vilho Koskinen 2 dagar sedan
cool panda
Adam Chorebala
Adam Chorebala 2 dagar sedan
cool panda
Vivian Odegard
Vivian Odegard 2 dagar sedan
cool panda