Milan Snatch a Late Winner! | Milan 3-2 Lazio: The Movie | Serie A TIM EXTRA 

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Theo Hernandez was Milan's hero as he scored a late winner in the 5-goal thriller with Lazio. This is Milan vs Lazio: The Movie | Serie A TIM
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28 dec 2020



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Martina Dimiccoli
Martina Dimiccoli 14 dagar sedan
ac Milan unico amore🤤❤️🖤
kunal 15 dagar sedan
English commentators name?
Tony Launch Mixer
Tony Launch Mixer 16 dagar sedan
Menomale che torna Kjaer che kalulu l’è minga bùn
Widyuta Wibisana
Widyuta Wibisana 17 dagar sedan
More content like this: The Movie, please. 🙌
Γιάννης Βλάχος
This is Campionship. #EssereSerieA🔴⚫️💯⭐️
Itunnu 17 dagar sedan
Man, I love all the sounds and the mix of English and Italian commentary. Nice soundtracks @ 1:33 and at 1:42 was that a Lion roar?
Memo Vivaldini
Memo Vivaldini 17 dagar sedan
Great work guys 👍🏻
Billy Kaparang
Billy Kaparang 17 dagar sedan
Forza Milan per Sempre 🤟🏼
Ros Par
Ros Par 17 dagar sedan
Che bello questo video, commentatori bravissimi, la parte in inglese è una goduria, la musica eccezionale.
Viky Ridzky TOYOTA
Viky Ridzky TOYOTA 17 dagar sedan
aal rahman
aal rahman 17 dagar sedan
Gila sih keren banget 😍😍😍
Sahrul Gunawan
Sahrul Gunawan 17 dagar sedan
Milanisti Indonesia
Mamali .P
Mamali .P 18 dagar sedan
forza milan
Duta Samapta
Duta Samapta 18 dagar sedan
nice videoooo
francesco bruno cia
francesco bruno cia 18 dagar sedan
Ti amo Milan
En Dau61
En Dau61 18 dagar sedan
Grande forza Milan
Gawir Iy
Gawir Iy 18 dagar sedan
Merinding gw anjim Forza milan
Vamshi Origanti
Vamshi Origanti 18 dagar sedan
On behalf of Serie A Fan I request you to please increase the salary of the person who edited it...He deserves increment...😉🙄..
rio cavallera
rio cavallera 18 dagar sedan
3:44 its so amazing feeling, the background music, the goal from theo make me gossebump..
gejness 18 dagar sedan
Amazing video edit. Love it.
Fajar Pradityo
Fajar Pradityo 19 dagar sedan
Can't believe they made a short movie about this match
Dr Silva
Dr Silva 19 dagar sedan
Hakan Calhanoglu should take more pks for Milan
Andres Angarita
Andres Angarita 19 dagar sedan
Ok now I can cry. #forzaMilan
Mega Utama
Mega Utama 19 dagar sedan
Kenapa pada fokus ke pertandingannya, bukan ke videonya. Videonya keren njir
Guntur Purnama
Guntur Purnama 19 dagar sedan
Ac milan indonesia 😎
Hendra Wily Saputra
Hendra Wily Saputra 19 dagar sedan
Go milan go
mert öztürk
mert öztürk 19 dagar sedan
2 assist 1 goal WoW
Quincy •
Quincy • 19 dagar sedan
03:00 song?
Risang Mahendra
Risang Mahendra 19 dagar sedan
it can be more dramatic if you guys added the score and match time
daniel Parsaoran
daniel Parsaoran 20 dagar sedan
2020 AC milan write history. Forza Milan 👏
Nopal slokinakal
Nopal slokinakal 20 dagar sedan
So amazing
Nopal slokinakal
Nopal slokinakal 20 dagar sedan
Forza AC Milan
Christian Trey
Christian Trey 20 dagar sedan
Da juventino posso solo dire complimenti al Milan, grande squadra, grande cuore, grande gioco. Agnelli out, dentro Moggi, abbiamo bisogno di lui
krisan bhattacharjee
krisan bhattacharjee 20 dagar sedan
Song name please
krisan bhattacharjee
krisan bhattacharjee 20 dagar sedan
What a great presentation of the match. Loge this video
Kedai Ngopi
Kedai Ngopi 20 dagar sedan
Greattt vidio, thanks
Tito Sianipar
Tito Sianipar 20 dagar sedan
Theatrical highlights!! COOL!!! Love it
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz 20 dagar sedan
Yosafat mathias
Yosafat mathias 20 dagar sedan
Malik hakim
Malik hakim 20 dagar sedan
As a lazio fan Congratulation milan Cant wait to beat you soon😊
Carol Dan Heipl
Carol Dan Heipl 20 dagar sedan
Made Big Bang
Made Big Bang 20 dagar sedan
Wow... There are conflict, crysis, and impact climax at the end + insane editing... Just like the real blockbuster movie... 😂😂
Karl Dönitz
Karl Dönitz 20 dagar sedan
The last match of Serie A 2020: The incredible Çalhanoglu The sensational Theo's goal And... The epic-emotional celebration of Calabria #Unforgetable #GazidisOUT
Wan Fahry
Wan Fahry 20 dagar sedan
it would be epic if there was fans in stadium as well
Dedy Lado
Dedy Lado 21 dag sedan
I want immobile in our squad
Mark 03
Mark 03 21 dag sedan
Come mai non hanno messo un immagine di Ronaldo la mettono sempre tanto
rajat rana
rajat rana 21 dag sedan
My fav italian team and 2nd fav in the world after man united finally back Actually both united and Milan are playing grt football now Hope both win league titles Forzaggmu
Rudolfo Laipeny
Rudolfo Laipeny 21 dag sedan
Erick Fauzan
Erick Fauzan 21 dag sedan
fantastic match ❤
Jyothish Nair
Jyothish Nair 21 dag sedan
This editing is feast to the eyes
daki belantara
daki belantara 21 dag sedan
Amazing milan
Magic Mystery
Magic Mystery 21 dag sedan
This is what we want guys. Bring back those old days.
WhySoSrs? 21 dag sedan
Pioli had a lot of doubters. Even I doubted him when he first came in. But I love his energy. We need to start giving coaches a chance. Even if we start doing bad, give them a chance.
Avyay Manoj
Avyay Manoj 21 dag sedan
tony Anatas
tony Anatas 21 dag sedan
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BIG SMOKE 21 dag sedan
Martin Vásquez V.
Martin Vásquez V. 21 dag sedan
FORZA, FORZA, FORZA MILANO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA SCUADRA DEL MIO CUORE , 100 % CUORE ROSSONERO !!!!!! 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤
keanu reeves
keanu reeves 21 dag sedan
Try Rezki Kurniawan
Try Rezki Kurniawan 21 dag sedan
MyNameIsRubix 21 dag sedan
koje 21 dag sedan
3:50 and the background soundtrack... with padre pioli... jump and jump... with hand in the air.. and then you can see the calabria from the bench... so explosive for the squad and team members..
koje 21 dag sedan
..about 3 weeks before..we have ode to joy like this..selosk.info/class/video/ooiDuIFimoSWyok.html
Zul U
Zul U 21 dag sedan
Please make more videos like this!
Ferdinand 21 dag sedan
This is the BEST & most comprehensive highlights youtube channel among the top 5 leagues of Europe. Serie A is on the rise again. Thank you &.keep it up!EPL= no official YT highlights. Only per team YT & under 3 min. So selfish.... La Liga YT also under 3 min with too many replays of a single shot. Ligue 1 YT, 4 to 5 minutes but the 1st half highlights only show 1 attempt per team & the rest are from the 2nd half also with many replays of a shot. Bundesliga YT now just 2 min of highlights per match. Could be better with 4-5 like back then when they were covered by Fox Sports.
AR Aslan
AR Aslan 21 dag sedan
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Paolo Mirabella
Paolo Mirabella 21 dag sedan
This is a Team ❤️🖤
Joan Rock
Joan Rock 21 dag sedan
Milan ❤🥺🥳
Shamith Perera
Shamith Perera 21 dag sedan
now thats football. wow insane.
M Naïm
M Naïm 21 dag sedan
peaboss 21 dag sedan
Favorite content, keep em coming
Amr Housseiny
Amr Housseiny 21 dag sedan
Forza Milan 🔴⚫🇮🇹
Cambo 21 dag sedan
selosk.info/class/video/ap-nx7Gimot6mnk.html Roma FC vs Napoli - Serie A #1
aubay Wagima
aubay Wagima 21 dag sedan
3:43 Nice code from Rebic 👌😉
Fuu Sama
Fuu Sama 21 dag sedan
what is the music at 2:24?
clelio alfinito
clelio alfinito 21 dag sedan
C'è chi sta ancora godendo e chi sta ancora rodendo!
Lucky Romanda
Lucky Romanda 21 dag sedan
Merinding bro
Neo Stylo
Neo Stylo 21 dag sedan
2:02 how is that a foul?
Mohammad Ferdian
Mohammad Ferdian 22 dagar sedan
crazy editing
Iron Horse TV
Iron Horse TV 22 dagar sedan
Forza AC Milan
Lollo 22 dagar sedan
Da notare Theo girato al rigore
LiberoAzzurro 22 dagar sedan
Muhammad Azizi
Muhammad Azizi 22 dagar sedan
Forza Milan. I am Milan fans from Indonesian.
MRA-24 22 dagar sedan
You make me want to hit that subscribe button, don't you?
Rafiq Cildir
Rafiq Cildir 22 dagar sedan
Çalhanoglu 10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍
Raheem Chris
Raheem Chris 22 dagar sedan
One of the best editing ever 🔥
Gazmend Zeneli
Gazmend Zeneli 22 dagar sedan
whoever made this video, needs a pay rise
mohammed kooheji
mohammed kooheji 22 dagar sedan
It will be better if they win the league
Antonio Velázquez
Antonio Velázquez 22 dagar sedan
Forza milan
Daniyar Ilyassov
Daniyar Ilyassov 22 dagar sedan
Amazing video. Wait for another videos like this one.
Krys Ss
Krys Ss 22 dagar sedan
Milan ♥️🖤
Raphael Bettenso
Raphael Bettenso 22 dagar sedan
Questo anno ,il Milano se lo merito tutto per il bel gioco e anche per tutte le infortuni che subito questa squadra. E anche per Pioli che non piange mai come fa sempre il signore Antonio Conte che rovine le cariere dei giocatorivedi :Pinamonti-Eriksen-Godin ....
Nukleòs 22 dagar sedan
Ma io ancor mi chiedo, ma si può dare un rigore come quello su Correa?
False Alarms
False Alarms 22 dagar sedan
ACM ❤️🖤😭
OlioliOxinfree 22 dagar sedan
Give your editor a raise! That was excellent! Please do this for more games. It waa wonderfully done!
Drak Manger
Drak Manger 22 dagar sedan
Awesome editing.
RoyalFairy _023
RoyalFairy _023 22 dagar sedan
the editor should be given a raisee !!
Sony Welinton Sinabutar
Whatever juve will win title again say mafia
ALP ÇETİN 22 dagar sedan
Harika bir performans sergiliyor Hakan
Neelabh Nayan Ray
Neelabh Nayan Ray 22 dagar sedan
Zlatan effect...Well done Milan and the men🔥
Dimas Permana
Dimas Permana 22 dagar sedan
best credit to video editors. cheers!
Bijhon Bordoloi
Bijhon Bordoloi 22 dagar sedan
Imagine Zlatan retired in LA Galaxy. This would not have been possible.
Meca Säter (Reklamfilm)
Meca Säter (Reklamfilm)