Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue 

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Produced by Vogue with Lancôme

Lily Collins walks us through her skin care routine and shares a simple, clean day-to-night look with a nod to Parisian glamour. Lily also talks about her obsession with essential oils and how she deals with dry skin.

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Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


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14 okt 2020



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Vogue 14 dagar sedan
Shop this beauty routine: www.vogue.com/sponsored/article/how-lily-collins-does-french-girl-beauty
l g
l g Dag sedan
Just use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser . You're welcome!www.amazon.com/CeraVe-Hydrating-Facial-Cleanser-Fragrance/dp/B01MSSDEPK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=face+cleanser&qid=1603902451&sr=8-5&linkCode=ll1&tag=product0d4-20&linkId=ff7911366e01a26674e7ccec57b87f4b&language=en_US
Lesley S
Lesley S 2 dagar sedan
Such a natural beauty ❤️❤️❤️ Her in Emily in Paris 😍 such amazing hair & eyebrows 😘🌈💚
Katerina Kardo
Katerina Kardo 2 dagar sedan
@lemonflower selosk.info/class/video/lXaHto6Ar3-bxYk.html
Katerina Kardo
Katerina Kardo 3 dagar sedan
@🤍 selosk.info/class/video/p26fqKtez4yLkZs.html
dav mon
dav mon 6 dagar sedan
@🤍 saammeee
MODA Y MAQUILLAJE 18 minuter sedan
Es hermosa!! 😻
deziray v
deziray v 39 minuter sedan
she’s the first famous person i’ve seen that uses cetaphil and not some luxury face wash
talya solis
talya solis Timme sedan
i thought this shawty was british 🤔🤔🤔
Arni Alias
Arni Alias 2 timmar sedan
Emily Cooper is really good at impersonating Lily Collins here
J J 2 timmar sedan
Why on earth would you believe that this is Lily Collins true personality? This is a vogue video produced with Lancôme sponsoring for christ's sake, not a biographical movie
Ekaterina V.
Ekaterina V. 2 timmar sedan
Madison beer next ❤️
anjon mola
anjon mola 2 timmar sedan
selosk.info/class/video/ZoRl12iTuWV8tmQ.html selosk.info/class/video/ZoRl12iTuWV8tmQ.html selosk.info/class/video/ZoRl12iTuWV8tmQ.html selosk.info/class/video/ZoRl12iTuWV8tmQ.html big Top
MAQS 2 timmar sedan
she's not french tho
Jeon Riska
Jeon Riska 3 timmar sedan
Jumar Lapura
Jumar Lapura 4 timmar sedan
I would also love to see Emma Roberts skin care routine🥰 Please Vogue😘
Dianita Arámbul
Dianita Arámbul 5 timmar sedan
Embajadora de Lancome! pues claro, pero es que ella con lo que sea es hermosa
Karina MA
Karina MA 5 timmar sedan
Es mi perfume favorito también 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Queen Cordelle Domantay
what LIPSTICK did she use i cant spell it right
Aldre Ailane
Aldre Ailane 5 timmar sedan
que banheiro em
Raniere Rodrigues
Raniere Rodrigues 6 timmar sedan
Amanda Ron
Amanda Ron 6 timmar sedan
Bjjhzjzxhxhx Hjjññ por
Jho Tagsip
Jho Tagsip 7 timmar sedan
perfect eyes and lashes
The Potato Sisters
The Potato Sisters 7 timmar sedan
my head as i watch this: I Believe I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe in love love lololove😅😅
Eda Nur Karagöz
Eda Nur Karagöz 7 timmar sedan
Kylie jenner'ın bile makyaj videosu daha kısa. Ayrıca çok erken yaşta cilt bakımına başladığını söylemiş ama cildi videoda bence biraz kötü. Umarım cildi için zamanlama kötüdür. Yoksa bu kadar güzellik sırrının bir anlamı yok ayrıca o fondötene o kadar para verdikten sonra üzerine ekstra bir şey sürmeme gerek kalmazdı
Vanessa Ramirez Vargas
Vanessa Ramirez Vargas 7 timmar sedan
Es mi computadora, su luz o yo le veo algo manchada la cara ?? aun asi es preciosa
(3E) Lavinia Andrea Adir
In love
Hind 9 timmar sedan
Has anyone noticed her brows look so different than they did in past years
Vašek Koranda
Vašek Koranda 10 timmar sedan
Please can i know name of song in the end? The one with piano? pleaseeee! 🙏🏻❤️
Katherine Vilchez
Katherine Vilchez 10 timmar sedan
Ahora se quien es la actriz favorita de V
Joyce McDaniel
Joyce McDaniel 10 timmar sedan
Loved this video and subscribed. Thank you so much
Champagne R.
Champagne R. 10 timmar sedan
i love emily style but not her attitude having an affair with a friend's boyfriend, but love her anyway in real life😂
Constantin Chirila
Constantin Chirila 11 timmar sedan
What?You are Emily in Paris?I just saw the movie series.And I ....say....nothing
Keke H.
Keke H. 11 timmar sedan
Lily Collins!!!!!!!!😍😍
Irene Arevalo Castillo
Irene Arevalo Castillo 12 timmar sedan
Es hermosa !
Ciaran Gold
Ciaran Gold 12 timmar sedan
She really is selling the product, the marketing expert on screen and off
Chedaz Vlogs
Chedaz Vlogs 14 timmar sedan
such a beauty~~~ i love Lancome and Cetaphil :)
Kin Ting Wong
Kin Ting Wong 15 timmar sedan
I use the same lip balm as u did Lily! 😍😍😍
Lasuiro Suaveau Cheaoby
Lasuiro Suaveau Cheaoby 15 timmar sedan
You Looked Beautiful Than Night. You Look Beautiful.
Leyan 15 timmar sedan
so how does it feel to be one of god's favorites miss collins?
니 하리 카Niharika
니 하리 카Niharika 17 timmar sedan
(V ideal type🤭)💜 Lilly Collins💗
Holmes Tabag
Holmes Tabag 17 timmar sedan
Lily Collins never experience being uglyyy 😩
NAT 18 timmar sedan
i screamed when i saw the toner
misslittlesunshine 20 timmar sedan
she said "I'm obsessed with essential oil" and I could hear Hyram gasping !
queen bees
queen bees 20 timmar sedan
Cetaphil userrr!!!!
Thanigai Ms
Thanigai Ms 20 timmar sedan
Omg 💯💯 her lip and eyebrows stunning..
Chi Leonardo
Chi Leonardo 20 timmar sedan
Gosh! I like the way she looks after applying the liquid foundation😍
Lunna Elizaa
Lunna Elizaa 20 timmar sedan
tinyurl.com/quicklovesisther ⬆️ new 📞 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli1
Dewi Sudiastuti
Dewi Sudiastuti 20 timmar sedan
Lily: My favorite parts of my beauty routine, it's all about the brows. Me: my brows is a nightmare!!!!!!!!
Zahratul Hamra
Zahratul Hamra 21 timme sedan
Lily Collins is my favorite actress
afnee aziz
afnee aziz 21 timme sedan
So prettyyyyyy
Ana Lea
Ana Lea 22 timmar sedan
i really love the way she talks ❤️ you make my heart meltt uwu
Carla Santos
Carla Santos Dag sedan
Omg! She so cute ❤
Exo Bts
Exo Bts Dag sedan
Am I the only one who thinks the contour is a little bit off
Theal Theal
Theal Theal Dag sedan
Anybody, does anybody count how many type of make up she used ?
Theal Theal
Theal Theal Dag sedan
I am male by the way.
Esteffany Flores
Is she acting or being herself?
Daniella Tsakos
Daniella Tsakos Dag sedan
i love her!!
theresa 17
theresa 17 Dag sedan
This felt like a 13 minute promo video for Lancôme
Dana. Dag sedan
Let's talk about how beautiful she is with and without make up. 😭
PinkFairytale17 Dag sedan
Letícia Franco
Letícia Franco Dag sedan
Atualizando minhas ideias pra fingir que estou em um video da Vogue para treinar my english
Juliana Oliveira
Só me bastava as sobrancelhas iguais à da Lily, que eu já ficava satisfeita.
Geert Dag sedan
Y’all stop wasting your money, skincare is such a hoax theoutline.com/post/3151/the-skincare-con-glossier-drunk-elephant-biologique-recherche-p50?zd=2&zi=2wndinvx
audrey earley
audrey earley Dag sedan
anyone else getting weird vibes here
Duke Francois
Duke Francois Dag sedan
Beautiful like me. 😍😍😍
Y Dag sedan
Kennedy B
Kennedy B Dag sedan
I’m literally obsessed with her eyebrows 😍😍😍
Martina Lorusso
Martina Lorusso Dag sedan
ugh I love her so much it makes me sick
Melan Choliac
Melan Choliac Dag sedan
I am a Lancome lass but my make up looks are more dramatic than Lily's natural make up. Obviously I go for the femme fatale look because I am 40 +.😁 Nice make up, anyway. Big brow girls are rocking!
haruaru Dag sedan
This is sO Américain, mdr
Maury Ruiz
Maury Ruiz Dag sedan
I will if I can get some support selosk.info/class/video/hoB-upKqq599un0.html
Maury Ruiz
Maury Ruiz Dag sedan
Amina Mohamad
Amina Mohamad Dag sedan
Lola Lolita
Lola Lolita Dag sedan
She has so much wrinkles and she’s only 30
Ikram M'barek
Ikram M'barek Dag sedan
I love you lily so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘
karam chanu
karam chanu Dag sedan
selosk.info/class/video/j4FytHmJ3HeYqJM.html, please subscribe my channel 🙏
sarah UvU
sarah UvU Dag sedan
#boycottfrance 😒
Arya A
Arya A Dag sedan
Ngl I like her less now
Laura Liem
Laura Liem Dag sedan
Even though she's not looking at a person, her eye contact is VERY stable!!
Nia Bethan
Nia Bethan Dag sedan
the first thing i saw was her eyebrows!!!
라떼연유 Dag sedan
릴리언니 에밀리 파리 가다 잘봤어여 시즌 2 기다리고 있어여 사랑해연
Sonia Chandy
Sonia Chandy Dag sedan
monica aldecoa
monica aldecoa Dag sedan
El broncer se lo pone casi hasta la boca. Muy abajo. Tiene manchas alrededor de la boca. Y nunca se ve cuando usa corrector. Seria mejor que fuese a un dermatologo y mejorara el aspecto de esas manchas
monica aldecoa
monica aldecoa Dag sedan
Se refrega demasiado la cara. Sobre todo con el toner ..
Diaz Dag sedan
She is so gorgeous 😍✨
Elisha T
Elisha T Dag sedan
What was the mascara called❤️
TamarKa Dag sedan
What exactly is so French about this look?
CallMeGail Dag sedan
i envy her eyebrows. they are thick and real. i want them on mine
S A Dag sedan
shawniethesheep Dag sedan
everyone: she has iconic eyebrows me: LoOk aT HoW cLeAn HeR TeEtH ArE
Ellen Amback
Ellen Amback 12 timmar sedan
contact lens
SHOUG Dag sedan
شخصية اميلي باقي فيها ما راحت 😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕💕
prapti shukla
prapti shukla Dag sedan
She is just perfect...her skin, features, voice ... everything is perfect ❤️
SMTP User Dag sedan
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SMTP User Dag sedan
Hey Guys, Guys watch out Pri Diaries channel for amazing luxury unboxing hauls and travel videos. A new video every week on Wednesday. Go check it out and subscribe it at - selosk.info/name/br6YamBU31FIUXwQwkSULg You can follow her on instagram too at instagram.com/p.r.i_diaries
Liezel Go
Liezel Go Dag sedan
Ranz Kyle brought me here.
Neemoji Dag sedan
Too much fragranced products are actually not good for your skin
Althea Go
Althea Go Dag sedan
no wonder Kim Teahyung has a crush on her 🥺💕
Celine Terra
Celine Terra Dag sedan
I was always kinda interested on how she did her eyebrows lol
Rio Deluca
Rio Deluca Dag sedan
Her eyes brows are literally perfect! ✔️
Sargam Bahl
Sargam Bahl Dag sedan
Emily in Paris!!
Ain Batrisyia
Ain Batrisyia Dag sedan
she's still in her character, Emily haha >,
Laurel Titus
Laurel Titus Dag sedan
she was literally, literally, LITERALLY playing herself in emily in paris. that wasn't acting. she was being herself.
Amrita Kour
Amrita Kour 13 timmar sedan
Just saw 4 seconds of this video nd i knew this commmmmment is fkin accurate
Mehzabeen Mahmud
Mehzabeen Mahmud 2 dagar sedan
ughh, personally she feels like a trash poser
Mayte Fernandez
Mayte Fernandez 2 dagar sedan
Heather of the taehyung biased
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