Lilliana vs. Elliana: Battle of the JoJo Solos! (Season 8 Flashback) | Dance Moms 

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JoJo returns to the ALDC and Lilly and Elliana compete JoJo's old solos. Lilly achieves a perfect score while Elliana places third in this clip from Season 8, Episode 9, "Making a Splash in Pittsburgh." #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #ALDC #LillianaKetchman #EllianaWalmsley
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
The road has not been easy for “Dance Mom’s” star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the famed dance instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. The new season of Dance Moms follows Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.


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18 sep 2020



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mesa love my nephew and my niece
Wow she most mean lol
Mia The Fabulous
Mia The Fabulous 11 timmar sedan
When Jess said Carry the legacy on I thought she said Cerry ( Ellianas character) sorry don’t know how to spell
Ariana Green
Ariana Green 14 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that finds Eliana very irritating?
Zakaria Khan
Zakaria Khan 16 timmar sedan
Jojo is probably thinking like I remember those fights after the shows
Johneka Crum
Johneka Crum 16 timmar sedan
A b a b y u b mean to Jojo go to Charlie's be nice to you Abby please be nice to Jojo fish JoJo me don't you try to be nice nice to her I know you tried it I know I know you don't like I know you don't like cuz I'm trying to think Studio yo call JoJo's mom must be nice care and say sorry to Jojo
adeenah shams
adeenah shams 18 timmar sedan
no shade, no hate, but every single adult in dance moms always has a sore throat from screaming, try listening hard, you can hear it
adeenah shams
adeenah shams 18 timmar sedan
when jojo was like "you torture 'em with my solos?" DSALJKFLADFLADJSFLFALF
Wesley Morris
Wesley Morris 19 timmar sedan
I love your videos i hope won day I can be a dancer there
Hermione Morrison
Hermione Morrison 23 timmar sedan
Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez 23 timmar sedan
omg hi o
Jamie Hatfield
Jamie Hatfield Dag sedan
I want Liliana to win go Lily Anna
Meredith Lin
Meredith Lin Dag sedan
no no no noo mommy please mommy noo elliana: sike ha ha skie skie ha ha ha *dabs*
Slime Buster
Slime Buster Dag sedan
Did anyone notice Yolanda was wearing a jojo bow on her vest
Alam Padate
Alam Padate Dag sedan
*the moms fighting* The kids:* goes out of room* Jojo:🎀👁👄👁✌
Fizzy Apple
Fizzy Apple Dag sedan
They both don’t act there age
XSavages X Not average x
Well do with knives Do not do it with hi
Logan Isaac
Logan Isaac Dag sedan
Ann= holly Joanne=Jill Stacy=Melissa Yolanda =Leslie Michelle=Christi Ashley=Kelly Lol. I think I got those close enough 😂
Velvet Blush
Velvet Blush Dag sedan
Ava and mommy Jacobs
Hi jojo
TheFemBIZ Dag sedan
If maddie or chloe had done that carrie solo, they would've slayed. This one was pretty boring, i mean not even jojo could pull that off.
John Appleseed
John Appleseed Dag sedan
I know Abby used to shout at JoJo sometimes but at least her talent was realised by Abby at the end
Ahmad mhmd
Ahmad mhmd Dag sedan
Maddie had all 3
B.Y. Gachaシ
B.Y. Gachaシ 2 dagar sedan
2:00 pls no
Luna Muniz
Luna Muniz 2 dagar sedan
My son likes Eliana
RobloxGaming Bebe
RobloxGaming Bebe 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Stacy never said “my kids the best dancer in America
Cassadee Leigh paule
Cassadee Leigh paule 3 dagar sedan
is it lilly ketchman?
Russell Dooms
Russell Dooms 3 dagar sedan
Russell Dooms
Russell Dooms 3 dagar sedan
no offense buttt i like Lily better teah hea
Nour Shamseddine
Nour Shamseddine 3 dagar sedan
Lily at the beginning was sooo cute Plus: I'm soo proud of her and Elliana
Caroline Gaming
Caroline Gaming 3 dagar sedan
You loved the bit when Elaine was like you can’t get me sike dab lol
Tsuki Nevermore
Tsuki Nevermore 3 dagar sedan
Iam Van
Iam Van 3 dagar sedan
Lilly k and eliana yay!!!!!!!!
Jaime Giacco
Jaime Giacco 3 dagar sedan
Jojo is the best
Shirley Ibanez
Shirley Ibanez 3 dagar sedan
When Stacy and Yolanda were fighting JOJo was still in the room she was just like 👀👀👀👀👀👀 This is why I left Dance Moms
Iuh blue
Iuh blue 3 dagar sedan
Nobody: Elliana: *Dabs with a fake knife*
Meadow loves unicorns
Meadow loves unicorns 3 dagar sedan
Ashley is anyoing lol and rude
Pinky Lish
Pinky Lish 3 dagar sedan
I like who’s when jojo was 10 Abby hated her but now she’s 15 or 16 in the episode Abby loves her I don’t get it😂😂😂
Rockinggirl2958 3 dagar sedan
Guys, Abby always liked JoJo, it was just because she was really sassy and spoke the truth that Abby got so annoyed with her.
Tavry Reber
Tavry Reber 3 dagar sedan
she doesnt deserve the win . elliana was better , she used a knife which is really dangerous
Forever Kitty
Forever Kitty 3 dagar sedan
“Other than that this week was a *ugeee* disappointed”. JoJo: Still haven’t fixed your h’s have you Abby? 🤨
Lanie Slusser
Lanie Slusser 3 dagar sedan
When Elianna dabbed I cringed soooo hard
laeisaleaf 3 dagar sedan
“Nope sike you cant get me”
btsblobyblob 4 dagar sedan
did she just dab- oh lord. even God cant save us now
Angela Phillips
Angela Phillips 4 dagar sedan
Lilli earned all three hundred of those points👏👏👏
Amelia Jackson
Amelia Jackson 4 dagar sedan
I know it does a million Jackson I want my name is Jojo so I don't care I just wanted to say what's the worst I wish you just left what add for her believe
America Vargas
America Vargas 4 dagar sedan
Abby now likes jojo cause she’s successful
Kylee Gonzales
Kylee Gonzales 4 dagar sedan
the moms dont like the solos but the kids do lol
Cryptic Hatter
Cryptic Hatter 4 dagar sedan
Y dose Abby have a favorite to being with
Tough Bickies
Tough Bickies 4 dagar sedan
She's right... The world waits for people to fail. Unfortunately, so many love to cut those that are growing off at the base. In my country it's called "tall poppy syndrome" people live to see others fail. What is wrong with us?!
itsjasmine 4 dagar sedan
Oh no
Freya Harding
Freya Harding 4 dagar sedan
wow is that real pigs blood
Puppy M Games
Puppy M Games 4 dagar sedan
“This week was a uuuuuggge disappointment “Abby Every one: holy that did not win wtf
Haneen Bahzad
Haneen Bahzad 5 dagar sedan
I was watch this cannel in 2017
Jayasree P
Jayasree P 5 dagar sedan
Lilly and ellie are still besties
Mary Westbrook
Mary Westbrook 5 dagar sedan
Reagan OConnor
Reagan OConnor 5 dagar sedan
*the moms fighting* Jojo- chile anyway-
Jazmin Lopez Rodriguez
um a dont agrer
Jai'Nay Jones
Jai'Nay Jones 5 dagar sedan
Dang she's really strict and feisty. 🤨😐😶😐🙃😒😒🙄🙄
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor 5 dagar sedan
Who else is excited for the next dancers on the Abby Lee dance company
Aster F-T
Aster F-T 5 dagar sedan
Elli is my favorite season 8 girl
Courtney Duell
Courtney Duell 6 dagar sedan
She is roed
Tiffanie Howes
Tiffanie Howes 6 dagar sedan
jojo slo slo looks like jojo siwa
Alicia Wong
Alicia Wong 6 dagar sedan
The moms are bigmouths they talk a lot and it’s their daughter who’s dancing 💃. Gosh
LetsHit20k PostingNothing
I feel this is men but idk Moms:arguing Me:uhh I’m go I don’t drama
Ellie’s face when she “ so I’m a little scared”😜😳
Eryn Lenhart
Eryn Lenhart 6 dagar sedan
Did you notice when she announced Ellie she said Abby Lee and then for Lilly she said aldc
Anna Claire
Anna Claire 6 dagar sedan
i hate you 😃 very much dance mom coach
Rebecca Greenlee
Rebecca Greenlee 6 dagar sedan
Emily Lindquist
Emily Lindquist 6 dagar sedan
"Who knows? one of them could the next Jojo" Thats something i never thought would come out of abbys mouth bur im glad it did :)
Ashley Reiter
Ashley Reiter 6 dagar sedan
The game was
Three Winter Melons
Three Winter Melons 7 dagar sedan
When they are fighting, Jojo is gotta be SUPER AWKWARD
PrettyRosiie 7 dagar sedan
How come nobody is talking about that they were gonna use fake blood as Pigs Blood?!?!?!?
Y A N G J I A Q I 7 dagar sedan
I cringed when Stacey said Lily was the best dancer in America I personally feel that Lilly is a very good dancer but I don't think it's to that extend
Xx_Frozen _Bish_xX
Xx_Frozen _Bish_xX 7 dagar sedan
Why does Lilianna's hair looks like mine when I wake up
Not_milkandoreos YT
Not_milkandoreos YT 7 dagar sedan
Finley Penny
Finley Penny 7 dagar sedan
Anybody notice how at 4:13 lily had her hair down but when Chloe had her hair down she got in huge trouble??
Angelina Perez Garcia
Angelina Perez Garcia 7 dagar sedan
Ah ah Rocky es la v
Emma Spicer
Emma Spicer 7 dagar sedan
It doesn't matter if you win or not it matters if you have fun.
Emma Spicer
Emma Spicer 7 dagar sedan
This video was made 8 days after my birthday.
Izuma - Chan
Izuma - Chan 7 dagar sedan
What happened to covid 19-?
carine maluka
carine maluka 7 dagar sedan
I love you 😍 joho
Raghda Fans
Raghda Fans 7 dagar sedan
لا هاذي مو قبل شهر ذي قبل أكثر من شهر
Just Someone
Just Someone 7 dagar sedan
Lol idk why but I like Lilliana way more
fun with remas fan of frozen 2
Honestly, I was shocked that Elliana had to use a knife , my mom was gonna faint .
Ross Bramble
Ross Bramble 7 dagar sedan
That is grose
Brandilea1201 7 dagar sedan
Yolanda and Stacey: fighting Jojo: ahh brings back memories lol
leagilwe DJMcKenzie
leagilwe DJMcKenzie 7 dagar sedan
I just learned a new fact Apparently Lilliana Ketchman is the best dancer in America
Sierra Goetz
Sierra Goetz 8 dagar sedan
Every body that doubted Jojo just pushed her to the top
Jihllian Shiloh Bertol
I like that jojo is just there listening to the other moms fight
Zurnain Sethi
Zurnain Sethi 8 dagar sedan
love your videos and there is a roblox about this solo
Its just Shania:3
Its just Shania:3 8 dagar sedan
~Many many years agooo~ Maddie:dances with technique Jojo:Dances with technique ~Now~ Maddie:almost the richest Jojo:The richest Abby than:Argh...Jojo sucks Abby now:Hey bestie!Your so talented!
Little blink Fan
Little blink Fan 8 dagar sedan
Weohhhh these moms are crazy in different ways ! D:
Bindu Bagga
Bindu Bagga 8 dagar sedan
Cora TT
Cora TT 8 dagar sedan
imagine working so hard for someone and being yelled at, talked about, and under so much scrutiny bcc of them. and then when u finally leave them you become successful. Them you go back to see the person and at first your so happy because that person is finally proud of you but then you see other kids being treated the same way you were and all the bad memories come back. You can see it all in Jojo’s face in that last scene. I feel so bad for her.
Purvajaa Sarathee
Purvajaa Sarathee 8 dagar sedan
Young jojo-Can I do a solo Abby-No Older Jojo-can I do a solo Abby - Yes!!!
Madeline Mudd
Madeline Mudd 8 dagar sedan
*nobody* Abby- "UUUUUUUUGE" uhh ma'am there is an H sound in front of that...
Cutie Bears
Cutie Bears 8 dagar sedan
Imagine when jojo was turning when she started she being smaller and smaller to back theshe wqs young that would be pretty cool
Izzy Playz
Izzy Playz 8 dagar sedan
Honestly I feel like jojo was sitting during the yelling at the end thinking oh memories
Addison Hickman
Addison Hickman 8 dagar sedan
It’s funny how Abby used to HATE Jojo and now she is giving Lilly and Ellie both solos that Jojo did 🤔
Panda Eats
Panda Eats 8 dagar sedan
“Abby only likes jojo because she’s famous now” Yeah that could be it or it could be the Jojo was the only one who went to visit Abby in the hospital out of the old dancers. I know that Maesi and Elliana also visited her.
MoonLight Dag sedan
Nia wanted too but abby didn't want her to come in
Evie Hanney
Evie Hanney 2 dagar sedan
I seen a comment saying a few of the girls wanted to visit her but Abby denied them
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