Lazarbeam and I broke Fortnite... 

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Lazarbeam and I found a new strat.
Main Channel - selosk.info
#shorts​​​ #fortnite​​​ #lachlan

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10 apr 2021



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Cool dog
Cool dog Timme sedan
Thats not True i did it and it stopt healing
urlawge 2 timmar sedan
but if i try this ima die
furry_executor 2 timmar sedan
Martin Hedges
Martin Hedges 3 timmar sedan
What mood is it
Martin Hedges
Martin Hedges 3 timmar sedan
JJ3mvp 3 timmar sedan
Hilda Landeros
Hilda Landeros 3 timmar sedan
Nerd costume with cool is costing what school the best costume ever
Kripplinz 4 timmar sedan
I did this a year ago but i didnt have enough meds and i died, there were 17 people left lol
Elizabeth Cannon
Elizabeth Cannon 6 timmar sedan
Your laugh is stupid
Μαριαννα Καπανταη
Octomandeep BK
Octomandeep BK 13 timmar sedan
Storm camping is what I figured out too
Aron Ibarra
Aron Ibarra 16 timmar sedan
Done that before this video was uploaded
V3RZS 18 timmar sedan
Fortnite: alright get ready for your ban
Willie Shipman jr
KhazenWolf Dag sedan
I won a game doing that
blxkeRL Dag sedan
Jack Piepenbring
Landhyn Dag sedan
Weird ass fucking laugh
Pineapple Playz
Pineapple Playz Dag sedan
What mode
Holdin Tudix
Holdin Tudix Dag sedan
Imagine still playing Fortnite
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia Dag sedan
It don’t work
Joey stilwell
Joey stilwell 2 dagar sedan
If you didn't know little easter egg but his background glittched out
Joey stilwell
Joey stilwell 2 dagar sedan
His laugh though lol
Jimmy joel 132
Jimmy joel 132 2 dagar sedan
You have to fish
I Draig I
I Draig I 2 dagar sedan
Heat shields
inFamousPlays YT
inFamousPlays YT 3 dagar sedan
Pringle 1
Pringle 1 3 dagar sedan
I love the laugh at the end 😂
IMP 3 dagar sedan
What mode is this
Mr. Lindi
Mr. Lindi 3 dagar sedan
You guys still play this shit?
ANDREW MIHARDJO 3 dagar sedan
The person in the zone: so...
Brickneddy films
Brickneddy films 3 dagar sedan
I remember watching this on stream
Millar McAlpine
Millar McAlpine 4 dagar sedan
00:05 Lachlan’s evil laugh tho
CSD Cartel
CSD Cartel 4 dagar sedan
Micah Streams
Micah Streams 4 dagar sedan
What mod is it?
Spark :
Spark : 4 dagar sedan
Dont you think it is a little sad that people are milking this toooooo much, I mean I’ve seen it like 20 times
Keith Kogane
Keith Kogane 5 dagar sedan
"Will I spontaneously combust?"
Teraniks 5 dagar sedan
Lulu 5 dagar sedan
This is how 12 year olds stim glitch
Wassup 1
Wassup 1 5 dagar sedan
Fortnite stim glitching
empty pringles can
empty pringles can 5 dagar sedan
Wait did he lose his accent for a second
Heaven J
Heaven J 5 dagar sedan
Fortnite is stupid IMO But happy you're having fun lol
Zachary Wadsworth
Zachary Wadsworth 5 dagar sedan
If they went in the water fall slurp juice that they were right beside it would give you two well that’s how it worked for me
FONZY0421 6 dagar sedan
Jaybro YOUTUBE 6 dagar sedan
I did it and I won
Cooper Hogan
Cooper Hogan 6 dagar sedan
Big brain lazar lol
Elijah Castro
Elijah Castro 6 dagar sedan
I like it though
Elijah Castro
Elijah Castro 6 dagar sedan
Lazer beam is wierd
Harper George
Harper George 6 dagar sedan
The storm dps thing has been their sonar the beginning of season 5
Shaolin McVey
Shaolin McVey 6 dagar sedan
This has been a thing for years... how did you first try this now?
Lwazi M
Lwazi M 6 dagar sedan
I did that but it runs out in some time so you must have some mad kit or badges
Dylan Stowers-Darcey
Dylan Stowers-Darcey 7 dagar sedan
U da. Best
Craig Macintosh
Craig Macintosh 7 dagar sedan
Na bro na
Royalthewaffle_ 7 dagar sedan
Fortnite bad
Subzero 13
Subzero 13 7 dagar sedan
Lazarbeam just eatn a donut in the storm
GrouchyMMCC 7 dagar sedan
My friends and I did this once in br and we're all fishing at the same time giving it to one person to survive
Sean York
Sean York 7 dagar sedan
Imagine still playing fortnite
Hank _doesroblox
Hank _doesroblox 7 dagar sedan
Jacquelinne Martinez
Jacquelinne Martinez 7 dagar sedan
Caesar Villanueva
Caesar Villanueva 7 dagar sedan
They thought they were going to survive but they died
Lindo Nyawose
Lindo Nyawose 8 dagar sedan
Laser beam is just chilling And eating like nothing is happening 😂😂😂
Daymeon Jomes
Daymeon Jomes 8 dagar sedan
Smart dang I'll give that a try
Dirk Lin
Dirk Lin 8 dagar sedan
Lol wtf
Orlando Creely
Orlando Creely 8 dagar sedan
Joe mama
Keegan McRoy
Keegan McRoy 8 dagar sedan
g ductwork
Alan Goodine
Alan Goodine 8 dagar sedan
Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer 8 dagar sedan
I've tried it it didnt work
Amanda Crinks
Amanda Crinks 8 dagar sedan
I watched your live stream lol later do he raging
Izea Gonzalez
Izea Gonzalez 9 dagar sedan
Mike & Ike Gaming
Mike & Ike Gaming 9 dagar sedan
I actually won with this trick. Pretty cool!
Arjun bhi
Arjun bhi 9 dagar sedan
Game name
Coco Bear
Coco Bear 9 dagar sedan
Error: we have disabled healing
Nawaf AlShaar
Nawaf AlShaar 9 dagar sedan
He could’ve stood in the source of the slurp and he would been healed at 2 HP per second
Aarav Shah YT
Aarav Shah YT 8 dagar sedan
Then how did lazar lazar lose?
Mena Boys
Mena Boys 9 dagar sedan
I found that out in my first game
Emma Trickett
Emma Trickett 9 dagar sedan
SAVAGE ALMIGHTY 9 dagar sedan
I miss old fortnite bring it back chapter 1
Idk Ali ؟
Idk Ali ؟ 9 dagar sedan
*Slurpy thing* - Lazerbeam 2021
Marshall Ellison
Marshall Ellison 9 dagar sedan
So it's like the stim glitch in cod
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 9 dagar sedan
What’s this game mode
ilyRain 10 dagar sedan
no bro this happened to me and my duo bro i was tight
Oliver Mk
Oliver Mk 10 dagar sedan
The laugh at the end 😂
huseyin asci
huseyin asci 10 dagar sedan
What your bar rolling down and ID people go people talk too much slow motion 😉🤣
huseyin asci
huseyin asci 10 dagar sedan
Watchable rolling
Luca 10 dagar sedan
I couldn’t give less of a fuck
Samma Parwin
Samma Parwin 10 dagar sedan
Sir Monkey
Sir Monkey 10 dagar sedan
Why do you say hach p instead of hp aich p
Sandlot Dude
Sandlot Dude 10 dagar sedan
Mike D
Mike D 10 dagar sedan
I want you to join my lobby
Kathy Skopelitis
Kathy Skopelitis 11 dagar sedan
I tried this like 50 times
h 11 dagar sedan
You can in normal mode too just buy and find medkits
-Killer IOS
-Killer IOS 11 dagar sedan
How about i add a campfire
Swang 11 dagar sedan
Fortnite still exits?
GamingWithRafa 11 dagar sedan
That laugh tho lol
Cookie Tv
Cookie Tv 11 dagar sedan
Did I see his background at the start
kamv sbcusbcuscdh
kamv sbcusbcuscdh 11 dagar sedan
What mode
Tyeasha Kinsey
Tyeasha Kinsey 12 dagar sedan
I love you you’re the best
Christian Haugen
Christian Haugen 12 dagar sedan
Damn, its been a long time since i saw a lachlan video.
Jason Krausnick
Jason Krausnick 12 dagar sedan
They ruined one shot again 😒 😤 😪 🙄 😑
W-Key GODFISTツ 12 dagar sedan
ゲーム大好きYUTO 12 dagar sedan
G G let's go
Jayden Hallman
Jayden Hallman 12 dagar sedan
My brother did that but than died because he left
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