Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi 

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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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5 okt 2020



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Lancyda Luong
Lancyda Luong 20 minuter sedan
Omg this was so cute to watch 😭😭😭
Makayla Newbury-Stratford
I love you Kylie💎
Alexa Mariel
Alexa Mariel 21 minut sedan
RPT_LS 23 minuter sedan
When u say ‘daddy’ who are you referring to.Travis or someone else
bhavneet singh
bhavneet singh 30 minuter sedan
It’s Kylie: the plastic Girl
jeanne b
jeanne b 33 minuter sedan
So cute💗
Anni Hernández
Anni Hernández 36 minuter sedan
I am barely learning English and I hardly understand a shovel🥺🥺🥺😭But I'm your number one fan
EmmaElizabethhh 37 minuter sedan
“Oh..that is...very creative I love that!” Every parent to a toddler
Martu Rugg
Martu Rugg 39 minuter sedan
Aca el comentario en castellano jajaja
Vanessa Itzep
Vanessa Itzep 46 minuter sedan
Only faze rugs fans know he subbed to Kylie and followed her lmao
imadisgustingrathead 52 minuter sedan
such a good mom!!!
Jey Daud
Jey Daud 52 minuter sedan
Lol spilling the vanilla is gonna be a tradition i see....
Thiara Ss
Thiara Ss 56 minuter sedan
Is beatiful !♡ Alguien que hable español me dice si está bien escrito
Windsong Moonchild
Windsong Moonchild Timme sedan
Stormi has advanced social skills. Her temperament and ability to stay focused and listen to her mom and her common sense of teamplayer to achieve common goal shows she has a greater chance in succeeding in life (career or personal).
You need Namjisoos
You need Namjisoos Timme sedan
Kylie is the mom of my dream
Juliannee C
Juliannee C Timme sedan
Awwww 🥰
Username Momin0121
Username Momin0121 Timme sedan
Any1 wanna trade in save the world
Jen Timme sedan
Y’all can hate Kylie but at least she raised her child right
Laura Lacroix
Laura Lacroix Timme sedan
This was the cutest thing ever bye
†ᴊᴀʏᴅᴇɴ ᴍɪʟʟᴇʀ†
I'm dying this is so cute 😭❤
Oh Shanana
Oh Shanana Timme sedan
i love it when storming kept putting the sprinkles on the cookie. instead of saying that she ruined it her mom ate it and said they were wonderful. that is a good mother
Sebastiánlol04 Timme sedan
ete sech
Dhyana's Workshop
Dhyana's Workshop Timme sedan
Stormi is adorable 😍
Oh Shanana
Oh Shanana Timme sedan
she is so adorable
Millie McAlister
Millie McAlister 2 timmar sedan
Aww beautiful baby, thank you for sharing the recipe, I’ll make them with my little girl :) God bless you
Diamond_Doll 2 timmar sedan
She seems to mature and she is so young!!
Natalie Weldon
Natalie Weldon 2 timmar sedan
I want a kid now......wait.....im 10 ;-;
Annick Guisella Vilela Mogollon
so cute....
Venkboy1234 2 timmar sedan
I bet its like a staple to make a mess in every kylie baking vid lmao
I s â b e l l â
I s â b e l l â 2 timmar sedan
Liz Gill
Liz Gill 2 timmar sedan
Did you just cheers your daughter with a cookie 😂😂😂
Gabriella Ferrer Irreño
OMG!! Good!!
Jordyn Diaz
Jordyn Diaz 2 timmar sedan
SHE IS ADORABLE im being a minon to
Willow McDonald
Willow McDonald 3 timmar sedan
Every time storm says "mommy" it's so precious!
florida jit
florida jit 3 timmar sedan
the baby fever 😹
Jasmine Crawford
Jasmine Crawford 3 timmar sedan
kylies patience >
Princess Panikk
Princess Panikk 3 timmar sedan
She’s so happy it’s so cute
Kammi Gaming
Kammi Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Kylie is a amazing mother I mean she has a giant career and yet she still makes time for stormi. Also she has taught stormi SO Well she says “towel please” awh she’s so nice 🥺
Ethan Dessailly
Ethan Dessailly 4 timmar sedan
Valentin Pacheco
Valentin Pacheco 4 timmar sedan
can we talk about how stormi is so such a cute thing
Anaisa Funes
Anaisa Funes 4 timmar sedan
Stormy is sooo cute!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Llyn Kynaston
Llyn Kynaston 4 timmar sedan
Such good manners 🥰 Kylie is a great mom
dadixie ,
dadixie , 4 timmar sedan
Y’all might hate kylie, but look at her daughter. Like she’s a great mother and raised a great child. Kylie works so hard and still has time for her child, makes cookie with her, and does so many other things for stormi. Overall I love kylie sm and I think she’s the sweetest Kardashian. WE STAN KYLIEE
Alex Or Alec
Alex Or Alec 4 timmar sedan
i kinda feel like she looks like none of her parents
ciociaro irrequiete
ciociaro irrequiete 4 timmar sedan
aaaaaaaand of course the kid is black.....
Kertu Valing
Kertu Valing 4 timmar sedan
OMG STORMI is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen I just can’t her voice and movement ❤️❤️❤️
diablita 4 timmar sedan
kylie : *should i try one?* stormi : *sure🥺* shes so precious i cant sbejshjdhjs
Luci Fer
Luci Fer 5 timmar sedan
Awww this was tooo damn cute 💜🙏
h m
h m 5 timmar sedan
Kylie, I like you. 🙂
Katelyn Martinez
Katelyn Martinez 5 timmar sedan
Her manners😭
jasmine huu
jasmine huu 5 timmar sedan
Lups Bonla
Lups Bonla 5 timmar sedan
Awww the 2 are beautiful 😘
Suhana Alhmawendi
Suhana Alhmawendi 5 timmar sedan
Ornella Galarreta
Ornella Galarreta 5 timmar sedan
Holaa , espero que todos se encuentren bien . Les invito a pasar por mi canal y apoyarme en ello , hago contenido cristiano y muy muy interesante , se los recomiendo y les agradecería de todo corazón ! Bendiciones:)
Belen Sanzana barriga
Belen Sanzana barriga 6 timmar sedan
OMG so cute!🌹
Dania Lara
Dania Lara 6 timmar sedan
Does anyone realize that the vanilla spilled last year 2 lol
omg Kylie and Stormi is cute !
neriah nwajei
neriah nwajei 6 timmar sedan
Stormi at 2: we're being so messy mommy Me at 2: being the cause of all the messes and a pain to everyone in the house
sᴏғᴛ•sᴋɪᴇs 6 timmar sedan
“That’s cute mommy.” I love this-
Kristen Epic
Kristen Epic 6 timmar sedan
This was ADORABLE 😍 ❤️
lela rose gaming
lela rose gaming 6 timmar sedan
She just wanted to be a pumkin😔
Ali AbuJamaa
Ali AbuJamaa 6 timmar sedan
Not a kardashian fan at all! But this was adorable 🙂
ANDROMEDA 6 timmar sedan
7:52 my toddler in sims 4 when she is going to tell me something.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 6 timmar sedan
I don’t understand why everyone mom shames her, stormi is polite, kind and her moms own hype girl.
luciana Paez
luciana Paez 6 timmar sedan
DEX FACTOR 6 timmar sedan
The smile on the little girls face when she sees the tray of cookies---priceless. For everything else there’s MasterCard.
Catoune 6 timmar sedan
Yamileth Quito
Yamileth Quito 6 timmar sedan
Do u notice how Stormi has maners when she said oh pass me a towel plz
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 6 timmar sedan
I really Hope this Bond between them is real, Then its wunderful ✨
Kaitlyn. Laukkanen
Kaitlyn. Laukkanen 6 timmar sedan
She’s so adorable omg 🥺🥺
ESTHER 6 timmar sedan
How beautiful is Stormi
Nathaly Carvalho
Nathaly Carvalho 7 timmar sedan
Eu morro de amor com ela mdssss
Kenzie Brayson
Kenzie Brayson 7 timmar sedan
They are like the perfect mother daughter duo idc
It’s briaa *
It’s briaa * 7 timmar sedan
Kylie is so humble
Aleena 84
Aleena 84 7 timmar sedan
Awww x I loved this 🤣❤👍💖🥳
L a n y a H o s h m a n d
Why they always drop the Vanilla LOL😂💔
Gloria Cleto
Gloria Cleto 7 timmar sedan
That's so cute mommy
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed 7 timmar sedan
Ngl I really don’t like some of the choices Kylie has made and it’s none of my business what she does but she has raised an amazing child
fadel mahade
fadel mahade 7 timmar sedan
She is so adorable
Sameep Kulkarni
Sameep Kulkarni 7 timmar sedan
Mera chota bhai aur cute hai😂😂
Calvin 7 timmar sedan
this is the most wholesome thing i have ever seen
Esther smith Kowalski
Esther smith Kowalski 7 timmar sedan
Who else love their matching outfit 👇 👇 👇
Little Girl
Little Girl 7 timmar sedan
I really Hope this Bond between them is real, Then its wunderful ✨
Alisson GR
Alisson GR 7 timmar sedan
Ablas español
Itsjerin 7 timmar sedan
The vanilla extract again lol
Itz ya boy Sleepy
Itz ya boy Sleepy 8 timmar sedan
bruh she only 2 years old and she speaks better then me wow
Sandra Lombana
Sandra Lombana 8 timmar sedan
Adelita Flores
Adelita Flores 8 timmar sedan
what a good mom many congratulations beautiful 😘
Itz ya boy Sleepy
Itz ya boy Sleepy 8 timmar sedan
stormi is so cute omg
Pau Zeledón
Pau Zeledón 8 timmar sedan
“Patience, patience, patience” omg!!!!! ❣️
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean 8 timmar sedan
this is so cute
Lara Damiens
Lara Damiens 8 timmar sedan
She is so well educated
Study Pink
Study Pink 8 timmar sedan
Есть русские?
Carly Stowe
Carly Stowe 8 timmar sedan
You’re such a good cook
Erin Adams
Erin Adams 8 timmar sedan
She is so polite and sweet!
Carly Stowe
Carly Stowe 8 timmar sedan
My name is Carly Stowe I’m a plus S keeping up with the Kardashians but my favorite is you and stormy she’s so cute and polite I’ve always wanted to be famous although I’ve never achieved it I think that might be because I’m 11 years old and you are my idol
Laurxn 8 timmar sedan
Stormi makes me want a baby and I am literally 13 like 😭😭😂
lily leanna
lily leanna 8 timmar sedan
the cutest 🥺💘
Laura Gardner
Laura Gardner 8 timmar sedan
I cannot. She is so adorable and she has good manners 😭💖
Evelynsty 8 timmar sedan
does anyone else think kylie is acting like a little like annoyed or something idk she seems off lol
Ishita Chavan
Ishita Chavan 8 timmar sedan
my mom would never-
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