Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon 

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

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27 okt 2020



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Hristo Hristov
Hristo Hristov 7 minuter sedan
Joe - "STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP...."
scott00790 8 minuter sedan
Joe now acts like a Bought man. selosk.info/class/video/aqd6w61ptJiL058.html
Test Login
Test Login 10 minuter sedan
Elon Musk should come school Alex...🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ But then again...🤷🏽‍♂️🙄😒😏
doob Devlin
doob Devlin 11 minuter sedan
Alex Jones "we accept china as our master" this is treason
Test Login
Test Login 17 minuter sedan
Joe: This' why people get banned from the internet..this this these kind of conversations..😂😂😂😂🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ He's not even hearing when Joe is spittin' advice on his face. You tried Joe...but don't stop making money through inviting him over because it garners his base onto your channel & well if you can pocket a few quid why not..🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ do so, as long as you can manage true from fiction while he's present.
Test Login
Test Login 27 minuter sedan
Alex can't substantiate his argument without rattling off onto 1 topic then the other then another How many times has Joes said "hold it....hold it". 😂😂😂 "This' why people get banned...". No reasoning to his stance or argument...just make believe type of things. He should run for Presidency he'll be fun.
doob Devlin
doob Devlin 31 minut sedan
Enough of this Epstein talk.tell me about how they're making the freaking frogs gay.
Jon williams Jr
Jon williams Jr 34 minuter sedan
I told alex not to eat those nerds outta that strippers ass...🤣😂🤣
Tom Wimmenhove
Tom Wimmenhove 35 minuter sedan
I was working and not really paying attention to my SElosk window. When I heard a bunch of gurgling coming through my headphones, I thought someone was doing a bad impression of Alex Jones. Didn't realize it was the clown himself until I looked at my screen.
Chuck Jones
Chuck Jones 36 minuter sedan
The first amendment is first b/c the original amendments are in order of importance.
Test Login
Test Login 40 minuter sedan
Joe: oh Jesus..are you a carbon dioxide salesman 😂😂😂 Let him run for Presidency he's already sounding like he'll garner a lot of base..
Test Login
Test Login 44 minuter sedan
Simple question Who did you quote...who are you quoting? 🤦🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️Yea comprehension isn't for everyone. Is there such a thing as clean coal...like carbon dioxide be clean...lock him up in a room & let him inhale coal or least let him inhale smock coming out of a car's exhaust. What an idiot...stuff from grade 6 stuff an 11 year old is aware of. Man let Alex run for Presidency now he'll get all the votes. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
M Blizzy
M Blizzy 48 minuter sedan
Sad to see joe unable to suspend belief or believe anything his friend Alex says. He questions every single little thing he says, no matter how many times he’s proved correct. Shit gets annoying.
DMalmsy 52 minuter sedan
Wow, so many lies from Alex. He hasn't changed. Why dig up the earth for power? No need.
Test Login
Test Login 55 minuter sedan
Well Jared be getting good deals in the middle east mostly because he's Jewish ...there's much similarity between the Jews & citizens of the middle east so yea he's more likely to start on a good foot than a non-jew.
Leon Prinz
Leon Prinz 55 minuter sedan
Alex "Fucking Apple Juice" Jones
PaPa POVEY 56 minuter sedan
Finally 10m
Test Login
Test Login 59 minuter sedan
He mentions AT&T out of the blue...this Guy 🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ & then people wonder. Hence Rogan calls him out that he needs a fact checker.
Juggernaut D
Juggernaut D 59 minuter sedan
Possibly Joes dumbest moment ever: Alex: what are trees made out of? Joe: uuuggghhh, tree stuff???....
IrishAndroid Timme sedan
Alex: "You were great on 'Friends', Joe." Joe: "I wasn't on 'Friends'." Fucking really? Isn't Joe Rogan a comic? It astounds me that these jokes *still* fly over his head. Say "knock, knock" and this dude gets up to check his front door.
Kardiakko Media
Kardiakko Media Timme sedan
Alex Jones is the modern Noah. “As in the time of Noah...”
Chuck Dumpster
Chuck Dumpster Timme sedan
As much as people trash Alex Jones, he’s the only wealthy person I can name that cares enough to be public with thoughts that “fly in the face of” his own self interest. Most celebrities are too vapid/ vacuous to be bothered with something that won’t help their brand(wish corona would kill the term, brand)
LOCKED AT HOME Timme sedan
22:35 "GG Ping..."
Jay rocky
Jay rocky Timme sedan
Alex is a good dude.. he knows the truth.. God is Real... Jesus Christ is the only way.. the world is evil... government officials are evil.. the End is coming...
Rachel Copeland
Rachel Copeland Timme sedan
"Are you a carbon dioxide salesman?"
Sterlingarcher22 Timme sedan
50 minutes in and Alex Jones hasn’t said the words Chinese or commies I’m surprised lmao
ROB 112
ROB 112 Timme sedan
Alex Jones was 100% right about them making the Frogs gay so your kids probably next
jacob smakum
jacob smakum Timme sedan
They go down A lot of Rabbit Trolls.
Anthony Olivan
Anthony Olivan Timme sedan
holy shit another one!
LikeZ - 13
LikeZ - 13 2 timmar sedan
Think joe , doesnt know Rockefeller and rothschilds plan . Climate change is a tax. Another tax. Covid will be another tax. It is more money for the banks. Aaron Ruuso movie. America: Freedom to Fascism. It is so call. Weather modification.
BeerThirty 2 timmar sedan
TY to all of the JRE crew!
Resin Lung
Resin Lung 2 timmar sedan
“What could Trump have done better”? To start off, Trump could have recognized the fact that when every state in the Nation is in a state of emergency, it is by definition, and during a National emergency it is the responsibility of the Federal government to take action, not defer its responsibility to the states. I don’t know if its because it was too much work or if they thought that by letting the states makes their own decisions than his administration couldn’t be faulted or they’d at least have an excuse for why its or their fault.
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 timmar sedan
Lol, frogs are gay??? :P
Cesar Cantarutti
Cesar Cantarutti 2 timmar sedan
Excelent!!. Joe is amazing claiming the evidence and justification of Alex statement´s. He is to sober xD.
TheSchism inAmerica
TheSchism inAmerica 2 timmar sedan
Shiiit, he was 99.999% accurate. Maybe parents should learn to censor their kids ears. And just focus on molding civilized children. Like our parents did. Well maybe AJs parents could have done better. But those who were brought up level headed, have the ability to separate truth from exaggerations and satire..
VAL VAL 2 timmar sedan
Joe Rogan is teaching Alex journalism,
jared lieto
jared lieto 2 timmar sedan
8:40 "America's oldest newspaper" lmfao
TheSchism inAmerica
TheSchism inAmerica 2 timmar sedan
Google the official lab research results on vaccine nanotechnology. Before it is officially given to the fda. Yes bill gates said that. I heard him defending it and telling us to get over it.
Sensei Supreme
Sensei Supreme 3 timmar sedan
Benjamin S
Benjamin S 3 timmar sedan
Say what you want about Alex, but you can tell he’s the type of guy who would do anything in the world for the people he considers his friends.
TheSchism inAmerica
TheSchism inAmerica 3 timmar sedan
That is not actually 3 hrs.
Wayne Carter
Wayne Carter 3 timmar sedan
Don't look at someone and turn your head , in the UK .Im in the UK and that's not a truth, (EDITED) cant clap in University in Uk . please this guy
A Witch You Can’t Scratch
What’s Alex Jone’s theory about what that woman’s voice was about at 2:52:17? Earlier when Joe said he was pro human he looked sheepish and had his fingers crossed.😱
Damani Jones
Damani Jones 3 timmar sedan
2:49:34 Person in the back was dying LOL
Lucy Vampire
Lucy Vampire 3 timmar sedan
I read that it seemed that ppl with O blood type have better chance of not getting chinavirus, I think they said the virus can't attach ? was a small group- I HAVE O NEG so I hope it's true lol
GB3770 3 timmar sedan
jOE r: "Did Buzz Aldrin say Aliens built the pyramids? Did he? Did he say that? Really? Did Buzz Aldrin say Aliens built the pyramids? Did he? Did he say that? Really? Did Buzz Aldrin say Aliens built the pyramids? Did he? Did he say that? Really? Did Buzz Aldrin say Aliens built the pyramids? Did he? Did he say that? Really? " Alex: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Come on Joe scepticism is one thing but that's too much. The world is far stranger than you realise.
Ivan Montana
Ivan Montana 3 timmar sedan
GreyMears 3 timmar sedan
Take the ear piece out Joe
hgoines1 4 timmar sedan
Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are both crazy. I also suspect that they may be white supremacists.
Matt K
Matt K 3 timmar sedan
Joe is def fiscally conservative but not a racist. He just leans right.
DNA Emon
DNA Emon 3 timmar sedan
RoBeWhO. 4 timmar sedan
I love how when Alex is about to get into some real shit Joe is like "..you know you've fucked some stuff up in the past.." Way to be, ol' Damage Control Joe. This episode is almost unbearable with the way that Joe constantly tries to derail anything that Alex says and turn it into some bullshit comedy routine of his. This is light years away from the other times that Alex has been on. Joe is frantically trying to make the people listening believe that anything Alex says is wrong or exaggerated or whatever, when most of it isn't at all. Alex has his ways about him and gets hyped up and starts going a million mph, but he knows what he's talking about and to hear meathead Joe condescend to him like he doesn't.. well, that is pretty garbage. Just let him fucking talk and if it's *_THAT_* "crazy" and "out there" as he would have everyone believe, then he has nothing to worry about because people will draw their own conclusions and see that. He claims he doesn't want people listening to get the "wrong" information, but in reality he doesn't want people to get a glimpse of the actual truth. Absolutely disheartening.
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez 4 timmar sedan
54:06 Alex: "I've brought you the documents joe." Joe: "What you got there a piece of paper?"
St_710 4 timmar sedan
I liked the fact checking and it should be done on the major claims that are the foundation of a topic and again with other big claims/quotes/ stats that branch off that topic but it almost seemed like yall were over doin it cause its for sure gettin done by both AJ haters who would be so pumped to discredit even one small AJ quote theyd prly list it as an accolade across all platforms. N conversely its being checked bythose who believe every thing he says n many other walks of life in between. Where am i going with this? Glad i asked. for years we have watched the JRE and have heard joe tell jamie to search for this or that, and for years jamie applies some kind of sorcery in collab with google to find even the toughest requests dumb fast not being bogged down by google ads running the first five pages of results. But its always a toss up whether or not itll A) be sent to the big screen and B) if so, will the camera show us close enough to see? Will we even see it at all? N with the new place it seems to be more equipped to handle that but Jamie seems to be more than competant to embed the shit to go to picture in picture like the news has been doin since the great depression. Thats Step 1... now coming full circle once that is the norm with the show and fact check the big points but with aj he starts off on a tangent trying to recall the info if challenged in any way and then jets off into 10 other tangents scrambling to try n site the shit on the spot in mla format and his brain jumbles n before uk it topic changes n everyone moves on. Why not fact check the smaller shit a day or two later before n while editing. Where alex or any guest in this situation has a day to get sources for you. Your also searching to find proof whether T or F and in the final edit hyperlink tge webpage, image, vid, or pdf. As well as a meter animation top corner of the screen where the needle can hit true - partially true - unknown - partially false - false and embed the link or something. After all its 2020.
Gwynne S
Gwynne S 4 timmar sedan
I'll never take the vaccine. Who's with me?
Scotus Laurentius
Scotus Laurentius 4 timmar sedan
Alex Jones speaks so much shit it's too painful to listen to.
I Alfie Martin
I Alfie Martin 4 timmar sedan
Bob W
Bob W 4 timmar sedan
Ligma Balls
icant c
icant c 4 timmar sedan
JRE #Sells #●ut -Go fact check that
elliot deherrera
elliot deherrera 4 timmar sedan
So whose listening to this during the 79 days of hell?
Koopa High
Koopa High 4 timmar sedan
At 2:53:18 You can CLEARLY HEAR THAT SAME FEMALE VOICE LAUGH OUT LOUD, (and notice how Joe Rogan reacts and looks in the direction where it's coming from, note the expression he has on his face) Some bitch mos definitely there smashing the homey yo
Sensei Supreme
Sensei Supreme 4 timmar sedan
This is the best interview/discussion I've ever seen
Tim Price
Tim Price 4 timmar sedan
Welcome back Alex we missed you
dorgrim 4 timmar sedan
dudes only 10 years older than me and looks like hes almost 70
The Gusto Show
The Gusto Show 4 timmar sedan
Did anybody notice that Joe Rogan was really rude with Alex Jones chill bro
Elite Fin
Elite Fin 5 timmar sedan
Joe always tryna be the voice of Reason
Elite Fin
Elite Fin 5 timmar sedan
Around like 54:00
Elite Fin
Elite Fin 5 timmar sedan
Literally just said it as I made the comment Like seriously 😊😃
sweet elephant
sweet elephant 5 timmar sedan
Imagine Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and David Icke on an episode lol SElosk would never allow it😂
Chuck Dumpster
Chuck Dumpster 5 timmar sedan
Everytime I see this in my feed I already hope it’s part 2.
Carbon = Melanin =khemtum= 666
Dionta Foreman
Dionta Foreman 5 timmar sedan
Ctrl Art Del
Ctrl Art Del 5 timmar sedan
The Joe Fact Check Rogan Experience
Mr. Infinity
Mr. Infinity 5 timmar sedan
These dudes look like Sith Lords condemning the Jedi Council.
Dean van Rooyen
Dean van Rooyen 5 timmar sedan
Increasing CO2 has no effect? Damm this bloke is Einstein reborn! C does not equal CO2. Please don’t explain the goal and motivation - ‘ask anyone you know’ is not a substitute for fact. TLDR. This is so funny thanks Joe for the laugh. Have to cut this one short... at least he has the balls to come on even though he is bat sh1t crazy.
TheSchism inAmerica
TheSchism inAmerica 5 timmar sedan
This peace deal is actually prophecied in the bible. It is a sign of the antichrist. It is going to go bad in a huge way. All the nations around Israel will turn on them. The peace only lasts for a minute before someone breaks the deal. According to prophecy. Oddly enough the jews announced the arrival of their messiah last christmas.. That will be the antichrist. Bidens text number on his podium divided by 2020 equals 666. Doesn't look good. Jarod and ivanka have been working in favor of Dems. Jarod was invested in remdezavire before the "CV" was even released. On the surface, the peace deal looks good, but pur instincts tell us something is wrong with things in Israel..
None of Your buisness
None of Your buisness 5 timmar sedan
Alex jones for president?
Abel Drago
Abel Drago 5 timmar sedan
Last time i couldn't taste anything brushing my tongue with peroxide cured it.
Nick Leonardi
Nick Leonardi 5 timmar sedan
Joe mediated and conversed with Alex infinitely better than Kanye
Jake Nethery
Jake Nethery 5 timmar sedan
Joe rogan is the best when he gets into the DMT aliens human consciousness mode
Brashio Williams
Brashio Williams 5 timmar sedan
dancing queen
Erick Guzman
Erick Guzman 5 timmar sedan
The bass in Alex Jones voice almost popped the speaker in my phone!
Elite Fin
Elite Fin 5 timmar sedan
Alex Jones is must watch content on the Podcast
Saw Enzi
Saw Enzi 5 timmar sedan
I think if Joe gets Alex, Jimmy Dore, Tim Dillon and Jesse Ventura all on the show at the same time, there will be fist fights, laughter, drunk shenanigans all at the same time. Then it will be so fucking out of this world awesome, that every single TV, Streaming, news channel will go bankrupt because everybody is watching and rewatching this episode. Then the economy will shut down completely and no one will bother because they're watching this fantasy episode. Then if Joe invites Snowden, then the whole fucking universe will factory reset.
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson 5 timmar sedan
Aoc tweeted they were trying to kill the economy twice
feel theburnbrodoyouevenlift
Bring alex back or im leaving jre and alex jones. Listen Mr. Rogan i have been watching since 2016 my friend i have been loyal im telling you alex jones beats joey diaz in a competition of best podcast guest. We want an alex jones segment every podcast. We need him in this dark time. #cancelcancelculture #alexjones2020
Swamp Ass
Swamp Ass 6 timmar sedan
Alex Jones, let me clear my throat
Tyrone Post
Tyrone Post 6 timmar sedan
Once you hear it, you can't unhear it: selosk.info/class/video/gXxyo6Cr2Jl4u6c.html
Swamp Ass
Swamp Ass 6 timmar sedan
Miss the monkey
Andrew Tomicek
Andrew Tomicek 6 timmar sedan
Joe ruined this podcast
Freddie Falseflagger
Freddie Falseflagger 6 timmar sedan
Damn Rogan deserves a lot of props for not letting Jones take over his show like that. Hats off to you Rogan.
jc 6 timmar sedan
Joe is embarrassingly dumb when he talks about ‘escaping our emotions and monkey bodies’ and all this shit. Nobody will ‘save us’ from what we are. And being a computer sounds really gay.
pdxeddie1111 6 timmar sedan
o cmon see this is where AJ gets himself in trouble Aldrin was talking about some of the wild theories out there and one of them was aliens built the pyramids and he said he didn't really believe that but a lot of people do but he did say it's possible that life was seeded here from Mars through meteorite.
Ryan Hampson
Ryan Hampson 6 timmar sedan
Took all of 2 mins for ALEX Jones to go 0 to 100.
raymond ortiz
raymond ortiz 6 timmar sedan
What bottle is alex drinking?
Dat OneGuy
Dat OneGuy 6 timmar sedan
2:52:17 wow...Joe Rogan has def sold out..now he has handlers in his earpiece telling him what to do. So much for an authentic podcast. Shame on you Joe Rogan! I thought you enjoyed free speech.
Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper 6 timmar sedan
Minus all the insanity, Alex seems like a laid back, chill, fun guy.
Dat OneGuy
Dat OneGuy 6 timmar sedan
Joe "this is my show so I want to talk the most" Rogan Alex "I bumped my head once, so I ramble" Jones Tim "What the fuck, do I ever get to talk" Dillon
Aidan Daniels
Aidan Daniels 6 timmar sedan
Jones deserves a medal for blowing bohemian grove wide open.
Pedro Collazo
Pedro Collazo 6 timmar sedan
Texas mind/attitude vs California mind/attitude if you from Texas you’ll understand
Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez 6 timmar sedan
This fucking guy is crazy but I fucking loved it
Devilishmikeyz 6 timmar sedan
Do this again after October!!!! When Joe's not being such a bitch
RDC 6 timmar sedan
It’s happening... 79 days of hell
FINALBOSS 7 timmar sedan
Alex Jones, I know exactly what you feel all the time. Hope you get healthy and live a long life. Thank you Sir.
Jeffin George
Jeffin George 7 timmar sedan
JRE End Of The World #2