iPhone 13: the END of Facebook 

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Apple vs Facebook explained!
New year, new Apple battle. This time, Apple is taking on giants like Facebook and Instagram over privacy concerns. This could result in some of your favorite apps leaving your precious iPhone 12. Let's breakdown what's happening and how this could affect the iPhone 13 and iOS 15.
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31 jan 2021



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The Apple Circle
The Apple Circle Månad sedan
Is Instagram in trouble too? selosk.info/class/video/oGZ3qp6r1qibuHU.html
Bradley Spearpoint
Bradley Spearpoint 2 timmar sedan
@Blake DeWitt Na they dont have a hidden agenda they just care about people’s privacy and data unlike google and facebook i think if apple really wanted to they could shut Facebook down which it seem’s to be slowly going that way
Bradley Spearpoint
Bradley Spearpoint 2 timmar sedan
@Blake DeWitt no worry’s
Blake DeWitt
Blake DeWitt 5 timmar sedan
@Bradley Spearpoint I’ve been looking for this exact comment.it needed to be said or I was gonna say it..thank you!!
Blake DeWitt
Blake DeWitt 5 timmar sedan
@Sheila davis at this point I think Apple is done, I think they know if things change it will only be long enough for things to work in their favor.. i’m glad somebody is taking a stand but I’m wondering if Apple has a hidden agenda.. I sure hope not.
Blake DeWitt
Blake DeWitt 5 timmar sedan
Of course...
L Thomas
L Thomas 48 minuter sedan
Ditched FB but have What’sApp and Instagram. These mega companies are evil. Well done Apple for providing protection choices
Lambiii Timme sedan
So basically what apple is doing to the apps is making something semi vpn like, they create new Id for every app you will youse so that the app don’t know who you are. If you ask me the ide about vpn is something likely and can happens without normal person even notice this.
Joshua Farr
Joshua Farr Timme sedan
If you really valued your privacy you wouldn't use any of this tech at all.
Zednology Timme sedan
this wont work, people love social media
claude bui
claude bui 2 timmar sedan
RIP Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Good riddance and NO REGRET.
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 3 timmar sedan
I think Tim Cook makes the right decision. He should included Twister too. Stay away of those social media which controlled by China or ccp. I'm a Samsung user, nothing wrong with Samsung, and I'm NOT a FB or Twister member, but Google is what I'm worry about. I never own an iPhone product before... but start thinking about it.
Blake DeWitt
Blake DeWitt 5 timmar sedan
I’m so proud to be an apple user😂I’m glad to see karma slapping the Zuck right upside his head..Like someone else said☝🏻He won’t even show his own page and I’ve even heard his kids aren’t allowed on any social media platforms..It’s because he knows exactly how shady his stolen invention really is and that it would work against him and his family...
Ryan F
Ryan F 5 timmar sedan
Glad to hear Apple is doing this. Anything for more privacy. I would change what I use for more security.
jay phoenix
jay phoenix 6 timmar sedan
This is chess not checkers. If Apple makes thier own search engine that’s check-mate. Apple has thier own issues with right to repair etc. But this makes up for it in some small way. You pay a premium to be in the Apple garden but it’s becoming more and more worth it to be trapped in it. Even if you are trapped
Sina Nariman
Sina Nariman 7 timmar sedan
Facebook is trippin apple is doing this legally
Hans Magnusson
Hans Magnusson 8 timmar sedan
Is removing a physical port really making the phone more secure? That suggests that the phone manufacturer is not in control of their hardware and software... I mean, if you can plug the phone into a box and it taps the phone for information. Why do you allow that at all? If you want to guarantee that no one can turn on your microphone and camera by installing a hardware switch. Make sure that it isn't one of those switches that are read by the microprocessor/controller. But a real physical circuit-breaking switch directly controlled by the switch knob. Don't start me on the rest
Raider SamSon
Raider SamSon 8 timmar sedan
I am with Apple all the way, we should have the option to control out privacy
R A 9 timmar sedan
Shivendra Singh
Shivendra Singh 11 timmar sedan
I had not used Facebook since 2013 to save my time.
Jochem Mastenbroek
Jochem Mastenbroek 12 timmar sedan
God bless Apple for doing this! I will be a Apple customer for life if they go double down on privacy!
Jul's 12 timmar sedan
Facebook is sleezy......so yesterday......out with this rubbish....
Eddie Wiesztort
Eddie Wiesztort 12 timmar sedan
Great news. Tracking is theft of people’s human rights. It’s also a portal to enable political systems to spy on individuals. Very very dangerous,.
charles martin
charles martin 13 timmar sedan
Or they paid you hundreds of dollars to track.
Streetrulz 13 timmar sedan
Don’t track us and there won’t be a problem.
Vinayak Tiwari
Vinayak Tiwari 14 timmar sedan
nope.....Apple will create a dongle (called 'iDonkey') that one could buy for just 99$ only and get the best security ever.......I would queue in line to buy one and carry 1000+1 'th Dongle.... After buying that phone will be as secure as a brick...
Grant Van Rooyen
Grant Van Rooyen 14 timmar sedan
Brilliant somebody with balls to make a informed decision
bruh 15 timmar sedan
Being honest if this happens A LOT of peoples are gonna switch to android
Andrew Narzary
Andrew Narzary 16 timmar sedan
Is it a threat for freelancers?
Tim Kazuki
Tim Kazuki 18 timmar sedan
All apple is doing is forcing the creation of a Facebook smartphone. Just because android is not enough.
test 18 timmar sedan
I hope Apple realizes their power/responsibility and eliminates the entire echo system that plagues our country and this world .
Aaron Taylor, Jr.
Aaron Taylor, Jr. 19 timmar sedan
But Apple acquired Facebook in back in 2013
CurtisCT 20 timmar sedan
Call me cynical, but I see this as a way for Apple to completely eliminate its competitors while forcing iPhone users to become more reliant on Apple's own services and apps. Fact is, apps aren't developed and made available for free out of the goodness of some programmer's heart. If you enjoy the services an app provides, then you have to pay for them, either with your data or your wallet, your choice. Programmers have to eat and pay bills just as you do. By blocking these apps however, I see this as a clever ploy by Apple to develop their own apps and make them the default, thus locking iPhone users into using their own services. Let's see how this plays out, but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.
Mark Grieves
Mark Grieves 21 timme sedan
If they do, I will axe Samsung and android. The technocracy is a menace. I voted for my government. Then I heard that Google is telling my government what they cannot do with respect to covid tracking. No, we tell you, you don't tell us. Take your woke cultural Marxist crap and do one.
Boris Nevermore
Boris Nevermore 21 timme sedan
For the iSheeps this is a great news... or is it? This dude is praising the Apple fight for your privacy, but if you turn it upside down, it's actually a trick. We all know how closes eco system Apple is (or iOS), and they actually command you how to use their products, who btw are not anymore a luxury or status symbol. So, with this they will close the eco system even more and trapped iSheeps (sorry for calling you that, but when you stop acting like one, i will stop) will become even more trapped. What you Apple fanboys and fangirls are thinking that Apple is fighting other tracker companies like Google, Facebook etc. protecting your privacy, is actually Apple want them out so after that they can sell you same shit like they did, but call it with some fancy name like "Privacy first" or "The privacy of our users is top priority", etc. So, you apple users will be forced to use anything Apple serves you (not that they didn't do it so far). A freedom of choice? Ha, forget about that. You for real this time gonna earn the nickname "iSheeps". I'm not saying Apple product are bad, they are great, as quality products, but that's it. #ChangeMyMind
jonathon rosalia
jonathon rosalia 22 timmar sedan
Humanity would be better off without social media is what things have shown us the internet needs a reboot it should have replaced colleges
Gum Naw
Gum Naw 22 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see iPhone 13🤓
Murzik Tuzik
Murzik Tuzik Dag sedan
Good news! Never liked Apple products. However, I shall switch to iPhone as soon as Apple implement these policies.
wink1980 Dag sedan
if this happens rip iphone and look forward to many law suits
Jack Alexander
Jack Alexander Dag sedan
User should have the rights to reject what they don’t want.
Gadger Dag sedan
getting what they deserve
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
I don't have nor do I want an I phone. However I can and have unsubscribe to those various media in additon to deleting them from my Android phone. And it didn't cost me a grand or more.
E s
E s Dag sedan
Tim Ray
Tim Ray Dag sedan
All good news. Someone needs to hold these companies accountable
Dhi 2667
Dhi 2667 Dag sedan
Get rid of Facebook Twitter.
Cozzaronero Dag sedan
Totally by apple side i love the fact that i can choose what app can have my data
Callie Christian
Google means SElosk ???
Smoken Joe
Smoken Joe Dag sedan
This all sounds great! Now if I can only get over not trusting Apple anymore😬!!
Jutyar Nerway
Jutyar Nerway Dag sedan
Why are you yelling?
DAREWIN Dag sedan
Privacy, where all your data is safe with a company.
Ohmmy Deity Standry
Vpn, Secure Apple browser cut that breach, i have always liked Apple for their drive when it comes to Ethical dynamics, Security and what they believe in for their products and clients. I so much wait for the revolution.
Jose de la Cuadra
Bohdan Mykytey
Bohdan Mykytey Dag sedan
Way to go Apple. Fuck the Zucc!
Rahul Karmakar
Rahul Karmakar Dag sedan
Kudos to Apple. They are really standing up to their promise of "Privacy first" even though it means creating a sort of monopoly for themselves. But I'll support anything that kills Facebook.
Dumitru Lungu
Dumitru Lungu Dag sedan
ANDROID has this OPTION FOR YEARS... "Apple Innovation"
Gizmo P.
Gizmo P. Dag sedan
Ibdicet :D
Ibdicet :D Dag sedan
If Facebook or other advertisement brokers don't share my info with criminals I'm cool with it as I know they rely on us to survive and some of the ads might or might not be useful for us XD
Tul Par
Tul Par Dag sedan
Thank you Apple
XFXR XMXT Dag sedan
I’ve been waiting for Facebook to die since ages. Good riddance
Ethan Mack
Ethan Mack Dag sedan
Facebook is so toxic.
Ethan Mack
Ethan Mack Dag sedan
Thank god
Mohammad Rahman
Mohammad Rahman Dag sedan
To be competitive Samsung will start doing same thing on their devices I guess. Just wondering how they will get rid of Android except making their own operating system?
Ryo Murata
Ryo Murata Dag sedan
not being offensive or anything but I predict Facebook will be the first company to die above all GAFAM companies Google owns Android and Web search, Microsoft core business clients (word microsoft windows) last 100years ...Apple creating their own business around products using their own OS (both hardware and software)....Amazon is like the titan of ecommerce...and Facebook is like on a tightrope ready to fall over since the operating platform (google and Apple ) can easily remove Facebook and Instagram...i should really Short Facebook Stocks...IMHO
Ricky Kurtz
Ricky Kurtz Dag sedan
How can FaceBook win, we have the right in America of “Choice”. Worst case all registered US iPhones can have this choice and the other countries will have to deal with this based on their own countries laws and rights or lack there of. We should have complete control over our IT devices period !!!!! Having a built in VPN as an atomic part of the OS is the way to go. This protect everyone and companies like FaceBook/aka Life Log can keep everyone out of our life’s except who we invite in. Hardening of the OS to protect users is a service to the user and public at large. I support the idea of a phycial way to disable the camera and microphone at the user’s discretion. Again, we should have complete control over our IT devices and I like the idea of a manual way to disable the Camera and microphone not having to depend on software which can be hacked. Ricky from IBM, Ret
Richard Thompson
screw sucknberg
Sergey Lysak
Sergey Lysak Dag sedan
good word facebook is sleazy and comrade …berger too
J A Dag sedan
FB suing Apple over privacy protections? Like that's going to go well for them unless they have an army of lobbysts. In that case, they have a slight chance of winning a case.
nathaniel Davies
I never had a thing for Facebook so I deleted it. I just don't buy Apple products
Jaymee Fletcher
Jaymee Fletcher Dag sedan
Facebook will be gone soon.
Sarah William
Sarah William Dag sedan
Thanks recoverykwo10 you're such a talented person, and just thank you for this if I had my ways I would give you a hug thanks.
A Dag sedan
Your life and we’ll being mentally is better off without these social media giants. Trust.. haven’t logged into Facebook and only message on insta and don’t look at posts. These supercomputers are the palm of your hands CAN be used for other useful things. Planning, researching, literature, stock markets, note taking, etc. A smart phone is not just for social media lmfao most people are too brain washed to realize this
Luca Mendiola
Luca Mendiola 2 dagar sedan
This video is total bullshit, beleive me
Hablo 2 dagar sedan
I switched to Apple for this very reason. It's a vote of confidence and as long as they keep innovating in privacy and security within their OS they will keep me as a customer.
Roman Klimenko
Roman Klimenko 2 dagar sedan
1. Everybody who's whining about FB stealing their privacy while taking some hot selfie videos of themselves in their bedroom are an idiots that no privacy law will fix. 2. The war between Apple and FB is not about privacy but about the slice of the cake. I don't have any sentiments here. 3. As for the targeted ads - I can tell it's far from perfection anyways. Don't care if my internet footprints are being used in some crazy ML as soon as they resulted in better recommendations I get. For example - tons of ads on item I bought a day ago is a immaturity of technology technology that Apple monopoly will not fix for sure. While rare occasions of perfect recommendations of a nice lunch spot when visiting some remote location is a true 21st century feature everybody should be happy about. This cannot be done without tracking you. 4. I moved from Android to iPhone and back a few times in a last 15 years. Don't see an obvious winner here. Make iPhone shitty again - I'll move back to more liberal device.
Hasse Edqvist
Hasse Edqvist 2 dagar sedan
This was an intresting video. The idea of the charge port going away for privacy concerns may make sense! Also for saving on cable and brick though. But security may very well be part of it. Also the idea of an apple always on vpn, sounds typical apple. VPNs are gaining in popularity and have matured since inception. Stepping in now is typical Apple doing it better or simpler than anyone else.
Abgoy AL
Abgoy AL 2 dagar sedan
This is the best news of today
Martín J. González Rojas
In spite of using Facebook and other social networks, I do applaud Apple’s approach to privacy. I do think that Facebook lacks transparency and Mark has had his fair share of trips to DC to provide explanations to congress.
Waheed Akhtar Wahid
Waheed Akhtar Wahid 2 dagar sedan
Meanhile DuckDuckGo to Google: F*** F*** Go :)
EP 2 dagar sedan
Apple sucks thats why🖕
ALEXTAR AV 2 dagar sedan
Loool google and Facebook are so f@&!ed!!!!!!! XD
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum 2 dagar sedan
Meanwhile young phone users are least profitable to us compayns say
Dion Blundell
Dion Blundell 2 dagar sedan
I like that they give me a choice over my privacy. I could choose to go google, but I prefer apples take on privacy, and they’re getting better on this
Toran Zeisig
Toran Zeisig 2 dagar sedan
I’m just learning now, how secure Apple is. My Android friends laugh at me for using an iPhone. Who’s laughing now? 😆
Endportex 2 dagar sedan
Balanced as everything should be
Steve 2 dagar sedan
Great work apple 
Privacy is a non-negotiable human right
Can you not see that Apple wants to do what facebook and google are doing? PRIVACY IS AN EXCUSE TO THEM!
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy 2 dagar sedan
Typical elitist iphone user comments, that think they rule the world with their 13% mobile phone share
April Miller
April Miller 2 dagar sedan
Yea, Apple - you rock. Big Brother needs to be kicked out the door. I've closed my Facebook account, never used Instagram or Twitter, and closed by Amazon account. I can't wait until someone gives us a replacement for SElosk. I may not be totally anonymous, but I'm not going to make it easy for them, either.
ItsDobby 3 dagar sedan
iPhone + Duck = The ultimate privacy and security
ItsDobby 6 timmar sedan
@Avery Gaming agree
Avery Gaming
Avery Gaming 7 timmar sedan
DuckDuckgo is better than google
ItsDobby 3 dagar sedan
I gained so much respect for Apple because of this, so much in fact that I might use an iPhone as my second phone next to Samsung
Big Ed
Big Ed 3 dagar sedan
I’m not sure, I kinda like the idea of targeted ads because a lot of the Tim when I make a new account on something I get ads for random shit I don’t have any interest in
Thom 3 dagar sedan
Facebook can fuck off. Now all we need is a SElosk that isn't controlled by Google!
Shayan Hooshmand
Shayan Hooshmand 3 dagar sedan
so it's bad that facebook have your information but it's okay if apple have it?
Stephen K
Stephen K 3 dagar sedan
To the ground with Fakebook!! Raze Suckerberg!!
Someshwarananda Giri
Someshwarananda Giri 3 dagar sedan
That's perfect act really if we don't use FB, Instagram or Google anymore that might be come back humanity again to us.
Orlando Agafonov
Orlando Agafonov 3 dagar sedan
No way?! This gotta be cap 🧢
trunks 3 dagar sedan
Lol fb is sueing on antitrust... lol....pot calling the kettle black
Cody King
Cody King 3 dagar sedan
I honestly just like fb marketplace
Cody King
Cody King 3 dagar sedan
Welp not getting rid of my phone or getting android
Jon Gates
Jon Gates 3 dagar sedan
Apple is making the same money off your info as Facebook.
Jon Gates
Jon Gates 3 dagar sedan
Apple will fall without Facebook. So many people will switch because of the years of photos and content they have on Facebook. People have literally broken up and walked away from relationships over Facebook what makes you think they won't walk away from Apple. I've seen people cry over Facebook.
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 3 dagar sedan
That’s great! That would make me stay with Apple. That’s what we want. In fact, I would upgrade based on that factor alone. ☝🏾☝🏾🤷🏾‍♂️🧔🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ Seriously! 😳🤷🏾‍♂️🧔🏾
NOBUE 3 dagar sedan
Oh yes and it's not like Apple does the exact same thing... 😅 These are all Tech giants intrested in Money. They do not care about you. Even if Apple says they care about privacy they do probably not. Same way as the say they care about the enviroment, but then they are a major Player against right to repair. I'm shure in the future they will just imploment there own form of traking to make some money themselves.
Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker 3 dagar sedan
I love the fact that Apple puts the control in the users hands. Seems like the big tech companies are having a hard time not being able to invade our personal space. the only way they have to gain access is through our phones and personal devices. Let that be our decision if we want to be pimped out for profit. Awesome job Apple!!!
Djoko Triono
Djoko Triono 3 dagar sedan
the toughest for me will of course be ... youtube..
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