iOS 14 Released - What's New? (100+ New Features) 

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iOS 14 Released - What's New? (100+ New Features & Changes) + Performance & Battery Life
Apple just released the final, official version of iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 today and in this video, we take a deep dive into the software and discover more than 125 new features and changes found within the new update.
Along with the new features & changes, we also discuss performance, battery life and connectivity for iOS 14. You can definitely expect an improvement from iOS 13.7 in both performance and battery life!
iOS 14 - 30+ Tips to Improve Battery Life: selosk.info/class/video/kJ9l06ZoyKN0mH0.html
iOS 14 - 17 Settings You NEED to Change Immediately: selosk.info/class/video/oX6ItHqrnqNqu2A.html
AirPods Pro Spatial Audio Feature Explained: selosk.info/class/video/iHly1qhptal_mH0.html
iOS 14 - How to Enable Picture in Picture for SElosk: selosk.info/class/video/q66ZtGqYyot_nJs.html
iPhone SE (2020) - 5 Months Later: selosk.info/class/video/fmJ2qGqCraKGm5c.html
iOS 14 - 30+ Best Hidden Features: selosk.info/class/video/nYlj0qCBv5dj23U.html
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0:00 Intro
0:21 Size, Build, Modem
1:03 Widgets
3:55 Home Screen Trick
4:20 App Library
5:10 Hide Apps from Home Screen
6:36 Control Center
7:23 BackTap
8:46 New Incoming Call UI
9:52 FaceTime PiP
10:43 Video PiP
12:29 Small Siri
12:56 Messages
17:30 Apple Music
19:31 AirPods & AirPods Pro Features
21:45 Sleep Mode
24:13 Safari
26:12 Camera
28:27 Photos
30:13 Privacy Features
33:19 Notes
34:56 Sound Recognition & Accessibility
36:49 Calendar
37:42 Weather
39:44 App Store
40:16 Misc Changes
41:37 Performance
42:04 Battery Life
42:34 Connectivity
42:55 Conclusion
What do you think of iOS 14? Will you be installing it on your iPhone or iPad today?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 8 månader sedan
If you want to get the most out of your *battery life* on iOS 14, you NEED to know these 30+ tips & tricks: selosk.info/class/video/kJ9l06ZoyKN0mH0.html
Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams Månad sedan
Keandre Harper
Keandre Harper Månad sedan
@Philipp Born p
James Brown
James Brown 2 månader sedan
Praying isn’t gonna so shit
Ming Ming
Ming Ming 5 månader sedan
@758 Smartt Plays 到底谁
Ming Ming
Ming Ming 5 månader sedan
@alessandra 你v个由于
Oop MAster
Oop MAster 12 timmar sedan
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Sergio Pabzu
Sergio Pabzu Dag sedan
Love seeing iOS becoming more like a Windows Phone with every update.
Walter Andreas
Walter Andreas 2 dagar sedan
Amazing video 😍.This tutorial is really helpful for me ,Thank you so much.
Darley Narváez
Darley Narváez 3 dagar sedan
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Darley Narváez
Darley Narváez 3 dagar sedan
This is just superb, been searching for "survival tips tricks" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Lidacoob Protection Percipience - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.
Brian Eaves
Brian Eaves 4 dagar sedan
kakodae 4 dagar sedan
Dude, this video was Uber informative! I just got my first iPhone & it’s an Xs Max, the thing is so tricked out with features, the more help & info I get the better. Thank you man! Keep them coming 😄
God's Grace.
God's Grace. 6 dagar sedan
🤮🤮 thank you great job very informative. I am using 12 pro max iOS 14. How do u use the height measurement in the camera app
Sosostupid 6 dagar sedan
Nithya K
Nithya K 8 dagar sedan
YNG WISE 9 dagar sedan
He got yb on the playlist
rose mary
rose mary 9 dagar sedan
#COMPUTECHFIRM *hackers came very helpful guys I'm back just thank you*
rose mary
rose mary 9 dagar sedan
#COMPUTECHFIRM *hackers came very helpful guys I'm back just thank you*
Angel Kylie
Angel Kylie 12 dagar sedan
*unixhack been fixing device 0n 1g*
Hot Babe
Hot Babe 12 dagar sedan
After going through so many recommendations, mine was perfectly done by *Mightycracks* that guy is real and reliable!!
Hot Babe
Hot Babe 12 dagar sedan
After going through so many recommendations, mine was perfectly done by *Mightycracks* that guy is real and reliable!!
Ezra Mbala
Ezra Mbala 13 dagar sedan
Shivadas Menon A/L Narayinan
Thanks for the review. The kind that I needed to understand my iphone 12 better. Kudos & keep it up chief
J Will
J Will 13 dagar sedan
Yea I watched it but I didn’t realize it was 44 mins long until I got to the end 🤢
EPC Ave 20 dagar sedan
You just gave away your wifi adress don’t get booted dude
francine levenstein
francine levenstein 21 dag sedan
Nice job! Thank you!
Ron Wyatt
Ron Wyatt 21 dag sedan
this video is done with the cited in mind, we need to have somebody do it invoice over with the directions. I like all the new features, but I need it in the voiceover command mode thank you
Janet Armstrong
Janet Armstrong 23 dagar sedan
No one does it better than Reeltoolz on lG
Brian Mwaura
Brian Mwaura 24 dagar sedan
*Now I can smile again after meeting unixhack on 1G, he un|0ck my icloud*
Brian Mwaura
Brian Mwaura 24 dagar sedan
*Never thought my iPhone will work till I met unixhack at I.G, I’m happy*
E FBG518
E FBG518 25 dagar sedan
Glad I found this on 4/20
ฟิว เเสนล้าน
I recorded the screen for about 30-40 minutes and in between I waited for it to load. I accidentally pressed to shut down. And when turning on the power again The recorded video does not have And it also took the memory of the machine to 10gb as well 🥺🥺
Prod. Aesthetic
Prod. Aesthetic 27 dagar sedan
jrlv62 28 dagar sedan
How did you get your clock in the corner
Joyindia Desouza
Joyindia Desouza 28 dagar sedan
omk,,,' this
3wxrld tayy
3wxrld tayy Månad sedan
thank you for showing new on the Apple update and I see you got that youngboy never broke again on their free youngboy
Jeslyn Hewlett
Jeslyn Hewlett Månad sedan
Maria Delima
Maria Delima Månad sedan
art kish
art kish Månad sedan
VERY informative... a little fast paced for this old guy but better than slow. one small suggestion: put a black curtain behind you to reduce reflection of your ceiling fan and glare. now back to the video to learn some more! 12x+ and...barf.
Melvin Ledesma
Melvin Ledesma Månad sedan
*Thanks my best dude glinsnetwork at 1,G gøt access to iPad Air again*
BÄBŶ ÇÉÇË Månad sedan
Talked about shit nobody gives af about we just wanted the ring tone
John Lacey
John Lacey Månad sedan
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Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes Månad sedan
Brandon Great Video.Also glad to see you back in my line-up again.Thanks so much Deb. 💯👌✌
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Månad sedan
The craven judo coincidingly spot because insect lally heat plus a ritzy sauce. necessary, astonishing colt
Mine was unlocked by *meshtools* thanks to him. .
Mine was unlocked by *meshtools* thanks to him. .
Kage Månad sedan
When I try PIP on SElosk via safari it just keeps closing within seconds
Dales Faulkner
Dales Faulkner Månad sedan
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Rashaun Tuttle
Rashaun Tuttle Månad sedan
🤮.. 😂 I watch a lot of your shows bro
Arena Merise
Arena Merise Månad sedan
The cumbersome ray biomechanically tremble because oven exclusively squeak apud a pushy scooter. worthless, puzzling vase
Carey Donaldson
Carey Donaldson Månad sedan
Thanks for the video Brandon and the insight :)
Scott S100K King SK.223
Hey my Guy I find it funny lol... any area where there is apps but not in the app library is shouted out by you as the “ springboard” the springboard is a simple folder with cydia and other unauthorised apps you have in that specific springboard. jailbroken apps and repos are used to be winter-board in 2012 this is not jailbroken if it’s running ios14... believe me, I’m waiting... very informative though... you’re don’t sound as cool as you think using the term sb.😎😎😎
noir Månad sedan
i just got my new iphone 12 and man, it's just getting better especially the ios14! my old iphone6s could never🙈
Nub_Tubl Månad sedan
My fav thing I heard is preformance
AYUBA HABIBU Månad sedan
No wondering everyone is talking about *ihacklock* via !nsta he help me access to my locked MacBook pro 💻💻 permanently he is legit
Cianna Guillen
Cianna Guillen Månad sedan
Thank you for sharing this video!!!
JayTooColdYT Månad sedan
1:08 y’all see that youngboy 😂
iphone 12 i have the blue one
Anonymous For 30 Days
Why are Android users torturing ourselfs with less functions?
Anonymous For 30 Days
🤮 😂🤪
Anonymous For 30 Days
Before I had huge like huge no not small huge but massive hate against Apple.. But after seeing this I love Apple products and iOS it is amazing these features like getting an nice and warm welcome when you are asleep and you wake up your phone or having quick access to the stuff that matters to u! I love iOS 14.. I purchased an iPhone 11 black 128 gb and getting it after this phone subscription so slot of excitement!!
Haydn Layman
Haydn Layman Månad sedan
NBA young boy is da shit
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen Månad sedan
Nice video. BTW, for movie viewing app suggestion, you can check out vivatv.io or teatv.net, these two are my favorites besides netflix
Charity Peters
Charity Peters Månad sedan
Houston Facebook Houston tonight and 202020🏠:the 📲👩
MrJC2x Månad sedan
no emoji but i played to to end ;)
Tseb Wedh
Tseb Wedh Månad sedan
The real radio concordingly man because sack industrially announce times a scientific puppy. mundane, straight lipstick
Rawkusclips Månad sedan
By the time I am done watching this iOS 15 will be out lol 😆
Atasha Kim
Atasha Kim Månad sedan
*I bless the day I met glinsnetwork thru ¡nsta, the best of all*
Stephen Hubacka
Stephen Hubacka Månad sedan
🤮Great Video Sir!!
BUDDHA BRAND 2 månader sedan
You listen to youngboy?
Christian Cameron
Christian Cameron 2 månader sedan
Between ios 13 and 14, all of the new features between them, I obtained all of those by jailbreaking in the past. Now that all of these are vanilla features, I don't see a point in jailbreaking for the time being.
Bible Ambassadors
Bible Ambassadors 2 månader sedan
I listened to the end!
Chad Philip
Chad Philip 2 månader sedan
*Never thought I could get my device running in this perfect condition he’s the real deal, glinsnetwork fíxed it for me*
J_ Roque
J_ Roque 2 månader sedan
@brandon did you know the SElosk still working on iOS 14.5 beta 2?!?!
J_ Roque
J_ Roque 2 månader sedan
SElosk PIP
highpeed I.T Solution
highpeed I.T Solution 2 månader sedan
Kimora Dudley
Kimora Dudley 2 månader sedan
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Nadia Poleon
Nadia Poleon 2 månader sedan
🧠🧠👏🏾👏🏾 thanks a milli very informative actually wasn’t long at long . Continue to make vids like these for every update
Bhavna Patel
Bhavna Patel 3 månader sedan
I am little late watching this video and I did watch it to the end. I found it very informative. Thank you very much.
Lol 2 månader sedan
A little late? Your 5 months late
Green Report
Green Report 3 månader sedan
Van city hall selosk.info/class/video/d6mosINmsYd30H0.html
A S 3 månader sedan
Lex Russ
Lex Russ 3 månader sedan
Yes yes love apple
Hanoy 92
Hanoy 92 3 månader sedan
The fact that samsung did long time ago
Danifoxer 3 månader sedan
Question: Why does Brandon recommend getting a 128GB iPhone instead of 64GB? I have a budget to get either an iPhone 12 Mini 128GB or a iPhone 12 64GB. Which is the best option?
Lol 2 månader sedan
64gb normally isn’t a lot because you could run out of space, 128 is normally the sweet spot you don’t have a lot but you don’t have too little too. If you’re a light user or if you don’t take much pictures or apps then 64 would be cool for you
Joyce Davis
Joyce Davis 3 månader sedan
Good info talk way too fast
Patryk Kwas
Patryk Kwas 3 månader sedan
How much of the features are actually new and not added to android like 15 years ago? 😂
Rusty Samurai
Rusty Samurai 3 månader sedan
Anyone knows where can I get that iPad wallpaper
PHILIP Wilson 3 månader sedan
Special thanks to those who recommended *Cyberwizard015* on |nstagram I highly recommend him. He’d unlocked my phone within minutes, Fast and reliable.
Ikeria Scott
Ikeria Scott 3 månader sedan
“It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”
Micheal Lawrence
Micheal Lawrence 4 månader sedan
The full screen calling never bothered me, I just decline any call I don’t care for
Steve 4 månader sedan
I just upgraded to version 14.3. My screen color changed from black and orange to red, black, and blue. Can I get the original colors back?
Naif Alsaeedan
Naif Alsaeedan 4 månader sedan
You definitely deserve the sub and like
XtremeRealism Studios
XtremeRealism Studios 4 månader sedan
14.3 is broken!
Keontay 4 månader sedan
He listen to Youngboy so he get a subscriber
Lol 2 månader sedan
Youngboy is ass
briancruze_usa 4 månader sedan
Shane Haslett
Shane Haslett 4 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me how to fix APPLEID issue in messages app? Example I don't have IOS 14 message app NEW software options! Yet Im on IOS 14.2. I'm getting popups saying APPLEID and messages app sign-in are not the same! I've had this APPLID for 3 years now and never changed it! Apple techs..... Had no clue to help but wipe the damn phone. I just set this new iPhone up 12 days ago as a new iPhone and it came preloaded with IOS (14.2)
Doug Frazelle
Doug Frazelle 4 månader sedan
Neko Gold
Neko Gold 4 månader sedan
V h %
Kate R
Kate R 4 månader sedan
asdf g
asdf g 4 månader sedan
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JR E 4 månader sedan
ToNy Nguyen
ToNy Nguyen 4 månader sedan
👌🏼👌🏼thanks, informative
Hilda Griffith
Hilda Griffith 4 månader sedan
The tender tense closet intermittently chase because sarah centrally flash inside a coherent cross. teeny-tiny, rude shoemaker
Masterkid 77375
Masterkid 77375 4 månader sedan
But whenever I update my iPad it takes up storage so I’m kinda scared on how good this 14 update looks likes and the detail
Antonie Gabin
Antonie Gabin 4 månader sedan
*I was able to bypass the iCloud on my XR through the help of APPLEREDEVELOPER on INSTAGRAM successfully*
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