iOS 14.4.2 and iOS 14.5 Beta 5 - More New Features, Issues and a Few Days Later 

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iOS 14.5 Beta 5 released to Developers and Public Beta Testers a few days ago and iOS 14.4.2 has been out to the public a couple days. iOS 14.5 Beta 5 and Public Beta 5 has many additional features that were not mentioned in prior iOS 14.5 release videos. In this video I go over issues with iOS 14.4.1 and iOS 14.4.2, new features of iOS 14.5 Beta 5, and also go over the performance, existing bugs and issues and help you decide if you should install iOS 14.4.2 and iOS 14.5 Beta 5. I also go over when to expect iOS 14.5 Beta 6, or iOS 14.5 RC, and when to expect a public release of iOS 14.5. In this video I am using iPhone 11, iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone
***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:27 - New Features
06:13 - iOS 14.4.2
07:16 - iOS 14.5 Beta 5
08:16 - Performance
08:54 - Issues and Bugs
11:41 - iPadOS 14.5 Beta 5
12:30 - Battery life
13:38 - Should you install iOS 14.5 Beta 5?
14:09 - Should you install iOS 14.4.2?
14:47 - iOS 14.5 RC and release
15:32 - Statistics
16:14 - Community poll and comments
20:17 - Conclusion
20:44 - Outro
21:04 - End
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28 mar 2021



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zollotech Månad sedan
Which version of iOS are you using and what phone? Thanks for watching and hope you have a great day.
Ronabel Navarro
Ronabel Navarro Månad sedan
14.4.2 iPhone 11 🤍
Traian musteata
Traian musteata Månad sedan
Till 15’ ago i was using 13.7 on Se20. Now i decided to go for 14.4.2 as many people said now this version is stable. Now I don’t know if the ios is indexing and the processor is working in the background but i can say battery is draining fast and phone heats up. I don’t want to say that I regret updating yet... anyone had the same problem after updating?!
ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʜᴀʟғ
Tapio Sandkvist
Tapio Sandkvist Månad sedan
14.4.2 (18D70) on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Loadind during night, using all day, working perfectly!
Cordero Dorsette
Cordero Dorsette Månad sedan
@AustinPlayzGamez yes ios14.5 beta 6 is out I just installed it
Homophobic German
Homophobic German Månad sedan
i updated not knowing it was a beta and i have to wait like 40 seconds for snapchat to load and google just freezes
vincentaug 2
vincentaug 2 Månad sedan
anda berak berkali kali ampe perut keluar terus jedotin palak ke tembok sampe pecah tu pala
Dead Scarlett
Dead Scarlett Månad sedan
Oop MAster
Oop MAster Månad sedan
The fresh invoice frequently queue because bracket infrequently spill mid a rich throne. anxious, mountainous ceiling
Yarmila Kester
Yarmila Kester Månad sedan
Problem with 14. 4.2. If i scrole down it goes up again... :(
Carille Bruno
Carille Bruno Månad sedan
How about email issues? It seems that my email won’t update for a week now.
Vinzent Gaming
Vinzent Gaming Månad sedan
I updated and my phone is heating up even if im indoor and on wifi and only using social media apps. It’s frustrating because i know it was way better when my iphone xs max was released 3 yrs ago.
Houston Tx
Houston Tx Månad sedan
My iPhone 11 Pro Max went from 100% to 98% after updating 2 days after of normals use and it gets real hot my iPhone was great till 14.4.2 smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Graham Bazzacco
Graham Bazzacco Månad sedan
Great video
gristyle Månad sedan
14.4.2 is laggy on my iPhone 11
santiago Månad sedan
Double tap to confirm on apple pay cant disable.. ipx here
Amin Amin
Amin Amin Månad sedan
my rear camera and flash are not working
GB GBLOTT Månad sedan
Can someone compare performance and battery life of 14.4.2 vs 14.5. In other words is this a good update.
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis Månad sedan
Hi thanks for this! My battery life on my 12 Pro Max is down to 96% and less than 6 months old, never had this problem before with an iPhone!! I’m looking forward to iOS 14.5 👍🏻 xx
Ana arguello
Ana arguello Månad sedan
Ey there I don’t recive my notifications on my screen photo only when I’m on online
noquochoke Månad sedan
Iphone XR, 14.2.2, airpods 2nd generation keep disconnecting, one ear then the other, sometimes both.
Shiva Prasad
Shiva Prasad Månad sedan
After 14.5 update my iPhone 12 max pro heating up frequently
Robbie Bradley
Robbie Bradley Månad sedan
When my wife and I downloaded 14.4.2 our cellular service has suffered greatly. Can’t even send an iMessage unless on wifi 😒
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson Månad sedan
I’m seeing a 100% charged notification on the lock screen despite not being on charge - nor at 100%. Anyone else?
underDad Månad sedan
The new 14.4.2 update is severely draining my ipad air 4 battery for no reason. It's only lasting half day on standby mode with everything turned off, compared to 3 days previously. Anyone else having this issue?
Bill Månad sedan
Think I should hold off updating my iPhone, seems to be a lot of problems
Azizbek Durdiev
Azizbek Durdiev Månad sedan
14.5 Beta - noticed that each time after a full charge, lock screen stucks on notification that “phone charge is 100%”. Its gone after phone restart.
Earl Pass
Earl Pass Månad sedan
I have that issue
Jared Lising
Jared Lising Månad sedan
somehow i cant update my iPhone 7 it says network connection failed but my other devices update properly i also tried connecting it to my pc then update there but it still says connection failed any tips?
Michael Rabaev
Michael Rabaev Månad sedan
Wallpaper please
Jeyden T
Jeyden T Månad sedan
Congrats on 900k!!
Raynold Ramy
Raynold Ramy Månad sedan
My battery drain 100 to 99 , this happen with my dad's phone 12 pro max , APPLE EXPLAIN THIS !!!!!
RICHIE I Månad sedan
I have iPhone se can not get tone alerts have tried everything getting message alerts no tones
Some Guy
Some Guy Månad sedan
I just bought a IPhone 12 Pro Max and have had the hanging Wi-Fi issue. I have also had a few keyboard freezes and app freezes.
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Månad sedan
Hello, have been using ios 14.5 public beta 5 on my iphone 12 along with watch os 7.4 public beta 5 on my series 6 watch. Strangely for me the unlock with Apple watch function works only if iphone & watch both are connected to wifi. If either of the device is not connected to wifi iphone does not unlock with face mask on. Is it a wifi only feature or because its in beta ?
Aziz Lomigora
Aziz Lomigora Månad sedan
Let me share this horrible experience I had with iOS 14.4.2. I have an iPhone 11, and after updating to 14.4.2 my phone became a bit laggy, apps were crashing from time to time, and FaceTime wasn't working at all. I did the Volume Up, Volume Down, Power combination to turn off the phone and hopefully fix these issues. But after I did that, the phone went into a boot loop. It hanged with a white Apple logo and rebooted non-stop. I reinstalled the 14.4.2 update via iTunes and it seemed that I fixed it, but right after that the phone became even laggier, apps were crashing non-stop, and the phone turned off by itself! I turned the phone on, but again it went into a boot loop. In the end I downgraded to iOS 14.4.1 and now everything seems to be OK. I'll update you again if I experience these issues again.
C4웃'Charlieば Gaming
I have update 14.4.2 in my iPhone 8 plus I have brightness issue even I off my auto bringthnes can you help me what should I do
Okuti Daniel1996
Okuti Daniel1996 Månad sedan
very nice vid, i wish i have iphone as well, Oh, Lord help me get one be it through give away or by buying one
J.S Månad sedan
My problem is that when i watch SElosk i set it to 1080p then it stops to load it never used to do that i have to put airplane mode on and off so it works
Fran B
Fran B Månad sedan
14.4.2 I’m finding my IPhone 12 Pro Max is heating up more than it has previously Prior😳😳 It never got anywhere where it heats up now..
shayaan dinar
shayaan dinar Månad sedan
Can anyone update me how is the battery life on iPhone 7 Plus with this update. It’s absolutely shit on 14.3
Alejandro Castellanos
I’m on iOS 14.5 beta 5 and I’m constantly getting the unlock screen bug whereas the home bar doesn’t appear on the lock scree, resulting me to restart my devices and this happened to me in 3 occasions. Really annoying might I add, because also I’m not able to answer calls. Basically when my iPhone 12 Pro Max locks or if I turn it off, it automatically glitches on the lock screen, allowing me to do absolutely anything unless I reset my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s frustrating when I’m in my office and need to answer important calls
Cope1024 Månad sedan
Ever since I got my 12 Pro Max, I have a problem pairing to my wife's KIA Soul. It may pair on it's own, or manually, but on a regular basis the KIA tells me that pairing failed. When this happens, I have to forget the Soul and manually re-pair. Then it works fine for awhile.
Konada Karunakar
Konada Karunakar Månad sedan
Recently I buyed iPhone 12 pro max But phone is too warm after playing some games why I don’t know.
I will bnned after I speak Why
Does the control center actually work yet?
Trevell John-charles
I hope in iOS 14.5 they make it so that we can screen recording and be in a call at the same time
Arkhemiel Månad sedan
Literally THE best place to keep track of updates. I don’t even read patch notes anymore.
Muhammad Saad Chauhdary
14.4.2 is shit, wireless charging got really slow and phone is stuttering Shitty 14.4.2. Fuck you zollo tech
Adam Haile
Adam Haile Månad sedan
I just updated the iso and my iphone X main screen stopped working, whenever i click on any application, it doesn't work. Although i csn access them from the last opened. Wallet app stopped working completely and apple pay doesn't work no more. Side button works only for a long press (siri) but short press doesn't, thus i cant lock or restart the phone. Its kind of funny situation and it almost seems like someone is making fun of me by disabling every single possible function that could help, lol. Any advice would be appreciated.
Reggie de la Cruz
Reggie de la Cruz Månad sedan
Homescreen wallpaper link please... thanks!
Dương iPhone
Dương iPhone Månad sedan
I don't know why you recorded video on iPhone screen without moire partern. Can you please help me? Thank you!
Anisa Slime
Anisa Slime Månad sedan
Best of the best 🔥
Sondra Månad sedan
How do you find all of the changes?
rebelgod777 Månad sedan
Hmmm I have 15 hours 27 minutes of screen on time with this beta and I’m at 42% not sure why yours is so much less on the new beta I’m using the iPhone 12 Pro 512gb
Shikhar Srivastava
Shikhar Srivastava Månad sedan
Battery is draining very fast on my iPhone 12 pro max after 14.4.2 update.
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons Månad sedan
Been using iOS 14.4.2 on my iPad and iPhone 8 Plus and both battery life is fantastic 👍
Hirak Ahmed
Hirak Ahmed Månad sedan
12 pro max
flamin blaze
flamin blaze Månad sedan
iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.4.2 & Apple Watch 6 44mm on previous version: unable to install watch update at all, automatic updates didn’t work, manual was not an option for some reason, restart both, now error that it can’t check for update at all or even install it.
Lokendra Singh
Lokendra Singh Månad sedan
Pathetic! 14.4.2 has been draining battery overnight._.
Matijs Lode
Matijs Lode Månad sedan
Using iPhone 11 128GB. I'm have issue with cellular since I've bought this phone. After voice call, data does not work and bug is still present in 14.4.2.
Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders Månad sedan
I wonder when apple will add a feature where we can adjust the alarm clock volume separate from the ringer.... I’m tired of switching volumes throughout the day to adjusting for this. Sometimes I forget to switch the settings and I either miss important phone calls or I give my self a heart attack 😵. I’m a light sleeper so it doesn’t take much to wake me up so I like to turn down the volume for the alarm. But then I can’t hear phone calls when I’m awake when I forget to switch the volume to a louder setting. Just can’t believe this has not been added yet
Denny Schellekens
Denny Schellekens Månad sedan
if the following update has no fix for my problem with my iPhone 12 pro max i go back to samsung. have always had samsung but wanted something different. but since I bought my iPhone I have been very frustrated. the problems are with the connectivity between iphone and apple watch. my bleutooth headphone is conect to iphone,if I dial a phone number to my apple watch, the sound does not go to my bluetooth headphone. samsung works perfectly, your phone is in your pocket. you listen to music with your headphone, you want to make a call and select your contact with your galaxy watch and you hear and speak via your bluetooth headphone. so simple !!!!!! and in many cases when they call, the apple watch doesn't even respond. with my Galaxy watch it always worked perfectly. the time when people think that iphone always works without problems is a thing of the past !!!!!
Jocelyn Salgado
Jocelyn Salgado Månad sedan
Yellow tint issue not fixed ?
Kieren Sutton
Kieren Sutton Månad sedan
I’ve been using iOS 14.5 beta 5 on my iPhone SE 1st generation and it’s decent. I, personally have had absolutely no notable issues, battery life has been good and performance has been flawless. There was one period in time where RAM management wasn’t very good as I’d hit home on an app, open another app and the last app would close- it wouldn’t on iOS 14.4. However this did appear to resolve itself after a few days :)
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira Månad sedan
Thanks zollotech
Nirmal Hasantha
Nirmal Hasantha Månad sedan
My faceid stopped working as soon as I updated to ios 14.4.1
Mika Jean
Mika Jean Månad sedan
I've made my mind to switch to the apple eco system because of these issues from Android . After watching this video ,it seems there are more problems like these with Apple than Android. I don't have none of these problems mentioned in the video as an android user.
slump Månad sedan
major bluetooth problems on the 14.5 beta
Jm Manna
Jm Manna Månad sedan
How to go ios 14.5 beta to 14.4.2
Jav C
Jav C Månad sedan
another great wallpaper. thank you once again. can you give us the backstory behind them all? who creates them or do you and how did you get the idea to share these awesome wallpapers for us to enjoy? 👏🏼
Maykel Medina Alvarado
You know.. for some reason in this update, they show me on the status, they i used whatsapp they hold day when I barley go in... thats drinking my battery. I don't know if someone else here have the same problem. Also also, my battery was 98% now is 96% for no reason
Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas Månad sedan
I should’ve never updated 14.4.1 then 14.4.2. My 5 month old iPhone 11 is draining like as if it was some 3 year old phone. I noticed after the 14.4.1 update the location services is continuously being used or active even if the phone is on idle state this is causing the battery drain.
Asgardcore Månad sedan
Announce calls is on but it never announces calls.
Asgardcore Månad sedan
Having an issue of all my updated devices not syncing the time correctly. Off by 5 hours. Restart one device the time is correct and the other devices correct themselves automatically. Weird crap.
I figured it out it’s because I have screen settings on Zoomed and I’m keeping it like that
iam guatato
iam guatato Månad sedan
Thank you 🙏 you’re SElosk videos are very helpful and informative keep it up! I’m a fan of you from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Trap in Black
Trap in Black Månad sedan
Jovan Silvera
Jovan Silvera Månad sedan
Neither did 14.4.1 nor 14.4.2 has fixed the lag when closing apps for me. It still does it *shrugs*
Tom Tapp
Tom Tapp Månad sedan
14.5 dosent do cellular Bad news
J Powers
J Powers Månad sedan
Is iPhone 12 Pro Max really worth it compared to 12 peo
David B
David B Månad sedan
Wifi and cellular is poor, battery indicator too and also handoff to HomePod mini is so slow and poor.
jhalmer valiente
jhalmer valiente Månad sedan
Updates of 14.4.1 and 14.4.2 ruined the battery of my 11 pro max,😞😞😞 at firts update it was rapidly drain my battery and 14.4.2 added a slow charging process with my stock charger. Please help😞
Mark Mark
Mark Mark Månad sedan
I don’t know about yours, but my 12 por max’s face ID,now works with face mask
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official Månad sedan
Apple Event is on April 13, 2021. New iPad Pro will release on Friday April 16, 2021. You’re welcome.
Jacob Heaton
Jacob Heaton Månad sedan
iPhone x
Poppa D
Poppa D Månad sedan
How about some XS max Love??
Atxf X
Atxf X Månad sedan
When i start my iphone 12 pro max the logo blinks before it starts is that normal?
StuffWithThomas Månad sedan
iOS 14.5 - IPhone XR If I charge my phone to 100% and unplug there’s an uncommon glitch for the Home Screen to stay on the “100% charge” message until the next plug in
Charles Rodrigues
Charles Rodrigues Månad sedan
Same. Kinda annoying!!
Jeremy DeBose
Jeremy DeBose Månad sedan
Having auto brightness hidden in Accessibility is terrible. Hopefully I can now remember to use Siri for it! (I actually rarely use Siri nowadays though)
dat1blackguy Månad sedan
I got back my battery life on 14.4.2
Mahmoud Abd ElZaher
Mahmoud Abd ElZaher Månad sedan
You are very active at this video 👍👍
Xavier Månad sedan
Lags when closing apps are still there with 14.4.2... ☹️
Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison Månad sedan
Anyone having a problem receiving group texts? I don't get the original, but get all the replies. I've reset network settings, done a hard reset, nothing seems to work. iPhone 7, iOS 14.4.2, Total Wireless cell service.
Anthony Turnbull
Anthony Turnbull Månad sedan
Running 14.4.2 and it’s the most stable my iPhone XR has been on iOS 14.
Alexandrite Månad sedan
I use iPhone XR. On 14.4.1 I had an issue where Siri would always take too long to come up when holding the side button, and when it did finally come up it would not listen because it heard nothing in that time-frame (even when I try speaking). I could not press the on-screen Siri button either, I had to use Hey Siri. Restarts never fixed it. This has been fixed for me on 14.4.2.
leonid monet
leonid monet Månad sedan
I have been having that same problem since beta 3 with the data
Daniel Addesso
Daniel Addesso Månad sedan
Anyone having problems what’s the washing hands timer on Apple Watch?
amer kanso
amer kanso Månad sedan
I have Light red as a shade issue in 12 pro max when i use dark mode and scroll in setting
Saud Hilal
Saud Hilal Månad sedan
Can iOS 14.5 come out already
Saud Hilal
Saud Hilal Månad sedan
10 years later: iOS14.5 beta 1000 more features!
Graeme Månad sedan
i wood like to see 6s if posable thanks.👍
M Azhariel
M Azhariel Månad sedan
hope apple fix green tint on iPhone 12 😔
Renardys Trinidad peńa
Logic S
Logic S Månad sedan
anyone still dealing with the green tint flickering issue? i’m running out of patience it’s been so long and apple hasn’t fixed it
J Florce
J Florce Månad sedan
This is the worst update ever idk why i updated my phone... the audio keeps skipping and it made my phone slower to point i have to constantly disconnect from WiFi -.- i never had these problems till i updated my phone
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