iOS 14 beta - 250+ Top Features/Changes! 

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Hands-on with the iOS 14 beta top features and changes for iPhone!
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The BEST iOS 14 Features: selosk.info/class/video/a3idw6l-mIJ61IE.html
iOS 14 is a major new update for iPhone users. It includes extremely handy utilities like picture in picture for video, compact incoming call and Siri interface, better search capability, privacy controls, and much, much more.
0:00 Start
2:12 Introduction
2:31 Home Screen
5:09 Wallpapers
5:54 App Library
11:53 Widgets
21:17 Search
23:24 Picture in Picture
25:25 Siri
28:53 Privacy
33:52 Markup
36:12 Settings
38:51 Family Sharing
39:43 Keyboard
40:25 Control Center
42:17 Accessibility
47:28 Phone
51:00 Messages
55:49 Maps
57:56 Translate
1:00:24 Home
1:03:59 Safari
1:05:25 App Store
1:06:39 App Clips
1:06:48 Apple Arcade
1:08:13 Camera
1:11:00 FaceTime
1:11:50 Files
1:14:45 Health
1:17:59 Clock
1:19:29 Mail
1:20:38 Measure
1:20:45 Magnifier
1:21:53 Music
1:24:29 News
1:24:48 Notes
1:26:04 Photos
1:28:32 Podcasts
1:28:43 Reminders
1:31:00 Shortcuts
1:32:07 Books
1:32:16 Game Center
1:32:58 Voice Memos
1:33:50 Find My
1:34:00 Weather
1:34:49 Fitness
- Hands-on with iOS 14: 9to5mac.com/2020/06/29/hands-on-with-250-ios-14-beta-features-and-changes-video/
- macOS Big Sur Top 85+ Changes/Features video: selosk.info/class/video/kGte2rKo4ISA2Wg.html
- iOS 14 beta 2 changes/features
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lesterbeats 10 månader sedan
This is a whole movie
gengx2 20 dagar sedan
@Gaurav Raghani to get a good
quite kid
quite kid Månad sedan
@Marissa Cadet 😂😂😂😂😂
quite kid
quite kid Månad sedan
@Rayan Al-Ballaa thank you man
Navdeep Kumar
Navdeep Kumar 3 månader sedan
Lufkin Foster
Lufkin Foster 3 månader sedan
etstetts test
Jade Lee
Jade Lee 12 timmar sedan
Why can't I do picture in picture with SElosk???
Chrono 3 dagar sedan
Damn put all that like and subscribe at the end. Don’t be ignorant it’s rude to ask for all that without giving first what your doing is taking without giving first. Give then take goober
Renardys Trinidad peńa
Rizaan Jappie
Rizaan Jappie Månad sedan
Major bezels
Kalid Sherefuddin
Kalid Sherefuddin Månad sedan
Dev Admin
Dev Admin Månad sedan
madi lol
madi lol Månad sedan
wow can’t believe i watched this all it was so worth it ngl keep up the good work
Marylee Mulnix
Marylee Mulnix Månad sedan
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Agripina Tiburcio
Agripina Tiburcio Månad sedan
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jcfeo hxrja
jcfeo hxrja 2 månader sedan
The daffy perfume summarily coil because india theoretically inject amongst a curved buffer. impartial, stale barometer
Iheanacho Daniel
Iheanacho Daniel 2 månader sedan
Kudos to this great hacker on ig *visincybers* nobody does it better than him.........
Gambler 4life
Gambler 4life 2 månader sedan
i cannot get a widget for weather wont work
Iheanacho Daniel
Iheanacho Daniel 2 månader sedan
Kudos to this great hacker on ig *visincybers* nobody does it better than him.........
Sanchita Basu
Sanchita Basu 2 månader sedan
Souvik Mukherjee
Souvik Mukherjee 2 månader sedan
I loved the App Stack feature.
Goody Gospel
Goody Gospel 2 månader sedan
I got my iphone fixed thro *Tjprohack* on ig his a pro I highly recommend
Goody Gospel
Goody Gospel 2 månader sedan
I got my iphone fixed thro *Tjprohack* on ig his a pro I highly recommend
Candice Adams
Candice Adams 2 månader sedan
*Never thought I could get my device running in this perfect condition he’s the real deal, glinsnetwork fíxed it for me*
Superc Q
Superc Q 2 månader sedan
Wtf! Bg music is like a spa. Phew!
Larry Nass
Larry Nass 2 månader sedan
Those features already been in android since 2014
AverageKing 2 månader sedan
Where have I seen these features before 🤔🥱
Firdovsi Meherremli
Firdovsi Meherremli 2 månader sedan
Benim telim ios 14,9 pro du
Kimmarie Lopez
Kimmarie Lopez 2 månader sedan
We use iphones for business and transfer calls. So much is text now. How can text messages be transferred/forwarded to be received as they come in to another number?
ALBERTO 1337 2 månader sedan
Found new bugs on this beta (14.5 beta 2) I have a regular iPhone 12 The first bug: When entering the "software update" by swiping to the right on a dark theme, the edge of this page (software update) at the minimum brightness is highlighted with a fiolet shade ... Further, at the expense of the green screen, the problem seemed to be gone, but completely Now, when you watch this test (oled display Test) by swiping, the notification curtain starts to turn green. At 14.4, this test flickered, now it does not flicker, but just start to swipe the notification curtain, that's it, this green again. On Instagram, a purple tint was also found on a dark theme when you clicked on the dialog in Direct ( The gray color in the dark sometimes also begins to turn green We set the brightness below 20%. In short, sheer disappointment
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman 2 månader sedan
The malicious cough simultaneously haunt because beat atypically pray modulo a gleaming cave. shivering, far barge
Cheryl Frazier
Cheryl Frazier 3 månader sedan
Here’s a feature I’d like to see… in iCloud storage, “search” for the app you’d like to delete. Sometimes apps get stuck and won’t update and sometimes they are discontinued and no longer work. I’d love to see a search field so I don’t have to go to the App Store, look for size in order to find the app and delete it. Also wish iCloud storage was alphabetical. I had no idea there were so many features. Thank you for your lesson. I’m still working my way to through. Have a Blessed Day.
Cheryl Frazier
Cheryl Frazier 3 månader sedan
I couldn’t get copy from Siri to work. Can you investigate and tell me how to get it to work when I ask her to spell something. Dictation works.
Navdeep Kumar
Navdeep Kumar 3 månader sedan
Neko Gold
Neko Gold 3 månader sedan
Neko Gold
Neko Gold 3 månader sedan
Yess S
Aram Bet-Moshe
Aram Bet-Moshe 3 månader sedan
i want to be able to place icons anywhere on the screen
George Stokes
George Stokes 3 månader sedan
i hate one handed users
Serendipity Honey
Serendipity Honey 3 månader sedan
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 3 månader sedan
The puffy moustache additionly fetch because pasta principally tremble before a abiding vein. fearful fearless, fat faulty february
Al Son
Al Son 3 månader sedan
Damn bro this is too long 😩
Maldita Empanada
Maldita Empanada 3 månader sedan
Neko Gold
Neko Gold 3 månader sedan
& I
C Echo
C Echo 3 månader sedan
I appreciate the time stamps so I didn’t need to watch the entire video. Great video nonetheless
Ryder Cragie
Ryder Cragie 3 månader sedan
Film credits: Director: Jeff Benjamin Producer: Jeff Benjamin Film Director: Jeff Benjamin Film Producer: Jeff Benjamin Film Editor: Jeff Benjamin Director: Jeff Benjamin Camera Operator: Jeff Benjamin Executive Producer: Jeff Benjamin Art Director: Jeff Benjamin Executive Assistant: Jeff Benjamin Assistants: Jeff Benjamin Production Manager: Jeff Benjamin Music Supervisor: Jeff Benjamin Production Assistant: Jeff Benjamin Health & Safety Manager: Jeff Benjamin Location Manager: Jeff Benjamin Set Decorator: Jeff Benjamin Set Designer: Jeff Benjamin Casting Director: Jeff Benjamin Prop Director: Jeff Benjamin Prop Manager: Jeff Benjamin Credits Writer: Ryder Cragie
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 4 månader sedan
I strongly recommend *BRAVE_TOOLS* on Instagram he’s services are fast and legit.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 4 månader sedan
I strongly recommend *BRAVE_TOOLS* on Instagram he’s services are fast and legit.
GypsyAdventures 4 månader sedan
iOS 14.3. So max. - does not switch from WiFi to cellular data unless you turn off phone and restart. 🙁
Enney 4 månader sedan
I'm a first time iphone owner and I appreciate your video. This has helped me tremendously!♥️❤️♥️
Emisnotreal 4 månader sedan
The only thing i dont like in IOS 14 is Siri :/
Josiah Slagveer
Josiah Slagveer 4 månader sedan
"4:42" *when you wanted tons of Gift Cards then use this **GrabCards.best* fascinating to all devices! ⭐️
Richard Martins
Richard Martins 4 månader sedan
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The Chronicles
The Chronicles 4 månader sedan
I wish my life was so simple that I could get so excited about Apple updates and have hours to shoot a video about it. lol. I’m going to guess this guy lives in California. Because the rest of this country doesn’t have the time because we have to go to work to provide California with tax revenue for all their free stuff and poop locator apps. STOP POOPING IN THE STREET LIBERALS.
Phil Smith
Phil Smith 4 månader sedan
Thank you
Thach Lap
Thach Lap 4 månader sedan
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Melody 5 månader sedan
Rip me bc i cant update my iphone to ios 14 bc of my storage-
Waggle Ivah
Waggle Ivah 5 månader sedan
The illegal book socioeconomically file because power serologically flower forenenst a wiggly buzzard. hysterical, spiffy rise
shijin 5 månader sedan
Iam a android user and I think im falling in love with ios 14.
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 5 månader sedan
How come I can’t do Picture in Picture???
Dats Dat Spla
Dats Dat Spla 5 månader sedan
Kailey Green
Kailey Green 5 månader sedan
This is a whole movie
David Meza
David Meza 5 månader sedan
Its literally ios taking stuff from samsung 😒
Leo Costa
Leo Costa 6 månader sedan
Translate is pretty cool!
George Bogdewiecz
George Bogdewiecz 6 månader sedan
Sure its long, but it's both thorough and well articulated. Instead of watching 3-8 shorter videos (like I did) and hear a lot of repetition, just watch this ONE video. And you'll get everything you need to know - all at once.
tiger destefano
tiger destefano 6 månader sedan
"this gon be good"
websurfin2010 6 månader sedan
Why is the Apple Music icon white? Mine is red!
TVG28 4 månader sedan
They updated the logo sometime after this video
The Journey
The Journey 6 månader sedan
fam android already has done this..... please tell me whats new...
TVG28 4 månader sedan
It's Android but it doesn't blow up
Courtland’s Adventures For kids
Reservoir dumb this is that iOS 14 the movie
Missy Wolf
Missy Wolf 6 månader sedan
The amount of time that had to have gone into this is crazy!
Jason B
Jason B 6 månader sedan
Watching iphone users with updates, is like watching a kid in a 3rd world country see a pair of shoes for the first time. We have had all this all along. Maybe you guys just 3 or 4 yrs behind Android lol
R S 6 månader sedan
Great video. Very comprehensive, very clear, very to the point. Thanks!
xewa 6 månader sedan
"The Missing Manual". Excellent. Nicely Explained. Great side by side comparison. Gapless guidance. Very detailed and to the point. Lots of work. Appreciate it very much.
Chillwave General
Chillwave General 7 månader sedan
This guy should be the chief product manager of Apple. Thanks for most full and correct review in the SElosk
Jasmin Zak
Jasmin Zak 7 månader sedan
Thanks for your wonderful help 🙏🙏
Lia Arnold
Lia Arnold 7 månader sedan
he didn't show how he got to point to show how to change the charger sound
T All
T All 7 månader sedan
Love the select photo feature, it’s on point!!
Mikey Ross
Mikey Ross 7 månader sedan
Wow comprehensive review and guide on iOS 14 👌
Danielm316 7 månader sedan
I am experiencing issues with airplay I have to keep the phone screen unlock and cant use the photos once I make the connection of AirPlay because it will disconnect kind like it does when I use to mirror my phone. Any solution for this ?
Steven Strader
Steven Strader 7 månader sedan
Apple users enjoying stuff that android had 1000 years ago 😂how cute.
Dhillon T
Dhillon T 7 månader sedan
Lost all my playlists when upgraded to iOS 14, does anyone have any tips on getting it back. Apple Store was clueless. Thanks
eugene barron
eugene barron 7 månader sedan
These mostly were already available in android!
Robert Matthew
Robert Matthew 7 månader sedan
All hail to computrollerhacke7 on IG, I wanna say a big shout out and thanks to you. I couldn't believe @computrollerhacke7 could help me update my iOS with an iTunes, thanks allot I really appreciate for the great job 🙏✅
HRM The World is an Amazing place
very well done. Just mind boggling how we are willing to forfeiting our privacy and invite Big Brother into our lives... and they make big $$$ with our data while taking control of our lives...
Amelia Reynolds
Amelia Reynolds 7 månader sedan
This is AMAziNg
peter mokran
peter mokran 7 månader sedan
tameika brown
tameika brown 7 månader sedan
man o man IDK about u guy's but I luv the brand new IOS 14.4 Beta Upgrades especailly the new Incoming phone calls popping up regardless of what u Is doing on ur phone
Jay Jardin
Jay Jardin 7 månader sedan
jay jardin 2370 A1 dama de noche, singalong, sta ana, manila, philippines,1009, jayjardin2006@@t, any color,brand or ipad
J. W.
J. W. 7 månader sedan
Wow can’t believe I’ve watched this from start to finish. Very informative. Thanks 😊
Reggie b horror Baker
Reggie b horror Baker 7 månader sedan
Got the iOS 14
Drew Martin
Drew Martin 7 månader sedan
Solid video. I’m going have to take time out and go through everything.
Alligatorgamer9 7 månader sedan
can you still manually edit your requests in the compact siri view? edit: never mind. missed the part where you toggle the feedback
Arsen Harutyunyan
Arsen Harutyunyan 7 månader sedan
Thank you
Reebs 7 månader sedan
Who the hell watched SElosk I’m safari? Why the hell doesn’t it work with the app? So stupid.
ARYA RAVEENDRAN 7 månader sedan
Can i know about that camera?
stevensonrf 7 månader sedan
I like listening to President Trump rallies as i go to sleep ;-)
Guitargreat 7 månader sedan
They spend way too much time and money on Memojis, get rid of them all and give me something useful
Jung Son
Jung Son 7 månader sedan
crazy level of detail. We all thank you!
Brady McKinney
Brady McKinney 7 månader sedan
I will have to give you props for making this video. Even I couldn't make a video this long. :)
Shetaylyn 7 månader sedan
Something is wrong with Siri’s voice. When it reads a book it reverberates. It doesn’t matter which voice I pick
Dhruv Kataria
Dhruv Kataria 7 månader sedan
Bugs/ Problems I am facing 1. Cursor not appearing sometimes 2. Search not smooth, too much lagging, like I press a key now and it shows up after a second or so. 3. After opening clock, it showed use health app to setup sleep, as you can see in photo down below, I clicked on ’set up sleep’ many times but nothing happened on an iPad. I also cannot find bedtime feature which used to be in the clock app only, and there isn’t any Health App on available. 4. Messages app not working properly, wasn’t able To scroll down, it was stuck in between. I was able to scroll up but not down As if it was the end but , few messages down below were not visible and cut off . 5. Unable to use QuickPath aka Swipe to type using the floating keyboard, even though it’s turned on from settings 6. Also my Internet (WiFi) is working really slow on the ipad. Like earlier it used to get speeds above 120 mbps most of the times, even when far away from the wifi router, but now even in front of router it gets less than 50 mbps(and even when no other device is connected to the WiFi). All other wired and wireless devices working normal as usual and get good speeds nearly 120-130 mbps, the problem is just with my ipad. I use iPad Pro 9.7” and all this happened after updating to iOS 14. Earlier everything was really smooth. dissappointedd
Create One
Create One 7 månader sedan
iOS 14.0 official update finally available selosk.info/class/video/iHeZsKyex6p81Xk.html
bolkk 7 månader sedan
Bruh am on android
juice box
juice box 7 månader sedan
Anybody watcg the whole thing
Scott Farnsworth
Scott Farnsworth 7 månader sedan
Loved the video. Love the released iOS 14, but I think that I have found a bug. My Apple Music app is only in the app library. When I search for the word music I find a couple of apps, but not the Apple Music app. I’ve done a hard reboot, have shared a video of this bug with others who concur it looks like a bug. Known bug?
mirella jimenez
mirella jimenez 7 månader sedan
is the picture in picture not working for iphone 8 ?
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson 7 månader sedan
Editing this monster of a video wasn’t easy ...
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson 7 månader sedan
9to5Mac da real MVP for this video
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