iOS 14.5 - 30 NEW Features & Changes ! 

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iOS 14.5 new features, iOS 14.5 beta has been released with new features and changes. iOS 14.5 brings some very useful and important new features to iOS 14.
With the latest release of iOS 14.5 beta 1 Apple has brought some amazing new features to iOS. In this video you can learn about more than 30 new features and changes on iOS 14.5
👉iOS 14 Tricks - You Will Actually USE: selosk.info/class/video/h26g04mE0mVyu6c.html
👉iOS 14 Shortcuts - You MUST Have: selosk.info/class/video/hoOEsqypsqB5qnU.html
👉iOS 14 Custom Charging SOUND: selosk.info/class/video/hYheo4uK02mimJ8.html
👉Top iOS 14 Automations: selosk.info/class/video/nX50x6ubqZuEvYE.html
👉Best iOS 14 Shortcuts: selosk.info/class/video/bY6E2aVkuaBmxoU.html
👉Top 10 iOS 14 Widgets: selosk.info/class/video/haaG0H5n3Kmcr2Q.html
👉iOS 14 App Library - Tips & Tricks: selosk.info/class/video/eIqTxbKkuZ92mmg.html
👉HIDDEN Features Coming to iOS 14: selosk.info/class/video/g5urrple1mh33HU.html
👉Things You Didn't Know iOS 14 Can Do: selosk.info/class/video/faWKyKSbnWV1t3U.html
👉New Apps You Must Download: selosk.info/class/video/qp2YkoqEnHaYvZc.html
👉NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn't Know: selosk.info/class/video/noplzHuprW19nH0.html
👉10 Apps You Never Heard Of: selosk.info/class/video/hWp5yIml0mGWmnk.html
👉Calibrated iPhone Battery: selosk.info/class/video/eqydkpx_32h30WQ.html
👉iOS 14 Full Review: 300+ Features: selosk.info/class/video/hGVnw6V6x6ibyn0.html
To be updated with the latest iOS 14 videos ( tips, tricks, features and more) make sure you subscribe to my channel. New iOS 14 videos coming soon.

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Kommentarer 35   
iReviews 3 månader sedan
Which iOS 14.5 feature do you like the most?
Comast Elijah
Comast Elijah 3 månader sedan
Your video is so helpful:)
VirusXYZ 3 månader sedan
Bruh I have 14.4
Pokémon Unboxing
Pokémon Unboxing Månad sedan
Jean-François Richard
It comes ouf tuesday ios 14.5
George Smith
George Smith 3 månader sedan
Nice presentation, thank you
Micheal Dave
Micheal Dave 3 månader sedan
I've been quite alot of people recommending *trecktoolz* 0n ¶G well he's totally worth of all the recommendation he's absolutely perfect
Nick Sylvester
Nick Sylvester 3 månader sedan
*AVAILABLE_TOOL* on IG is the perfect person for this that guy is really good at doing this....
Salhi Works
Salhi Works 3 månader sedan
What is the name of the camera that is used in these wonderful videos ?
AndyG1714 3 månader sedan
Ugh, i pay 800 bucks and i need to buy another device for these features? Disgusting.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
Weather widget been since iOS 14. Places In Canada where it rains and snows a lot. It’s shows that all the time
stray k
stray k 3 månader sedan
Hello!! I have a question... My phone is iPhone 7 and I've never updated my phone before. So it's still iOS 12. Now i wanna update it to iOS 14 but also i'm too scared what if my phone dies... Phone battery life etc?? Is it okay? Should i update my phone or not? Can you share your recommendations for me pls
tisha 3 månader sedan
please do not upgrade it to IOS 14, there are so many people out there having battery problems cos it drains DRASTICALLY. If u have the chance to upgrade to IOS 13 do that but do NOT upgrade to IOS 14. It will burn u T-T
Fàlcøn 3 månader sedan
Gee Ortz
Gee Ortz 3 månader sedan
The update with the weather widget has been around since apple bought dark sky . That was a dark sky feature . It happens every time it rains but they implemented it a pretty long time ago . It tells you exactly when rain will begin and stop
Mr London
Mr London 3 månader sedan
Detailed video keep it up dude 🤙🏻
Gary Karp
Gary Karp 3 månader sedan
Just wanted to clarify, to use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask will you have to enter a password each time or just when setting it up?
Joshua Butler
Joshua Butler 3 månader sedan
They need to enable Face ID for Mac for the use of iPhone!
tri hariyadi
tri hariyadi 3 månader sedan
Still waiting always on display and split screen
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi 3 månader sedan
use good microphone
Sameer Fazil
Sameer Fazil 3 månader sedan
@Laila m Shan damn u don’t gotta bring race into it.
Laila m Shan
Laila m Shan 3 månader sedan
Shutup you desi
Ross Bisley
Ross Bisley 3 månader sedan
I’ve got that weather widget on 14.4
Rushyan King
Rushyan King 3 månader sedan
Why apple news not for all countries
Hoe Teck Hwa
Hoe Teck Hwa 3 månader sedan
I like your video, but the title is disappointingly misleading. Please do specify that it's a beta if it's not a release version yet.
Joshua Caldwell
Joshua Caldwell 3 månader sedan
That weather widget was in 14.4
Mr Johnson
Mr Johnson 3 månader sedan
30+ features 🤔
Camilla Petyn
Camilla Petyn 3 månader sedan
Take a shot every time he says “nice touch”.
Nicholas Sabino
Nicholas Sabino 3 månader sedan
public beta not available yet
TechnoClips 3 månader sedan
How about battery life has been for you ?
Carlos Okuti`
Carlos Okuti` 3 månader sedan
Always on display or the use of that camera LED LIGHT To notify us of messages and calls would definitely be a welcome.
Carlos Okuti`
Carlos Okuti` 3 månader sedan
@Derek Rodriguez Yes Derek, I know. I only wished it was implemented in the front.
Derek Rodriguez
Derek Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
@Carlos Okuti` you can use your flashlight for notifications and calls along time ago
Carlos Okuti`
Carlos Okuti` 3 månader sedan
@sivanesan sivarajoo I haven't seen the demo on that. Thanks anyway
sivanesan sivarajoo
sivanesan sivarajoo 3 månader sedan
Camera led light is already here
Nani 3 månader sedan
Pray for me 666
Nani 3 månader sedan
I can afford iphone x
Christian souaid
Christian souaid 3 månader sedan
And battery performance ??
David Hines
David Hines 3 månader sedan
My iPhone 8+ not getting the 14.5 update yyy
David Hines
David Hines 3 månader sedan
@HomerSimpsonPlaysMobileGames I don’t know am jus asking
DOS Flash
DOS Flash 3 månader sedan
@David Hines no
David Hines
David Hines 3 månader sedan
@HomerSimpsonPlaysMobileGames so it’s going to be out today u think so
David Hines
David Hines 3 månader sedan
@HomerSimpsonPlaysMobileGames ok thanks
Carol Factor
Carol Factor 3 månader sedan
I appreciate you keeping us updated. 😊
Zeeshan Rahman
Zeeshan Rahman 3 månader sedan
I wish I could unlock my phone with my watch I got the iPhone SE (2020)
Zeeshan Rahman
Zeeshan Rahman 3 månader sedan
@Joshua Caldwell I know but it would’ve been cool
Joshua Caldwell
Joshua Caldwell 3 månader sedan
That’s what the Touch ID is for.
ThreeTwentyTech 3 månader sedan
Best new feature? Automatic password bypass for your iPhone when you have an apple watch nearby! Being a channel about my passion for apple watches, this just made my day!
Ashraful Huda
Ashraful Huda 3 månader sedan
Please give me an iphone 12 🥺
Zeeshan Rahman
Zeeshan Rahman 3 månader sedan
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