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Meet Stretch, a prototype of our new robot designed to automate box moving tasks in warehouses and distribution centers. Stretch’s mobile base allows it to go to where repetitive box lifting is required - unloading trucks, building pallets of boxes and order building. Stretch makes warehouse operations more efficient and safer for workers.
Stretch’s technology builds upon our decades of advancements in robotics to create a flexible, easily integrated solution that can be deployed in any warehouse. Learn more at www.bostondynamics.com/stretch.

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29 mar 2021



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FooberDoober 6 timmar sedan
Big shout out to everyone losing their job and instead of using the opportunity to make life more leisurely for humans by installing UBI and other safety nets, like 4 dudes can have a big ass boat and a fun numbers to look at on their phones financial apps. See y’all at the bread lines!
Menno Poelsma
Menno Poelsma Dag sedan
When do we get the first domestic house robot who can do the diches, dusting, vacuum cleaning, cleaning the toilet and bathroom, washing, ironing, cooking and gardening?
SLVSgamerboi30 Dag sedan
ok they can change a whole industryy but can it piss beer?
Spartan 1
Spartan 1 2 dagar sedan
The best 👍
Angel Heart
Angel Heart 2 dagar sedan
Nice toy👍
Kaleigh Wilkerson
Kaleigh Wilkerson 2 dagar sedan
One day I’d love to work for Boston dynamics
as3fawf 2 dagar sedan
No doubt - you guys are damn awesome! But you need to stop.. this is going to be some matrix shit in a few years if you continue to do such an awesome job!
Tintschi 3 dagar sedan
This thing gives me WALL E vibes
Cedric 07
Cedric 07 3 dagar sedan
can i have a spot they are cute please ≡(▔﹏▔)≡
Mike electric future
Mike electric future 4 dagar sedan
wow , the toung bitting must be at a high level. Thank you Boston Dynamics!
Mike electric future
Mike electric future 4 dagar sedan
I see no pallets. meaning there would have to be the same thing on the other end.
한단지 5 dagar sedan
일자리 사라지는 소리 여기까지 들리네
Дмитрий Тар
Дмитрий Тар 5 dagar sedan
Bravo!=)) Good gob!=))
notperfect 5 dagar sedan
overpriced garbage, many other companies far better with better support
notperfect 5 dagar sedan
@Arnaldo Gonzalez Entrolent, Mantric, and ECD
Arnaldo Gonzalez
Arnaldo Gonzalez 5 dagar sedan
Can you list some?
youbel you
youbel you 6 dagar sedan
Jacob Lorber 💕,, Haushaltung Gottes,, 🖐️👍
Петя Васичкин
Жесть-жизни простым людям не будет.
John Ernst
John Ernst 6 dagar sedan
How does Boston Dynamics consider the implications of their creations and where do they see the outcome of their efforts culminating in?
IQFend 7 dagar sedan
Y’all ever thought bout getting into prosthetics?
Hyun-Jin Lim
Hyun-Jin Lim 7 dagar sedan
쿠팡 : 와 개쩐다
lazylad 8 dagar sedan
Can you imagine a robot meeting a customer. Or a robot breaking down/malfunction. The hackers will have a field day. We all ready get hackers making life hard.
Jesse Alford
Jesse Alford 8 dagar sedan
Hey robot guys, I want a Scooter/Moped that turns into a shopping cart and follows me around the store.
clickres 8 dagar sedan
*where is sp1*
Luckytime 8 dagar sedan
Next they're going to make a robot that steals your girlfriend.
laren hughes
laren hughes 8 dagar sedan
In the words of South Park "De terk r jobs"
Z k
Z k 9 dagar sedan
Notice how it's not breaking all your shit?
StudentSushi 10 dagar sedan
The boxes in the beginning: What have I done to deserve this ;-;
polka23dot 10 dagar sedan
Chinese companies make similar robots.
MrRawage 11 dagar sedan
I used to work at ups.... Lots of those old men are gonna be out of a job
لا كلام على طعام
Rip humans
mikesholo 11 dagar sedan
they’ve been real quiet since michael reeves made their own dog piss beer on their lawn
Ruthless A.S.M.R
Ruthless A.S.M.R 11 dagar sedan
A robot moving boxes? That's a stretch
Mr S
Mr S 11 dagar sedan
Cant wait for thier reaction to Micheal Reeves
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 11 dagar sedan
If get us all exterminated I blame you and you alone!!!!
Nora Nora
Nora Nora 11 dagar sedan
Nijeguhz 12 dagar sedan
Matt Powell has a giant inflatable banana in his backyard, that he names Dr. Peel.
Keyser Swift
Keyser Swift 12 dagar sedan
Everything gets a little cheaper now.
오호 13 dagar sedan
wall - e machines are becoming real
MrGriz 13 dagar sedan
Retro Pedro
Retro Pedro 13 dagar sedan
You need money? So you develope now pretty standard machines!
XCross CharaX
XCross CharaX 14 dagar sedan
ayo he do be kinda stretching doe
Jeff Reuther
Jeff Reuther 15 dagar sedan
It's the grabby arms from Factorio.
Ice Cream Frappuccino
Ice Cream Frappuccino 16 dagar sedan
It's interesting seeing this type of robot from Boston Dynamics. Their previous robots all seem to attempt to solve problems by moving across uneven terrain or navigating through obstacles. This one was made as if the board said, "Okay, let's actually get some work done."
Yojimbo 16 dagar sedan
You assume those boxes are neatly stacked inside the container lololol
Griffin Bell
Griffin Bell 16 dagar sedan
Nice animation of something far more complex than necessary. A robot typing a letter is not as impressive as one robot lubricating another robot. If the one typing the letter can also lubricate another robot while smelling like fish, then we have something.
Canal Street
Canal Street 16 dagar sedan
Robots working together. We are doomed.
Neroshan Srithar
Neroshan Srithar 16 dagar sedan
They look cute
Aaron Mandeville
Aaron Mandeville 17 dagar sedan
Hey Boston Dynamics ever since I say ur video with spot in the snow I’ve been wondering how water proof really is spot when you buy him and if he is water proof can he go submerged in 3ft deep of water and still work and be able to walk and go over obstacles?
Wendy Darling
Wendy Darling 17 dagar sedan
dont worry all the people whos job this will take, they've got a solution. vaccines
But can it piss beer
chillsky 18 dagar sedan
I saw your old video abusing robots 💢😡
lancelot gaming
lancelot gaming 18 dagar sedan
A lot of Michael reeves comments why not just give him?
Sami Esmatee
Sami Esmatee 18 dagar sedan
Plllzzz Dont develope these anymore these can bring joblessness to lots of people out there 😳🥺🥺
Sandollim Kim
Sandollim Kim 18 dagar sedan
satisfying clip
Kernel Panic
Kernel Panic 18 dagar sedan
let me pet the fucking robots already jesus christ
sco lo
sco lo 19 dagar sedan
You know what would be a fun demonstration? I want to see Spot cut tatami mats.
Bosshunter12345 19 dagar sedan
Put a filter and some horror music and and you just made the robot apocalypse
Rolf Schulz
Rolf Schulz 19 dagar sedan
SWAN sounds better
Jacqueline Knauff
Jacqueline Knauff 19 dagar sedan
Very affordable
Jacqueline Knauff
Jacqueline Knauff 19 dagar sedan
Please try to redesign appliances solar power and make the ma helpful and affordable
Hardonium 20 dagar sedan
well, if this can be done then do glados but please don't give her access to neurotoxin :)
Greg Dunn
Greg Dunn 20 dagar sedan
Labels up!
Tereferedutki 20 dagar sedan
I kurwa love you :)
anandhu mon
anandhu mon 20 dagar sedan
humans lost job if this come in action 😟🙏
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor 20 dagar sedan
Wonder what happens if a box splits whilst being moved?
Fri3dNstuff 20 dagar sedan
Boston dynamics, taking over the world one robot at a time
LaterNerd 20 dagar sedan
Their head reminds me of a clicker from TLOU
Natoya Deowdat
Natoya Deowdat 20 dagar sedan
So Is this a new upgraded version of the Handle robot?
Chasing a Murderer
Chasing a Murderer 21 dag sedan
You guys should be p proud. I watched you from when you posted your first video.
atacticalproduction 21 dag sedan
How will michael destroy this robot :)
DUCKY 6AM3R 21 dag sedan
make a waterproof duck robot that can go do stuff thats on (or in water)
Jordan Texalona
Jordan Texalona 21 dag sedan
You don’t think there is anything wrong and slightly ummmm lack of morals in what your doing? Where is the control on doing this and how do you know these things won’t learn or marination or do things on their own? Where is the restraint? Or someone gets them who shouldn’t? It seems like a self fulfilling prophecy that you are helping in...
Vova V
Vova V 21 dag sedan
Impressive work!
combinemax 21 dag sedan
So, this thing is going to assemble your terminators?
Jason Swanson
Jason Swanson 21 dag sedan
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Bop 7 dagar sedan
Take your meds
Zone gameing
Zone gameing 21 dag sedan
give it a chainsaw
Mad Wlad
Mad Wlad 22 dagar sedan
I think what we need is a basic income, and a better education system, make it more lax, most people can learn anything with enough time, some need less some more, it should cost you anything, and you should be save to be on basic income while you it. The worlds gets more complicated any moment and you have to be an expert in chemistry and biology, physics, IT, engineering ect. at best multiple expertises.. and this takes time. People who are only able to pick up a box and place it on a conveyer, need to be thaught some more complex thing and they wouldn't afford a 10 year studium.. I'm not sad about the job, it's modern slave labor, it's loud, it can be dangerous .. example someone spilled some chemicals from the dangerous goods scection, but it is demanded to still keep working, no carts because it is, slower to load them then doing it by hand, those people who run these have to make it as cheap as possible, and the people who work their have little choice and have to work as human robots in a big machine ..just try it for a week as a side job, it really feels like some gulag prison camp ..but something must be done about the people who are left behind and there needs to be reforms before whe all end up in ghettos in some new kind of feudal system where the rich control anything with their robots.. this is not socialism, communism or whatever, this is soemthing any side but some billionair psychopath would agree on and it in our all hands to vote for repesentatives that will tackle this problem, because at some point in a not sooo distant future most work can be done by alogrythms, AI and machines. we will have much more time to experience what it means to be alive and to be humans, how to have fun, how to improve etc. etc. or struggle for survival ..utopia or distopia, it's our choice but the clock keeps ticking
Aqua Walker
Aqua Walker 22 dagar sedan
*Woooosh* Did you hear that? Another million of jobs lost to automation.
American Wildlife - Động vật hoang dã ở Mỹ
Is there any video that explain how the arms can hold objects?
Sushinosaurus Rex
Sushinosaurus Rex 23 dagar sedan
hope this tech will be used for rides at theme parks in some ways
Faded Tiger
Faded Tiger 23 dagar sedan
I swear, every time fools see an advanced robot they act like its the end of days...lunatics...
JUJUMAGICDUDE 23 dagar sedan
Everyone else sees a job replacement I see those famous words being gone from my workplace: "You're a big guy, can you get that box for us?" If you have ever had to deal with this sentence it reeks of workmen's comp.
Oleksandr Khoriev
Oleksandr Khoriev 23 dagar sedan
MrFrimbleton 23 dagar sedan
cris montagner
cris montagner 23 dagar sedan
It's the liberation from repetitive jobs, and that's fine: it was alienating. But how do people without money in Western society live? Social welfare? It is a time of conscious choices.
Richard L'Esperance
Richard L'Esperance 23 dagar sedan
They call this one: "Job Taker 9000"
nosferatu xklero
nosferatu xklero 24 dagar sedan
Hay que destrozar todo lo que lleve más de dos cables.
Priizmz 24 dagar sedan
wall-e in real life
Anthony Locke
Anthony Locke 24 dagar sedan
Introducing the unemployment machine...the wealthy have won. My son has to compete with this to earn a living now
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 24 dagar sedan
Handle's gone So have Stretch
andy p
andy p 24 dagar sedan
a better invention is a self automated conveyer belt that wont jam unloading trucks
Vinay Sharma
Vinay Sharma 24 dagar sedan
So here more jobs are gone
Felipe Torres
Felipe Torres 24 dagar sedan
Watching this video makes me want to listen The Chemical Brothers - Believe.
K H 24 dagar sedan
I workedat Target. I can immediately tell there are issues and limitations to this fantastic robot in regards being able to grab/lift and move payloads as fast as a regular loader/unloader team. The sheer variety of products, shapes, weights, and and the way they are stacked on a truck would absolutely fuck with how viable these would be. Especially if there are messes, PIPOS, cramped quarters, etc. My guess is that a team of loaders would accompany the robot or vice versa. Smaller shops and certain big-box stores would still need people for a while.
UPLOAD ANYTHING 24 dagar sedan
That cute little doggo was lifted
Everyday FYi
Everyday FYi 25 dagar sedan
John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved..
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 25 dagar sedan
@Everyday FYi sorry im an Atheist, i dont really care :D but cool for you though, no hate
Everyday FYi
Everyday FYi 25 dagar sedan
I'm sharing with people Salvation which you can read about and why the need of Salavtion is relevant. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. This is because Jesus lived a life without sin which we can not do and he was sacrificed for our sins and payed for the sins of the world, and then he was raised from death having paid for all our sins "if you accept Gods sacrifice "Freewill" 2 Peter 3:9 KJV The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 25 dagar sedan
who cares
Everyday FYi
Everyday FYi 25 dagar sedan
Imagine a Tyrannical Government in the future using robots to measure our brain waves and detect past crimes and arrest us similar to Minority Report.
The GrimReaper Soul
The GrimReaper Soul 25 dagar sedan
Boston is going to be the first company to release the machines 😆😆😆
Zisan 25 dagar sedan
Give this to michael
ickng456 25 dagar sedan
If the boxes werent empty the cardboard would tear
Do You Love Me?
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Making transparent wood
New Core i5 BEATS Ryzen 9 !?