Installing my very own CHASSIS DYNO!! 

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Jimmy Oakes
PMB 169
61 N. Plains Industrial Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492

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8 apr 2021



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Josh Clark
Josh Clark 10 dagar sedan
Congrats on the purchase, I've had basically the same model dynocom dyno. If I could recommend a few things. Use a power conditioner on the DC box, ferrite beads on all usb cables. And get the rpm inductive pickup. It really nice to have. Good luck with it and the FB group is great for weekend support when DC isn't open.
David Henderson
David Henderson Månad sedan
Really awsome seeing you get this far you earned it for sure!
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels Månad sedan
Let DJ use the big Hilty behind him 🤣😂 he’ll learn rq buddy 😂💪
Tommy Tichenor
Tommy Tichenor Månad sedan
im glad jimmy flipped that d ring over, for the 3 seconds it was in view, it was pissing me off
Tricky Tweyton
Tricky Tweyton Månad sedan
i don't think you're suppose to brake on the dyno
AudibleVisible Månad sedan
Donny is a fuckin cartoon character
WheelHouse Månad sedan
Bro I love seeing my old parts on your cars 🤘
Trent-Catherine Hewitson
have fun with that type of dyno.... hope your experience is better than most.
Murat Månad sedan
How is no one talking about the way he said “ interesting.”??
56. Lex
56. Lex Månad sedan
“ a very aculate calculation “😂😂
ツJaco Månad sedan
When the Car starts going on the dyno the sounds from it sounds like a fire truck siren
Justin Månad sedan
Gonna want to level your cars to do pulls guy. Think- front/ rear sumps
Impulses Månad sedan
yo make sure ur PC can BREATH BRO
Mason Bauer
Mason Bauer Månad sedan
I got a silver Pikachu edition gameboy color with your name on it 😉👉
ItsJustFeel Månad sedan
Yes! Give me all of the tuning content! Love your content Jimmy! and I enjoy learning all the things from you!
J. Barrett
J. Barrett Månad sedan
Donald high af
vince King
vince King Månad sedan
Use the adjustable handle with that drill lol
gate access
gate access Månad sedan
dyno is dope as fuck!!!!
gate access
gate access Månad sedan
if that angle caused oil starvation ,cars wouldnt be able to drive in sanfransico and keep oil pressure, cars were made for scenarios like this. esp with such a slight angle, no issues
gate access
gate access Månad sedan
race ramps under the aluminum ramps is brilliant!
gate access
gate access Månad sedan
outline the stand for the computer monitor onto the desk surface. then remove the monitor and drill 2 hole through the top in middle of each leg (for monitor) this will allow you to add a screw through the bottom side of the top into the monitor legs themselves so that the monitor wont be able to fall off. ive dont this with all of my monitor installs where balance and safety are an isse.
gate access
gate access Månad sedan
air density meter for atmospheric pressure, ie winter vs summer tunes, plus elevation tunes. sickness!!!
Rollermotive racing
Rollermotive racing Månad sedan
Yep I've had that same keyboard on my dyno for about 6 years! Bloody awesome! 👍
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 Månad sedan
Game boy colour, you call yourself a nissan guy, doing tuning........ gotta make it fit into a power fc controller!
David Haller
David Haller Månad sedan
Some how you make ant seem weird. Saw him in djs video and he smashes All The Puss! Only slight exaggeration
Instagram: 1CLEAN2JZ
... hmm... idk what tf I’m doing 😂
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst Månad sedan
LET'S GOooooo
Al H
Al H Månad sedan
Homie straight zooms in onto dudes nose
Swish856 Månad sedan
I really do feel like the angle of the car will effect the dyno idk just my opinion
f o s h o g i
f o s h o g i Månad sedan
grab a jack hammer,shovels, and some buds so you can mount that dyno on the ground level . it will be so fkn worth it...
DGDrifts Månad sedan
I'm so happy for jimmy he deserves it✊
Justin Månad sedan
wooah, a dyno will make you so much money.
Spumatic Carz
Spumatic Carz Månad sedan
Dyno day coming soon?? 😀
Matthew Cantway
Matthew Cantway Månad sedan
You need some "Dyno Sauce"
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad Månad sedan
More Nissonda!
Drastic Changes
Drastic Changes Månad sedan
what’s size tires are you running
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed Månad sedan
3:26 quote of the year
NEMESIS NY Månad sedan
Proud of you jimmy!! Gonna be a beast by the summer!!💪🏾
Eileen Steffen Crowell
Nice video!! very engaging from beginning to end but when it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan Månad sedan
I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr James matheson🇱🇷
Inigo Baggins
Inigo Baggins Månad sedan
My first investment with Mr James matheson gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already
The young Turk
The young Turk Månad sedan
Thanks , placing my trade with expert James matheson ASAP
Frank Peters
Frank Peters Månad sedan
@The young Turk Text him on What's ap ⬆️💯
Frank Peters
Frank Peters Månad sedan
jesseim paul
jesseim paul Månad sedan
Take a shot everytime Jimmy says "Eddie current"
Mark Ollero
Mark Ollero Månad sedan
Well done on the new dyno Jimmy... Im in the area where your shop is. Took my girl to the new england cidery in the area!! Keep making progress with everything!!
Jinx 1586
Jinx 1586 Månad sedan
umm dude need 2 more in the front ur a tuner what are you not gunna tune front wheel drives? love ur shit but come on front wheel drivers everywhere feeling judged lol
Caifasjz1 -
Caifasjz1 - Månad sedan
You should add a screen on the other side.
Manaf S
Manaf S Månad sedan
What’s your wheels and tire setup
jordaniel Månad sedan
Could always make a little box or something to have a light bmx sesh on too perhaps >.>
k k
k k Månad sedan
Yo if you like that logitech wireless keyboard you should check out the Rii keyboards on Amazon--- they are smaller so you can hold it with one hand and use it at the same time almost like a remote, but it still has full keyboard and track pad. They are nice because you dont have to be sitting down or put it on your lap or on something to be able to use it. I know it sounds stupid but TRUST, the smaller ones are better. I've had a couple of those logitech's and they are amazing, but the tiny ones are even better. You can use both at the same time as well, so you have options, just leave both little usb dongles plugged in
Ahmad Zulfikar
Ahmad Zulfikar Månad sedan
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Nathaniel Suchnick
Nathaniel Suchnick Månad sedan
Jimmy, it warms my heart to see you still have the wear protectors where I left them on my old Brides.
960Mustang Månad sedan
Just went back and watched the first video from this shop where you were talking about getting a dyno. Now here you are! So glad to be along for the ride!
Ben Månad sedan
😬 hilti
Henning Kock
Henning Kock Månad sedan
Jimmy said a lot of smart stuff
Badger Cam NI
Badger Cam NI Månad sedan
Jimmy get some dyno sauce
Combie FPV
Combie FPV Månad sedan
But last video Jimmy you said you will add a printer to the PC station
Robert Månad sedan
Maybe configure less edge smoothing in the graph? Like this every curve just looks nice.
Fuzz 240z
Fuzz 240z Månad sedan
I like it dude but I still wudda put it in the ground
Chronic Kush
Chronic Kush Månad sedan
Need some of that dyno sauce 💦💦💦💦💯💯
Denrick B
Denrick B Månad sedan
Start a pot for fastest cars😂
Curt VanWinter
Curt VanWinter Månad sedan
Dj is the best camera man. Love his shots and awesomely annoying wit!
ivebeen Månad sedan
Hmmm just wondering why didn't you go with a hub dyno? Not acting like I'm a dyno pro or anything
julko6070 Månad sedan
buy some lifts off Adam!!!
Kenneth Kashuba
Kenneth Kashuba Månad sedan
I dunno seems like the car should be level with the dyno .....
FullNelson Månad sedan
9:15 - Thank you, Jimmy. Sincerely, all your OCD fans 😂
Erik02GT Månad sedan
nooooo bring back the old outro song :(
Warren Du Plessis
Warren Du Plessis Månad sedan
Its important to have the car level for dyno tuning. Fuel pickup in the tank will be affected, so will sumps and oil pickups, oil drain galleries in cylinder heads ect. The wheelspin on the dyno is a result of the car's weight being transferred to the front wheels. Get that setup level and avoid so many issues. You shouldn't do pulls without a dyno fan, just saying.
jeanalex duguay
jeanalex duguay Månad sedan
Its going somewhere
Dirty Stylin
Dirty Stylin Månad sedan
I’m still digging the 80s hype music
Josh Story
Josh Story Månad sedan
I would have thought the 33 would have been your longest wheel base
Nick Stroh
Nick Stroh Månad sedan
hell yeah jimmy
Kyle Burks
Kyle Burks Månad sedan
shove it in the hole, idk if thats what life is all about but thats where it all starts
Jake Seymour
Jake Seymour Månad sedan
the things dj say hurts my brain sometimes
Joe Dvorak
Joe Dvorak Månad sedan
Happy for you bro congrats on the new equipment
Travis Wyant
Travis Wyant Månad sedan
Jesse McGinty
Jesse McGinty Månad sedan
I kinda hope you cut the e36 up for over fenders because then I won’t feel so bad about cutting my e36 up for over fenders 😂
RiceVW Månad sedan
Famous last words: "Ant checked the straps they're good"
BigHerm.MS3 Månad sedan
i dead ass bought the same keyboard a week ago. best bang for buck
Micah Reinhart
Micah Reinhart Månad sedan
I got into this channel because it was relatable.... Time to get a better job and start tuning I guess
John M
John M Månad sedan
Where's the fans?
jose alicea
jose alicea Månad sedan
Lets fucking 🗣GO🏁🏴‍☠️💪🏼
Cory Månad sedan
You should build off the dyno and put like a little deck or something made out of some steel so it’s sitting even and you can load cars on and off of it
Rondog Gamesmanship
Rondog Gamesmanship Månad sedan
Spray hairspray on the tires on the Dyno keeps tires from spinning
ray dayan
ray dayan Månad sedan
So awesome keep doing what you do bro
modifiedz1 Månad sedan
Congratulations!!! You deserve it
imperlast2 Månad sedan
when are the trucks going on it?
nachonad Månad sedan
That dyno is going to be inaccurate; everyone knows that cars are faster going down hill.
Deet’s Daily Driver
Also, those keyboards are sick. I’ve had 2 of those for years.
Deet’s Daily Driver
Why don’t you use your 4 post lift for the dyno? Legit question, am I missing a reason why you can’t?
Ayla Hughes
Ayla Hughes Månad sedan
get some dyno sauce. its just 3m spray adhesive lol.
Worx By Dre
Worx By Dre Månad sedan
Need that fresh air fan in the front.
AL C Månad sedan
I’m loaded but someone please remind me what that time lapse song is from or I’m not gonna sleep tn
Slowkids Atplay
Slowkids Atplay Månad sedan
Cut a hole in the floor and sink that dyno!
Dee Hillman
Dee Hillman Månad sedan
cooling jimmy, need more cooling
Brooks Yeager
Brooks Yeager Månad sedan
There's Ant just staring aimlessly up into the sky and , yes he's swaying. 19:33 LOL!
HYPER YOSHI Månad sedan
bruh he could of put in 6900 rpm as the limit he missed his chance
Fatty Nuts
Fatty Nuts Månad sedan
Time for some dyno sauce the beams is making too much
Preston Frady
Preston Frady Månad sedan
Go get some dyno sauce aka (aqua net hairspray)
The Rig
The Rig Månad sedan
That didn't look like tyre smoke... hate to say...
Alex Petrino
Alex Petrino Månad sedan
If you use spray adhesive on the tires they grip more, spray them down while you are rolling slow. I'm not trying the bamboozle you guys, it works
jrbbikerx Månad sedan
i would ABSOLUTELY put caution tape around those tie downs and paint them yellow or orange bc if one of your "friends" comes to visit and falls and breaks their arm...all of your cars will become their cars.
joey piach
joey piach Månad sedan
I work at a shop with a mustang dyno and we us it often, we always make sure that our cars are close to level before we run them. 2x12s under the front wheels does a great job.
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visningar 65tn
Water In The Engine Oil