I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft 

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Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.
thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!
Mumbo's channel: selosk.info/class/video/j3iaypxhro1nnX0.html


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10 aug 2019



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Linda mc guinness
Linda mc guinness 3 timmar sedan
ClinicallyNsane 11 timmar sedan
That'll actually make a good pvp map wth
Lucia Jimenez
Lucia Jimenez 12 timmar sedan
I would not mind living there
Nomi fish
Nomi fish 14 timmar sedan
grian:this is a house nobody would like i like it
Rose Petals
Rose Petals 16 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie this house is awesome
Midnight Wolffell
Midnight Wolffell 21 timme sedan
That isn't anti me tho!!! I like bricks and different colored houses!!! I WOULD LIVE THERE!!
KaramDoesMC 20 timmar sedan
Are u crazy
Swaraj Barai
Swaraj Barai Dag sedan
The ugliest house looks better than every house I made
KaramDoesMC 20 timmar sedan
Dat facts
Minecraft Maniac 1423
It’s not me it’s the man I. The chicken costume
eagle kid
eagle kid Dag sedan
Honestly i kinda like it
Autism - How he sees it
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autism - How he sees it
i love it
Kelly Carcione
Kelly Carcione Dag sedan
Vince Le
Vince Le Dag sedan
7:00 I thought he was going to say I like your cut G!
Funtime Foxy
Funtime Foxy Dag sedan
Well... I didnt met someone with an house anti me ! Not by defence !
Ugandan Metal Sonic
of course mumbo would know that you are the poultry man
13 Point Black
13 Point Black Dag sedan
I like the G
Moocat King
Moocat King Dag sedan
“ I haven’t been given enough credit” doesn’t know what A piston is called
Randie Wolfgang
Randie Wolfgang Dag sedan
Wonderful concept
Catermelon Eng.
Catermelon Eng. 2 dagar sedan
I am only one who thinks that this house is looking good. It's cool and I like it
Master info
Master info 2 dagar sedan
I like that House its so pretty
That tassie pro gamer
That tassie pro gamer 2 dagar sedan
I don't mind the look of it 😂
Alex Thedevil
Alex Thedevil 2 dagar sedan
18:12 I liked grians surprised scream XD
Pineapplez 2 dagar sedan
Wow I kinda liked that house tho :(
Egg boi
Egg boi 2 dagar sedan
I love how grian accidentally made a 0tick sugarcane farm
Magellanic 5 timmar sedan
he didnt, random tick speed was just high
Bray da random
Bray da random 2 dagar sedan
Iskall proof house, a big tree thats only bird poop aka diorite
SailorIda3 2 dagar sedan
I enjoy the shape of the house, it looks like a wacky wizard house :D Edit: colours could be changed thought ...
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 3 dagar sedan
the grain classic no back
Sherlock A Vardinon
Sherlock A Vardinon 3 dagar sedan
I kinda like the way it looks
FoxCannon17 - Fox Gaming Channel
FoxCannon-proof house: a house made of dirt with item frames of a fox spawn egg pointed next to a sword
SolderGirl 3 dagar sedan
The parrots did it. now i subbed :-D
Oliver Choi
Oliver Choi 3 dagar sedan
The moral of the video: Grian is Donkey Kong
Howgetuser 3 dagar sedan
that house looks like my old lego builds
Dodo GIRLZ 3 dagar sedan
I like the house
Kevin Landaverry
Kevin Landaverry 3 dagar sedan
I saw both videos
Daanio Daanio
Daanio Daanio 4 dagar sedan
not gonna lie this is a insane mes
Maritess Abuda
Maritess Abuda 4 dagar sedan
Mumbo just made a grian proof house.
Mystery May
Mystery May 4 dagar sedan
I mean the look is not bothering me but i am also not a human. Because i am a human who feels like a part off my spirit is cat furry sooooo ywah i am no hunan only a may :/
ander smith
ander smith 4 dagar sedan
i actualy like it
iNoobBoi 4 dagar sedan
Grian tried to make a horrific house... but us horrible builders think its majestic
Teheimus Playz
Teheimus Playz 4 dagar sedan
Honestly, On how bad I build...I would live on that behemoth
The Minecraft Overloard
I like this house!
No Name
No Name 4 dagar sedan
Ngl I kinda like the house
Louise Salmons
Louise Salmons 4 dagar sedan
I could barely see the house. I live in England now but its night and my eyes need to sleep but my eyes couldnt even look, it couldnt even do much. It's just sitting there, on my body, just sitting there.
DJ Panda
DJ Panda 4 dagar sedan
Me with Lego
dean Westerhoff
dean Westerhoff 5 dagar sedan
I like it
Doggy kh
Doggy kh 5 dagar sedan
I actually like the house, it’s really nice, Every thing is great Except There are no stairs on the stairs
Rashawn Carter
Rashawn Carter 5 dagar sedan
house for 6ix9ine
DKosacky 5 dagar sedan
Grian:nobody is going to like this house. Me: I LOVE it!
Maxfield Joyner
Maxfield Joyner 5 dagar sedan
That house looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.
Jake Chow
Jake Chow 5 dagar sedan
7:24 That laugh though lol.
Russell Edgar Diputra 1411086
It's soooooo coooool
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 5 dagar sedan
thens when you flick all them
Samurai lgcy
Samurai lgcy 5 dagar sedan
Barbara Ng
Barbara Ng 5 dagar sedan
😂😂😄this is so funny!
NIGGA BOI 5 dagar sedan
Atlas Mobile
Atlas Mobile 5 dagar sedan
Grian: I like the g Le me:I LIKE YA CUT G
Cobra Dragon54
Cobra Dragon54 6 dagar sedan
Grian, Grian. You should've made the house entirely out of glazed terracotta instead of concrete
ƏŘÑŞŢ ŠĒŘF 6 dagar sedan
Is it just me who likes this house??
JAMES ROBBINS 6 dagar sedan
I actually like it a lot!
Calvin Harman
Calvin Harman 6 dagar sedan
Dylan Bleignier-Baker
Dylan Bleignier-Baker 6 dagar sedan
I found your videos today and watchef a few videos and love your content :)
Barnaby 6 dagar sedan
Upside down stairs missing from roof overhang would’ve made Grian proof house perfect
Mr. Frog Man
Mr. Frog Man 6 dagar sedan
I actually like the mumbo proof house 😂😂😂
Kuutti Estlander
Kuutti Estlander 7 dagar sedan
I think i can improve on the uglyness
Angelo Furtado
Angelo Furtado 7 dagar sedan
I like the shape and colours house
Helmi Kerick
Helmi Kerick 7 dagar sedan
Nope Nope Nope Nope No!!!
Izzy O
Izzy O 7 dagar sedan
Grian: This is kinda anti everyone.... Me:likes it then hears him. Wow I really am weird
Zakcasipe1771 YT
Zakcasipe1771 YT 7 dagar sedan
The Fun Thing Is They Both Make A Proof of Them, But They Are Kinda Closed on The Hermitcraft and Real Life.
Fire Animation
Fire Animation 7 dagar sedan
I like the house
le viale
le viale 7 dagar sedan
Looks good to me
le viale
le viale 7 dagar sedan
But the interior...
Liam Harris
Liam Harris 7 dagar sedan
I love this house, seriously
Jackson Barnes
Jackson Barnes 7 dagar sedan
Bruh I can't build this and you call it "bad"?
Gmod gamer
Gmod gamer 7 dagar sedan
I like this house. Idk why.
Aardblei 7 dagar sedan
he dint bould that
D4RK Vanguard
D4RK Vanguard 7 dagar sedan
ngl I kinda like the outside loook of the mumbo proof house
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 8 dagar sedan
Iskall proof house: Just use diorite
Jeune compagnon
Jeune compagnon 8 dagar sedan
not gonna lie, i like it!
Samuel Graham
Samuel Graham 8 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie I kinda like it
HorseSporse 8 dagar sedan
orion Rey
orion Rey 8 dagar sedan
I really love this house but i would fix the anti mumbo stuff
Braden Knipp
Braden Knipp 8 dagar sedan
bruh I love that house...
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez 8 dagar sedan
13:00 Grian:Yessss! Pass your test Mumbo jum- *goes into white stuff* Grian:uhhhhhhhhhhh Me:😝😝😜😂😂😂😂
CharelZZ 8 dagar sedan
y'all listen to the man and subscribe!!
Sea Wei
Sea Wei 8 dagar sedan
Wizard Shark
Wizard Shark 8 dagar sedan
Grian: “He’s gonna be like ‘Whoah Grians amazing!’” Mumbo: “This can’t be Grians redstone...”
AeroFrancis 8 dagar sedan
When you actually like the house.......
Shayaan Tahir
Shayaan Tahir 8 dagar sedan
Hi Grian , love you grian, keep up the great worj
Ethan yang
Ethan yang 8 dagar sedan
actually kinda liked that house
Pug Nations I love pugs
I not gonna lie, I would like to live in this house
Marlon Games
Marlon Games 8 dagar sedan
I kinda really like the house
Doralee Gillet
Doralee Gillet 8 dagar sedan
Oscar Hansson
Oscar Hansson 8 dagar sedan
Good house
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad 8 dagar sedan
What's ghough?
Ben Amato
Ben Amato 8 dagar sedan
O like it any tutorial
Lawhee the One
Lawhee the One 8 dagar sedan
TS DEZ TROY 8 dagar sedan
I like the look of this house
jack stephens
jack stephens 9 dagar sedan
I like it
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