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My 2nd channel is better: selosk.info/class/video/fIqVs62d0mRqmJ8.html
Let me know what team I should try next weekend?!
TIKTOK - harryheskethh
Twitter: @harryhesketh
Instagram: @harryhesketh
My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc


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28 feb 2021



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Harry Hesketh
Harry Hesketh Månad sedan
Gonna start doin loads of little challenges on stream on PS, these 60 off stream each week are killing me atm might calm it a bit until TOTS (won’t effect number of uploads tho), what types of mini challenges yous wanna see?
konain Månad sedan
Do a fut champs weekend with a team which uses all of the hall of fame players from previous drafts
Antonio Riga
Antonio Riga Månad sedan
Yo go 30-0 with a full team of Harry’s. All of the players name have to be Harry
Berk Ergun
Berk Ergun Månad sedan
Champs with meme players (maguire Phil Jones akinfenwa wilfried bony lingard sokratis ... )
Gabrio Boninsegni
Gabrio Boninsegni 14 timmar sedan
È in vantaggio desailly
Rachel Ohare
Rachel Ohare 16 timmar sedan
Still not got an intro is an intro
Xuan Wang
Xuan Wang 19 timmar sedan
The guy at the 12th game has TOTY nominee Sabitzer. Wow. Just wow.
Pedro Navarro
Pedro Navarro 3 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you link griezzman and de jong
Gonçalo Silva
Gonçalo Silva 27 dagar sedan
11:59 só os portugueses vão perceber
Ryan Hewitt
Ryan Hewitt Månad sedan
didnt know michael scofield played fifa
Laysbtw Månad sedan
you can tell when he records vids at night
Tom Peacock
Tom Peacock Månad sedan
11 different card types
mason challinor
mason challinor Månad sedan
Is Harry always pissed in his videos?
Abdullah Ashraf
Abdullah Ashraf Månad sedan
How does he get a blue arrow
evangelino Månad sedan
In game camera settings?
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson Månad sedan
We’re u get ur under armour
Karl Laoun
Karl Laoun Månad sedan
psg past and present
BS 10
BS 10 Månad sedan
Win a draft by picking only the 1st player in every player pick.... that could be fun😄
Jp Thomson
Jp Thomson Månad sedan
Skill move @ 5:00 how do you do that??
Feature Media
Feature Media Månad sedan
i thought u were drunk lol
Ab Bhadmus
Ab Bhadmus Månad sedan
‘still not got an intro’ is his intro.
Ilan Greenberg
Ilan Greenberg Månad sedan
Do fut champs using fans teams
Tommy T
Tommy T Månad sedan
9:43 fair play to that lad
Tommy T
Tommy T Månad sedan
L R Månad sedan
That’s got to be the worst tshirt I’ve ever seen good vid tho
Elusive Max
Elusive Max Månad sedan
Use a full squad of Turkish luege team
Xola Magwaza
Xola Magwaza Månad sedan
What's the name of the song that comes on at 7:25?
The Dike Duguid Crew
I have a video idea: 30-0 with most underrated icons
Calum Brennan
Calum Brennan Månad sedan
How old were you when you realised that “I’ve stilllll not got an intro” is an intro😭
Kyle Månad sedan
When he gets that red error message the squares and he said connection is that the server problem or poor internet? Because I keep getting them and can’t tell if it’s my internet it fifa itself lol
Harvey Davies
Harvey Davies Månad sedan
do champs with every single draft hall of famer
Yxng Play
Yxng Play Månad sedan
Nice video
Nuno Gomes
Nuno Gomes Månad sedan
use a past and present benfica team! there are a lot of fifa gems who played for benfica. example: witzel flashack, renato sanches if or europa league, joao felix headliners... and the list goes on
Mattia Senigalliesi
Mattia Senigalliesi Månad sedan
16:16 wtf?
Tareq Shaban
Tareq Shaban Månad sedan
30-0 with all african players?? Samatta as the striker 💥
Joe 2
Joe 2 Månad sedan
Rune Grønbæk
Rune Grønbæk Månad sedan
Do a volley only draft Challenge
Ivano De Sa
Ivano De Sa Månad sedan
Go 30 and 0 with penalty shootouts only 👀
TEAM 4.1
TEAM 4.1 Månad sedan
Do fut champs but with players only born in December...?
Kevin Za
Kevin Za Månad sedan
Make a video with a controller POV
Omit Omiti
Omit Omiti Månad sedan
Do a WL with Mbape as your goalkeeper
CoopDawg Månad sedan
Managerial masterpiece Futchamps!!!
nfku11 Månad sedan
Carlo almost gets sacked they beat liverpool and southampton they win there game in hand they're in the top 4 "..he's brazilian he only cost 50 million!"
Vgoleador0211 Månad sedan
Do an ac Milan past and present fut champion
Michael Irvine
Michael Irvine Månad sedan
Do a fut draft sitting as far away from your screen as you can.
jay kemmery
jay kemmery Månad sedan
You should do the rugby challenge meaning the only way you can score/go foward is by passing backwards
Kalle Hänninen
Kalle Hänninen Månad sedan
Bro do AJAX past and present and put jari Litmanen in
Nt Pouro
Nt Pouro Månad sedan
30- 0 with a team of players from greece. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
Jack Duffy
Jack Duffy Månad sedan
do a draft but you can only pic the middle player selection
J3FREEZE Månad sedan
Your so good
Aadit Nistala
Aadit Nistala Månad sedan
use a random sbc solution as your champs squad
Charlie Boardman
Charlie Boardman Månad sedan
Best intro on SElosk oh wait he’s still not got one
Robertus Broadlygoat
i like ur hat bro where can i buy?
Mo2 Månad sedan
a few words to describe the man : Flawless- Effortless- Simple
Mati orlando
Mati orlando Månad sedan
Past and Present Bayern Munich team including Ribery and Robben etc.
Rishi Bagdai
Rishi Bagdai Månad sedan
do a fut champs with all of the Future Stars, but their non-special cards. (i.e their current gold cards)
•_••_• Månad sedan
How many coins do you have
Simon Jensen
Simon Jensen Månad sedan
Do a futchamps with full Arsenal team
חיים מרו
חיים מרו Månad sedan
How about 30-0 with a gold injury prone team?
Håvard Ørnhøi-Falnes
Use a full team of midfielders in fut champs
Abed Bshennati
Abed Bshennati Månad sedan
Lowest agility fut draft
Abed Bshennati
Abed Bshennati Månad sedan
Slowest fut draft
BOOGIE_ REAPER Månad sedan
When will you have this intro 😂😂
Molly HOBSON Månad sedan
you should do leeds united past and present
The Silent Gamer
The Silent Gamer Månad sedan
Do 30-0 with a combined Merseyside team max 83 rated with players from Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere rovers
James Umphlett
James Umphlett Månad sedan
do a draft/champs where you can only do a low driven shot
Delboy Jr
Delboy Jr Månad sedan
You should do a SBSD with Andy and have to use that team for the weekend and every game you lose you have to discard a player
Niko Kefa-loukos
Niko Kefa-loukos Månad sedan
Bernardo Silva was thereeeee 😭
S4H Månad sedan
Do fut champs with draft hall of fame
Azzam Abdurrahman
Azzam Abdurrahman Månad sedan
Please do a friendly match against boras
Ethan Connor
Ethan Connor Månad sedan
Yes Harry , do you know how to elastico cancel if you don’t you just do an elastico and then hold down L2 and R2
AbdulQadir Hamid
AbdulQadir Hamid Månad sedan
Do a fut draft with players that have the least amount of traits
Harley Playz
Harley Playz Månad sedan
Do a slowest reaction team
Gus Hollington
Gus Hollington Månad sedan
Why did he not pick Bernardo silva at 2:50
Shrey Zaveri
Shrey Zaveri Månad sedan
As a Liverpool fan harry being toxic to liverpool pains me
Gus Hollington
Gus Hollington Månad sedan
Can you do Arsenal past and present
Vincent Salerno
Vincent Salerno Månad sedan
Fun Fact: Harry deserves 1 million subscribers
Jonny Brereton
Jonny Brereton Månad sedan
Do fut champs challenge with a fut draft hall of fame team. Figure out who was the mvp of each draft challenge and stick them into a team
Luke Morris
Luke Morris Månad sedan
Win a draft playing brexit football
Izzy _Bk
Izzy _Bk Månad sedan
I spamed this so many times
Artie Lucke
Artie Lucke Månad sedan
I literally thought of this concept and then saw this video
Gio Angelinetta
Gio Angelinetta Månad sedan
Challenge idea: Harry does 22 player picks nah uses the players he gets to go 30-0
Felix Edman
Felix Edman Månad sedan
Do a 30-0 with a followers team
Jack Eagan
Jack Eagan Månad sedan
11 SEloskrs pick your draft and play with that team in fit champs
JJ Silver
JJ Silver Månad sedan
81+ Player Picks decide Harry's Champs Team!?
Kezza Månad sedan
Why you look like you’ve smoked about 5 joints before recording this
Saran Jayan
Saran Jayan Månad sedan
If I ever had won fut champions 30-0 with a bronze team I would be hiring people to market it all around the world. And look at this legend who never spoke about his victory of 30-0 with a bronze team instead kept talking about his penalty tutorial so that we all could learn it. What a Legend Harry is ❤️
Marlon Borges
Marlon Borges Månad sedan
Do a draft challenge with bearded players only
Alistair Sharkey
Alistair Sharkey Månad sedan
Is this a draft or a WL vid tho?...
Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brayden Harris
Brayden Harris Månad sedan
Next challenge: use the current TOTW for next fut champs
Chevi Rodríguez
Chevi Rodríguez Månad sedan
Bro use Past & present BARCELONA pls 🇪🇸❤️ vamoooooos Harryyy
Azeem Iqrah
Azeem Iqrah Månad sedan
9:05 too good
Olajide Omotoso
Olajide Omotoso Månad sedan
He said hopefully Salah doesn’t score tomorrow , and he didn’t actually score today 😂😂
John Nolan
John Nolan Månad sedan
Everton are rats. 5-3-2 lmfao
Ya dad Sells avon
Ya dad Sells avon Månad sedan
Past and present Tottenham players?
Unknown YT
Unknown YT Månad sedan
Incase you didn’t know he went 30-0 with a bronze team
Ethan Månad sedan
Aston Villa past and present ??
Ardi O'Riordan
Ardi O'Riordan Månad sedan
How do you do that skill at 9:48
Daniel Månad sedan
billy mitchel
billy mitchel Månad sedan
I'd appreciate it if you could check out this channel, BLTekkers great fifa content
Ahmed Elshenawi
Ahmed Elshenawi Månad sedan
Fut draft:- choose the player with the weakest foot in every pick
evolute Månad sedan
How do you do this 9:05