A photo booth where my dog can take selfies using her paw 

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Dogs! Selfies! Thousands of LEGO bricks! This video has it all. Sponsored by The LEGO Group. Learn more at lego.build/CommanderScraps (YAAAS THAT URL)
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🐾 places where Scraps posts things with her inaccurate paws 🐾
Every Day Calendar available for pre-order: simonegiertz.myshopify.com/
Thanks Yvette Solis for helping direct this video! www.yvettesolis.com
Thanks Anna Bresnahan for sewing the curtain for the photo booth!
Thanks PaulvilleMOCs for making the AMAZING Truckla diorama in the beginning of the video! paulvillemocs

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15 okt 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
zestyjester 6 minuter sedan
Scraps you’re doing great!
Ryan Amendt
Ryan Amendt 26 minuter sedan
Pavlov's photo booth.
studio rd
studio rd 41 minut sedan
AbFab! This was stupendous! Is 65 too old to start playing with Legos?
SteelAttorney 77
SteelAttorney 77 49 minuter sedan
I feel so bad for Scraps
Le Petit Lapin
Le Petit Lapin Timme sedan
I'd love to know who dislikes this and why. Its got Lego. Its got a cute 3 legged doggie. What more do you want?
xMheezy Timme sedan
aw I love Scraps
My Nontraditional Life
I love how at first, Scraps just laid down in the photo booth and made a really cute pose without pushing the button to take a photo.
Henry Maas
Henry Maas Timme sedan
So I don’t know if anyone here cares but then again this is a relatively nerdy crowd... I googled if you can sunburn your eyes. You can and it’s called photokeratitis
Holly Hayward
Holly Hayward Timme sedan
Nope, you’re not biased, Scraps is a super cute, super sweet doggo
Teri Scallon
Teri Scallon Timme sedan
Scarps...and you, are the cutest!
Mike Allberry
Mike Allberry 2 timmar sedan
Scraps is soo cute
Dutchy 2 timmar sedan
just keep being super awesome Simone, I love all the stuff you do, your videos are always a daybrightner! :D
Kha0sV4ktor 2 timmar sedan
are you intentionally or unintentionally so fucking entertaining?!
Jason Statham
Jason Statham 2 timmar sedan
John Krakatoa
John Krakatoa 2 timmar sedan
this video is winning internet on so many levels...!! Scraps is soooooooo cute :)
Philippe F4CZD
Philippe F4CZD 3 timmar sedan
Cutest dog ever! :-)
Snazzy Ms Breezy
Snazzy Ms Breezy 3 timmar sedan
This is so cute🖤
Mariana Leutwiler
Mariana Leutwiler 3 timmar sedan
Scraps is sooooo cute! And so smart as well! You seem a really good trainer :D
Robert Mcdonald
Robert Mcdonald 3 timmar sedan
❤ way too cute..... love the little truckla!
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor 3 timmar sedan
I have sun burnt my eyes. Actually it's the cornea that burns, and it hurts a lot.
Morgan LaVigne
Morgan LaVigne 3 timmar sedan
I am legit freaked out over how much I love Scraps.
Adam Iredale
Adam Iredale 3 timmar sedan
Simone, you are a unique and irreplaceable treasure.
Adam Iredale
Adam Iredale 4 timmar sedan
"It makes the camera push happen" - new slogan for some T-Shirt. Love it.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor 4 timmar sedan
If you were not you, who would you be?
toa scranill
toa scranill 4 timmar sedan
I'm so jealous of her
Camelopardis - The Green Giraffe
I think that's a weird video to watch as a first video of yours. But maybe that's just me.
Mike MacFarlane
Mike MacFarlane 4 timmar sedan
Scraps is so sweet she makes my fillings ache, and I’m a cat person!
Jon Schanz
Jon Schanz 4 timmar sedan
You should automate posting these photos to an IG account specifically for them. Same cute doggo getting treatos every day? Instant success.
fuduzan5562 4 timmar sedan
I can confirm, after watching this video I have no eye blisters. Thanks Scraps and Simone!
Robin Gallagher
Robin Gallagher 5 timmar sedan
Now I am happy.
Emil Larson
Emil Larson 5 timmar sedan
Du är så jävla cool!
Kevin Squire
Kevin Squire 5 timmar sedan
You're doing a great job Scraps!!! ( Simone, you're doing a pretty good job too :-D )
asclay2004 5 timmar sedan
you can totally sunburn your eyeballs
T3chnicolor 5 timmar sedan
Scraps is cute!
DasPikachu 5 timmar sedan
I swear you definitely got the second cutest dog on this planet! (the cutest is mine)
Tekno Logik
Tekno Logik 5 timmar sedan
cutest video on the innernets 10/10
Tekno Logik
Tekno Logik 5 timmar sedan
Danielle Whyte
Danielle Whyte 6 timmar sedan
Tin Tin and Snowy for Halloween?
Ella Shaffer
Ella Shaffer 6 timmar sedan
Omg on jerry Riggs everything is the Tesla cybertuck worth it video he zooms in at 7:41 and there’s truckla
Will Salmon
Will Salmon 6 timmar sedan
Screamer Chaotix
Screamer Chaotix 6 timmar sedan
302 people have no heart whatsoever.
Wilbert Birdner
Wilbert Birdner 6 timmar sedan
7:00 Is this what it feels like to be a 3d printer?
Vincent Paglia
Vincent Paglia 6 timmar sedan
Scraps is so smart!
Pemo 7 timmar sedan
Scaps is beautiful
Amitay Sussholz
Amitay Sussholz 7 timmar sedan
cutest doggy ^^
Erik Zirger
Erik Zirger 7 timmar sedan
Nope! Your not biased, scraps is really cute.
Glauco H
Glauco H 7 timmar sedan
15seconds bonus at the end of the video? How happier can this get? **snorts laughing** there you go
wood forge
wood forge 7 timmar sedan
this is AWESOME! I hope you're doing great in your new place!
chding zuure
chding zuure 8 timmar sedan
I didn't even know this level of wholesomeness was possible at this day and age.
PepperSafron 8 timmar sedan
scraps youre doing great
Jon Back's Creative Geek
I'm so envious of you right now.
E M 8 timmar sedan
What? I'm off to buy some Lego! The robotics variety. And that Lego Porsche while I'm there.
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp 8 timmar sedan
THIS IS ONE IF THE CUTEST THINGS OVE SEEN IN A WHILE THANK YOU (this definitely cured my depression and mental health thank u queen)
chding zuure
chding zuure 8 timmar sedan
thank you thank you thank you thank you for not saying 'Legos'
Abhinav Rajesh
Abhinav Rajesh 8 timmar sedan
i mean ev3 is better
Shannon O'Connell
Shannon O'Connell 9 timmar sedan
You are so delightful, smart and a great puppers momma!! That photo booth is amazing, James May should have it in his lego house he once built :)
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 9 timmar sedan
Ray Makowski
Ray Makowski 9 timmar sedan
on the one hand, you built a literal Skinner box for your dog on the other hand, we get cute pictures and dopamine out of it so i can't complain
Gianni Mura
Gianni Mura 10 timmar sedan
I don't know how many years ago I subbed to your channel. But I'm glad I did for this to pop up in my recommended
Tardis House Mafia
Tardis House Mafia 10 timmar sedan
Proud of you, son
Nick 11 timmar sedan
6:43 human 3D printer.
Frank Little
Frank Little 11 timmar sedan
OMG Scraps, best workshop dog ever! And that curtain nearly killed me with how cute it is.
kinggimped 11 timmar sedan
Dude, when the DOG PHOTOS sign lit up. Nice touch
ROHAN Killer
ROHAN Killer 11 timmar sedan
MrDinglebob 12 timmar sedan
My 6 year old daughter watched this with me and is now elbow deep in the Lego bin. :)
spyburn007 12 timmar sedan
Very cute doggo
The MetatronGirl
The MetatronGirl 12 timmar sedan
Scraps is absolutely adorable.
Keith Cassidy
Keith Cassidy 12 timmar sedan
thank you thank you thank you thank you for not saying 'Legos'
Gray Love
Gray Love 12 timmar sedan
You are my favourite person I'm so happy you exist and I get to see the things you do
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall 12 timmar sedan
Nope your are correct, scraps is so freaking cute!!
Blaire Bustillo
Blaire Bustillo 13 timmar sedan
You are a professional Lego builder now 😁😁😁👍👍
Les S
Les S 14 timmar sedan
I'm 52 and still have almost every Lego I have collected since I was 7 :). Wish I had some Mindstorms stuff.
maski 14 timmar sedan
I love U Simone!
Knock Out
Knock Out 15 timmar sedan
Thank you! Scraps is the cutest dog ever.
David Lindes
David Lindes 15 timmar sedan
7:40 - Yeah you are! Congrats on the new diamond/shop! I hope it polishes up well. :)
Sydney Bea
Sydney Bea 15 timmar sedan
Trust me, its not just you. Scraps might be the most adorable creature I have ever seen
Robyn Heeling
Robyn Heeling 15 timmar sedan
How can anybody dislikes this video?! It's just so cute! Also I really want to make one right now for my dog...
Jon Annett
Jon Annett 16 timmar sedan
i wish i knew a single person as true as you are. non stop love from canada!
grande jalapeno
grande jalapeno 17 timmar sedan
Logos and dog I like
Chellekathrynnn 17 timmar sedan
okay but where can i get one?
Zesty Aardvarks
Zesty Aardvarks 17 timmar sedan
I not only love the Doggo Photo Booth, but I also love the Lego Truckla
Patrick 17 timmar sedan
Who's a good dog? Scraps, that's who!
Aahil Nasir
Aahil Nasir 17 timmar sedan
How long did it take you to make this ?
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 17 timmar sedan
Nipplepotamus 18 timmar sedan
Just saying from experience, the best work break is one you have your dog available for. Having my Tucker at my side makes a break at least 2x as refreshing.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 17 timmar sedan
Should’ve made it so it throws the treat to her and takes the pic while she catches it
Marc T
Marc T 18 timmar sedan
I used to like your channel (with the boat and everything ...you rip my heart with your story)... California is a scam, go away from this vampire place. It's not your profession, they pay you because they think your viewership like lego ... go away. I will never buy lego ever
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 19 timmar sedan
And here I am thinking the three left over LEGO pieces I stuck together looked neat lmao Scraps you’re doing great!
Rob Bennett
Rob Bennett 19 timmar sedan
so gooood!!
Worried Peg
Worried Peg 19 timmar sedan
I would say invite OfflineTV's robodog but it might destroy the legos
Kay Denny
Kay Denny 19 timmar sedan
As someone who has recently sunburned on their eyeballs, you can get sunburnt on your eyeballs.
1776 19 timmar sedan
I'm so jealous of you right now.
gc 19 timmar sedan
Its female liam that's actually crazy
Allen 19 timmar sedan
OMG WORKSHOP!!! And Scraps, I can't even!
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis 20 timmar sedan
Yay Scraps! Congrats on the new shop! I am so jealous of you right now 😉
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson 20 timmar sedan
You can get a sunburn on you eye, it’s called being temporarily blind. How do I know, being a moron and looking at the sun
DemonChief 117
DemonChief 117 20 timmar sedan
The best good boy SCRAPS
superdooper 20 timmar sedan
Wow that mindstorms lego pack is $550 dollars here (AUS) * passes out * it's so cool though I wish I could play with one!
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta 20 timmar sedan
Love your sense of humor. You be you, and we'll all keep watching!
superdooper 20 timmar sedan
Cute dog, cute owner? * Clicks like. *
Wyatt S
Wyatt S 20 timmar sedan
Should’ve made it so it throws the treat to her and takes the pic while she catches it
Youtube User
Youtube User 20 timmar sedan
Katie Stevenson
Katie Stevenson 21 timme sedan
Scraps, you're such a menace! Just... outta control! *Kidding* ❤️
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