How THIS aircraft could revolutionise Aviation! 

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In 2017 a very strange looking aircraft was photographed for the very first time. It looked like something straight out of science fiction or a love-child between a Zeppelin and a Glider.
This week we have learned that this aircraft is called the Otto Celera 500L and it packs some TRULY amazing performance figures.
In this episode I will explain how the Celera 500L can do what it claims it can and how, if this is accurate, it could revolutionise a part of the Aviation business that has been dying for years.
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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
Otto Aviation website:
Mdx Media (Celera 500 teaser)
Related sources:

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18 sep 2020



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Carlos Modena
Carlos Modena 17 timmar sedan
Curious to know if this model could be scale down in a 2 or 4-seat plane for personal use... Happy birthday!
MORTIMER SCHNERD 2 dagar sedan
For those interested in this concept search "raptor aircraft" for another angle on this idea.
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers 2 dagar sedan
Sry if this is rude because I don’t know shit about this stuff but this whole “fuel economy” reminds me of cars when it says “Fuel efficient” as a marketing plan to make a car affordable for poor people. I feel this is the same case. When it comes to cars, obviously a 20 mph car is going to have higher MPG because your car consumes less fuel thus fewer refill trips thus saving money hence “fuel efficient” but you might as well walk because it’s FREE so you’re saving money. But I’m focusing on the TIME it takes to get from Point A to B. How fast can you get there? Fuel efficient, Fuel economy. All this term, it irks me. What matters to me is How fast a commercial plane get from Point A to B. From NY to LA. Can you get there faster than other planes?
bart eleveld
bart eleveld 2 dagar sedan
These operating costs don't include the cost of hiring a pilot, which in an airliner is spread over many more passengers.
etmax1 2 dagar sedan
I love those dogs, I can see them thinking "does he have to talk with his hands" :-)
aoabali 3 dagar sedan
I am kinda surprised that it isn't a canard...
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 4 dagar sedan
Fall of the bus airliner and rise of the taxi Celera.
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 4 dagar sedan
Beautifully silent video about two dogs napping ruined by the man in the middle babbling.
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 4 dagar sedan
Sounds like two six-cylinder engines welded together.
Peter J. Taylor
Peter J. Taylor 4 dagar sedan
Fabulous design, everything about the airplane as advised is groundbreaking and fantastic just cannot wait to experience it for real, congratulations to Otto and his team for getting it right its not the look its the comfort and cost quadrants in all facets when totalled up that make the airplane, the numbers are just outstanding and out of this world when considered against existing exec jets, expect the 2nd hand jet market to be flooded with trade ins as owners ditch their existing gas guzzling inefficiencies for the new state of the art air plane with jet like performance.... the future has arrived just imagine a double engined unit with twin propellered pushing a unit ... you would break the sound barrier all but.
Mark Koons
Mark Koons 6 dagar sedan
Exciting report. Aviation need what these craft promise. Thank you.
cesar brown
cesar brown 7 dagar sedan
What you give the dogs lol
Archie Davis
Archie Davis 7 dagar sedan
And yet, not one mention of Vincent Burnelli..... just one more group to steal the coins off of a dead man's eyes...... no better than theFDR Gov't or the CHICOMs, not any difference between Deep State and Communist Chinese..... intellectual property don't mean shiite to either group....and apparently not to these 'borrowers' of a man's engineering genius.... w/o an acknowledgment in speaking of laminar flow or Burnelli lift principles... Laws. Clinton's stole more from the Patents Office than the Chinese ever 'hacked'
Leigh Taylor
Leigh Taylor 7 dagar sedan
The rear stabilizer looks like the wing of a Spitfire. Hooray for R.J. Mitchell!
Leigh Taylor
Leigh Taylor 7 dagar sedan
Love the dogs.
wits2014 8 dagar sedan
how much does that 12 cylinder engine weigh?
Al Rats
Al Rats 8 dagar sedan
They should have fitted it with an electric motor from day one. Electric vehicles need to be built to be electric from the ground up; not retrofitted as an afterthought. That would have made it much more energy and cost efficient.
Gui Eggert
Gui Eggert 8 dagar sedan
If you put an electric motor on that thing with top class batteries, like the Tesla 4680 cell, this plane could probably fly close to 1k miles on electric power. That would be a huge deal. Small families could travel inter Europe in a private flight for the same price or cheaper than a commercial jet.
Marc Vivier
Marc Vivier 8 dagar sedan
Excellent plane !! :)
Paul D
Paul D 9 dagar sedan
It looks like the SciFi designers from the 1940s may have been onto something.
weirdguy564 9 dagar sedan
I work in business jets. Affording planes to fly has a lot of options. Most private jets are actually NOT owned by the VIP passenger. Most of them are rental jets, such as NetJets who own thousands of private jets and rent them out to modestly rich companies or people on contract. The other way to own a private plane is to join a time-share group. Your company can't afford a jet? No problem. Neither can the other companies around you in town. But if you go talk to those companies in your town you can join together and start a jointly owned flight department that serves all of the companies that signed up.
M. Djervig
M. Djervig 9 dagar sedan
I don't know much about aviation, but I am also an out of the box thinker, and it strikes me that you could still increase the capacity without losing laminar flow by making it into twin fuselage aircraft (had to look that word up). I imagine a spacing between the two fuselages that would still allow laminar flow could be obtained.
Freddo Flintstono
Freddo Flintstono 9 dagar sedan
Airlines may fight like maniacs preventing this from certifying as these could seriously cannibalise what's left of their business - unless they do this themselves.
Lemonjelli 10 dagar sedan
Lol the dog in the back licking the couch
Bak Mir
Bak Mir 10 dagar sedan
@Mentor Pilot I've long wondered how it is that some airplanes have incredibly skinny wings that seem to have inadequate surface-area, to generate the lift necessary for the plane's size, especially the Bombardier a400, and now this one. But the bombarider case is just like having no wings, and if its possible to do that, why don't more maufacturers do it, to reduce weight, drag, etc
J.P. Sayer
J.P. Sayer 10 dagar sedan
A bullet with butterfly wings maybe?
Furry Rug
Furry Rug 11 dagar sedan
Really interesting & well explained
Fernando Nuno Gonçalves
This plane can glide for 250 Km, from an altitude of 10 0000 meters, if I´m not wrong (better than a nomal glider). The fuel tank is not on the wings. The engine costs 170 000 USD.
Miguel Ángel Vaquero López
Amazing. Very excited about it
Toby Paramor
Toby Paramor 14 dagar sedan
hey Mr Mentour, now i think you are very aware..but as an apprehensive nervous regular business flyer, here in spain, ive come across a fair few ryanair teenagers otherwise ostensibly at the controls of the 737-800 do you reckon that this is a sensible strategy of safety?
Toby Paramor
Toby Paramor 14 dagar sedan
well said and remarkably well articulated mate.
Minnesnowtan 15 dagar sedan
I do not mind a large airport or other passengers, I hate the TSA, Theatrical Security Actors (in USA Airports). They have wasted my time, been arrogant and abrasive, caused me to miss a flight because they cause huge lines that need not exist if we let Israelis train better people to do real security. I would rather take a DA-42 globally than have to deal with TSA. As for turning 39, I now use hexadecimal for my age and it helps me feel younger.
wjha NN
wjha NN 15 dagar sedan
Well I think there are some two points to discuss: - the power numbers of that engine for me seem not high. An average car today has much more. - combustion engines normally blamed to be maintenance intensive in comparison to jet engines. What about that?
Douglas Mark
Douglas Mark 15 dagar sedan
This highly efficient design and shape should make this ideal for a future battery-powered electric version for shorter flights.
TMB247 16 dagar sedan
Every Statement is TRUE as long as "could" or "if" is contained in the Statement
Bak Mir
Bak Mir 9 dagar sedan
@TMB247 good one ;)
TMB247 9 dagar sedan
@Bak Mir I could if you really want me to
Bak Mir
Bak Mir 10 dagar sedan
Could you please explain if thats true?
Marco Ulisse Scarì
Marco Ulisse Scarì 16 dagar sedan
Not as advanced, but the Piaggio Avanti has some of the same advantages
Ken Bellchambers
Ken Bellchambers 16 dagar sedan
I am so delighted to see your new orientation Mentour. You will find many opportunities by leaving the behemoths that are wrecking the planet aside and finding new low pollution planes. I warmly recommend that you concentrate on learning everything possible about the new emerging electric aircraft. For example, Celera could possible be powered by an Alice electric motor. The entire new electric aircraft industry needs to have people like you to teach new pilots, and help to coalesce the emerging technologies into the best possible high speed electric aircraft. Much needs to be done in making aircraft bodies photo electric as well as structural. The wings have vast areas for solar cells for example. Solar cells are rapidly improving by leaps and bounds as are batteries. And the counterforces developed by moving fluids and gasses have much potential also. For example, a canoe can move upstream alongside rapidly flowing water by using the counter-revolutionary vortices produced by flowing water. I have done this, and it is amazing. Also, there are very likely simple ways to use 'regenerative braking' techniques on aircraft to improve performance. I hope you will become a master proponent of electric flight, and I wish you great success. I am so overwhelmed to see the wonderful azure blue skies after decades of jet smog. Blessings to you.
Scott FW
Scott FW 16 dagar sedan
Given how content the dogs are while their 'dog dad' is talking aviation, I'm guessing he is quite content to talk aviation, as additionally evidenced by the slogan on the shirt. :)
Daniel CH
Daniel CH 17 dagar sedan
UBER Air. Those pilots on furlough ... your jobs are never coming back. In five years, you would be demoted to air-taxi-driver at 50% of the salary you get now.
Tony Fabris
Tony Fabris 18 dagar sedan
Nice video...👍 How about having the surface of the aeroplane with dimples like a golf ball to reduce turbulence and drag. It has worked for golf 🏌️‍♂️ ...! Ciao 👋
Leslie Isgrigg
Leslie Isgrigg 18 dagar sedan
Go for it, bring them in to be demoed, user trials, and reviewed. Just show it !
tommy fred
tommy fred 19 dagar sedan
came for the aircraft stayed for the woofs :)
Roger Barton
Roger Barton 19 dagar sedan
I'm interested in the redundancy he mentioned when discussing the engine, there must be only a few instances where half the engine can run if there's a fault in the other half. Assuming it has a common crankshaft then a big end, little end or ring failure will affect the whole engine. Again if a valve seized on one side it could damage the timing train (gears/belt/chain - whatever), so again both halves would be affected. I gather it's a compression ignition engine, so hopefully each bank has its own fuel system. I like the way they've made it easily convertible to electric though, nice forward thinking.
Roger Barton
Roger Barton 18 dagar sedan
@Leslie Isgrigg I understand you can "switch off" part of an engine to save fuel, they did that on cars in WW2 by removing a couple of pistons & conrods and putting some sort of clamp round the journals to stop oil spurting out. If say a big end fails then it will still be rattling round whether that cylinder is switched off or not. A piston seizure would stop the whole engine.
Leslie Isgrigg
Leslie Isgrigg 18 dagar sedan
We have engines out there that manage a cylinder, most of the time it is to sleep a pair or group cylinders. I am sure that with little effort they could adapt an ICE to manage the other key components of an ICE to allow it to truly sleep a cylinder and allow the valves to sleep as well. This is no small feat, it means the valve train is driven by a controller allowing valves to sleep in proper sync to the cam and crankshaft. That works for one to many cylinders. That technique and overdrive management are a powerful team for carbon reduction.
Mauro Rossini
Mauro Rossini 19 dagar sedan
Sounds pretty much like NIKOLA...If I remember this kind of things is called 'Selling Snake Oil' in the USA.
Glen Court
Glen Court 19 dagar sedan
Cheers mate. How does it spin?
Ace Montecalvo
Ace Montecalvo 20 dagar sedan
Looks like piaggio avanti
Lazarus 21 dag sedan
Experimental on it's way
XYZ AERO 21 dag sedan
Thank you for the very informative video.
XYZ AERO 21 dag sedan
Once they comply with all certification requirements it will cost 2 million Dollars or more and it will half the performance numbers. There is no revolution, just evolution in aviation. I gutes it's the same scam like the eclipse 500 and all these other hot air promises.
XYZ AERO 21 dag sedan
The Piaggio Avanti used the very same principles in the early to mid 80s.
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 21 dag sedan
Yes, please!
sparkey 22 dagar sedan
Thats a good plane. Hopefully enough people will be able to use this plane, to make it fly. I am thinking sports teams, high value executives, and some of the people who routinely fly first class, There may also be some wealthy people who decide to be more environmentally conscious and trade there jet in for one of these.
Tim 22 dagar sedan
I hope to see the larger version on small commuter airlines at some point! It looked like it could hold around 20-30 people, much better replacement for the king airs
Philip Thompson
Philip Thompson 22 dagar sedan
I lost the thread once the cute dogs woke up
korinogaro1988 22 dagar sedan
I can't believe that Boeing etc. didn't US AI supported design flow to achieve this already. Like... WTH.
S lam
S lam 22 dagar sedan
I shared this video with Mike Patey, builder of Draco highly modified Wilga with a 680hp turboprop and Turbulence race plane. Draco is a 3600lb aircraft that is airborne in 106ft and land in 102ft. Mike has his own SElosk channel and is nearly done building "Scrappy", a 13L 8 cylinder Lycoming powered Cub bush plane.
S lam
S lam 21 dag sedan
@Lazarus Draco is dismantled and in storage. Mike has another Wilga he calls his "blank slate" upon which to build Draco 2 using parts he can save from the original. Thanks for knowing about the accident. I have watched the build of "Scrappy" which is near completion just 50 miles from my home.
Lazarus 21 dag sedan
Draco is no more
Arno Gammond
Arno Gammond 23 dagar sedan
Those are some very lazy dogs. They slept through the whole thing.
PHXKOPRITI 23 dagar sedan
Forget the plane, I can't afford one... so Where can I get those stuffed doggies? They look very realistic!
Christian Lords
Christian Lords 23 dagar sedan
i turned it off at "Electric" i am a pilot, and i will never fly an electric airplane. kidding me?
AnotherReincarnation 23 dagar sedan
Tuna plane
Jose Revilla
Jose Revilla 23 dagar sedan
7:40 King of the sleeping Dogs
Fenix Yuk
Fenix Yuk 23 dagar sedan
i felt being scammed when someone sad his diesel piston is simpler to maintain and more efficient then a jet
Zener Stanfill
Zener Stanfill 23 dagar sedan
Why do the wings appear much smaller than they should be? Why do the wings seem to be set back much further than they should be? Does the fuselage have any lifting body effect? -- Beyond that of more traditional aircraft? Any data on how well this plane would glide without engine power? Any data on how easy this plane is to fly in comparison to other small prop driven aircraft? Would a pilot need a more advanced licence than that of other small aircraft to fly this plane? Great video thanks!! :~)
Gran76 Torino
Gran76 Torino 24 dagar sedan
Good information but he smacks his lips way to much. Look up misophonia
Eric Hung
Eric Hung 24 dagar sedan
Are your two pet dogs being bored by your explaining the dynamics of flight 🤣?
superdau 24 dagar sedan
What about the noise? Aren't pusher props really noisy because they get "dirty" air from the wings/rudder in front of them?
Manix Burn
Manix Burn 24 dagar sedan
Landing without gear would be pretty bad with this design... True that the increase of pilot job is amazing.
Aircraft Partner
Aircraft Partner 24 dagar sedan
So much to break down in this video. Fact and fiction is about 50/50. I will believe the aircraft specs when I see it!! But honestly sounds to good to be true. A 500hp diesel V8 pushing the airplane 400kt with 6pax. More reliable then a turboprop or turbine, no way!! Cheaper, also no-way. Aircraft cost calculations are not only the fuel burn costs, that is only one part.... not sure how brilliant would sponsor such misinformation. My favorite part, is the end about low time pilots flying single pilot ops😂😂 obviously no idea how it is to fly a single pilot aircraft like starship, CJ, PC12, kingair😂😂 requires lots of skills especially in dynamic environments. Airline pilots and their ego. Bigger does not mean harder. Multi-crew flying is generally easier then single pilot, especially with jet performance this is why single pilot type ratings are more difficult to achieve then multi-crew in the same type.
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott 24 dagar sedan
Tesla should buy it.
Антон Полежнев
Its obvious, you can fit more then 6 people in there, if u run a lowcoaster airline...
CantoraMask 24 dagar sedan
Efficiency goes up, cost comes down, usage sky-rockets. So usage would need to go up 6 fold to have a similar impact on the environment as current small jets. Putting electric it hybrid in would be great
True That
True That 24 dagar sedan
If laminar flow (friction) is the problem, then all surface skin should be Teflon coated (instead of painted) at the factory. Then you will have a plane that slips through the air, instead of flying through the air...
masonryjoe 25 dagar sedan
So when will we see these flying around ?
MyName Here
MyName Here 25 dagar sedan
Google “inca planes” toys looks very close to this shape. Even wings and tail are same. How it possible?
Business Jet Guru
Business Jet Guru 25 dagar sedan
I am an aircraft designer, with a Master’s degree in applied aeronautics from Cranfield University. The Challenger 300/350 was my first design. Laminar flow is not new. Pusher designs aren’t either. This design is limited by it’s cabin cross-section, which must be pushed through the air by the engine. We reduce airframe drag using laminar flow and area ruling. This aircraft has absolutely no features that are unique, or that hasn’t been tried before. For the best pusher, laminar flow design, look at the Bill Lear designed Piaggio Avanti! Their numbers simply don’t add-up, from an analytical stand-point. The efficiency increases they are boasting would have been achieved decades ago, were their numbers credible. The first numbers that will start to drop, in flight test, will be the speed, and the range. I’ve worked with the best aerodynamicists in the world, and they agRee with me that this design can only work if you ignore the laws of physics!
Lord Lucy
Lord Lucy 25 dagar sedan
Dude... Did you drug your dogs?
XRP 747E
XRP 747E 25 dagar sedan
Laminar flowing video - no drag whatsoever. Incredible stuff. Always beautifully done. Your two assistants did brilliantly too!
jason berry
jason berry 25 dagar sedan
Look man. This video may be good. But, the first 2 minutes is a commercial of you promoting a sponsor. The moment your personal commercial ends the video goes to ads. I get you need to make money, but I'm now 5 minutes into a video and haven't seen anything except ads (yes, I could skip ther SElosk ads). I never made it to your actual video out of annoyance.
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn 25 dagar sedan
It's great to see some innovation in an otherwise stagnant industry. I hope this succeeds.
Rob Gifford
Rob Gifford 25 dagar sedan
Very informative and interesting vid. The future is always exciting.
Craig Appleton
Craig Appleton 25 dagar sedan
Surely the viscocity would decrease with increasing altitude, therefore you could make a bigger aircraft with laminar flow, if it just flies higher.
Chris Toney
Chris Toney 25 dagar sedan
Can you compare this to the XB-42? I don't believe this design is new or revolutionary. I believe it's based upon a decades old design. "The Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster was an experimental bomber aircraft, designed for a high top speed."
Jack Schulte
Jack Schulte 25 dagar sedan
I'm inclined to say I'll believe it when I see it. Half the pitches made by the company don't sound like they add up... A few things to note: 1. The Red A03 is not really a new engine. It's been used in several other aircraft for years. Variants of the old Yak-52 have even been known to use it. 2. Laminar flow is not a novel concept. Preventing laminar flow from becoming turbulent flow has been a drag-reducing technique since at least the 1940s. The first "laminar-flow" wing was the wing of the famous P-51 mustang. To say that this is a cutting edge technology is at best a stretch. 3. It's not scalable. For just 6 people, $132 per flight hour might still be a lot if you need to travel very far (the 4000nm range can only be achieved at low speeds, less speed = greater time in the air). Additionally, is it worth saving $200 for if it takes you 10 hours instead of 5 to go from NY to California? All this is even worse if you're an executive who will be travelling alone and has that extra money to spend. I also doubt they factored in paying a pilot when they did the calculations. 4. This is a start up, and the designer, while perhaps a smart fellow, seems to have little experience with Aerodynamics, much less anything approaching a degree in any kind of aerospace discipline.
Donald Hines
Donald Hines 25 dagar sedan
How insensitive of you. Dressing up your set with dead Poodles. 😂🤪
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 25 dagar sedan
Oh they are very much alive.. they are just bored whenever I speak about aviation, it’s like a lullaby for them
James Walker
James Walker 26 dagar sedan
So this one is an advance of the design of the last Lear that hangs in the museum of flight in Seattle, the 2100...
Bard 26 dagar sedan
Great analysis. It shows that you really care and think about the ways that air travel can benefit the economy and small communities.
Rasmus Palazzi
Rasmus Palazzi 26 dagar sedan
I want it to work, but I doubt it. I can’t get my head around the numbers, but it can ofc be that noone except them have. I work with numbers and big data, but I am no Otto...so let’s hope he proves me wrong 🙂 If true it will be as innovative as hyperloop (technically that is) for ground transport, or hydrofoils on boats/watercraft. I see no reason why this shouldnt be fitted with a hybrid drive-train right from the start, if they have another 5-6 years to work on it. Based on the numbers presented it should be enough with a current Tesla 3-battery to support the engine for the full range. For a car a hybrid solution (not PHEV) reduce cost with 40-55%. The study that Pipistrel worked on for the Panthera (supported by the EU) found similar numbers to be valid for aviation. In 5-6 years such a battery is probably lighter than today (guessing 350kg) and cheaper (maybe doesnt matter on an aircraft). You can reduce the size of the fuel tanks and get rid of some fuel. I doubt that +300kg would hurt the efficiency. All of a sudden you are down to sub 200$/hour. Otto is, if sucessfull, a winner if their patents can withstand infringements. But the real winner would be the first Air Taxi-company with a sizeble fleet of Celeras. Nothing would be easier than to get investors to support such and operation, especially post Corona.
Una Salus Victis
Una Salus Victis 26 dagar sedan
air is a fluid.... but ten, so are cats...
Airline Secret
Airline Secret 26 dagar sedan
Yep it used to be called a Comet
Quiet Corner
Quiet Corner 26 dagar sedan
I could see this, where I come from, someone would hire this to fly them from Blaine, MN up north to Ely, MN near the Boundary Waters or, where I live now, from Germany to a small town at a remote lake in Finland.
Air Dad
Air Dad 26 dagar sedan
It has a complicated diesel engine that is unproven. Certification costs so much that it's not going to happen. Just look at all the great aircraft ideas that have ended up not getting done because of money. Elon Musk is the only guy who could make it happen.
Jaroslaw Kalinowski
Jaroslaw Kalinowski 26 dagar sedan
Why not give also kilometers when talking about nautical miles ??? Really cant get this philosophy!
Olzhas Bekzhanov
Olzhas Bekzhanov 26 dagar sedan
FAA will not allow too many aircrafts to be in air taxi GA I think
Mark Cors
Mark Cors 26 dagar sedan
Thanks! game changing aircraft.
bitukukuasukgremany3 26 dagar sedan
How much NyQuil did he give these dogs :D
Waterworld 360
Waterworld 360 27 dagar sedan
The engine is the only downside to this endeavor, this plane would be much more efficient with a 21st Century engine design. Like an engine that could produce 800+ HP and only weigh 150 lbs.
World Peace
World Peace 27 dagar sedan
The dogs don’t care..yet that was interesting ..but with those figures I really wonder about use of an electric engine option.
Civil 27 dagar sedan
Can l have a window seat...
Alex Rubio
Alex Rubio 27 dagar sedan
Meredith effect cooling radiators and laminar flow; 1940´s ideas. I saw the future, and was in the seventies; don´t be such as ingenuous, guys... "Nihil novum sub sole"
GRAND HIT GAMING 27 dagar sedan
Looks like a big bomb and would probably drop from the sky like one.
Pike Fight 2020 - Episode 2
Pike Fight 2020 - Episode 2