How Oak Trees Manipulate Squirrels To Abandon Their Acorns 

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Oak Trees use a form of predator satiation during "mast years" to ensure squirrels leave some of the caches behind.
Here's the Numberphile video about cicadas:
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3 sep 2020



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Steve Mould
Steve Mould Månad sedan
A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail can be found here: festivalofthespokennerd.com/podcast/ or just search for it in your podcast app. Here it is as a SElosk channel: selosk.info/name/yh0rBcUGZ9T4IUt6VCA5Cw
Maximus CiD
Maximus CiD 11 dagar sedan
Please make Videos with them instead of a podcast(or both) I really like the stuff with you and Matt - would really like to see more!
5kehhn 24 dagar sedan
Sounds viable.
Steve Mould
Steve Mould Månad sedan
@Indigo Fenix I mean, I agree. I'm just angry I didn't make the joke myself.
TheaDragonSpirit Månad sedan
@Indigo Fenix Ha, I have no clue what you're talking about? Maybe you could explain it to me in a nutshell?
Indigo Fenix
Indigo Fenix Månad sedan
A podcast about casting pods, eh? Because seeds...come in pods...oh come on, it's funny!
Martin Downey
Martin Downey 3 timmar sedan
Excellent. Surpluses relieve us all from inconvenient thought. If I were a squirrel, and let's face it, those fuckers are there to make us think these thoughts, a bounty of nuts would fill me with disturbing thoughts. Not assuaged by the fucking squirrel burying as much as it could, I might wonder if the squirrel takes the air and wonders why he/she he will bury more nuts than he/she can remember.
MrSaemichlaus 12 timmar sedan
Squirrels are orchard gardeners.
James 12 timmar sedan
Never seen a green acorn
Jared Gray
Jared Gray Dag sedan
Ha, I love your videos Steve! Such a great mind
DoubleBeryl Dag sedan
Jim Melnyk
Jim Melnyk Dag sedan
Last week I was talking to one of my neighbors. She was telling me about all the pine cones that have fallen around their summer home in Maine, USA. I told her about having recently watched this video about mast years for oak trees. So, her comment about the excessive amount of pine cones this year, and your video about oak trees, raises a question. Do coniferous trees also have mast years? If so, are they also on a five(ish)-year cycle?
Mark sIlva
Mark sIlva 2 dagar sedan
How does you sub count match your views
Mary 2 dagar sedan
Why would anyone downgrade this video? It's very interesting.
Jos Eas
Jos Eas 2 dagar sedan
Wow. I wasn't aware trees did this. Amazing.
If you don't eat your Jam Cold I dont want to talk.
Is this why this year there where Like A few thousand Acorns on my driveway
Chris G
Chris G 3 dagar sedan
There's definitely a mast year here (Oxfordshire UK), and the ground immediately round oak trees is unusually thick with acorns that simply aren't being cached at all, at least not up till now (mid October). Steve's predator satiation argument however depends on squirrels working overtime to cache them far from the tree, and making more caches than they can revisit and use up in the following months. Any proof that this is what's actually happening? What's the point of caches anyway, except to hide the food from other predators. Maybe no point if there's a glut.
Jack O'Shran
Jack O'Shran 3 dagar sedan
It's strange to think about a tree having a type of intelligence or thinking about how a tree even comprehends the existence of a squirrel.
Dale Schultz
Dale Schultz Dag sedan
they don't. It is just that by having that behavior, they survived better, thus passing on the genes that cause that behavior better than other trees. That is how natural selection works, the trees that did not do this, did not do as well and those gene lines perished.
traida111 3 dagar sedan
The chemical signalling underground is done by fungus. Some tree's with little water can be sent water from others trees, they communicate through the mycelial network. But this is not scientifically proven yet.
M L 4 dagar sedan
His voice is so charming. I enjoying hearing his explanations of things. I bet he was a great teacher.
Pablo avila
Pablo avila 4 dagar sedan
I was wounding how they could cordinate something like that
puj420 4 dagar sedan
A funny thought, Our chestnut tree was putting off a strange amount of nuts this year, so i went over to the oak trees to see if they were having a mast year, and sure enough... wasnt surprised to see that theres way more acorns than usual too...
Eat Your Soul The Num nums
Manipulate is an interesting interpretation.
Charles Fricke
Charles Fricke 5 dagar sedan
Squirrels are awesome for babies I love squirrels
Tockbick G
Tockbick G 5 dagar sedan
are the trees even aware that animals spread their seeds ?
Adventure Fighter
Adventure Fighter 5 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Apples (and other types of fruits, etc) are meant to be rotten and decomposed despite it looking like the tree is taking care of it.
Ion Ymous
Ion Ymous 5 dagar sedan
I feel like planting an acorn just out of respect
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies 5 dagar sedan
Why is he pronouncing bury like that.
dani Nathan
dani Nathan 5 dagar sedan
Bro nature is smart as hell... we gotta be careful they evolving.
Mike V
Mike V 6 dagar sedan
Pecan trees do the same thing, perhaps for the same reason.
Narinjas 6 dagar sedan
Do the trees have a chemical timer? That has a apecific reaction once in 5 years? And the tree uses the signal to boost production?
San b
San b 6 dagar sedan
So you mean that tree have more intelligence then some nation drope nukes on other nation ?
RC team
RC team 7 dagar sedan
Just like our government doing to us.
falfield 7 dagar sedan
Are you sure of your facts? I understood that squirrels bite out the growing point of acorns as they bury them, so they rot if forgot. And it is jays, who also bury acorns (but intact) who are the real vectors of spread.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 7 dagar sedan
I pray for the day that all species can coexist peacefully.
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 7 dagar sedan
Which really can't happen. Predators need prey to survive and as such cannot coexist peacefully with their prey. There may be a day where humans can coexist peacefully with all species however.
Matt Regan
Matt Regan 7 dagar sedan
The pin oak in my yard has only had one mast year in the 11 years I've lived in my current house. Every year, the tree drops thousands and thousands of acorns. But that one year it dropped an insane amount of acorns. I literally was scooping them into bags with a snow shovel. They were rolling down this hill and piling up against my fence at least 18" deep. I probably cleaned-up 100 lbs of acorns that fall in heavy duty contractor bags. I had never seen this happen before and wasn't yet familiar with the "mast year" concept. The tree had been harshly pruned by the the electrical utility company earlier that year (about 30% of the limbs were cut off). I assumed the massive amt of acorns was due to the pruning "trauma" and that the tree was assuming it was going to die soon and therefore was making one last ditch effort to reproduce.
Victor Svolgaard
Victor Svolgaard 7 dagar sedan
None of us searched for this
Daniel Galan
Daniel Galan 7 dagar sedan
At 3:20 full of the 3 f’s feeding fighting and fu- ‘mating’ 😂
Moonstar 8 dagar sedan
I assume it is in the pollen. Maybe the pollen every few years becomes SuperPollen and causes a mast year
LeonardOutdoors_NM 8 dagar sedan
"Nuttier than a squirrel turd".
Bubblegum 8 dagar sedan
The cemetery i live near is a nature preserve. Theres so many trees, in the fall i literally slip on the acorns like marbles in a movie
Bubblegum 8 dagar sedan
I love acorns. Theres so many up there i bring a pocket full back to give to the squirrels that live in my yard
Bubblegum 8 dagar sedan
Imagine crossbreeding an oak tree with a pine tree. Somehow ending up with an evergreen tree that makes acorns instead of pinecones. That would be interesting
Jaiyank Saxena
Jaiyank Saxena 9 dagar sedan
so what you are saying is, an oak tree is smarter than me?
Bubblegum Lightsaber
Bubblegum Lightsaber 9 dagar sedan
The "mast year" thing might explain why I've lived in this particular area for four years, never noticed any acorns on the ground for the first two years, but last year it was like ACORNS *E V E R Y W H E R E*
Duran McLemore
Duran McLemore 9 dagar sedan
ah yes, squirrels "occasionally" forget the caches about 70% of the time
Digital Inspiration
Digital Inspiration 9 dagar sedan
The Acorn is like the 3080 RTX video card......loll
Brandon Carraway
Brandon Carraway 9 dagar sedan
Wait a minute. You’re missing an “f” in the “3 Fs”. 🤣
tildessmoo 9 dagar sedan
Ironically, while wasps may be the main concern, squirrels are also cicada predators. My mother was raising some orphaned squirrels when the cicadas came out, and they ate so many that they stopped eating the whole cicada and started just eating the head and top half of the thorax, their favorite parts. Their cage looked like a zombie apocalypse movie, with all the headless cicadas stumbling around without sensory organs and missing half or more of their decentralized nervous systems. (My dog also didn't eat dog food for more than a week. _Everything_ eats cicadas, it seems.)
natan cesan
natan cesan 9 dagar sedan
I have always thought that a lot of our forests are attributed to squirrels. They are gigantic unsung heroes of nature and reforestation.
JumpingJarvis 9 dagar sedan
That cut was gold
Wayne Y.
Wayne Y. 9 dagar sedan
POUND….Podcast Of UnNecessary Detail? easy to remember! ;)
अंशुमान अवस्थी
my funny ass was thinking "they conshume da seed,but chont dygest it,so they shit and vfoila"
MyHDPreviews 9 dagar sedan
4:05 well done mate 🤣 Btw very nice video 👍
Shaun Yap
Shaun Yap 10 dagar sedan
"it's funny, because you think i'm gonna say feeding fighting and fu *"just like cicadas..."*
Pandarah 10 dagar sedan
Learning about cool stuff at 5 in the morning.. ANOTHER ONE!
Tharxis 10 dagar sedan
I came here to comment Squirrel poggers
Pow3rus 10 dagar sedan
That's why my oak went totally crazy this year! Thanks a lot, I didn't expect to find an answer to this on youtube. And I didn't even have to look for it.
EJ Shaw
EJ Shaw 10 dagar sedan
Weather seems like a tough variable because say an oak tree in an empty field will experience harsher weather than that of one in a vast forrest. Roots are extensive but cannot always connect for example a tree on a roundabout in a housing estate. One theory therefore could be in the air? Trees often let of scents and pollen into the atmosphere this could therefore allow messages to be passed over greater distances and without any need for linkup. Whatever the reason though I think its really cool that trees could be constantly communicating. Just reminds me of Ents in lord of the rings aha
Me Justme
Me Justme 10 dagar sedan
Queen trees communicate with the entire forest by means of fungi rhizome networks.
Shinsitsu 2
Shinsitsu 2 10 dagar sedan
Why isn´t he a teacher...
Rachel Elise Grace
Rachel Elise Grace 11 dagar sedan
Weatherwax usefull hints
It is a good joke indeed
Fabinu Shahid
Fabinu Shahid 11 dagar sedan
macronencer 11 dagar sedan
2:00 This made me think of Scrat entering squirrel heaven in Ice Age: The Meltdown :)
N I 11 dagar sedan
Pogger squirrel
celpabedn 12 dagar sedan
You look the outcome and try to configure the mind of a tree, lots of other trees do not need this, yet they survive.To imply that Oak trees know this, would be to imply the observer exists and knows the mind of the squirrel. Its probably the other way around! Trees like other animals or plants have years that are better than others, cycling energy resources due to where they live. Predators are the main reason overpopulation does not happen, they are in the food chain! If there were no predators, you might have a theory... Human bodies replaces its cell at different times every day or month , yet if you lived somewhere where there would be a cycle of nature corresponding to it, you would make nature smart to figure us out.... Not a smart or strong argument...
EyeTVideos 12 dagar sedan
It's surely a mast year where I live. Piles and piles of acorns and the fattest squirrels I've seen in years.
TheAgentTexas 12 dagar sedan
How do oak trees fertilize the seeds? Do they pollinate? If so, can they self pollinate? If they can't self pollinate, then maybe it has something to do with the pollen.
Berda 12 dagar sedan
Fun fact: In Dutch we call a squirrel an 'Eekhoorn' which is pronounced like 'Acorn'.
YuureiInu 12 dagar sedan
So what is YOUR favorite seed dispersal method?
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 12 dagar sedan
Anyone with an oak tree in a state near PA should be aware of the video below. selosk.info/class/video/ooen0Il73YqFx5s.html I just noticed this group posted a great video on how to build these traps Building a wildlife-safe spotted lanternfly trap Posted By Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education 13,852 views• Jul 1, 2020 If you get a trap put up EARLY, it seems having them at a lower height causes flies arriving later, to only go as high as the flies already trapped. This makes sense, since they are coming together to mate. So a trap that captures them alive and holds them in place, will be much more effective than a trap that would kill them instantly. At least that is what I am observing after watching them swarm our oak tree for a week. (And there is no end in sight.) You could probably use electrical ties, instead of glue, to secure the mesh screen to the plastic bottle. WRZ 2020-10-08
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 12 dagar sedan
It now turns out, spotted lantern flies are greatly attracted to oak trees. And since they are swarming at the exact time that oaks are bearing acorns, you need a trap that will not be defeated by many squirrels repeatedly climbing up and down the tree. People in states nearby Pennsylvania with Oak trees need to devise a solution BEFORE your tree is infested I would also acquire some heavy duty fly swatters because these SLF do not die unless you hit them pretty hard. I have torn up quite a few plastic fly swatters against the side of the uneven bark of our oak tree already, in the first year we have had to deal with them. www.walmart.com/ip/Enoz-Sergeant-Swat-Fly-Swatter-Heavy-Duty-Strength-Outdoor-Fly-Swatter-Black/29920812 The price of this fly swatter appears to be $7.62 ea but 2 reviews said it was a package of 3 We just ordered 2 packages of 6 ea of the same product through Amazon for a total of about $5 less WRZ 2020-10-08
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 12 dagar sedan
I would have gone with phuking or fornicating, but that's just me.
TRu-Florida 44
TRu-Florida 44 12 dagar sedan
Good one bro 👌
K L 12 dagar sedan
Adult cicadas don't feed, they don't really fight. But good Lord... do they mate.
Be Blessed True
Be Blessed True 12 dagar sedan
💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗
Just meewrr
Just meewrr 12 dagar sedan
3 F’s : feeding , fighting and F’mating.
Lyssa 13 dagar sedan
I thought the 3rd "F" was fornicating. I am officially no fun.
carissa202 13 dagar sedan
A wonderful video
claudio soulie
claudio soulie 13 dagar sedan
bamboo too, but in a reverse mode
Calluna 13 dagar sedan
Oak trees making baby squirrels starve to death on purpose
Niels Cremer
Niels Cremer 13 dagar sedan
Great info my man, thanks a ton :)
Tampa Blush
Tampa Blush 13 dagar sedan
I respect the squirrel reaction clickbait that’s funny as ffck
Crafter Blox
Crafter Blox 14 dagar sedan
Even Tree parents got their childrens back
unmovables 14 dagar sedan
geneo78720 14 dagar sedan
I feel like plants overall have the most interesting reproduction methods and features. Like its so hard for plants to reproduce that they have 70 ways to have kids with or without fucking. Amazing
Wyvrenne MacDaniels
Wyvrenne MacDaniels 14 dagar sedan
is your podcast on stitcher?
Father Screechr
Father Screechr 14 dagar sedan
Pog Squirrel
You Have A New Message
You Have A New Message 14 dagar sedan
I'm not a believer in "God" in the form of a religious context but there has to be a higher being ! This sort of thing can not be accidental of by coincidence.
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo 14 dagar sedan
It’s a good joke mate 👏🏼👏🏼
Phil 15 dagar sedan
Okay just give me 8 hours of you teaching me anything thanks
par5endos562 15 dagar sedan
Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
bruno machado
bruno machado 15 dagar sedan
Wow, I'm so glad to have found your channel. Awesome content.
Zachary Miller
Zachary Miller 15 dagar sedan
Ah! The three "F's" Feeding Fighting Fornicating
Lux Veran
Lux Veran 15 dagar sedan
Feeding, Fighting, Fornicating
Giant Booger
Giant Booger 15 dagar sedan
I learned. I laughed. Thank you. Masting
Bitcoin Motorist
Bitcoin Motorist 15 dagar sedan
I already know this, because YOU taught me on numberphile
Bitcoin Motorist
Bitcoin Motorist 15 dagar sedan
Seven years ago, I see what you did there
aditya kumar
aditya kumar 15 dagar sedan
Hmm, so it preys on the stupidity of a member of the animal family.
Walter's Playground
Walter's Playground 15 dagar sedan
Kinda like smarter humans prey on the stupidity of dumber humans
ijstanley 15 dagar sedan
Nganthoi Tongbram
Nganthoi Tongbram 15 dagar sedan
So how many oak trees did he interview to find this out?
salik satabhdi
salik satabhdi 15 dagar sedan
Can we eat those acorns ??
Jay Baby
Jay Baby 16 dagar sedan
Squirrel Pog
vensangre 16 dagar sedan
Jokes heavily rely on timing, your timing and your dead pan delivery are just flawless. Well played good sir.
WhackBytch 16 dagar sedan
That's not entirely true. Squirrels plant trees all the time. No matter how many acorns or nuts are available, squirrels still bury many of the nuts and acorns that they gather. It's in their natural habit to do this. The tricky part is, they don't know or care where they are buried. They have another habit that works for them. You see, when a acorn or walnut germinates, it splits open and sends out a sprout that roots into the ground where it begins to grow into a tree. Once that root is drawing nutrients and water from the ground, it stops using the seed for support, but the seed remains attached at the base of the new seedling tree, just below the surface. And since it's alive and attached to the new tree, it doesn't rot away for some time... plenty of time for the squirrels to go around digging up the ground at base of every little seeding that they happen to come across, harvesting and eating freshly sprouted nuts and acorns at their leisure. That's why they are so persistent at digging up all the newly potted seedlings that you are trying to grow in your garden or containers outside. They're not interested in your basil or pepper plants... they're looking for the nut they expect to find under it.
Deconverted Man
Deconverted Man 17 dagar sedan
could a plant ever have thoughts or feelings?
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