Hermitcraft 7 but other Hermits record for me 

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In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo gets other members of the Hermitcraft Server to record for him. Mumbo has wanted to make Hermitcraft 7: Episode 78 for weeks, but building work has disrupted the flow, and that's where this idea came from! Mumbo works with Grian, Rendog and Iskall to create the first ever Hermitcraft episode with featuring Hermits!
Filming channel: selosk.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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20 apr 2021



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AUSTIN HILDEBRAND 19 timmar sedan
“It just works”
DarkSim64 20 timmar sedan
Why didnt i watch this when it came out. This is great
YT.HappyCat Dag sedan
This is hilarious and genuis
Dingo Jo
Dingo Jo Dag sedan
This is funny because sometimes I wonder, has mumbo used ADR (voice over) in his video? 😅 Even before this came out haha.
Rebecca Tang
Rebecca Tang Dag sedan
This is by far my favorite hermitcraft season 7 video grain calling redstone torches
ShadowKnight Gaming
I absolutely love this!!
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo 2 dagar sedan
Haha Iskalls voice over was my favorite
ZaijohnYT ✓
ZaijohnYT ✓ 2 dagar sedan
Fearless 2 dagar sedan
LadianDark 3 dagar sedan
I was rofl
Zilaz Gaming
Zilaz Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Zilaz Gaming
Zilaz Gaming 3 dagar sedan
4 :10 lol
simposter thijs
simposter thijs 3 dagar sedan
Rohit Sriram
Rohit Sriram 3 dagar sedan
Secret to becoming a redstone genius: just twist your lollipops.
03 Krisna Kirana Kepakisan
Poor Iskall 😂
Yogurt 3 dagar sedan
Me not knowing red stone and thinking that grian was talking things that make sense until he said the biddy bloby bobs
Syberyah 3 dagar sedan
Syberyah 3 dagar sedan
"It's time to craft up some trap- some sticks!"
Syberyah 3 dagar sedan
"Using my anatomical lollypops here" I *DIEDDDDDDD* 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Png 4 dagar sedan
I like how everyone is just having a good laugh with mumbo’s footage in their own unique ways. Grain: haha, i am redstone Rensog: haha, he is redstone Iskill: haha, *dont touch my trees*
Unickable 4 dagar sedan
13:51 (just to rebuild xD)
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale 4 dagar sedan
Grian just got +127 points.
SpittinCobra Gaming
SpittinCobra Gaming 4 dagar sedan
This was the funniest episode of season 7 😂😂😂....or might I say...DAFT est 😂😂😂😂
CasualGamer 4 dagar sedan
Me when Mumbo explains redstone: ... Me when grian explains redstone: It’s all so clear!
Pigeon's Place
Pigeon's Place 4 dagar sedan
I love how Grian's voice over expresses how I feel watching Mumbo's tutorials😂
Kayla 4 dagar sedan
It looks like a door, but I promise you it's a flux capacitor. It was a door?!? -Grian 2021
Natalie Sisemore
Natalie Sisemore 5 dagar sedan
The voice-overs from the other Hermits start at 3:48
Soham R
Soham R 5 dagar sedan
Anatomic lollipops
NuclearFoutus 87
NuclearFoutus 87 5 dagar sedan
also why did ren sound lime stewy griffan every now and again???
NuclearFoutus 87
NuclearFoutus 87 5 dagar sedan
With the issue that you have with your microphone how you can’t do something with the audio because it recorded this and recorded that there is actually settings inside of OBS where you can record with 50 different microphones and all these other audios but the export of your video will have all the files separated so you can put it inside of your Editing software and on the timeline every single microphone will be separated onto separate tracks along with every audio in the game being separated from anybody else talking that right there is so helpful when it comes to recordings like this especially when you accidentally forget to mute your microphone
LizaAliWasHere Uwu
LizaAliWasHere Uwu 5 dagar sedan
*"Anatomic lolipops"* **Dies**
Pranaav Iyer
Pranaav Iyer 5 dagar sedan
3:55 Instructions unclear, I deconstructed reality.
Tanner Gaarder-Wang
Tanner Gaarder-Wang 5 dagar sedan
Grian just made 9,999,999 quotes in 18 minutes and 33 seconds.
Dav1d 5 dagar sedan
“Pocket Money”
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire 6 dagar sedan
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire 6 dagar sedan
I love grian he is amazing
Riddesh Nikam
Riddesh Nikam 6 dagar sedan
Grian : I dont know why People dont get redstone also grian : Denial is the first step of grief
Cashman 2008
Cashman 2008 6 dagar sedan
Grain had the best time recording that and kinda roasting mumbo
Machai Arcanum
Machai Arcanum 6 dagar sedan
It seems that in Grian’s world, things modulate a lot.
Goose B.
Goose B. 6 dagar sedan
Rendog's voice acting really reminds me of those old school Old Spice ads. You know the ones? *THE TICKETS ARE NOW DIAMONDS*
steph testone
steph testone 7 dagar sedan
what if he made the entire thing to hide the fact that he stole a bunch of stuff from that other guys chests
Jason Ash
Jason Ash 7 dagar sedan
r e n s o g
Caitlin 7 dagar sedan
I was losing it while Grian was talking omg
The bacon Master
The bacon Master 7 dagar sedan
Anatomic lollipops: I Literally died laughing😂
Ultimate Gaming and Stuff
12:24 omg is that Harold from fallout 3 omg he says he calls the tree Herbert
THEREAPER 8793 7 dagar sedan
Rensog is 100% boris
CinderPlayz 7 dagar sedan
Hey Mumbo, I was wondering if I could get tips from you about redstone circuits. I have this map on a really good Minecraft rip-off named Planet Of Cubes, and the game has no pistons or hoppers yet (though they plan to add pistons soon, thankfully) and also no rails. We don't have any trapped chests either. What are some circuits that I can make? If you want to check it out my in-game name for PoC is .-CinderLeGhostWolf-. Thanks!
Golbarde 7 dagar sedan
DarkSilverBeast 7 dagar sedan
Daddy Rishith
Daddy Rishith 8 dagar sedan
Bateriuz Oof
Bateriuz Oof 8 dagar sedan
i liked this
Ener Antonio Regis
Ener Antonio Regis 8 dagar sedan
Dead Cat
Dead Cat 8 dagar sedan
Mumbo:making a door Grian: and you see this is how you access the matrix
Keebo Reebo
Keebo Reebo 8 dagar sedan
I watched this at 4 AM and I laughed so loud everyone in my house that was sleeping wasn’t sleeping anymore
Senamora Everstone
Senamora Everstone 8 dagar sedan
I honestly died from laughter. LOVE YOU GUYS! please do this again some time in the future
Marioman73 8 dagar sedan
I thought they would also record the POV too. I'm not disappointed though, this is great!
Vathilia Mage
Vathilia Mage 9 dagar sedan
poor iskall. haha this should be a mini mini hermit server series! just too funny
OmegaNerd 9 dagar sedan
KurtzCrew Chronicles
KurtzCrew Chronicles 9 dagar sedan
When ur not talking to someone u sound like you have run a marathon
Daniel Kleimenovas
Daniel Kleimenovas 9 dagar sedan
How is Grian this good at redstone? It’s almost like it’s Mumbo.
Griffen Farnsley
Griffen Farnsley 9 dagar sedan
This is the best video ever
Sophie Wu
Sophie Wu 9 dagar sedan
This can stay *not*
A McC 9 dagar sedan
"It's a door. Wait no it's a door."
SolidSin TTV
SolidSin TTV 9 dagar sedan
I can't 😭🤣
SuprSpaceBoyGamz 9 dagar sedan
Alexander Hammonds
Alexander Hammonds 9 dagar sedan
I love it but I miss the mumbo-splaining
Brendan Pittman
Brendan Pittman 10 dagar sedan
I honestly enjoyed this more than normal HermitCraft episodes LOL
MERK_99 Merk
MERK_99 Merk 10 dagar sedan
Never ever enjoyed so much!
H1mikoYumeno 10 dagar sedan
iskall just slowly seeing it go down like “oh. ok.”
mochi boy
mochi boy 10 dagar sedan
APerson GD
APerson GD 10 dagar sedan
I just had to hear iskalls reaction one more time
Jazzy_ Pegasus
Jazzy_ Pegasus 10 dagar sedan
Mumbo: an easy simple redstone contraption Grian: simple simple simple simple Me: ....its the same person I dont see the difference
scott Lawhorn
scott Lawhorn 10 dagar sedan
Hardest I've laughed in a long time.... 😄🤣😂
UndeadSniper97 10 dagar sedan
Grian was by far the funniest with knowing nothing about Redstone but stuck through it will saying that it a flux capacitor.
hono50 11 dagar sedan
This is hilarious XD
Kiia K
Kiia K 11 dagar sedan
Now every choice i ever make i will have to ask myself: "Would Bob Ross approve?"
Carsten Berggreen
Carsten Berggreen 11 dagar sedan
BeaSt 11 dagar sedan
Rensog LOL
Hey, when did mumbo get 7 mil subs?! Last time i checked he was at 1mil
Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady 12 dagar sedan
Loved it!!! Sad/surprised you didn’t use the VW office again.
Wolfydawolf 12 dagar sedan
Alright, here are my reactions/opinions/idk on the different segments: The beginning/Mumbo: That is a VERY good plan First victim/Grian: this is so funny, Grian does not have ANY idea what's happening, he only knows that it has to do with redstone XD And now mumbo again: So Ren is next... Let's see XD Second victim/Ren: Ehh... Ren is now just reacting to what's happenin' lol... D I A M O N D S indeed. WAIT HE FIGURED OUT IT'S A VAULT :D Mumbo: Yeaaaa.... you did that indeed... OH NO THE PALM TREES- OH NO YOU DIDN'T- BWAHAHAHAHAHA Third victim/Iskall: W E A R E N O W S H O P P I N G yeah... who sits on the llama..? totally not him XD oh no... THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN ISKALL'S VOICE LOL yup... who built this... totally not the guy voicing it... The end/Mumbo: It has been entertaining for sure :D
꧁ A̸k̸i̸t̸a̸꧂
꧁ A̸k̸i̸t̸a̸꧂ 12 dagar sedan
Preparing eardrums. Vol7me:100 Eardrums:Dead
Sushil Chettri
Sushil Chettri 12 dagar sedan
The junks that grian mentioned at 5:07 was the password ^^ ,mumbo u are safe ....
Sebastian Cromarty
Sebastian Cromarty 12 dagar sedan
Grian for redstone commentary forever, please and thank you.
the_eye_of_end 12 dagar sedan
5:38 grian is sounding like he is doing some sort of opengl rendering tutorial
Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai 12 dagar sedan
Seriously he could have made that many diamonds if he made a shop where he will make the redstone contraptions for the others T_T
dewlover 12 dagar sedan
Loved it do it again sometime
Tofu Chutes
Tofu Chutes 12 dagar sedan
Loved this soooo funny ! Grian is a improv master !!!
Da Green Musketeer
Da Green Musketeer 12 dagar sedan
i love the fact that Grian just said "pocket change" to all of mumbo's diamonds
ChilledFoxx 12 dagar sedan
Is it sad that all the things grian said made more sense than Mumbo actually placing the red stone
Ram Karki
Ram Karki 12 dagar sedan
mumbo smeled rendog wrong
nhi vo
nhi vo 12 dagar sedan
Rendog just makes me so happy what a lovely man
Edins 12 dagar sedan
Pls dont do the voice thing agein pls I dont like how grain dos it
Edins 12 dagar sedan
I got ask what if u wold put there guardians so nobody can break in and in your base you have MILK
Edins 12 dagar sedan
7:10 thats the oposit of what mombo jombo wold say
Lisalvsjohn 12 dagar sedan
Mumbo, you must’ve just died laughing watching this back.... I know I did. 😂👍🏼
KingCheese99 12 dagar sedan
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Grian: Bibbly bobbly box
Jack Cademartori
Jack Cademartori 13 dagar sedan
A true work of art.
Hazel Cappuccino
Hazel Cappuccino 13 dagar sedan
l totally forgot that it was voice over and wondered how Iskall knows code for vault.. and few other things..
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