Hermitcraft 6: Episode 30 - MUMBO AFK PRANK! 

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Hermitcraft 6: Episode 30 - MUMBO AFK PRANK! the time has COME! Mumbo went afk with NO GEAR on.. this happens .. Well NEVER so we HAD to take advantage of this opportunity for some fun.. I can't wait to see the reaction!


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28 nov 2018



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Rat bite Brown
Rat bite Brown 2 timmar sedan
Hmmm.. There’s a poultry man in grians infinity room Soooooo That means Ximuavoids poultry man
Sharpman91 PlayzGames
Sharpman91 PlayzGames 2 dagar sedan
me you could just break the chest :/
Grant Hawley
Grant Hawley 2 dagar sedan
12:44 karma
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall 2 dagar sedan
Phantom and a cloud
Abigail Barnes
Abigail Barnes 4 dagar sedan
"niether black nor white within the sonf inside". i bet it is the rainbow
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 5 dagar sedan
Maybe instead of “inside” you should do “In sight” get this to the top so grian sees
w i l d f i r e
w i l d f i r e 5 dagar sedan
"The man in the chicken costume!" thanks for the excuse, I'm off to make a server, get several players on it, and fill every single house with chickens - including part of mine. The outer yards, not inside, but a part is a part.
Isla 6 dagar sedan
Riddle guess : phantom membrain? This is for the first one
Panther 363 The Minecraft videos are near
What episode is this on mumbo jumbo channel
Tinycookie 333
Tinycookie 333 7 dagar sedan
1:32 you can see Hey SpongeBob SquarePants reference
rasha lorin bautista
rasha lorin bautista 7 dagar sedan
:o omg :D
MandoSMB321 7 dagar sedan
He could have just broken the chest.
Ceasar fanboiii
Ceasar fanboiii 8 dagar sedan
Wait... can't he break the chests?
Noah Lank
Noah Lank 8 dagar sedan
He could min e the chest lol am 10,000 IQ or is grain silly
RoseArachnid 11 dagar sedan
jethro cai
jethro cai 12 dagar sedan
not me watching this season again
Minecraft pro party Top
Almonds 13 dagar sedan
so true my dude bottom text
Vance Moser
Vance Moser 15 dagar sedan
i'm headn' back to the greats
OpE DRAGON 16 dagar sedan
find a ghast in the nether is the 1st riddle
michel sage
michel sage 17 dagar sedan
carmen and corey
CoolAsFreya 19 dagar sedan
this is exactly the kind of shenanigans that Mojang dreamed of when adding the curse of binding
Nam Pham
Nam Pham 19 dagar sedan
he couldve just used 34 and wouldve slightly ryhmed
Pi the Protogen
Pi the Protogen 21 dag sedan
Grian is the embodiment of chaotic neutral
Jessica ZB
Jessica ZB 21 dag sedan
A cloud
guest666 playz
guest666 playz 22 dagar sedan
Lester Jan Sardiñola
Lester Jan Sardiñola 26 dagar sedan
The second riddle is in the infinity rooooooooom!!!!!!!
Banana Pants
Banana Pants 26 dagar sedan
The moment where it all started.
Darth Scotch
Darth Scotch Månad sedan
ANSWERS TO THE RIDDLES 1=Under the phantom run 2=Grians tower
aaku playz
aaku playz Månad sedan
Hello grian
Patrick Robinson
Patrick Robinson Månad sedan
I love how as soon as grian says “for our mustached friend” iskall is in on the prank ;)
Michelle Sheets
Michelle Sheets Månad sedan
Michelle Sheets
Michelle Sheets Månad sedan
I got a riddle, This one is quite hard to find, Maybe you should go rewind At the start Right were you stood, Hanging on a block of wood. :_)
Dominiko50 Månad sedan
Xisuma: "Sorry I was distracted." Me: *distraction meme worksss!*
随便看看 Månad sedan
So evil
Tony Liu
Tony Liu Månad sedan
Grian’s has declared the hermitcraft war
TheAdvis Månad sedan
Mumbos reaction in Season 6 episode 49.
Dogge lito
Dogge lito Månad sedan
grian please respond where do u make ur skin?
Dogge lito
Dogge lito Månad sedan
@Nicolas Ember thansk
Nicolas Ember
Nicolas Ember Månad sedan
skindex lmao
Roony Plays
Roony Plays Månad sedan
Subscribe to Roony Plays
Liam Zoer
Liam Zoer Månad sedan
If you add more gunpowder to paper you get higher flyduration
Jack Voychievich
Jack Voychievich Månad sedan
I immediately got that, it’s the phantom building, the “soft inside?” Tats the phantom membrane
Adam Ghandour
Adam Ghandour Månad sedan
Satan is proud of you
__ ANNIHILATOR __ Månad sedan
He could easily jump in the cobblestone room and escape
Ryan Basas
Ryan Basas Månad sedan
dd Plays
dd Plays Månad sedan
I bet you’re the man in the chicken costume 🐓
Pandy Wandy
Pandy Wandy Månad sedan
I think a good counter to this is to have four wood planks, eight obsidian and eye of ender would work this late game as you can use your wood to craft a crafting table and use the crafting table to craft an ender chest, where you can store your stuff.
Sally Liang
Sally Liang Månad sedan
Who else is watching this in quarantine
Victor Ohashi
Victor Ohashi Månad sedan
That’s sooo crap and funny he afk sooooooooo much bro like this if you agree
OddlySilent YT
OddlySilent YT Månad sedan
What is the episode that mumbo reacts to?
OddlySilent YT
OddlySilent YT Månad sedan
@Super Turtle Man thank you dude
Super Turtle Man
Super Turtle Man Månad sedan
It is 49
Vance Jorae
Vance Jorae Månad sedan
4 million views anyone?
Lele Månad sedan
They didnt realiz that mumbo can just break the chest and get the pic
Arwen Davies
Arwen Davies Månad sedan
What’s afk
Arwen Davies
Arwen Davies Månad sedan
Ok thank you know a lot makes sense
OddlySilent YT
OddlySilent YT Månad sedan
Away from computer
Frost Dragon
Frost Dragon Månad sedan
In the middle of grains house..?
Sripal Medara Metla
Sripal Medara Metla Månad sedan
26:46 Your secret identity
Sripal Medara Metla
Sripal Medara Metla Månad sedan
It's that ghast
Frisky Undertale Frisk
3:00 I thought iskall was gonna double cross Grian because he (iskall) was holding Fire works! (I'm a dumb A)
Tucker Craft
Tucker Craft Månad sedan
Thats what you get Grian!!!!! 100% you needed to die by the way i am subscribed
Daleen Halgryn
Daleen Halgryn Månad sedan
2020 gang
Caelen Cater
Caelen Cater Månad sedan
it's going to be the Poetry Man Cave
Kalpesh Chavla
Kalpesh Chavla Månad sedan
12:55 Karma
Shannon Meyer
Shannon Meyer Månad sedan
Disco Spider
Disco Spider Månad sedan
Color of snow-white Falling-Grian's base is white and ginormous 2-The Architechs
DadCanLearn Videos
DadCanLearn Videos Månad sedan
Grian: there is no such thing as a free lunch Me as a kid getting free lunch from my parents: -_-
Franz Gestoso
Franz Gestoso Månad sedan
Greatful more like grianful
Melon Pie105
Melon Pie105 Månad sedan
what episode has mumbo's reaction??? i can't find it
Teomaniac Månad sedan
Ralph Lordrix Bautista
What happen if you have curse of biding helmet then wear it
RidderRowan Månad sedan
Next time give him a hat off him without mustache
Mircea Dumitrescu
Mircea Dumitrescu Månad sedan
Practical Månad sedan
2020: Scar Prank Haha!
Blazes muise
Blazes muise Månad sedan
Look up look up the song Mumbo Jumbo AFK.
adam ward
adam ward Månad sedan
Does anyone have to Mumbo video when he came back?
Mark Jarred
Mark Jarred Månad sedan
Momo momo momo ak i mosae ok
The Last Knight
The Last Knight Månad sedan
The second riddle is the Matrix room isn't it?
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson Månad sedan
Grian: I must restore balance grian in season 7 I am grinos (snap)
Stream Show
Stream Show 2 månader sedan
I don't understand the spoon part.
joy mondal
joy mondal 2 månader sedan
12:55 As you sow so you reap 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂...I enjoyed both...grian*'s prank and this also 😄🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Rodion Smi
Rodion Smi 2 månader sedan
Marvin Hendra
Marvin Hendra 2 månader sedan
1:49 you can see mumbo typing
DD_TAGS ! 2 månader sedan
hermit craft amazing!!!!
Plastimini 2 månader sedan
Congrats on trending!
Thesaif 2 månader sedan
It's funny how i searched 'grian afk prank' but the title says 'mumbo afk prank'
Rj Kenn Gumata
Rj Kenn Gumata 2 månader sedan
Mumbo jumbo you are afk (afk)
Mike Xcz
Mike Xcz 2 månader sedan
7:50 he can just punch the chest ... edit:oh i see
Adam Minifie
Adam Minifie 2 månader sedan
Let’s be real Grain is the Chicken man :/ eggs in a shulker, the costume in the inf room.
Cheri Barenchik
Cheri Barenchik 2 månader sedan
I never had a sleep over
Cielo Alejo
Cielo Alejo 2 månader sedan
Grian look at your phantom kills
Brittney Schaal
Brittney Schaal 2 månader sedan
Brittney Schaal
Brittney Schaal 2 månader sedan
What is up
Paulina Kozlowska
Paulina Kozlowska 2 månader sedan
Don't Scar have the tag
jeffrey lan
jeffrey lan 2 månader sedan
It was the infinity room for tango
Uyahara Kuyay
Uyahara Kuyay 2 månader sedan
SadHotDog 2 månader sedan
Instead of punching the obsidian he could just mine the chest
TheArcade5 boy
TheArcade5 boy 2 månader sedan
Is it under Ur becon
Killer_Cat Gaming
Killer_Cat Gaming 2 månader sedan
"I am meant to be good at flying, remember"
Chimmy Jimmy
Chimmy Jimmy 2 månader sedan
Im here aging cuse i want to
SLITH 2 månader sedan
you should use pumpkin
A G 2 månader sedan
*This is how the war started*
Joseph McGinley
Joseph McGinley 2 månader sedan
hey whos watching this in 2020
Untronable Gaming
Untronable Gaming 2 månader sedan
Me too
Liam Draws
Liam Draws 2 månader sedan
James Verstraete
James Verstraete 2 månader sedan
Karma 12:50
James Verstraete
James Verstraete 2 månader sedan
Damon Foster
Damon Foster 2 månader sedan